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Matthew's POV

I open my eyes and it is pitch black. A light sound of snoring starts across the room and my heart leaps up to my throat. Where am I? As my mind starts to wake up, I remember that I am in a private school and my roommate is none other than the prankster Gilbert Beilschmidt. It was supposed to be my brother, Alfred, but he switched with Gilbert to be with his own boyfriend, Arthur. My eyelids grow heavy and I fall back into the gently embrace of slumber.

"Hey wake up." A gruff and gravelly voice cuts through the silence. I open one violet eye slowly; a pair of rebellious bright red eyes stares down at me. I let out a shocked yelp and a crooked smile flashes across his pale face. He barks out a short laugh.

"Kesese! Good, you're finally up!" He disappears from my line of vision. I sit up and grab my glasses and pet the sleeping bear next to me.

"What time is it?"

"Six." I groan.

"Why so early?" Gilbert shrugs.

"I'm used to getting up this early. My little bruder is obsessed with a strict time schedule and it just kinda grew on the awesome me. Anyways, I'm going to be taking an awesome shower. Do you need to use the bathroom?" I shake my head, "Awesome." He opens the bathroom's door and leaves me alone. The shower starts and I can hear Gilbert singing, he sings loudly and off pitch. I roll my eyes; he's singing about how awesome he is. He is so full of it.

Gilbert's POV

This school is so unawesome! I lean back into my chair and prop my feet on my desk. Ludwig gives me a disgusted look.

"Why do you never try in school? You're so lazy and unorganized." My eyes snap over to him and smirk.

"And you have a stick shoved up your ass." My little bruder's I've blue eyes arrow at me before he returns to his book about military strategies. How boring. I stifle a yawn and start to make a paper airplane. I finish it in record time because I am just that awesome. I launch it into the air and it circles lazily around the room before it loses altitude and crashes into Matthew. He lets out a soft yelp and looks around.

I make another airplane and write a note down on its wing. This is boring! Worse than boring! It's UNAWESOME! I throw it to Matthew and it hits him in the head again. He picks it up, reads it then stares at me with a slightly irritated look; I stare back with a blank look. He shakes his head and goes back to his work. I start to make another airplane but Ludwig slams his hand down on my notebook.

"Stop wasting paper." I raise my hands in the air.

"Settle down. Mein Gott, you're so unawesome. Why do you always have to ruin my fun?"Ludwig growls out with a glare.

"Because you annoy me." A lump rises in my throat. Ludwig and I always seem to fight now days. I remember when we were growing up; I was the one to raise him. It was tough, but I didn't want him to go through what I did. I tried my best to support him. But I was just a kid myself.

"Ludwig." He hands me his book.

"Read this," I take it and look at him strangely. He continues, "It has important points that you should know."

"When was there a day that you ever just relaxed?" He answers curtly.

"Never. Now read." I sigh and set the down the book.

"Don't you miss when we were young? When it was just the two of us and the freedom to do what we want without getting in trouble from adults?" He runs his hand over his slicked back blonde hair.

"Oh yes, the starving and wondering if we were going to have a warm place to sleep. You know what I miss the most? The giant rats, fleas and ticks. Those were a blast." I frown.

"Is that all you remember? Come on, we had some awesome memories." Ludwig scowls at me.

"No we didn't. We were homeless and we were living with a gang of kids and you were never there! You were probably somewhere playing games knowing you!" So that's what he thinks? That I was always goofing off? He continues.

"And when you did come back you were always injured! What? Were you having too much fun playing with the birds?" I snap.

"I was always hurt because I was in a fight club so I could get money! Before I was either being pulverized or pulverizing some other some other starving and homeless kid I was on the streets selling drugs! Do you really think I was just goofing off?! I had barely any options and even though every damn day I was being jumped by gangs, I made sure to put on a fucking smile when I say you because I didn't want you to fucking worry! I was trying to be a good brother for you, but apparently that all that I did for you means fucking nothing!" I stand up and storm out of study hall. I feel a hand try to pull me back but I ignore it.

Author's Note :D

Hey! How are you guys? I would've uploaded a story sooner buuuut I've been lazy . and I was trying to write other stories but they didn't work. This story is more fun, I am hoping that this one won't end as tragically as the one before I hope you guys enjoy this story haha, I shall go now~