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Chapter 12 : Memories

My name, Krystal, was never actually given. More taken.

My first foster parents came when I was 4. I loved them. The father was not around much but when he was he always played with me. Let me ride on his shoulders. 'Wrestled' with me.

The mother was gorgeous. She had beautiful brown hair quite like my own. Beautiful blue eyes and the most beautiful skin. A lot of people always thought I was her child. 'You look just like her!' They would always say to us.

But of course every pleasure needs pain.

I had noticed the eyes by this point along with the names and numbers above each persons head. 23:59:59. I had tried to decipher the meaning of each number but couldn't. I was 4. Those were the numbers i saw above mother and father's headS. We went for ice cream one day. It was about 2:30. Perfect time.

The next day we were going to a different town for a business trip. Father was a very important man and usually didn't get the privilege of bringing his family. There was only one problem with the date.

It was my birthday. 5 years old. I was so excited. The hotel we were staying had a pool! I was begging father as we drove on the highway. We hadn't even got there yet I was begging to go in the pool. It would be so much fun!

"Please daddy? I want to go swimming so very badly!" I had begged him. He was against the idea for when we arrive it would be time for dinner.

"Please daddy! Please!" I whined in my carseat.

"K, please be a good girl. You need to be quite. Daddy needs to concentrate," Mother turned her seat to look at me.

I was usually one to listen right away but I wanted it so badly. "Daddy! Please!" I screeched.

"K, YOU BE QUIET RIGHT NOW!" Fathers voice boomed.

He was really angry. So angry accidentally lost control and the car started to spin. I could hear mother scream as we started roll. I looked out my window to see gras then sky. Grass. Then sky.

I screamed as the windshield broke and glass flew about. Mother was now quite and only moved with the motion of the car. Father tossed about as the car continued to roll. I screamed.

"Mommy! Daddy!" No reply. I started to cry scared of what has happened. "Mommy! Daddy!" I scream again. The car has stopped rolling by this point and mother and father now lay motionless at the front of the vehicle.

I was actually quite smart for my age and was able to unbuckle the carseat myself. Thankfully we landed right side up. I moved to the front where mother and father lay heads hanging down.

"Mommy?" I said softly and looked at her. She had cuts all over yet somehow she still looked like her beautiful self. Her hair was wet with a sticky substance and matted to her face. I moved out of the way to see her eyes were shut like she just sleeping peacefully.

"Mommy? Wake up. Mommy?" I touched her shoulder. She didn't move. "Come on mommy! Mommy? Wake up! Why won't you open your eyes? Mommy it's me. Mommy!" I screamed now frantically trying to wake her.

I turned to my father tears streaking down my face. "Daddy?" I whispered. He didn't respond. "Daddy, mommy won't wake up. Daddy?" I moved closer to him. He also had scratches much like mother. "Daddy! You have to wake her! Daddy!" I screamed. The tears flowed harder if even possible. His green eyes were open but had a look of nothingness in them. They were blank.

"Mommy!" I turned to see she still had not moved. "Daddy!" He didn't even blink. I screamed. I couldn't deal with it. "WAKE UP! I'M SORRY! I'LL BE A GOOD GIRL!" I yelled sobbing uncontrollably. "I'll be a good girl," I repeated. "I'll be a good girl. I'll be a good girl."

I continued like that until the police found us. I screamed at them. I told them mother and father were only sleeping. They'll wake up.

"I'm a good girl. I'm a good girl," I rocked back and forth on my floor as L walked in. "I'm a good girl," I turned to him. "I'm a good girl."

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