There was no time for a plan, and though Giles made a few attempts in the course of the rather brief drive to develop one, Faith refused to discuss or hear any possibilities. Clearly she had her own plan in her mind, one that would most certainly would involve copious amounts of violence, and if there was even a chance that he might try to dissuade her, she was not open to hearing it.

There were always weapons in the back of the car, but Faith didn't even pause to take any up. The people in the CASS Inc. headquarters were human, and she would not require anything beyond her fists to damage them beyond repair, if she so chose.

Giles did not know, as he followed Faith's fast stride as quickly as he was able, whether he was praying against her making such a choice, or praying for it.

She didn't take time for discussion once inside either. The girl who came forward to greet, or perhaps question their presence, received a punch in the face that not only sent her to the ground, but appeared to have knocked her unconscious. A few more girls came forward, and Faith dealt with all of them in an identical fashion, expending no effort at all in getting them out of her way. As she continued to move forward, eyes set straight ahead of her, shoulders squared, fists clinched tightly at her sides, Giles's attempt to catch at her arm was immediately shrugged off.

"Faith- what is it you are going to do?"

This too was ignored as Faith strode down the hallway, seeming to be looking for a particular door or room, though what she had in mind, Giles could not imagine. Finally finding a door which bore a sign reading "Employees only- Danger, Keep Out"- Faith did not hesitate in breaking its lock, throwing it open and stepping inside. Giles paused, questioning the wisdom of this action, but he knew there was no alternative for him to follow. If she were to lose her life, what good would caution do him? What life of his would be worth preserving?

He knew once inside that they were standing in the midst of some sort of laboratory. Metallic tables were placed about the room, with the typical sort of equipment and ingredients used by both witches and chemists in their places. There was also, he noticed, hanging in one open closet several biohazard suits, goggles, gloves, boots, and other safety equipment. One glass case, Giles noticed as he turned slowly, taking in his surroundings, bore a sign with the same warning as that on the door, written in very bold letters, and as he stepped closer, he saw that there were several containers of chemicals locked inside the case.

It took him a few moments to understand what he was looking at, and the purpose for the room. This must have been where they had created the chemicals to cause the virus…this was the site of the creation of the destruction of their lives.

Faith seemed to have understood this before he, perhaps because this was what she was looking for in the first place. She stood with her fists at her sides, her body held so rigidly she was almost shaking, and stared at that glass case, not speaking, not yet moving. She seemed to be on the verge of exploding into some sort of violent action, as if her body had not yet decided for her what it would be.

And then another person entered the room, a woman whose face immediately froze the moment she saw Giles and Faith standing before her, draining of color. Clearly she recognized them; they certainly recognized her. She was Odetta Upton, one of the women whose face they had found through the CASS Facebook page…one of the women who had co-founded the operation. It was she who was at least half responsible for this corporation's existence, she who was at least half responsible for the development of the virus, for its order to be released via bomb in the Slayer headquarters. It was she who had played a large part, presumably, in all the agony Faith and Giles had witnessed and experienced, and as all this rushed through their minds in a few seconds of understanding, her fate was sealed before any of them exchanged a word.

The violence Faith showed her was astonishing, but still, it seemed to Giles that she must have been holding herself back. How could she not be, in order for this woman to be conscious, to be able to draw the breath to even attempt to scream? The rage in Faith's face was terrible, rendering her usually attractive features nearly inhuman to look at as she hit Odetta Upton again and again, seeming to know exactly where and how hard to hit her to give her the most pain without allowing her to lose consciousness. She avoided her head, avoided her eyes and the area around her heart, and still Giles was astounded by the amount of blood the woman was spilling, by the number of bones he had heard breaking, by the roughness of Faith's voice as she screamed at her with each blow.

"You did it…you killed them! You killed them all! You're going to pay, you're going to pay, you're going to DIE for what you did to them!"

Somewhere in there she was crying too, and showing all the more aggression because of it, as though enraged to be seen with such emotion, to let the woman know she could have provoked it with her actions. The woman's noticing this, however, was rather unlikely, given that she likely could not even see or hear. Giles could see the end of her life drawing near, could see that if Faith lost control for even one moment she would be gone, that Faith would make herself a murderer again. Even if she drew back now, it could still be too late.

"Faith," he said with urgency, and when Faith's fist descended again, he almost shouted her name, stepping close enough to be within the swing zone of her arm. "FAITH!"

She paused, chest heaving, eyes barely visible through the disheveled curtain of her hair, her fist inches from making contact yet again. As she lifted her head to look at Giles, tears still streaming, her hand shaking with her desire to lower it once more, Giles slowly, almost regretfully shook his head.

"No. Not like this."

She looked back at him, then looked down at the woman struggling for breath beneath her, almost every part of her rendered a bloody, nearly unrecognizable mass. With great effort Faith stood, standing over her, as her chest continued to rise and fall with her shallow breaths. Then she turned, slamming her fist through the glass of the locked cabinet, and took out each of the containers. One by one she threw them to the ground, watching as a thick vapor rose from the liquid inside, spreading out in a mist that quickly seeped beneath the door and out into the hallway. Without looking back, she opened the door, allowing it to spread further, as she herself walked away, Giles on her heels, leaving the nearly unconscious woman behind her, all too cognizant of the meaning of Faith's action.

She and Giles knew first hand how quickly the chemical virus had spread, how any present in the building and any who might come within its bounds would become infected, almost certainly. And so she and Giles, the only two known to be physiologically, somewhat inexplicably immune, walked away, leaving those present in the building, and who would be present by the following few days, to suffer the fate of their own makings, the fate they had doomed nearly 3 dozen to already.

Poetic justice, if its gratification would have to be somewhat delayed.