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Chapter 1 : Nuisance

"Move lady!" I heard a voice yell at me which made my head snap up. The taxi driver's head stuck out of the yellow transportation. He honked his horn at me several more times which got me to finally step back off the road.

I could hear the people around me whispering. They were all shocked. Some even angry. I had the attention. I really wish I didn't.

"Crazy" some would whispered in hushed voices. Many mothers had averted their children's eyes and led them, throwing me dirty looks over their shoulder.

Didn't anyone care around here. I stood there on the sidewalk Surrounded by people not one said something to me or a offered to help. I just stood. Not no knowing what to do. I thought and retraced everything that has Happened. Then I ran.

I could feel my lose clothing cutting the air. The loud noises of the air striking back at my clothes. Not that you could really call them that. I wore a once white shirt that went to about mid thigh. For bottoms I had some underwear but that was all not that it did much good. My "shirt" had several holes throughout it showing off my disgustingly skinny figure. Don't get me wrong skinny is hot, just not when you can see your ribs sticking out without sucking in.

Where'd I comes from? Well let's just say you'll find out soon enough. Who am I? I'd rather not say. You never know who Kira is or where. Personally I'd rather be safe than sorry.

As I was running I could feel tears run down my face but I quickly wiped them away. I could feel more coming but I held them back before they had a chance at racing down my scared face. I can't cry! Crying shows weakness. I am not weak!

What are you doing, Krystal! I thought to myself as a started to slow down a bit. I had reached a well populated area of the Kanto region in Japan. You need shelter! Food! You need to survive! I don't deserve to live. I sulked to myself. Although i didn't see the point I started looking for something. Anything.

Police! I need to find the police! But where do I even start. I looked around the busied streets trying to find somewhere that looked like it could somehow be related to the police.

Then I saw it. A motorcycle with police painted prettily on the side with the lights and everything. It was located across the street parked beside coffee shop. I automatically started running across the black pavement. My bare feet burning on the scalding road.

There were sudden screams all around me. I didn't realize what they were for until I saw a long black vehicle screech to a stop not 2 feet away from where I was standing. Not to long afterwards a white haired man had gotten out of the vehicle and had made his way over to where I was now sitting on the ground. He wore glasses and a black suit which made him look like a butler.

"Hello?" He interrupted my trance while holding out a hand. He must have asked me a question because he looked like at me with a questioning expression. Then his expression changed into a sweet smile. I felt as though I should smile back but I couldn't. I just brought my knees to my chest and hugged them with all my might.

Then, before I knew it, I was in his arms which made me scream. What was he doing! I didn't want to go with him. I kicked and screamed but he didn't let me go. What was even more unsettling was no one so much as looked at me. He was fucking kidnapping me!

That's when it all went black.

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