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Prologue: Part 1

Eleven of the Holy Knights were, at the same time, completely stumped. And there's only one person in the Twelve Holy Knights who is able to do that.

Oh Grisia, what are you up to now? Lesus Judge could only stare at the flimsy piece of paper stuck on the door.

Do not come in. We are renovating.

Apparently, their only conference room was being renovated. And that started just today, the day the Twelve Holy Knights' meeting was suppose to happen.

"What should we do now?" Blaze Knight voiced the thoughts of what everybody was thinking. Immediately, everyone turned to Judgment Knight.

"We should…" Do what? Cancel the meeting? Postpone it until I find Sun and ask him what's going on?

"He's already there."

Judgment whipped around just in time to see Vice-Captain Adair bow respectfully. "He's in the garden."

"Who?" Judgement asked, even though the answer was obvious. I mean, who else sends their Vice-Captain off as a messenger boy?

"Knight-Captain Sun. He plans to hold your meeting in the garden because it's so nice out. The tables and everything are already set up." Adair explained dutifully.

Suddenly, someone gasped. "You mean" asked Leaf "that Sun's actually attending?!" With this, several jaws hit the floor. Even though this meeting was kind of important, important enough that Storm was present, Sun still usually don't attend them.

"Yes, so please follow me." With that, Adair started walking in the direction of the garden. The eleven Holy Knights could only dumbly follow them, most still not over the shock. Finally they reached the garden. The table in the conference room was there, with a certain golden haired Holy Knight sitting in a spot that was always empty.

"Ah, my fellow brothers. May the God of Light oversee our meeting and breathe his words into our minds!"

Everyone wordlessly sat into their respectful places, not even bothering to ask Sun why he was here. After all, stranger things have happened before, right?

"Let us start this meeting." A low voice boomed, the owner of it sitting beside the supposed-to-be vacant seat. And the meeting began. Judgment, though, has secretly wanted to add the words "Before Sun runs away", but of course, for the sake of his image, he couldn't.


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