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They floated, moving with the current within the blackness. They were nothing, they were nowhere, yet they were everything, they were anything. They felt the last of them being swallowed up by the darkness, but they weren't scared, it was calming to be something greater than yourself. Yet, something nagged at him, something that he couldn't quite remember, not that they could remember anything else either… Now, what was it?

A sudden flash of dancing green eyes, alive with adventure with a dash of charm followed by a quick smirk. Did that smirk match those eyes? They hoped it did, that smirk would look good with those eyes.

The eyes replaced by another pair. It was the same eyes, but they were no longer happy. The left one remained close and the right one held a hint of red and wavered with tears. Such despair and hopelessness filled those eyes that they felt choked with some form of emotions. Make them go away, they begged, they didn't want to see such eyes look so sad that had once been so happy.

Their wish was granted and the eyes were replaced by a black haired boy. The boy was smiling like he had not a care in the world. It was the boy with the eyes! Those green eyes were alive and shimmering. That hair was strewn in a mess of black locks that seemed to defy gravity in back. A red haired boy and a bushy haired girl were next to him. This boy faded into an older version of himself. This time the boy was laughing! The other two were with him again and this time the read head boy had an arm slung around the green eyed boy. A strong emotion surged within them. They didn't know what it was. All emotions seemed to falling off of them, no more words seemed attached to their meaning.

The black haired boy was back. This time he wasn't smiling. Instead he looked solemn, as though the weight of the world was on him. Those eyes were set in determination and burned with a fire from within. Soot smeared on his face, and though he should have been dirty, it just made him look breathtaking. More emotions broke from the cage they had shut away in and flooded through them.

The boy was replaced again. He was chained this time; those green eyes were the same eyes he had seen before, that he had willed away. The boy was nothing more than a walking skeleton. What had happened to him? They wanted to make the image go away. They used to be able to do that, but they couldn't remember how. Did it have something to do with eyes? Did they used to have eyes?

The broken boy was still there, trembling. They wanted to comfort him, but they didn't know how. All they wanted to do was be with that boy and chase away those dark emotions swirling in the boys eyes. They wanted to make the boy smile, even if it took a lifetime of trying; they just wanted to see the boy smile again.

Wait, maybe they could. Didn't they used to have a body? They wondered if they were a girl or a boy. They were okay with both, yet they leaned more towards a girl; it would be nice to give themselves to the green eyed boy, maybe that would make him happy. Still, a boy could do the same thing; it just would be a bit different…

They shook their head, wait, head; they used to have a head! Did they used to be human too? Oh, they so dearly wished so. They tried to focus on themselves, but found the memories slipping even further away. Instead they focused on the boy. It seemed that the boy triggered some of their memories.

The boy was smiling again, cut up and bruised, but still smiling. A swarm of people stood behind him, cheering. A few people came up to hug the boy, others just wept with giant smiles plastered on their face. A voice yelling turned their and the boy's head.

"Harry!" it was a girl with fiery red hair and freckles of the yin yang.

"Ginny!" the boy, Harry, exclaimed. Both of them ran at the other, before dissolving into a mess of hugs and kisses. Jealousy boiled up within them. What gave this girl, Ginny, the right to Harry!?

Harry… the name snagged on a thought. Harry… wait, Harry Potter…? Yes, it must be Harry Potter. As a child their father always used to tell them about Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

Their father, they could see their father. Cold eyes, pale blonde hair, cruel smile, Lucius Malfoy. Malfoy! Were they a… Malfoy? Well, they must be for their father was a Malfoy. What was their first name?

The boy was back, this time young. He looked scared and frightened, yet excited all at the same time. He stood among robes, looking nervously up at a slightly plump witch. Standing on a pedestal getting fitted for a robe was a pale blonde boy with steel eyes and a slightly pinched face.

"By the way," the pale boy was saying. "My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

"Harry," the green eyed boy managed to get out before Draco had walked away.

Was that really them? That rude, pale haired boy? Wait, they were a boy! They had a name. Draco Malfoy… it was odd, yet it seemed to fit like a glove. Familiar and alien all at the same time.

Now that they… he thought about it, wasn't there something he was supposed to be doing? Something that involved Harry…?

Another image of the broken Harry swam before him. Yes, he had to do something with Harry, but what was it. Those green eyes were staring at him with intensity, urging him on. Harry, Harry, Harry… Harry was… waiting for him! Harry was waiting for him; he had to rescue Harry from wherever they were.

Steel grey eyes flashed open in murky darkness. Pale corpses lay before him, jerking in a dark dance causing limbs to shudder, eyes to flutter, and skin to crawl. A scream arrived in the form of bubbles that disappeared to the surface. He turned his eyes upwards, to where a faint light shone, and pushed off from the bottom. The light grew as he swam closer. Soon, his lungs began to burn and his vision faltered. The light urged him on but the lack of oxygen threatened to stop him. So close, just a bit more… the light began to fade. Was he sinking or were his eyes just closing? He couldn't tell. He pushed on though, not giving up to defeat. The darkness pulsed; the light was no more. Crap, this couldn't be the end, it couldn't. He felt heavy. The want to give up nearly overwhelmed him but he pushed on. This couldn't be the end; he wouldn't let this be the end. There was still so much he had to say.

