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Matthew's POV

*During the football match*

There is a knock at the front door, lowering the television's volume; I get up to answer the door. My geometry partner stands in front of me. He is my height and extremely lanky, he stares at me with his dead hazel eyes.

"Did you get the homework done?" He voice is sickly and it wavers at the end of his question. I never did like him, he always seems to stare at me and he is always either high or drunk. I've never seen him sober. He has a peculiar smell about him; Alfred says he smells like a fat man having sex with an onion inside of a dumpster. He always wears the same clothes and his long brown hair hangs in greasy strands around his skinny face.

"Yeah. . . I just got it done." A thin smile flickers slowly across his face and he peers at me from his hair.

"Can I barrow it?" I start to feel uncomfortable.

"Umm, I have somewhere to go. I'm sorry." I go to close the door when he wedges his foot in and stops the door. His hand rests on the doorway and he leans forward until his face is pressed up against the doorway. I can smell his rotted breath and his tongue darts over his yellowed and crooked teeth.

"Please let me in. I just want the homework. . . I won't hurt you." His coarse voice whispers darkly. I shake my head.

"I-I'm sorry, but I r-really c-can't." I stare in horror as his long and slender fingers snake around the door and its frame.

"You just have to make things difficult." He glares at me and I feel my heart sink down into my stomach. He pries the door open and I fall to the ground. He steps into my dorm and leers at me. I scramble to my feet and run to my bedroom. I lock my door and slide down. I hear him chuckle on the other side of the door.

"Do you really think you can hide there?" I see the doorknob juggle and I hear a violent crash as he kicks my door.

"You little bastard." He continues to kick the door. I let out a soft yelp and I run into my closet, I really hope Gilbert and Alfred come home soon. I curl up in the corner of my closet and I squeeze my eyes shut. There is a loud crack from my room.

"You can't hide from me." Footsteps shuffle around. I cup my hand to my mouth and feel tears fall down.

"You're not under the bed. . ." The footsteps grow louder and I let out a muffled yelp.

"You're not under the desk either." Oh God, please make him go away. There is silence save for the pounding of my heart. I breathe a sigh of relief until the closet door flies open. He stares at me and a grin appears, his hoarse voice gloats in triumph.

"Found you." His words chill my blood and he reaches down and grabs my hair. He drags me out of the closet. I shout out and try to squirm out of his hold. Panic starts to grip me and he continues to drag me into the living room.

"P-please! Don't hurt me!" He lets go of me and gives me a disgusted look.

"Don't hurt you? DON'T HURT YOU?! You pathetic little bitch!" I shrink against the floor and he starts to laugh manically. He crouches down next to me.

"Do you have any idea how much I despise you? How much I hate you? Do you? Hmm? DO YOU?!" I quickly shake my head. He grabs me by the collar and violently shakes me. Tears fall down my face. The door opens, both of us look over to see Gilbert and Alfred standing in the doorway. Alfred drops his soda.

"What the fuck?!" They dash into the living room. Alfred tackles him to the ground.

Gilbert's POV

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" Alfred starts to punch the kid's face. He keeps screaming at the kid who is only laughing even though his face is now covered in blood. I rush over to Matthew and pick him up; he clings to me and sobs. I lead him out of the room and into the hallway. People start to appear around the dorm from the ruckus that is going on. I continue up towards to the rooftop. where we will be left alone. I try to set him down when we arrive, but his fingers dig into my back and he whimpers out.

"No, please."

"It's okay Birdie. It's just the two of us. You're safe." He looks up from my tear soaked shoulder and quickly glances around. After deeming the area safe, he climbs off of me but stays close to my side. I sit down and he leans his head against my shoulder, sniffling quietly to himself. I pet his soft golden locks.

"Don't be scared. It's all over." He raises his liquid violet eyes to me and he sputters.

"I-it was s-so s-scary!" I gather him into a hug and hold him tightly to me. Sobs rack through his slender frame. I rub his back and hum softly.

"I know it was. He won't go near you ever again, I promise." Anger starts to boil up in me; I can't believe someone would do this to Birdie. What a fucking unawesome little shit. I hope Alfred beat the living shit out of him. After a while Matthew calms down, he looks up and gives me a shy smile.

"Thank you Gilbert." I ask softly.

"For what?" A small blush slowly spreads across his face and he looks down at his shoes. He mumbles out quietly.

"For being here for me and you haven't mistaken me for my brother and you talk to me. Not many people do. . . "

"Matthew, I would never mistake you for Alfred! Thee awesome me has never mistake n you for him and I never will. Of course I'll talk to you! Why wouldn't I? You're pretty awesome." Not to mention I love you. I hold the last part back. He looks at me and spits out.

"I-I love you so much! Thank you so much for saving me." Matthew's eyes widen as he covers his mouth with both of his hands and he starts to turn a deep shade of red. I stare at him in shock, my heart skipping a beat. He lets out a squeak.

"I-I'm so s-sorry G-Gilbert! It j-just k-kinda spilled out." I crash my lips to his soft lips and he is slightly taken a back from surprise. The kiss is soft and pure. His lips are silky as I run my tongue along them, asking for entrance, which is granted. His hands twine around my hair and I let out a soft groan. I pull back, our foreheads touching. Staring into his soft and velvety dark purple eyes, I confidently confess my own feelings for him.

"I love you too." He smiles and reaches for another kiss.


Author's Note

So it has come to an end. I really did enjoy this story and I really hope that you guys enjoyed reading this story! :) I think I'm forgetting something . . . Ah yes. That dude is just some random douche canoe, not a country or anything. He had no particular reason to hate Matthew, he was just bat shit crazy. I will start taking requests for stories, just tell me who you want in the story just private message me or whatever :) Until then~ fairwinds my dear readers! Thank you for reading this story, it means so much to me!