Chapter 5

Orcs, Elves, and kidnapping OH MY!


As the dwarves got their cloths on from the trolls trying to fry them or roast them. Me and Raven were free as we could finally move from being tied up, Gandalf went towards the trolls as he then smacked his septer on one of the trolls head hearing it sounded hollow. Thorin walked towards him as me and Raven ran towards Gandalf hugging him glad to see him. Gandelf laughed hugging us both at the same time. I looked at Gandalf.

"we thought you left for good," I said

"I forgot we had a deal," Gandalf said "I knew that I was bad wizard after that,"

"nah," said Raven "you just had to settle some things,"

Gandalf smiled and rubbed her head. Me and Raven let him go and he looked at Thorin who was looking at Gandalf.

"where were you?" Thorin asked

"looking ahead," Gandelf said

"what made you come back?"

"looking behind,"

I smiled as Raven did the same looked at the trolls studyng them closely.

"These are moutain trolls," Gandelf said

"what would they be doing here," Thorin asked

"they did come down here before...when a darker time happened," Gandelf said

"like what?" I asked

Gandalf looked at me "evil that blocked the sunlight," he said

I wonder what kind of evil. I thought how it would be like when he said about evil blocking sunlight...more like nothing growing and no happyness at all. Everybody is fighting eachother trying to survive and steal things from one and another. Raven picked the book up and carried it with her. Gandalf looked around him "and there must be a troll cave near by," he said

# # #

I looked down seeing it was dark and looked clammy. Raven coverd her mouth and nose from the stentch. I looked at her as a copule of the dwarves and Gandalf went down intot the cave.

"you want to stay up here?" I asked Raven

she nodded "is it okay?" Raven asked

"yeah wait here," I said

"kk," Raven said

I smiled and followed the dwarves in. Raven was right smelled so bad. I walked right in being behind Bofur. He looked at me noticing my face cringing from the smell of the place.

"you alright?" Bofur asked

"yeah I'm fine, if you had febrezze in your pockets or something," I said almost tripping a rib cage but Bofur caught me just in time from falling "thanks,"

"your welcome," Bofur said

As I walked in and looked around to see a lot of junk and tools not to mention...swords. I walked towards them quickly seeing so many kinds. Thorin came up next to me looking at them as well. He looked at me then at the swords. He grabbed one as he looked at it then at me whlie I was looking at the swords.

"here," Thorin said handing the sword to me.

I turned to see the sword as I saw it was blue. I took it carefully and looked at it, then I looked at Thorin who still had the frown on his face. I smiled.

"thanks," I said

"your welcome," he said "it matches your cloths,"

I looked at him suprised. My heart lurched again...whoa. Was it like how I met Thorin at the door. I smiled

"thank you," I said "very kind of you say that,"

I looked at the swrods again and saw a red one. I picked it up seeing that my sword and the red one looks the same. I saw there was a dragon wrapped around the helm of the sword. I reallt think that Raven should have this. Me and her are going to fight something soon. Thorin grabbed another sword looking at them.

"These swords were not made from my people," Thorin said as he handed one to Gandalf.

"nor were they made from my men," Gandelf said looking at the sword Thorin gave to him. Thorin looked at the sword he found wiping away the cob webs from it "these are elvish blades," Gandalf said

Thorin paused looking at the blad knowing it was made by elves. He wasabout to put it away but I stopped him by putting my hand on his shoulder.

"The sword may help you deafting the Orcs," I said

"she is right Thorin," Gandalf said "you could not ask for a better blade,"

Thorin looked at Gandalf then at me. He sighed and took the sword for himself. I smiled knowing he is trusting us. I looked behind me seeing the dwarves bury some gold in a hold in a chest. Golin looked at me like he was robbing something.

"were keeping this for a bank account," he said

"yeah," I said "just make sure you use it for good things,"

The dwarves chuckled as Dawlin looked like he was annoyed and was really not looking foward for this. I grabbed the sword for Raven and walked towards the entrance and saw Raven laying down trying to reast a little. While Bilbo was sitting right next to her watching her sleep. I smiled and walked towards them smiling.

"cute huh?" I asked

Bilbo jumped looking at me. I smiled and sat next to him, he paused looking at Raven then at me.

"you secret is safe with me Bilbo," I said

Bilbo blushed embrassed knowing he had feeling for Raven. I smiled and ruffled his hair, I walked to the other side towards Raven. I nudged her gently trying to wake her up.