Everything seemed to fade away as he fell back into the clutches of the black. This couldn't be the end… this couldn't… this was…

The icy air was a slap in the face as he broke through the surface. His eyes sprang open and he gulped in oxygen. The shore was only a few feet away from him and he paddled to it weakly. After pulling himself onto a dry surface he flopped down on his back to catch his breath, closing his eyes in bliss. He had made it, he had actually made it!

A curious green eye met him as he reopened his. A sudden yelp gave away his surprise before he realized who it was.

"Hey Harry," he said, sitting up, letting the casual use of the first name slip out again. A sudden blush overtook him as he remembered those thoughts he had, those horrible disturbing thoughts… He shook his head roughly and cleared his voice.

"How long was I under?" he asked, fighting down his blush and putting on a poker face as he looked back at H-Potter.

Potter held up three of what remained of his fingers. "Three days!?" he exclaimed. Potter nodded. "Shit, sorry," he said, running a hand through his wet hair. He stood and looked down at Potter. It was then, amidst all the confusing running through his head, that he realized Potter was still naked. Fuck… and not in a good way!

He tore his eyes away and looked around for his bag. It was lying on the ground, near the boat. He grabbed it and pulled out his lab coat; he had taken it off in the Aurors steaming office. Potter studied him in confusion and fear.

"Here," he offered the coat to Potter. "Cover yourself with this." Potter looked down, as though just realizing that there were no clothes present. He wished Potter wouldn't do that, it drew too much attention to things he would rather forget…

Potter put on the coat, hugging the folds shut. He nodded his approval, that was much better.

"Let's get over to that tunnel, get under some form of cover. Maybe we'll find a room to hunker down in." he said hopefully, slinging his bag over his shoulder and setting off. A quick glance back showed Potter still on the ground, looking miserable and dejected. He hurried back over, kneeling by the other. Potter flinched, but not as bad as before, seeming subdued.

"Hey," he said gently. "What's wrong?"

Potter looked up with that devastated eye before turning it back down. Potter's lips moved, mouthing something he didn't catch.

"Come again?" he asked. Potter looked up sheepishly, seeming frightened, before mouthing 'food'.

He had to think for a moment before putting it together. Potter was already a stick and since he had been gone that meant Potter hadn't eaten in three days. Cursing himself for not thinking about this earlier he threw open his bag and grabbed out a bag. He had packed a lunch and dinner when he had gone with the Aurors, not sure how long it would take. Wow, that mission seemed like a forever ago. A flash of blood and the remains of one of the Aurors ran through his mind and he shuddered.

He opened the bag and made to take something about before pausing. Then he looked up at Potter in bewilderment.

"Didn't you take anything from my bag?" he asked, almost demanded. Potter winced and shook his head, not making eye contact. "You were starving and you didn't look through my bag at all for food?" A nod this time. "Do you want to die?"

A shrug…

"Potter…" he sighed. He grabbed out a sandwich and handed it to the starving boy. "Eat,"

Potter hesitated for a moment, staring at the sandwich. Potter slowly set it on his leg and took out the ham, setting that aside before eating the rest of the sandwich. He cocked his head in puzzlement, what was Potter doing? Even after Potter had finished the sandwich the ham went untouched.

"Potter, aren't you going to eat that?" he gestured to the forgotten food. Potter shook his head, a trill of fear running through that green eye. "Why?" another shrug, this time followed by a bitten lip and an eye that looked as though it was trying to recall something that it couldn't.

He sighed and put the meat in a baggie, better not let it go to waste. He stood again, this time followed by a very shaky Potter.

"You need help?" he asked. "I could carry you if you want." More fear danced in green eyes, and a quick yet violent head shake gave him his answer. "If you say so. We'll just go over to the tunnel, get out of this room, and set up camp for the night." Potter nodded.

Together they made their way to the tunnel. It took much longer than it should have but that was okay, as far as he was concerned they had all the time in the world. Upon reaching the tunnel Potter collapsed against a wall. He checked to make sure the other was okay then began to set up wards.

He used every spell he could think of, including some dark spells. He knew dark magic was forbidden, but as far as he was concerned they were out in the middle of no man's land, he had no idea what the hell could attack, he was using every defense he had!

Once done with that he pulled everything hard and sharp from his bag and tossed it to Potter, who barely managed to catch it.

"Here, use this as a pillow; I'm going to take the first watch." Potter hesitated before nodding and lying down, hugging the bag as it became a makeshift pillow. It only took a few minutes before Potter had drifted off to sleep.

He stood and walked over to the tunnel, nothing. He went the opposite way, making sure that nothing would jump out of the shadows; once again, nothing. He began turn away when something caught his eye. He threw a glance at Potter and upon seeing the other boy sleeping peacefully he made his way closer.

This something was glinting red on the ground. He walked to the edge of the wards and came to a halt. Unable to see it with the dim light coming from the other end of the tunnel he pulled out his wand. Another glance was thrown at Potter, making sure he was asleep, and then the tip of his wand came alive with light from the magic of an unspoken spell.

A gasp announced his surprise at his findings. His wand quivered in his hand as sudden flashes of the past came to him. It had to be a coincidence, it had too, yet…who else would ever know?

He squeezed his eyes shut yet the words that were written in the red of blood still lingered.

Come find me