Take note that the crossover herein is a rather famous (or infamous, depending on whom you ask) eroge; and while there won't be any outright explicit material (or at least, none that I have planned thus far), there will be quite a few allusions here and there.

Zero no Tsukaima was originally written by the late Noboru Yamaguchi. Monmusu quest belongs to Torotoro Resistance. I do not make any profit in writing this story.

Prologue: A brief introduction

The silver haired boy backpedalled as his violet haired instructor came down on him with a barrage of punches and kick and elbows and knees; all moving at speeds only a trained eye could keep track of. Despite his tiredness and the clear absence of effort from his teacher, the teen kept his head cool.

"It's still not exactly serenity, but I am impressed by your calmness," he heard a female voice in his head, nearly receiving a palm strike to the gut for his distraction. With a grunt of effort, the young man gave himself to the wind and pushed off the ground hard, gaining some distance between him and his teacher.

"Though I appreciate the compliment, could you please hold it until this spar is over?" he requested mentally, using the short respite to catch his breath. The purple haired woman standing from across the earthen field smiled at him, her arms crossing under her sizeable bust. Unlike the boy, who remained in a fighting stance, her posture was relaxed, allowing her dark blue cloak to rest on her shoulders.

"What's the matter little prince?" she asked in a teasing singsong voice, her mouth spread into a wide smirk that hid none of her amusement. "Don't tell me that's all you have. Or were you perhaps distracted?" she hummed at the end, leaning forward and showcasing even more of her ample cleavage.

The silver haired boy only grimaced, not even taking notice of the obvious distraction. "How many times must I ask this of you sensei?" he said, his tone aggravated, "only women can succeed my mother, there is no point in calling me a prince."

The youth's instructor laughed gently in response, one hand coming to half-heartedly cover the sign of her delight. "See now Lexi-boy, this is why you can't even pass Undine's and Salamander's tests. You're just too uptight whenever you're in a fight," she pointed out, slipping back into a battle ready stance. "You need to loosen up. The four elements must be free: the wind to move, the earth to breathe, the water to flow and fire to dance."

"Heh… hear that? There wasn't a 'the' when she mentioned fire," the same voice taunted from within the boy's mind.

"Feh," another feminine voice snorted, "that just goes to show how special it compared to the other elements," it bit back triumphantly.

From there, an argument began to rage in his head amongst voices not his own as a third more childish voice joined in. 'Lexi' ignored it -or tried to, at least- in favor of giving the purple haired woman an inquisitive look. "That's… awfully philosophical of you… sensei," he told her hesitantly, "are you feeling ill, by any chance?"

She blinked at him, her eyes coming wide afterwards, only for them to crinkle as her lips formed into an amused smile. "You don't need to worry about me, little prince," she told him, laughing at both his concern and reaction, "I just heard that line from Tamamo a few days ago and thought that it was appropriate to say."

She laughed again, her hand coming up in a false attempt to cover her humor, even as her apprentice fumed. "Now now… no need for that. Let's get back to your training, hmm?" she asked him, her body tensing just the slightest bit.

Her young ward huffed, but nodded his assent, finding little use in arguing with the woman and knowing he'd get even less results should he do so. He took a deep breath, calming his mind and preparing himself for another round of being his instructor's punching bag as the battle started anew.

Limbs flew at the teen, flying at the speed of gale-force winds as he weaved between them, looking for any chance to launch a counterattack and take the offensive. Yet despite his effort, every route was blocked before he could capitalize on them.

A punch to the left of her stomach was stopped by a spinning backhand that he was forced to duck. The follow up elbow strike diverted by a rising knee as she twisted out of the way, grabbing her students arm and pulling him along with her. She stopped when he lost his balance and reversed her motion, slamming him onto the ground before jumping to avoid a kick aimed at her thigh when the silver haired teen flipped into a prone position.

He pushed his feet off the flattened earth, drawing them towards his chest while raising his body and mule kicked his instructor's airborne form. The purple haired woman merely smirked, pushing the oncoming limbs below her descending body; her legs in a perfect split. She wedged her hands between his ankles and them apart to the width of her shoulders, just in time for her to land hands first.

Her fingers dug into the earth; enough to gain a grip with getting any dirt in her nails and swung her body backwards, her legs closing together so that her entire body was perpendicular to the ground; her hair, which was as long as she was tall, somehow floating inches above the surface. Her pupil took this time to flip himself over once more, using his hands to keep him in a seated position with both legs bent; his right lying on the ground and the other ready to kick the back of the purple haired woman's head.

