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Also, in this story, everything in the third season happened, but it was only halfway through the year, so they haven't graduated yet(Lewis came back for the holidays and a few months), are still 17 going 18 and it is September now, and i know full moons practically never happen on the first day of the month, but lets just ignore that fact for the sake of the story, k? Also, this first chapter is just like an introduction to what went on so that you're not confused. (it will mainly be focused on the h2o girls because there isn't much to explain about the harry potter gang)

It was a few hours before full moon and the girls were hanging out at Mako before they had to get back. This time they were going to be staying at Emma's house with their excuse, 'Emma came back two months ago, and we haven't even given her a welcome back slumber party yet!' The girls were ecstatic when Emma came back, and although Bella and Emma's relationship was a bit rocky at first, they ended up getting along fine. After their relationship had been sorted, they had traded stories of Emma's time in Europe and what had happened to the moon pool while she was gone. Emma was devastated that the moon pool had been practically wiped off the face of the earth, but had brightened up when they reassured her that the next full moon over, had completely 'healed' the moon pool, so to speak.

That was when Emma had taken notice that although Cleo and Rikki had kept their lockets, they had traded them for the sea blue jewels they had found at the moon pool. At first she was hurt, but in effort they came up with an idea that would suit both Bella and Emma.
They had later gone to Max's place and asked him to take off the back plates of the lockets and make four new plates with four waves instead of three. They also requested that Max make a new locket with a light green gem at the top to go with the other girls, and finally, to hollow out the inside of the locket a bit more and add a small hook in the inside at the top of the locket so they would be able to hang their moon stones (AN: I'm just going to refer to those blue gems from season 3 as moon stones because i can't remember what they're called) inside the locket.

At first Max was a bit reluctant to make so many changes to his originals, but brightened when the girls told him to think of it as, 'evolving' the lockets to suit the new generation. He warned them that it would be at least a month before he would be able to finish them, and the girls thanked him before rushing off to Mako.

Once there, the girls lounged around, showing Emma Bella's powers before Emma, being Emma, asked about the blue gems hanging around the girls necks. At this, Cleo's eyes brightened, where she asked, "Do you want one?" and before Emma was able to answer, Cleo had flopped out onto the side of the moon pool and demanded that Rikki dry her off. Once she was dry, she took her necklace off and proceeded to hold it by the end of the rope and slowly walk around the rock walls. Emma was quite baffled and had asked if Cleo was ok in a voice that questioned her sanity, but had received nothing but knowing smiles from Bella and Rikki. She jumped when Cleo squealed and Rikki had asked if she had found one. 'Found one what', she had wondered, then smiled when Cleo came back and showed her the blue gem nestled in her palm. The exact same shape and size as the other three that the girls were wearing.

The next day they had gone to Will's house and asked him to string the string around Emma's necklace.

A week rolled by with their average problems; Kim, getting wet, exams, boys, etc...

Then two weeks.

Then three.

Then a month came around and the girls were rushing to Max's place after school had let out. They had greeted him with smiles and he had smiled joyfully back and showed them the necklaces. The girls had smiled and thanked him a million times, insisting they had to give something back. Max, of course refused to accept anything but to take care of themselves and their secret. Oh, and one more surprise he had for them. When they opened the lockets, there weren't just simple hooks in each for them to thread their string wrapped jewels on. Max had taken extra time to create a thin metal band in the shape of a cross that fit the back of the jewels perfectly so that you pushed the jewel into the band, and it snapped on at the sides, top and bottom leaving the front clear apart from the miniscule bits of metal at each corner. This band hung from the top of the locket on the inside, just as the girls had requested. Wasting no time, the girls yanked off their gems and removed the brown string. Careful to not drop the precious jewels, they had snapped them into the bands and closed the lockets, smiling and thanking Max again.

From then on, whenever the girls went into the water, their necklaces no longer vanished with their clothing, instead, it stayed around their necks. The girls suspected that it had something to do with the moon stones being inside that allowed them to keep them on once they had become mermaids. A few days before the first full moon since Emma came back, Zane had stepped up his 'Rikki courting', as the girls like to call it, much to said person's dismay, and as much as she didn't want to admit it, but Zane was succeeding, even if it was slow. Extremely slow. Lewis and Cleo were never better, Bella and Will were still blushing every time someone mentioned them together, even though they had taken to holding hands in public, but that was all anyone ever really saw of their PDA, if you could even call it that, and Emma and Ash, well after Emma had come back, Ash had decided to start working at Rikki's, which while it didn't shock anyone on his work place, but did shock them on his return. When Emma had left, Ash had as well and they had wondered if he had gone with Emma. Turns out, he didn't. As soon as he came back, he and Emma got back together as if nothing had ever happened and resumed their relationship with teasing banters throughout the day. When full moon rolled around a few days later, all the girls had been crashing at Cleo's, and thanks to a certain blonde haired annoying little sister trying to sneak out of the house, all four girls had become moonstruck. once at Mako island, their moonstruck selves had taken all four of the gems out of their lockets and simulated a stronger than normal full moon in the moon pool at the same time as the moon passing over head.

Once the full moon had passed, the gems had glowed a few more seconds before returning to their non-glowing state. The moonstruck mermaids then swum home and tucked themselves in bed.

They were lucky that it was a long weekend, because they would be needing as much alone time as they could get with just the four of them, boys optional. They woke up normally, went through their routines normally, but when it came to their emotions being tested or their powers being in use, that was when everything went down hill.