"Raven," I said softly "Raven wake up,"

"wha," Raven said moaning and rubbing her eyes "what is it?"

"here," I said

Raven opened her eyes and she looked at the sword I found in awe. She looked at me and I nodded letting her know she can take it. I felt like I was giving a toy to a was kinda funny that way. Raven took the sword carefully and she took out the sheeth as it shined red a little like fire. I gasped as Raven did too. Raven looked at my sword as I did and took it out to see it was misty like fog and blue ice was sparkling. Me and her looked at eachother for awhile in awe and siked that we have magic swords. Me and her turned to see the rest of the dwarves out and ready to leave. Me and Raven got up ready to go and we saw Gandelf with two swords with him. Bilbo looked at him as Gandelf was giving him a small sword of some sort.

"here," Gandalf said "you'll need this,"

"no," said Bilbo "I don't think I need to use it,"

"and I hope you don't use it," Gandalf said "it's an elvish blad meaning, it will glow blue when Orcs or Goblins are nearby,"

"pretty cool to have sword like that," Raven called to Bilbo

Bilbo said nothing but then some yelled out "SOMETHINGS COMING,"

I turned to were they were running and also taking my sword ready to us eit in action as me and Raven ran towards what was coming. The Dwarves gaurded us but we have our swords up just incase. As it was coming closer then there was rabbits Raven screamed and they tackled her and started sniffing all over her and hopping around her.

"beware of the evil creature," someone yelled

Raven and I looked to see some werid dude on a sliegh...with the rabbits?! Raven was trying to get the fuzz balls off of her but they kept sniffing her face/licking it or they were crawling around her.

"get off of me," she cried cried as Dawlin and Kili were helping Raven getting the rabbits of her.

"ah it's Radagast," said Gandalf "its alright its just Radagast," \

I helped Raven up seeing she had rabbit hair all over. She dusted herself and she sneezed as she spitted on Oin who got sliva inhis hearing thing.

"what on eath are you doing here?" Gandalf asked

"I was looking for you Gandalf," Radagast said "I was...well I was..."

"yes," Gandelf said

"oh, I had a was right in the tip of my." Radagast paused sticking out his tongue "its not a thought at's just a little...stick bug," as a stick bug crawled out of his mouth. Raven was weried out seeing this I was.

"nasty," Raven said

# # #

"The east woods are sick Gandalf," Radagast said "nothing grows there least whats left of there,"

Me and Raven was listening what was going on and apperantly the woods Radagast lives in is dying.

"and there are webs," Radagast said

"Webs?!," Gandalf exclaimed confused

"spiders Gandalf," said Radagast "I followed them to dolguedor,"

"how big are the Spiders?" I asked

Radagast gave me a stare almost like a owl. I furrowed my brow nervous the way he was looking at me.

"how could you not know how big they are," Radagast said

"well they must be small," Raven said "I mean there are no such things as...oh,"

"yeah Raven remember were in a place were dwarves and dragons live," I said

"I get it I get it," Raven said

"I followed their trail to that place," Radagast said " and when I was felt so dark and evil. After when I loked around seeing nothing...then I saw it...I saw him...a necromancer," Then Radagast jumped a little when Gandalf was right in his face and really was freaked out having jitters "sorry," Radagast said

"here try this," Gandalf said as he was letting Radagast haveing a smoke from his pipe. As we watched and saw the look on his face like he was and Raven could not stop giggling. After when Gandalf and him were talkin some more we saw that Radagast was taking out was wrapped up like it was evil and...powerful. After that we heard a howl like it was a dog. Bilbo lifted his head up freaked out wondering what was going on.

"was that a wolf...are there wolves out there?" Bilbo asked

"wolves," Bofur said "no that is not a wolf,"

Raven was hearing a growling sound as she turned carefully to see something huge and big and furry with razor teeth and drool. Raven screamed as I saw and the dog thing was about to tackled her I grabbed Raven and pulled her away and instead the dog attacked Dori.

"DORI," Raven cried as she ran down and took her sword out. I tried to stop her but she was away from my grip. When she took out her sword it was glowing red as she stabbed the dog on the side with it's rib cage. Then Thorin sliced it's throat hearing it squeel made me and Raven wince thinking it was a lonly dog getting hurt and being abused. Then there was another one coming from behind ready to attack Thorin but Kili grabbed his bow and arrow and shot at the dogs chest causing it to fall and Dawlin finshing it off. Raven was crawling away as Bilbo grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him and I was being by her side to protect her. Gandalf and Radgast came to look and see two dead dogs right in from of them.

