Honorary elf

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"Haru Elrond!" a little voice rang out.

Suddenly, a little boy with long brown hair and brown eyes came running up to Elrond's chair in front of Thorin and Company.

"Hello ai er", Elrond said. He picked up the small boy and placed him in his lap.

"Arthion!" a girl yelled running after him. She stopped and noticed her father had company. "I apologize atar", she said, "He got loose".

Her father's right hand man came up beside her and took one of her hands as she worked to calm her breathing.

"I'm fine", she told him, her hand stroking over her stomach.

"Everyone, I would like to introduce my eldest daughter Raina", Elrond said.

The servant led her over to her father and she took a seat between him and Gandalf.

"Raina, you are looking radiant as ever", Gandalf said.

"Thank you Mithrandir", she said rubbing her stomach. She turned to Thorin. "I just want to apologize for King Thranduil's behavior. He can be a very sweet man", she said.

"Are you the Queen?" Ori asked.

Raina giggled and said, "No. I'm mated to King Thranduil's son Legolas".

"Mated? So you're not married?" Fili asked.

"Not with the dangerous that lie in Mirkwood forest. That's why he stays in Mirkwood, while I live here", she said.

Later that night, she was sitting in a courtyard with a fountain.

"That can't be easy for you", Kili said frightening her.

She gasped and grabbed her stomach.

"I didn't mean to frighten you", he said.

"It's just because you're a dwarf", she said, "I can sense the elves and no. It's not easy living here in Rivendell with Legolas being in Mirkwood, but he can't be in two places at once. Mirkwood needs their master archer".

"You're mate is an archer?" Kili asked, "I am too. Thorin, my uncle, doesn't really approve. I have nothing against elves, especially not a she-elf as attractive as you".

Raina giggled.

"That child earlier. Was he yours?" Kili asked.

"Oh heavens no. That's my nephew Arthion", she said, "Son of my brother Elrohir".

"What does it mean?" he asked.

"Royal. Elrohir thought it was perfect", she told him.

"And what does your name mean?" Kili asked.

"Gracious", Raina said.

"Is this your first child?" he asked.

"You could tell?" she asked.

"You keep rubbing your stomach and all thru dinner your hand rested on your stomach", he said.

"Legolas is overjoyed about this baby. He's certain it's a boy, but I'm pretty sure it's a girl", she said.

They talked into the night until Elladan came to fetch his sister.

"Thank you for talking with me", she said.

"The honor was all mine", Kili said.

When the dwarves got ready to leave, Kili found a quiver of arrows sitting on his bed.

They were hand crafted with blue fletches.

A note was attached. 'To Kili, an honorary elf', it read.

He stuck the note in his pocket and grabbed the quiver. He took one last look at Rivendell and then left with the dwarves.

Months later, when Raina heard of the death of Thorin, Kili, and Fili, Legolas did not object to naming their first son after Kili.

As their son grew, Raina continually would tell her son of Kili and Thorin's adventure.

Through hearing the story of Kili, their son became an expert marksman and swordsman, almost like Kili's spirit was inside him and guiding him.