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Pamela's P.O.V.
I was walking through Amity Park's Park with my daughter, Sam. Although I didn't like her style, I was proud of her vegatairianism and individualityt. Recently, I had seen what the *popular* kids were really like and, to say the least, I was overwhelmed that I had never noticed how shallow, mean, manupalitive and vain they really are.

Anyway, as we are walking we say the ghost boy, Danny Phantom, fly past us.

Then, my daughter was pulled from my side and I turned to see the Wisconsin ghost in the shadows smirking as he held her by her tiny, frail neck and charged up a red/ pink blast and held it to her head.

I screamed and the Ghost boy spun around and his eyes narrowed.

"Leave Sam out of this, Vlad," he demanded darkly "This is not her fight."
He knows her? I thought.

"AHH! If it isn't my little badger, Danny Phantom. I would LOVE to let her go but alas, I simply can't. For me to ever let her go, you would have to join me my dear boy." 'Vlad' teased and lit up his blast brighter and more powerful.

"I swear if you've hurt her in any way I'll rip out your eyes and shove them down your throat so you can see my ectoblasts TEARING OUT YOUR INSIDES!" He threatened.

Vlad held my now unconsious daughter up higher and stepped out of the darkness.

Phantom gasped and clenched his fists as his usually radioactive green eyes turned to a glowing sickly yellow with anger and protectiveness.

Phantom then dissapeared from sight and Vlad smirked.

They both flew up higher and the battle begun...

Vlad threw an ecto blast and Phantom duplicated himself. Punches and kicks were thrown, as were blasts and random inanimate objects launched until Vlad was sucked into the Fenton Thermos by Danny Phantom.

I gawked as Phantom picked my daughter up bridal style and she stirred into conciousness.

"Danny?" She mumbled softly, her amythyst eyes opening.

"Yeah Sammy?" He answered softly, smiling gently.

She smiled, despite how she did not like being called that.

"Thanks..." She trailed off, before continuing, " I love you, you know, for once Tucker was right, we are lovebirds."

He chuckled "Yes we are." and leaned down to her, lifting her so she was more comfortable, then kissed her on the lips.

"WHAT!?" I yelled, shocked.

"Manson and Fenton rebel streak, Grandma Ida had it once, my dad had it aswell, skips a generation, you didn't get it, neither did Jazz." Danny Phantom stated jokingly.

Sam giggled.

"What do you mean, Fenton? You can't be Danny." I questioned.

A ring of light came around Danny and split, one going up and one going down, splitting at his joints and head. There holding my daughter, was Danny Fenton.

I smiled, so he isn't bad after all, I thought.

"Look after her, I said, then walked away, even more proud of my daughter, and proud of who she fell in love with.