"Warg skulls," Thorin grunted taking his sword out "which means a Orc pack and not far behind,"

"Orc pack," Bilbo asked saying what the hell

"who did you tell about your quest beyound your kin?" Gandalf asked

"no one," Thorin said

"WHO DID YOU TELL," Gandalf yelled

"no one I swear," Thorin said

me and Raven were getting more scared and we had no idea what we were doing now. Gandalf was getting nervous as well afraid what might happen.

"what in Durins name is going on?" Thorin demaned

"you are being hunted," Gandalf said

Bilbo sighed knowing this was not his day. I hugged Raven while she was hiding her face in my chest.

"I'll draw them off," Radagast said

"these are gondabar Wargs they will out run you," Gandalf said looking at Radagast

"these are ruskabell rabbits," Radagast said "I like to see them try,"

everybody was silent as Raven looked at Radagast then at the others "Fuck it let him go," she cried

# # #

As the Wargs was surrounding the forest knowing that we must be in there, but Radagast came out on his Rabbit sleigh and trying to get their attention. And it did work. Radagast was laughing telling them "come and get me," as the Orcs was chasing after him trying to kill him. But far away from Radagast was us lookign seeing if it was safe for us to get out of here.

"Come on quickly," Gandalf said

We all started running getting away from the Orcs. I was running next to Fili and Kili while Raven was running behind Dawlin and Bombur. Raven almost tripped but Kili was behind her and grabbed her arm quickly and help her up running more faster. After when we almost to the other side Thorin stopped and saw the Wargs coming. from around still chasing Radagast...crazy bastard...I owe Radagast.

"stay together," Gandelf said

"Move," Thorin yelled

We kept running as Raven groaned "I hate running," she said

"ditto," I called

We started running the other way trying to get to the other side of the vally and also trying to find a place to hide. As Thorin stopped us again and Ori was bout to run off.

"Ori no," Thorin yelled grabbing him making sure his brother is safe.

Radagast was still leading them quickly as posiybal.

"hurry come one come on quick," Gandalf said

all of us started running ahead and not looking back. Thorin looked at Gandalf.

"where are you leading us?" Thorin demaned

Gandalf said nothing and kept on going running with Thorin beside him. After that The Wargs was still chasing Radagast. I wonder fi they are actully tired by now. When one of the Orcs stopped his Warg and started sniffing the air. As for us we were running and then we saw the wargs again. Okay he needs to lead them away from the this place take them to the woods or something or literally take them almost towards much for bait dude. After we hid onto a rock trying to act like we blend in and all that, we heard something else up top. Raven was going to scream of sort when I covered her mouth. The Warg was right above us with an Orc. We became silent and said nothing. Thorin looked at Kili nodded his head slowly for telling him to attack. Kili slowly took his arrow and set his bow into action. After that Kili came out then shot at the Warg. The War was trying to get the arrow out while Kili again shot at the Warg when he noticed the Orc was grabbing his battle horn. The Warg fell rolling down into the ground towards us. I screamed when the body fell right on top of me. Suzan fell down as she grabbed my hand pullin me away from the Warg. Dawlin and Bifur came started to kill the two foes right in front of us. But far from the Distance The ORcs can hear the cries of the Warg and the Orc being killed to death.

"The Dwarf scum is over there!" the second and command yelled "After them"

After that the Wargs started running at the driction towards our hiding spot. As they killed the ORc and the Warg we heard more howling.

"MOVE," Gandald cried "RUN!,"

"you did not have to say it again," I said

Raven and I darted as we were behind Gandalf running for our lives. As we were runnign and trying to find a place to hide...we saw the Orcs. Me and Raven screamed. Thorin was in front of us protecting us. Me and her turned to see more coming.

"there's more coming," Kili cried

We all looked around seeing there was no escape. Raven took out her Sword as it was glowing red as mine was glowing a sliver white. Gandalf was looking around when he saw something tha could save out lives as he ran towards it.

"were surrounded," Fili cried

Kili took out his bow and arrow and started shooting at the Orcs. I looked around seeing Gandalf was not with us.

"Where's Gandalf?" Fili cried

"he abandoed us," Dawlin cried


I turned when I saw Ori using his sling shit to shoot at a Warg but it only get a knock on the head. The Orc laughed thinking it was funny. I ran towards Ori protecting him holding my sword out.

"you will save the trouble for our master" The Orc said

"hold your ground," Thorin cried as he took his sword out

Raven was in front of a rock holding out her sword.

