Azog growled angry, he lost his bride...and the Dwarf king. How could this happen, Azog the defiler was defeated by girls and a short person. Azog roared as he grabbed a giant rock and lifted it with such strength, and he threw it. he was breathing hard and then looked at the battle feild they left from as the fire was still going. From that Wizard and Suzans friend, she brought the flames up like it was it Ocean tide. He has to get rid of her, or she will rewind the plan. Even that small being, did Raven call him Bilbo? Yes. She did, he will never forget that name, he was in the way of Thorins head. He kept stabbing the tree he was next to trying to imagine of that short person Bilbo. His warg came to him as he nuzzled his elbow. Azog saw and stroked the Warg, he was never going to get Suzan or the dwarf head with this nonsense. He turned when he saw a Woman was in his way, the Warg growled in defense. The Woman had blonde hair with blue eyes and was wearing a white dress with long sleves that hang,Azog chuckled.

"no wonder I went after Suzan," Azog said

The Woman slapped Azog across the face as she made a nasty glare at the pale Orc. Azog laughed as he looked at her.

"you still have not changed...Elisa," Azog smiled evily wiping his face seeing there was hint of blood coming from his lip.

Elisa shook her head "you stay away from my daughter," she sneered

"or what?" Azog asked "your dead,"

"not dead enough to slap you again," Elisa said

Azog turned away from her as he looked at the battle ground the fire was fading almost. Elisa looked at Azog still with the glare.

"why are you after my daugher Azog?" Elisa asked

"because she is the one I want," Azog said "you could have been with me...unlike your other soul mate who left your daughter,"

"he did not leave," Elisa said "you killed him when you were going to kill her,"

Azog made a dark chuckle "you mean Tyra's daughter...the one named Raven...I killed her but came back from the dead and almost destroyed me,"

Elisa clenched her fist "Tyra was in rage when you killed her only flesh and blood...she was lucky to have enough energy to bring her back to life,"

Azog walked towards Elisa as he was close to her face to face. She looked up at him glaring at him "lets see if I remember it," Azog said, then he stabbed Elisa in the stomach, she inhaled as she saw the replacable hand was in her stomach, blood slowly seeped on her white dress, "if I remember it well...I stabbed here then twisted here" he said as he twisted Elisa's stomach, she looked up at him then pushed him with huge strength with a frost blast hurting Azogs shoulders. he roared in pain ready to hurt her again, but when he looked up...she was gone. Azog growled softly and got as his Warg stood next to him. HE was not afraid of nothing. He was Azog the defiler, and he was going to destroy, Raven with Thorin Oakensherid, and if Suzan will not cooprate...then he might kill her too.

# # #

In the moutain of Erabore everything was quiet and there was so much gold scattered everywhere. And there was another woman, she stood in the middle of the gold as she looked around her, she had very dark brown hair with blue eyes aslo but there must be some sort of red color mixing with the blue eyes. She was wearing a red dress as she has scars all over her except on her face. She looked around her when she felt something was behind her, she turned but saw nothing, she then looked to the otherside hearing something but all she saw was a red tail dissapering, then a growling voice was behind her. she turned to see a burning eye, that looked at her.

"you know its getting annoying Smaug, you sneaking around," she said crossing her arms

"and its getting annoying about you leaving the cave without my permission Tyra," Smaug said "what have you been up to now,"

"that is none of your bussnies," Tyra said "I am just making sure things is fine,"

"and why?" Smaug asked "like your daughter coming here,"

Tyra said nothing. Then there was a deep chuckle from the dragons throat "just as I thought," he said as he grabbed a goblet embeded with blue stones "she is coming to kill me as that it,"

"she actully wants to help you," Tyra said

Smaug paused then looked at Tyra, he chuckled again "so nice of her," he said "I guess she does not know what I really did, even to,"

"she will know," Tyra said "and you will be sorry,"

"sorry?" Smaug asked "I think not Tyra,"

"and why?" Tyra asked

"because the next time you escape, your gonna regreat meeting me," Smaug growled

"I already did Smaug," Tyra growled

"right then," Smaug said

"my lord," a voice said

Smaug turned to see a Raven, Smaug sighed then looked at the Raven "yes, what is it?" he asked

"A Raven and a Hawk escaped, they are on their way to fin the goddess daughters," the Raven reported

"then find them," Smaug growled "make sure you watch them, and follow them and not come back until they get here,"

"of coures," The Raven bowed then flew off.

Smaug turned to face Tyra but she was looking away, and she was sniffling. Smuag looked at her as she was having tears on her face. Smaug rolled his eyes as he then nuzzled the ghost woman.

"I'm not gonna kill her," Smaug said

"then what are you going to do," Tyra sniffled

"use her as I did with you," Smaug said

Tyra lifted her head then growled as she screamed at him and disspred into a burst of flames. Smuag shook his head then walked towards a spot near a wall of the cave and then slithred in the gold as he sank in it slowly and began to close his eyes to have a nap. But not far from the moutain, lady Galdier was watching the moutain knowing that things are going to change for the two childs.

"the adventure has only begun,"


to be countinued...