A/N: This is just a little drabble. I thought I might want a bit of Johnlock to start out FanFiction, so here it is! This is one of my very first sorta-kinda-smutty pieces...so naturally it's terrible! Inspired by a Tumblr post I saw. That's where I got the name. It's implying that John's giving Sherlock a blowjob...?

Heat. Skin against skin, pale always fighting for dominance. Heavy breaths laced in promises that will never be kept.

Sweat beading on foreheads and dripping down, turning kisses warm and salty. Hovering just below, tugging the heavy layers off and kicking them aside, unwanted trespassers in this world of sweet oblivion.

Lips touching soft flesh, nibbling at the length. Moans and gasps, begging for more. One hand caught in short, coarse hairs. A smaller one entangles itself in dark curls.

A catch, the hitching of breath. A loud keen of longing and the shout of a name.

Too hot, but perfect.

Too sweaty, but perfect.

Too...loud. But perfect.

Gasps find their way out, choking at airways. One black lock plastered with sweat. A groan. And the name tumbles out again, less ecstasy-induced this time. A tender uttering, with a sweet smile that lazily twists its way around swollen lips.