"This way you fools," Gandalf cried

Raven turned to see an entrance and the rest of the dwarves started running towards it. I turned and told Ori to run towards the entrance. Everybody slid down and also Raven she climbed up to help the dwarves get to the entrance. A Warg was coming but Thorin slashed its throat quickly. I then saw it was Kili and me left.

"Kili, Suzan," Thorin cried

we both turned as we started running and the Orcs was coming after us. I told Kili to run faster and don't look back. I put my sword back in it's seath and I was almost there but then I felt something pick me up, I screamed knowing I was in trouble. I turned to the Orc giving me a nasty grin. I was trying to get out of his grip. I was getting scared and worried.

"SUZAN," Raven cried

Thorin ran towards the Orcs slicing and trying to kill the Warg but the Warg barked at him telling him to keep away. I was breathing too fast when I was getting scared and then I fanited limp.


"NO!," I cried "SUZAN NO!,"

"Thorin come one," Dawlin yelled

I saw Thorin ran away as more Wargs was coming after him and Thorin slid down. As he did we heard a battle horn. I was about to go up there and save Suzan. But Gandalf and Bofur grabbed me from not going ahead. I heard stabbing and hoofs of horses too. After that there was a dead Orc comign down the the entrance Bofure pulled me away and used an arm to protect me while Gandalf put his staff over the dead being. Thorin looked to see the arrow and regonized as "Elves," he then and threw it to the ground.

"we have the girl let's go," The second in Command said as the last of he surving Orcs started to turn away.

I turned as I saw Suzan being carried away while she was unconsies "no," I screamed going after them but Bofur and Gandalf grabbed me again before I could go any further, I screamed yelleing trying to get away from their grip "let me go," I yelled "They Taken Suzan,"

"Raven enough," Gandalf yelled "we will get her back,"

"When," I yelled looking at him "when this Quest is over and Suzan will be dead by now," then I went to my knee's crying cleching the ground, I failed protecting my best friend and my sister. I looked up into the light with tears down my face. I sniffed up the snot in my nose. Gandalf pulled me into a hug as I hugged him back. Gandald reminded me of granfather back in Canada. Knowing he was always with me when I feel angry and stressed. I am really devestaed knowing I have lost Suzan.

"goddess," I breathed "please protect Suzan...Protect her as much Power you can give her,"

"there's a path, should we follow it?" Dawlin called

"Follow it of coures," Bofur said as everybody started walking towards the path where Dawlin was.

"I think that would be wise," Gandalf said as he lifted me up to my feet "its alright Raven come on,"

I sighed wiping my eyes. Bilbo came towards me and then took my hand. I looked at him seeing he was trying to make me feel better. I smiled knowing he was a good friend. I then hugged him. As he hugged me back.

# # #

as we followed the path into the moutains, I went through the small corners and through shart edges. I held the book close towards me and kept having tears down my face. I wiped them away quickly. As we finally got to finally a light and also a place I never saw in my life. I walked a little closer as my sorrows were washed away. Everything was so beautiful.

"ah," Gandalf said "this place is know as also has another name,"

"Rivindell," Bilbo said

I looked at Bilbo then at Rivindell, it was so beautiful...but if only Suzan saw this...then she would be happy as well enjoying the sceanary. Thorin looked at Gandalf pissed off cuase this would be the last thing he and his men want to be at.

"this was your plan was it," Thorin growled "to seek refuge with our enimes,"

"you have no enimes," Gandalf said

"do you think the elves will give our quest their blessing...they will try to stop us," Thorin growled

"They saved out lives," I growled softly

Thorin looked at me as I looked at him glaring at him. I then turned away from him walking towards the entrance towards the land hlding the book in my grasp. Bilbo looked at me then at Gandald who paused but made a heavy sigh. I walked down looking at the place as my eyes began to water again...oh god Suzan I am so sorry for not protecting you. You always save my life but I could not save yours...Goddess please I want Suzan back, I want her back in my embrace. I want my sister back...I don't want her to die.

# # #

I looked at the entrance as the rest of the Company was behind me. As I looked next to me to see Gandald looking at me then walked towards the stairway that was in front of us. I followed near Gandalf as it looked like we were waiting for someone to come.

"~mi thrundil~," someone called

I turned as Gandalf did looking to see an elf coming down the stairs.

"ah ~Limdel~," Gandalf said

The elf was tall...I thought they were small and had little pointy hats...these are not santas elves Raven get a hold of yourseleves.

