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Jane was cold, alone, naked and unbelievably nervous. She could hear her heart in her ears, and she was convinced this is how she would die: of complete and utter embarrassment. And pantless.

She could hear everyone at the station talking about her demise. There wouldn't be a candlelit vigil; they would put slacks and handcuffs all over her desk in remembrance. And all kidding aside, Jane now really believed her mother would be the death of her. Through and through.

"Jane!" Angela yelled. "Jane are you here?"

Jane shifted on the bed, hoisting her hips, she dug her heels into the cover of the bed in a desperate attempt push them down in an attempt to cover herself. Because if Jane Rizzoli is going to die, it isn't going to be box out with her mother walking into the room.

Footsteps. Coming up the stairs. 'This is it. Prepare to meet your maker.' Jane squeezed her eyes shut, and in one last attempt tried to scoot herself under the covers, but only achieved getting one leg under. 'You tried. That counts for something.'

But then Jane heard it. The sweet sound of salvation. The front door opened, but then just as quickly as it came, Jane's wind was immediately taken out of her sails. "MA!" Frankie yelled. At least the footsteps had stopped

'FUCKIN' FRANKIE!' Jane grit her teeth. Of course her ALL of her family would be here to witness this. 'Let's just get Pop and that bimbo Lydia, and Tommy and TJ and just make reunion while we're at it.' Jane thought as she pulled against the cuffs above her head. 'Never again.'

Then she heard the front door open again and a sweet voice. An angel that held the keys to her freedom.

Jane couldn't make out much of the conversation, but whatever Maura had said worked, and both her mother and brother were quickly out the door. Once it shut, there were bounding, frantic footsteps coming up the stairs until before she knew it, Maura was swinging the door open to the bedroom, nearly tripping over bass, jumping onto the bed and straddling Jane while she fished in the small wristlet purse to find the keys. Once the left cuff was free, Jane stiffly brought her arms down and rested them in Maura's thighs. A look of concern threaded through Maura's brow. "Are you ok? Is anything numb? Can you feel when I press down on your fingertips?"

Jane allowed her to do the exam, knowing it would put the blondes mind at ease. All the while Jane smirked and nodded through the doctors questions. When Maura flipped her hands over, Jane caught the loose cuff in her right hand and swiftly sat up, wrapping her left arm around Maura's waist, holding her tightly, while she locked the cuff around Maura's left wrist, connecting them.

"Jan-!" was quickly silenced with a hard kiss. Maura pulled away first, taken aback, and breathless. "What is this?" she questioned raising an eyebrow and their connected hands in front of Jane's face. Jane smiled, and cocked her head slightly. "Payback." and took the blondes lips again.

Tongues and lips and teeth collided as Jane's left hand ran roughly up Maura's thigh until she found the hem of her skirt, and bucking her hips slightly, pulled up on the garment so that it bunched low on Maura's waist, inciting a sharp intake of air and a moan from the woman on her lap.

Jane smiled into their kiss, and intertwined their cuffed hands together. She wrapped their arms around Maura so that the her own wrist was firmly placed into the small of her back, and then painstakingly and meticulously begins to run her fingers across the fabric of Maura's underwear. Pulling away from their kiss, Maura ghosted her lips from Jane's nose back down to her lips and let out a breathy "Tease." And Jane can only hum in response and her fingers dipped under the fabric and into Maura. Her fingers run the length of her, circling her most sensitive area, and causing the smaller woman to arch her back and grind herself into her hand. And damn right she is being a tease because Jane can do this all fucking day and Maura can wait, just like she made her wait. So Jane keeps her movement slow and steady, despite the increasing speed of Maura's hips which are most certainly requesting more. But Jane waits, and gradually slows down her hand, then stops completely. A whimper escapes and they are so close that Jane can almost breathe in Maura's disappointment. And that can't be happening, because Jane has her hot girlfriend straddling her lap, and even though Jane thought she could hold out, all she really wants to feel is Maura come completely undone.

So quickly and probably a little unanticipated, Jane bucks her hips, lifting Maura and slides her fingers inside of her. Jane can tell the move surprises her in the best kind of way and smiles as she presses her wrist firmly in the small of her back holding her tight against her, and allowing Maura to set the pace as she bounces and grinds against her hand. Jane pushes her wrist up slightly as far as her fingers will go. She can tell Maura is close, and she begins to match the rhythm she has set for herself, thrust for thrust, their breath short and ragged, and mingling with each others until she feels the smaller woman's body clench and tighten around her, then loosen as Maura's head falls to her shoulder and her hips begin to slow.

Jane can feel against her neck the smile spreading across Maura's face, and the chuckle that follows. "What's so funny?" Maura brings their hands from behind her and settles them down in between their laps.

"I don't have the key." Maura laughs.

Jane rolls her eyes. "Oh, ha ha."

"No, really." Maura sits up looking Jane directly in the eye, and brings her free and their shackled hands up, showing her open, empty palms. "I must have dropped it."

Jane closes her eyes, and somewhere out there, the cosmic joke that is their night carries on, but she can't help to let a breathy laugh escape her. "Well shit."