The moment he went for the attack was the same moment she launched herself into the air a second time. Unable to react on time, the royal youth fought the urge to curse as his instructor grabbed onto the limb before arching over him. She somehow managed to keep his ankle in her grips until she landed, her feet just inches from his head, on the same side as his seized appendage. Knowing it was futile but unwilling to give up; he tried to kick her forearm with his right.

The woman in blue snorted in amusement, throwing the leg in her hands aside with a strength no one would expect her to possess from her frame alone. It was enough to force the silver haired teen to his side, and combined with his instructors spin, had caused his kick to miss.

No other action was possible thereafter as he felt her leather clad leg right below the back of his head. Her right hand came down to clasp his silver haired scalp in place as she crouched, clamping his neck in the arch between her foot and shin. All it would take was a simple tug and she could snap his neck.

"Your skill in the art of the wind has improved," the purple haired woman complimented, smiling down at him, not even paying heed to the glare she received in return. "Not quite as fast as a powerful gale yet, but that you've at least managed a speed that matches that of a strong wind just one month after earning the spirits' approval is an accomplishment in itself."

The teen maintained the best glare he could from that position for a few seconds, only for it to melt away into a smirk. "My teacher in martial arts is someone who's mastered the art of the wind," he said, matter-of-factly, "It should only make sense that it is the art I'm most advanced in."

The purple haired woman's smile widened before she started laughing, releasing her pupil from the lethal hold. "Now now Lexi-boy," she chided, "while I appreciate the flattery, you have to remember: I'm already married. My kind might be the most promiscuous race that exists and I may still be flirtatious, but that doesn't mean that I would cheat on my husband."

Her teasing words had just the effect she was looking for, evident from her student's flustered face, a fact he tried (unsuccessfully) to hide from her as he got back up onto his feet. "I… its Alexander, sensei. Please stop calling me that," he stuttered out his defense. "And I'm not the kind of person that would try to take another man's wife. Especially when they're one of my father's."

The purple haired woman laughed again as she turned around and began walking away. "I know," she told him. "You're too much like your father to do something like that. But enough of this. We'll begin training again same time tomorrow," she instructed, before disappearing from sight.

"Yes, sensei," Alexander replied to no one while beginning to pull himself up. He only managed to accomplish it half way before freezing as something odd came to his attention. "The wind is… still?" he questioned himself, just now taking notice of the unnatural phenomenon. The wind was never still, especially not outdoors. It can become so gentle as to seem still for most people, but for those like him who were blessed with Sylph's power…

"I beg of you…" a gentle voice called out to him, one he'd never heard before, accompanied by a pulse of energy.

The silver haired teen darted upright, his head turning left to right, trying to find the source of the disturbance. The three voices from earlier returned, this time making their own concerns known to him.

"My servant who lives somewhere in the universe!"

More words from everywhere and nowhere at once. The pulse from before came back stronger, and the wind began to stir. "This wind…" one of the voices in his head uttered with a hint of terror, "this wind isn't normal. It's… I've never even felt anything like this before."

"Oh sacred, beautiful and strong familiar spirit!"

That same voice kept coming, the power it carried becoming stronger and stronger with each word. It no longer came in small pulses, but in a rhythmic beats.

"I desire and here I plead from my heart!"

The tempo hastened as the power intensified, coalescing into a single point. And it was right next to him.

Alexander was by no means a fool. He was someone who aspired to be a hero like his father. Even though his father did make many bad decisions, he still had the common sense and instinct to get himself out of every bad situation he'd ever been in. The same could be said about Alex.

Yet, despite how not just his instinct, but the three voices in his head as well were telling him to run and get help, he simply couldn't. It was as though the half of his mind that told him to get away was being fought back by something that told him to stay. To see for himself what was going on around him.

"Answer to my guidance!"

With the final shout, the spell was complete. The rhythmic beating of power reached a crescendo, coalescing into a swirling green light in front of him. A portal. To where, he wasn't sure, but a part of him wanted to find out. Another part, his rational side, told him not to, and fought the other for control, leaving him to just stand there, his hand reaching out towards it.

"Onii-san!" someone gasped from behind him, breaking him out of his reverie and making him turn around.

This seemed to be when the magic that held the portal grew agitated, and without warning, Alexander was dragged into the mass of green light. The last thing he'd seen of his own world was a girl his age with purplish blue skin, golden eyes, violet hair, and the lower body of a snake. His twin sister.

"Alice!" he managed to call out, his hand outstretched to grab her own. But by the time she reached him, it was too late. He was already dragged into oblivion.