"~We heard you had crossed into the valley~," the elf said

"I must speak to lord Elrond," Gandalf said

"my lord Elrond is not here," The elf said

"not here?" Gandafl asked "Where is he?"

Before the elf could speak, it was the same battle horn that we heard when we got attacked by the Orcs. Me and Ganalf turned as they were riding on horses coming towards us. The dwarves went into attack mode comigntogether into a circle as the Elves rode around them in a circle gaurding them not letting the dwarves pass. I hid holding on next to Gandalf as he put an arm around me knowing I was okay. After that they stoped sorrounding the dwarves.

"Ganfalf!" Some one called

"Lord Elrond," Gandalf said

I turned to see an Elf...he seemed older from the rest of the Elves int his place. He was on a black horse wearing elf armor the color of sliver and blue. He had a band of some sort on his forehead and also had long brown hair.

"~My friend~," Gandelf said "~Where have you been~,"

"~We've been hunting a pack of Orcs that came up from the south~" Lord Elrond said getting off his horse "~We slew a number near the hidden pass~"

I some how understand what they are saying...were they speaking elf. This was gettign werid and werider. Lord Elrond went to Gandalf hugging him seeing his old friend again.

"Strange for Orcs to coem close to our borders," Lord Elrond said " Something or someone has drawn them near,"

"ah that would be us," Gandalf said looking at the company and I.

Lord Elrond noticed that Thorin was here and Thorin was walking towards the Lord Elrond.

"Welcome Thorin son of Thrain," Elrond greeted

"I do not believe we have met," Thorin said trying to act civilized.

"you have your grandfathers baring," Elrond said "I knew Thror when he ruled under the moutain,"

"Indeed," Thorin said "he made not mention of you,"

I sighed as lord Elrond and Thorin made a silent look at eachother. God I feel like Thorin is a toddler sometimes. If Suzan was here she would tell him to shut up. After that Elrond was talking in his elf langue again twlling something to the dwarves.

"what does he sayin," Golin said "does he offer us insult,"

as the dwarves are yelling in anger thinking that the elves desverve a pummle in the head.

"No master Golin he is offering you food," Gandalf said clearing the act up

I smiled trying not to laugh as the dwarves huddled up together talking then they all looked at Elrond "well in that case lead on,"

I sighed as everybody was walking towards the stairs. As Gandalf stopped me for a moment.

"Raven I would you like yo meet Lord Elrond," he said as I was right in front of him looking at him face to face. I gulped alost like a cartoon when they get nervous. Lord Elrond looked at me for awhile.

"Fire Air child," he said

"Excuse me?" I asked confused what he meant.

Gandalf paused for a moment remembering something Lord Elrond said. Like something triggered a memory. I sighed trying to wipe the tears away from my eyes still mourning for Suzan. I looked at Lord Elrond then looked down.

"I'm sorry I'm just...I can't keep myself together," I said trying not cry in front of a high Elf. It would be disrepectful.

"It seems we have lost some one," Lord Elrond asked

I looked at him with wet cheeks as I nodded then I his my face in my book crying softly. Gandalf walked towards me as he held me looking at Lord Elrond.

"we had a friend named Suzan," Gandalf said "she was taken away by the Orcs,"

"So they did both come...Fire, Earth, Air, and Water," Elrond asked

I looked at Elrond. As he made a warm smile. I made a small smile as he took his hand towards the stair leading me towards where everybody went to eat some food.

# # #

"try it," Dori said "just a mouth full,"

"I don't like green food," Ori said

Dawlin was looking at the green stuff just throwing it around thinking it was nasty "where's the meat?" he asked

"have they got any chips?" Ori asked

I was walking between Elrond and Gandalf as he lead us to our dinner table, there was so much beautiful music with harps and fluts. I really love Celtic music...though this is Elven music.

"Kind of you to invite us," Gandalf said "Offering us to dinner,"

"well you never are," Lord Elrond said

I smiled thinking it was funny how they are really good friends. It remined me of me and Suzan sometimes when I was invited to her birthday party and we had so much fun. I was going to sit on my seat as an female Elf pulled out my chair for me, and brought me towards the table as I said my thank you's. I was sitting next to Gandalf at the end of the table. I looked at the salade as there was greenery and stuff. I remembered that Elves are getle folk and never eat animals because they were one with nature and are living things with blood like humans and elves. I looked and saw that one of the Dwarves Oin plugged his hearing thing not listening to the beautiful elven music. I sighed shaking my head. I turned my head to Lord Elrond as he was looking at Thorins Sowrd that Suzan and the rest found in the troll cave.