All four girls had gained new powers. And not just one power like last time with the weather powers, they had gained lots. They gained so many, that they had to actually try and figure out what it was they got. So of course the gang called each other up and agreed to go straight to Mako. And of course the girls being the girls, called their boyfriends and told them to come.

Once everyone was there, they started working on what they had.

Cleo had gained the following:

The ability to turn parts of herself or all of herself into water. She could also turn other things into water, but only if it didn't have a heart beat.

The ability to reduce water. (Before she was only able to make more water or control it)

Telekinesis. (The ability to move anything physical)

The ability to enchant someone, typically men, with a song.

Rikki had gained the following:

The ability to turn parts of herself or all of her self into fire. She could also turn other things into fire, but only if it didn't have a heart beat.

The ability to actually control fire. (formerly, she could only set fire to things, now she can make shapes in mid-air and things like that)

The ability to make something disappear and reappear somewhere else.

The ability to send out an invisible 'jab'. (like something that forces you back but you can't see it)

Emma had gained the following:

The ability to change parts of herself or all of herself into ice. She could also turn other things into ice, but only if it didn't have a heart beat.

The ability to actually control ice and cool down water slowly. (formerly, she could only freeze things, now she can move the ice around mid-air, chip bits off the ice, things like that)

The ability to freeze something where it is but not move it.

The ability to send out an invisible force field.

Bella had gained the following:

The ability to change parts of herself or all of herself into jelly (Both the hardened form and the jelly-jelly form). She could also turn other things into jelly, but only if it didn't have a heart beat.

The ability to actually control jelly. (formerly, she could only turn things into jelly, now she can make shapes in mid-air and things like that)

The ability to phase things through things. (that means to go through things, like walls)

The ability to slow something down to half it's current moving speed.

The girls were quite puzzled on Cleo's singing power, as it was the only one that wasn't related in someway to any of the other girls powers, which were linked in some way, such as the ability to transform one's self into the element that they were already linked with. They let it slide, however because it was linked to one of their previous encounters when Cleo had become moonstruck. (think season 1)

It took the girls over a week to master their new powers. And when they did and finally had the time to go back into the water, they were ecstatic to find that their tail had changed. Well, not really changed, but they discovered, that their tail scales changed color depending on their mood. Depending on how strong the emotion was, it started out at their tail fin and the tip of their tail scales, and the stronger the emotion was, the more of the scale's color deepened and filled the whole scale.

This brings us back to the present time, where the girls are teasing Rikki about Zane's 'Rikki Courting'.

Cleo POV

"Come on Rikki, when are you going to take Zane back, he's trying so hard you know." Bella nagged at Rikki whose whole tail flushed a brilliant red at the following statement, "It's been like, three months, and he hasn't given up once on his Rikki Courting." We giggled at Rikki's flustered face.

"Stop calling it that," she huffed. "Come on, we need to get back to Emma's before full moon." She swam off, flashing a still brilliant red tail at the girls before disappearing.

"She's right," I sighed, "We should be getting back." before swimming out, Bella and Emma following closely behind, I waited for them to go at the entrance to the pool, before using my power to move a big, circular slab of rock into the entrance of the moon pool. It blended in perfectly, and you wouldn't even know it was there if you didn't already know. We had taken to putting a rock over the land entrance as well, to prevent previous occurrences from happening again.

Rikki POV

"All right, I'm going downstairs to get some popcorn." I said, jumping up and running downstairs, shouting over my shoulder, "Don't start without me!"

"Yup!" Chorused behind me.

After grabbing the popcorn bag and stuffing it into the microwave, I grabbed a bowl and waited, drumming my fingers impatiently on the counter. The beep sounded and I quickly poured the popcorn into the bowl before flinging the bag into the bin. Grabbing the bowl, I sprinted up the stairs, taking two at a time. "All right, let's st-guys?" I asked, staring at the empty room. I looked around and closed my eyes. 'Please not again', I prayed. Then, feeling the wind against my back, My eyes snapped open.

"Shit!" I swore. Sprinting back downstairs, popcorn long forgotten, I grabbed my phone and jacket, speed dialing Lewis.


"Lewis, hey, either we left the window open, I highly doubt it, or Cleo, Emma or Bella opened the window, for what reason I have no idea, how could they be so stupid!" I huffed out the last bit mainly to myself before continuing, "Anyway, just to let you know, they're probably already on their way to Mako, so I'm going after them. Can you meet me there and use the underwater entrance-Cleo practically glued that rock into the hole, so you won't be able to get in. Ok, I gotta go now, hurry up! Bye!"

"Wait, wha-"

"Bye!" I repeated, snapping the phone shut and shoving it into my jacket pocket. Planting my eyes firmly on the ground, I ran out of the already open door. Keeping my eyes on the ground was harder than seemed, between not knowing where to go, and having to resist the pull of the full moon, it took all of my will power to not look up, and I knew it would only get worse when I got into the water.

Finally, I saw the wood of the dock under my feet, sprinting to the end until I saw water, I stopped for a few moments to mentally prepare my self, quickly going over what I would do once I got there. "Ok, deep breaths." I breathed slowly, before diving into the water. The minute I touched it, I nearly looked up. Instead, I looked down at the sea bed and allowed my body to swim to Mako. Luckily, having swum to Mako so many times, my body didn't need my mind to do what i needed it to do, and soon, the entrance was looming ahead, and I could see the big slab of rock that had been pulled outwards by Cleo's power.

Not looking anywhere but straight ahead, I entered the moon pool.

Should I continue? Also, h2o pairing will be normal, but should I change any harry potter pairings? or keep them as the book says.