1The Trick is... A/N:

Ok I've written smut for my bff, now this is a little something for me! Aizen x underage oc. I've been kicking this idea around for a while...eheh...no, I don't see cannon Aizen doing this, but it's AU so meh! And I am no where near as innocent as my oc, the personality just fits her!

Chapter One: It's what we're here for

"Have you ever wondered why only guys adopt the girls here?"Momo Hinamori, age eleven, asked. Rangiku Matsumoto laughed."Oh wow! Do you not even know why you're here?"she chuckled. "Don't you dare corrupt her mind!"Moka Yukari snapped, throwing her pillow in the strawberry blonde's face.

"To be honest, I don't even know either..."Ayaka Hirako said quietly.

She had been here since she was Momo's age and at fourteen, she still had no idea what kind of place it was she was living in."You've GOT to be kidding me."Moka said. "I'm not."Ayaka snapped. "Ok ok!"she pulled the confused teen into a smaller room,"You wanna know why men always come here to 'adopt' girls?"she asked. Ayaka nodded. Moka sighed. "Men...have a thing for younger women."she said. Ayaka's eyes filled with even more confusion."You know...they uh...they want them."Moka said. Her face was suddenly as red as her eyes as she gaped at Moka in disbelief."A-and they?"her eyes portrayed the rest of her question. "They do." Ayaka stuttered as she tried to gather her thoughts. A man would adopt her...to bed her? It was too much for her mind to handle. She closed her eyes."If it helps, if you're still here at eighteen, the owner gives you a fair amount of money so you can go start a life."Moka said, smiling.

"Then I guess I'm good then."Ayaka sighed, standing to go back with her friends. It wasn't that she'd be scared to go off with some man like that. It was that she didn't want to leave. 'And I doubt there's a man out there that would want me...'she thought to herself. But that didn't bother her much. A few days passed since their conversation and Ayaka was walking to the stairs when she heard talking. She peeked around the corner to see the owner, Yao, talking with a very well-cut and important looking man.

She scrambled away when he looked up at the banister where she had been. She couldn't stop blushing. His eyes had only met hers briefly, but they burned her in such a way she had never felt before. Yao knocked on her door. "There's someone here to see you, Ayaka."he said. She came out from her room. "I-is it the man from downstairs?"she asked. He nodded, a smile on his face."He's here to take you home."Yao said. Her heart thudded in her chest. He wanted her?

A man actually wanted her?

She went downstairs to meet this man.

He had a gentle smile. His eyes still burned her."H-hi..."she said, metally kicking herself for the weakness of her voice. 'Men don't want weak women!'she thought to herself. He introduced himself. SĂ´suke Aizen. His voice washed over her like a warm wave. And it was just like that, she was his. She belonged to him to do with as he pleased. He took her home.

A/N: Choppy, I know...but meh! The second chapter will be sooo much better!