"this is Orcist," Lord Elrond said "The Goblin clever, a famous blade, forged by the hight elves of the king may it serve you well,"

Then Lord Elrond took a look of Gandalf's sword "and this," he said looking at the blade "is Glam Drang, The foe hammer, sword from the king of Gondolin," as he have back Gandalf his sword.

Lord Elrond looked me noicting I had a sword. I did not notice when I looked at my sword then at him "would you like to see it my lord?" I asked

"if that is alright?" Elrond said

I nodded at I gave him my sword and let him look at the blade. He had a long look for awhile and it looked like he did not regonize the sword.

"it seems you have the sword of a Goddess," Elrond said

"really?" I asked softly

"This sword is the power of Fire and air," Elrond said "the power of a dragons breath and it's flight," he kept going "this sword was forged from a gold dragon as he gave it to a goddess as a gift...and I believe you mother was a goddess,"

I paused not knowing about this. Gandalf looked at me as Thorin did as well. I shrugged not understanding this.

"I believe you are mistaken my Lord," I said "I am only related to mortals and..." I sighed then took my sword "My friend has the same sword as me but it's blue..."

"then it was made from the powers of Earth and water," Elrond said "she was also maybe related to a goddess, the power of her sword was made by a sea sperpent...he also gave to a goddess as a gift,"

I sighed looking at my sword. Okay I'm living in a lie and now I am a daughter to a goddess?

"how did you come by these?" Elrond asked

"we found them ina troll hole on the great east road," Gandalf said "shortly after we were ambushed by Orcs,"

After that I got up from my seat leaving the book and my sword behind running away wanting to be alone covering my face. Everybody watched me leave running. I finally stopped holding on to a piller holding it looking at the sunset. I slowly slid down from it and cried softly. Then Bilbo came out looking for me as he saw a small figure curled up crying. Bilbo walked towards me as I was crying softly hiding my face onto the piller. Bilbo took his hand and set it on my shoulder. I looked at him as he made a worried brow on his face. He sat next to me letting me lean against him softly as he hugged me softly. I closed my eye's sniffling softly as Bilbo felt like he was going to cry himself feeling bad for me. He thought Suzan was a nice person as well. And it was the most horrible thing that she was taken away from me. I looked at Bilbo who looked at me, he looked at me. I leaned towards him as I kissed him...Bilbo thought this was...akward but...he did have feelings...but he kissed me back anyway as he wrapped his arms around me. We parted our lips as I hugged him clsoing my eyes.

"please," I whispered huskliy praictally begging "Bilbo...please stay with me...please,"

Bilbo kissed my fore head and hugged me close "I promise," he said softly.

Not far away was some of the dwarves smiling as Bofure and Kili did a fist bump watching us cuddle holding eachother.

"do you think it will last?" Kili asked

"yeah," said Bofur smoking his pipe "with those two love will be more easier for them to work together."

"ah you lads are nuts," Dawlin said walking away

some of the dwarves still watched as me and Bilbo stay with eachother for a long time. Bofur sighed as he walked away feeling bummed about something as Fili looked at Bofur then at us then at Bofur.

"you liked Raven did you?" he asked

Bofur stopped in his tracks then looked at Fili with a smile "she's got somebody who will watch over her...Raven is more like my comrade then a spouse to me," Bofur said "and if she is happy...then I am happy,"

# # #

When me and Bilbo talked for hours as we started to get know eachother more...when I told him I love to write stories he told me he wanted to read them someday but I told him that I was a work in progress writer. He did not care he thinks they would be nice anyway. He told me he tries to write stories as well too. I smiled thinking that me and him saying we want to write stories was adorable. I felt him curl my hair with his fingers softly. I listned to his heart beat as it beated softly...a gentle heart he has. I moaned softly cuddling towards him. Bilbo blushed as he held me closer. I looked a that sky as the cresent moon was blocked by some clouds. I looked at him.

"we should find the others," I said "Lord Elrond might read that map that leads to the moutain."

Bilbo looked then let me go as I got up as I streched. Bilbo sat up as well. I walked towards where I heard Gandalf talking to Lord Elrond some where. I Then saw him looking at Thorin.

