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Hana thanked the God of Light that her Teacher was on good terms with the Pope. Because of that, Hana got a week off before she needed to start her duties. Yes, Hana was very thankful. If it was Sun, He probably wouldn't even get a day!

"Good morning Princess Light!"

I smiled sweetly and nodded my response. I was walking in the hall towards Sun's room. Every now and then someone would say "Hi" to me, addressing me as Princess Light. I shook my head. I still can't believe that I'm the new Princess.

Arriving at Sun's door, I knocked. Nothing happened for a full second when I heard quiet swearing, and the words "It must be a curse!" over and over again.

Oh right! This is usually the time Brother applies his facial mask. I remember him telling me in his letter how he thinks that he's cursed, because every time he applies it, someone knocks on his door! …Whoops. I forgot about that.

Finally, Sun spoke behind the door. "May I ask which brother is it beyond the door, who has been, with a gentle murmur, reminded by the God of Light to come forth and seek out Sun, in order to discuss the God of Light's benevolence?"

I blinked. "Sun-gēgē, it's Hana."

There was a small pause. "Come in. The door's open." I smiled and walked in.

Sun sat on his bed, smearing his facial mask on his arms. He gave me a smile. "Hi Hana!" He looked at me slyly. "Or should I call you Princess Light?"

I groaned and shook my head, although I was smiling inside. The only person Sun talks normally to use to be Judgment, but it seems that I fall into that category too, now. "I still can't believe I'm the new Princess!"

Sun gave me a distracted smile. "You'll get used to it." He murmured quietly.

"Sun, you okay?" I asked concerned. He seemed distracted.

He gave me a smile. "Ya, I am. Anyways…you're duty-free right now, right Hana?"

I looked at him curiously and nodded. Sun smiled. "I was wondering, could you do me a favor?"

I blinked. "…Sure?"

Sun smiled. "That's great! Wait here…"

He walked into another room. A few seconds later, he walked back holding a bowl and an empty jar.

"Could you give these to Ice Knight for me? And…" He pointed to a meter high pile of paperwork. "Could you give those to Storm?"

I frowned. "Sure, I can give the bowl and jar to Ice, but finished paperwork isn't supposed to go to Storm, is it?"

Sun laughed. "Who said it's finished?"

Understanding dawned upon me. "Sun…but…" Sun gave me a look.

"Even if you don't do it, I'll just give it to him later, and he'll cram even more." He said softly.

I sighed. "Fine."

I grabbed the pile of paperwork and put the bowl and jar on top. "Bye Sun."

He smiled at me. "Thanks Hana."

I sighed again.


I now made my way to Ice Knight's room. I had placed the paperwork in my room first, since it was heavy, and decided to return Ice Knight's things first.

Arriving at Ice's door, I leaned over and knocked. I few seconds later, the door opened. Ice's expressionless face greeted me.

Smiling, I handed the things to him. "Sun told me to give this to you."

Ice nodded. He paused before saying a short command. "Wait."

Blinking, I nodded. Ice turned and went back to his room. A few minutes later, he came back before handing me two little bags.

Confused, I looked at Ice. He pointed to one bag. "That's for Earth." I understood. "Oh, of course I'll bring that to him. The other bag is for…?"

Ice blinked. "You." The information sunk in slowly.

"Oh, thank you so much!" I gushed when I finished gawking at the bag.

Ice stared at me. "Eat one."

Blinking, I reached my hand into the bag. A sugar cookie popped out. I bit into it. Heaven filled my senses.

"Whaa! It's so yummy! Thank you so much!" I smiled an enormous smile. Ice nodded before taking out a notepad and writing in it. When he finished, he looked at me. "You're welcome."

I blinked. "Oh well…thanks again! I'll deliver the bag to Earth! Bye! Have a good day!" I smiled before waving and running to my next location…why does it seem as though I turned into a mailgirl?


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