The End of Those Days.

By a TRULY insane Breetanya

*twitches* I'm going to hate myself for writing this. I hate these fics but I keep reading them… They HAVE to be addictive! Erm… your probably wondering what I hate by now considering you want to read it… Maybe. I HATE the Harry abuse fics, but my friend got me hooked on them! And I figure the only way I'll get unhooked is to write one… And believe me… when I want to I can write angst so bad it would make Voldemort weep over who ever the angstee is. But since I write in an odd format I tend NOT to do that.
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Chapter 1
Flushing the Toliet.

"BOY!!!" Uncle Vernon yelled loudly from downstairs. "GET DOWN HERE NOW!"

Harry Potter, or Boy as his uncle called him, groaned. He sat up ignoring the pain in his ribs. His Uncle's company hadn't been doing too well the past year, so he did what he felt cheered him up. Getting drunker than a skunk, and hitting Harry for using his 'abnormality' to make his company spiral ever downward in the toilet that is business.

Harry trudged downstairs despite the obvious fact that the entire house had been transplanted onto a boat in the middle of a Hurricane and Harry was seasick. "Yes, Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked respectively but weakly.

His uncle had always beaten him when he was drunk, which luckily was hardly ever when Harry was aloud out of his cupboard. Since Harry had gotten his Hogwarts letter the beatings had stopped. But this summer they had started up again. "WHY AREN'T YOU DOWN HERE DOING YOUR CHORES?" Uncle Vernon spat waving his coffee cup, the coffee was surely made Irish, for emphasis.

"You didn't give me any chores to do," Harry replied knowing another beating was coming.

Vernon took Dudley's Smelting stick and hit Harry's calves with it. Harry swayed slightly, his balance all ready slightly impaired. "DON'T LIE TO ME BOY! YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT CHORES YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO!" Vernon yelled loudly hitting Harry in his already bruised ribs.

Harry doubled over winded, and in pain. "Yes sir," Harry gasped hoping to get out of another beating. "I'll go do it now." Harry realized he was starting to sound like a house-elf, except for the improper English.

"Darn right you will!" Vernon said indignantly giving Harry a sharp tap on his head with the Smelting stick. "Now go! And no meals for directly disobeying me!"

Harry stood straight and went out into the garage. He was beginning to suspect that all the alcohol in his uncle's system was giving him memory loss. This would be the third time this week he mowed the lawn, cleaned out the pool Dudley had insisted on getting but never used, washed the cars, they had gotten one for work and one for pleasure, and he'd probably have to put another coat of paint on the garage door. Not to mention weeding the non-existent weeds.

He did all of his chores, feeling increasingly sick, throwing up more than once, and got done around 8:00 pm. He shakily went up to his bedroom only wanting to sleep. Unfortunately Hedwig had returned with a letter from Ron.

Hey Harry,
Fred and George have increased their planning for their store. Something
about an anonymous investor. Who would be crazy enough to give Fred and
George money to open up a joke shop?
Mum told everyone about Snuffles. Fred and George think its wicked
that you have an escaped INNOCENT convict as a Godfather. And now they
want to find Wormtail and beat him to a pulp. Or at least feed him to
Dumbledore still refuses to let you come and stay with us. Even though
security around our house is getting to be as much as at Hogwarts. But he
insisted that Hermione come and stay for the summer. Probably because her
parents are Muggles and really can't protect her all that well.
She broke up with Krum and was really depressed. She didn't even come
out of Ginny's room when Fred and George threw Dungbombs in there. She had
a Muggle clothes hamper (is it?) on her nose, when we checked to see if she had
passed out.
I hope the Muggles are treating you all right. I'll keep bugging everyone
in sight to get you to come to my house. Owl me. Ron

'Damn it Ron,' Harry thought. 'Now I have to respond to your damn letter.' He got out some parchment, ink and a quill and wrote with a shaky hand:

Hey Ron,
I have no idea who would be stupid enough to give Fred and George
money. Did you tell them about the Marauders and Sirius yet? If not, wait until
I come so that I can see the looks on their faces.
I'd appreciate you trying to get me out of the Dursley's house. They are
treating me the same.
I think the reason Hermione is staying with you is because her parents are
Muggles. Try and comfort her. I know you like her and don't deny it. Maybe by
the end of the summer you two won't fight as much… By the way, it's a Muggle
clothes pin, not a clothes hamper. A clothes hamper is where you put the dirty
clothes in, not pin them up.
Hope to see you soon,

Harry said to Hedwig, "Here, take this to Ron." He handed her the rolled up letter, and then he covered his mouth when he coughed. It was wet, so he looked at it. 'Damn,' he thought looking at his palm. 'That can't be good.' There was blood on his palm.

Hedwig discreetly dipped the edge of the letter in Harry's palm while taking off. She's a rather smart owl and knew her master needed help. Hedwig flew out the window and into the night.

Unfortunately Vernon was drunk and just coming home from a pub. He had seen Hedwig fly out of Harry's window. "BOY!!!" he yelled coming into the house. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT ANY OF THAT ABNORMALITY?"

Harry cringed as Vernon stalked up the stairs swearing his head off. 'If only he would join the Headless Hunt,' Harry thought right before Vernon barged into his room. Aunt Petunia and Dudley didn't even dare come near him when he was this drunk. "I'm sorry Uncle Vernon," Harry said with a raspy voice that surprised himself. Rolling himself into a ball, putting his right arm around his already damaged ribs. "I had to respond or they'd get worried."

"DO YOU THINK I GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM?" Vernon yelled loudly. He jerked Harry's right arm so badly that there was a 'Pop' and a 'Crack' that went threw the room. And then Harry's scream of pain sounded. "SHUT IT!" Vernon yelled hitting him in the mouth, and then in the stomach after that winding him even more. Vernon kept hitting him for about five minutes when he got bored.

Harry stumbled after his uncle, closing and locking the door. And barring it as well as he could manage with his ribs, that were no doubt broken by now, and his arm, which was dislocated and hanging completely useless at his side. He climbed up onto his bed exhausted. He put his left arm over his forehead, which was surprisingly hot and closed his eyes. 'God, please don't let him come in here again,' he thought as he fell into a fevered sleep.

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