"This map is sacred to my people," Thorin growled

"Save me from the stubborns of Dwarves," Gandalf said "your pride will be your Down fall. You stand here of the prenses the few in Middle earth who can read that Map...Show it! to Lord Elrond,"

Lord Elrond looked at Thorin waiting for him to hand something. Thorinmade a scowl as he took the map out when Balin tried to stop him but Thorin just cutted him off and gave the map to Lord Elrond. As he did Lord Elrond opened the map and looked at Thorin.

"Erebor?!," Lord Elrond said "What is your intrest in this map?"

Thorin was about to speak out but Gandalf spoke up "It's mainly acidemic," he said as Thorin paused looking at Gandalf "as you know this suite of articfact sometimes contain hidden texts,"

Lord Elrond walked away as he was in the moonlight and looking at the map. Thorin did relize that in order for them to get the idea of the map...there has to be some stalling and a guile plan.

"you still read acient dwarf do you not?" Gandalf asked

As Lord Elrond looked at it a little more he finally said "~Kearth ethrel~"

"Moon rewinds?" I asked

Gandalf looked at me "that's acient text made by the dwarves,"

"in that case it's true," Lord Elrond said "Moon rewinds can only be read by the moon of the same light and same shape on the day which they were written,"

"Can you read them?" Thorin asked

# # #

We walked towards a pedalstal where multiple waterfalls was surrounding us seeing a sceaneray. It was beautiful. I was amazed seeing the colors of blue and sliver shine down aupon us. I was star strucked.

"these rewinds were written on a mids summers eve, by the light of a cresent moon nearly 200 years ago," Lord Elrond said laying out the map onto a crystal table "it seems you were meant to come to Rivindell, fate is with you Thorin Oaken sheild. The same moon shines aupon us tonight,"

We all looked up seeing that the clouds were moving away from the moon as it shined down apon us as the beams shined onto the crystal table. Me and Bilbo took a closer look as we saw that the table was glowing...and blue rewinds started to appear in fron of Lord Elrond.

"Stand by the gray stone when the trush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durins day will shine aupon the key hole,"

"Durins day?" Bilbo asked

"it is the start of the dwarves new year," Gandalf answered "when the last moon of autum and the frist sun of winter appered in the sky together,"

"This is old news," Thorin said "Summers passing Durins day will soon be aupon us,"

"we still have time," Balin said

"time for what?" Bilbo asked

"to find the entrance," Balin anwsered "we have to be standing at excatly the right spot and excaliy the right time then...the door can be open,"

"so this is your purpose," Lord Elrond said "to enter the Moutain,"

"what of it," Thorin said

"there are some who do not dem it wise," Elrond said handing the map to Thorin as he grabbed it away from Elrond.

"What do you mean?" Gandalf asked

"you are not the only gaurdians to watch over middle earth," Elrond said walking away.

I looked at Gandalf "does he mean...Smaug?" I asked

Gandalf looked at me "no...he means the other creatures that will not let us pass to get to the moutain,"

I sighed moving my hair away from my face. I looked up at the moon...oh Goddess I hope you are watching over Suzan.

# # #


The Orcs Finally got to their headquaters while the second in command grabbed me while I was still unconsies. They walked up some stairs and coautsly looking at their leader who was looking in the horizon and his Warg sitting on a flat rock like it was it's own seat (which it was) growling at the two Orcs.

"Master...we finally bring the girl to you," he said carefully about to set me on the ground.

"set her against my Warg," he said

The second in comand paused looking at the Warg who stopped growling and made a straight face. The Orc walked towards the white Warg and carefully as the warg growled softly. The Second in command setted me softly next to the warg then walked away softly looking at his master.

"and...we lost the dwarf scum," he said

The white Warg paused looking at the second in command growling as the rest of the Wargs were growling at him as he failed his master to kill the dwarven king.

"we were ambushed Elvish flith, we were-"

"I don't want excuses," Azog said as he turned to meet his second in command walking towards him "I want the head of the dwarf king," he growled as he stroked his wargs head looking at his second in command.

"we were outnumbered...there was nothing we could do. I barely escaped with my life," he said scared while his master was coming closer towards him

"Far better you had...paid with it," Azog said stroking his head while his second in command knew his fate was sealed...he was going to die.

As Azog grabbed his second in commands throat with his weapon arm then threw him away towards the other wargs for them to feast on him, the other Orc was freaked standing there surrounded not knowing what might happen to him. Azog turned at me seeing I was still not awake

"leave me," he said as the rest of the Orcs left and the Wargs stayed behind. Azog walked towards me as he bended down and looked at my face. I moaned softly trying to wake up, Azog softly took his whole hand to feel my face...he never knew a human would be the moon and the sun mixed together. I groaned forcing my eye's to open and fluttering, I smacked my hand on my forehead softly as my eye vision was blurry looking straight at a figure who was looking at me, I was trying to get up but a hand stopped me softly from getting up as the figure softly pushed me aganist something soft and furry, I moaned again trying to froce my eye's to look. As I did I saw a white figure then I saw...I gasped and screamed seeing a huge Orc looking at me as I was screaming, the Orc covered my mouth shushing me, I stopped screaming looking at him as he moved his hand away from my mouth, then I turned to see a White Warg next to me sniffing me and then licked my cheek, I wiped the sliva away from cheek and then looked at the Orc, he gave me an evil smile as I was trying to find a way to escape moving my eye puplis looking back and forth but my paths were blocked.

"we finally meet at last," he said in english

"what...who are you," I asked

he looked at me standing up showing his cut arm which is replaced by a weapon that could easliy maybe stab my stomach.

"you may know that they told you how Thorin did this to me," he said

I stared horrified that it was Azog the one who wanted to wipe the line of Durin, I got up pushing him away running to an exit but a warg got in my way. I screamed then looked to see I am surrounded. Azog used his right hand to try to hold my waist but I turned away from him pushing him away. Azog chuckled deeply I turned to get away but a Warg growled at me to back away, as I did Azog grabbed me again using his weapon to hold me against him and his right hand onto my waist again. I looked at Azog as he gave me an evil smile showing his teeth, as he slid his right hand towards my rear slowly trying to tempt me. No No, this will not happen. I was pushing him away from me but he was strong, I dropped to the ground rolling away then I got up brining my sword I found in the troll cave. It was glowing an sliver white. Azog laughed as I yelled and was ready to strike him but he blocked the blow with his left weapon arm. He then threw it to the side as it slid to the edge then it was tipping ready to fall. I gasped ready to go after it but a Warg went in front of me and it tipped the sword as it fell. Azog grabbed me again he then pulled me against an embrace then he smelled my hair softly taking in every sceant. I was angry I don't want to be a tool for a Orc.

"let me go," I growled

Azog looked down at me as he gently stroked my face with his thumb, he smiled "and here I just begun the fun," he growled

"I don't want your fun," I sneered

"pity," he said as he dipped me fast as my hair was almost touching the ground skimming it "because I have more fun stored," he said whispering in my ear, then I felt lips onto my neck, I gasped and then I felt his tongue tate my neck I psuhed him but I fell onto the ground hurting my back and spine. Azog laughed then he was on top of me, I screamed then kneed him between the legs that it caused him to cry in pain and get off of me. I stood up breathign fast, my heart was beating real quick. Azog looked at me breathing hard then he made the evil smile again, I stood up fully and stood against a rock. Then I went to my knee;s a cried. I wish Raven was here...I wish Thorin was here protecting me with the rest of the dwarves...I want them back. I looked at Azog who bended down and wiped the tears away from my face. he pulled me into a hug and stroked my head.

"do not cry," he said "for shall I will bring happniess to our life,"

"you mean yours," I growled

Azog sighed then he kissed my forehead "I shall give you gift," he said as he got up and walked towards hi Warg and stroked it's head "what desires you the most?"

"to be with my friends," I said

"and the girl," Azog said "she was called Raven will she deafet the dragon?" he asked

"she will tame him," I said "Raven is the smartest dragon whisperer I know,"

"ah well the Dwarf king Thorin important to you too?" Azog asked

" none of you concerned," I sneered

"so you have two people that are important to you...which one should I kill," he said looking at me.

"what...that is not a gift...that's a death sentance," I cried

Azog laughed "well it's worth a try," he said "maybe I should kill both of ease your worrying about them."

I glared at him "You woundlt dare," I sneered

he smiled as the Orcs came out on their Wargs. I turned at them then at Azog.

"send out word." Azog yelled "there is a price on their heads,"

as I saw the Orcs ride away and Azog jumped onto his Warg and looked at me who took his hand for me to climb on. I took his hand and climbed aboard.

"if I am going with you I want my Sword you got it," I growled

Azog chuckled "of coures my dear," he said and took off to grab my sowrd. As he did he grabbed my sword and gave it to me as I putted it onto my sheath "and don't try anything funny...I have my own weapon myself," he said showing his left arm. I nodded then looked straight ahead. I going with him to save my friends and to warm them not to entertain the defiler.