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John walks up the stairs, lagging his feet behind him. His stomach twist and churns as he thinks. He has not an idea of what to say. Alexandra was innocent and had no idea of them things. She was small and fragile about everything. As he reaches the top step, a deep breath runs through his limp body. John can hear Cynthia making baby gurgles at Julian in the master bedroom, but like always, Alexandra's bedroom was quiet.

John eyes his twitching hand as he's about to knock; clench, unclench, clench. His knuckles go a snow white, back to a fleshy skin color. His sharp took nags at a piece of his lip. Confrontion...he hated that. John forces himself to knock but the first time passes weakly making hardly any nose. He, himself, could just about hear it. With a clammy forehead, John straightens himself and he knocks with a force.


I sit on my pushy like bed, fiddling with the ball on top of the nicely knitted hat. My calm stomach become a cage of wild butterflies traveling through me like I was a bundle of tree's. While it hurts, the feeling tickles me and I can only help but to kick my legs in excitement. I try not to giggle and keep my calm because a small knock, almost pathetic sound breaks at my door. I swallow harshly and keep my ear open.

It could have been the baby knocking at something but I'm wrong as a much more forceful knock comes over my room.

"Come in?" I question, eyeing my white wooden door. The doorknob goes in a three-sixty and John slowly walks in. I frown because his profile is that of a ghost or if he has seen a ghost. "You alright?" I can his adams apple swallow harshly against his throat. He eyes my hat as he makes me nervous. "John, are you alright?" I repeat, as he sits on my bed. He nods.

"We need to talk about something," he says, sweat dripping from his temple. I go into my draw to get a cloth but he wraps his long fingers around my wrist tightly, My eyes widen as a zap of worry rushes over my body. "You're not in trouble and I'm fine." What has gotten into him? I snatch back my wrist and rub the soreness gently away. "I don't like talking about these things anymore than you do, alright? But Paul, he's nagging me like Cynthia does." I frown because Cynthia doesn't nag him. Mrs. McKay does, my School Principle, on a weekly basis.

When he's home, he'll drive me to school but he always runs over the curb. My first day, we almost hit the nurse. That'd be bad because she's the only nurse and if we hit her, who will help her? Like always, he laughs, and drives away. The school buses get quite angry.

"But Cynthia doesn't nag you," I correct, sweetly. Then my face lights up. "Paul does, though. Many times!" He pops a smirk and nods.

"And that blasted Principle of yours!" I nod, agreeing.

"I was just thinking of that," I mention. We stare at each other. "What did you have to tell me?" I blink my lids and smile. He then frowns.

"PAUL!" He yells quickly, getting up. I bat my eyes in confusion as he rushes up and leaves me.

"Huh?" Cynthia pops her head and eye smiles.


George sits on the couch munching on something crunchy as he selectively listens to what John is talking about and Ringo bites at his finger. Paul nods a bit cocky.

"She was looking at me with them eyes!" John cries, nervously, rubbing his arms. He looks at the cloudy ash tray filled with half smoked cigarettes. "She was blinking like a cute little deer and smile, giggling!" He whines. "Paul, stop nodding your head and George, your chewing like a starving cow!" Paul freezes with a smoke hanging from his bottom lid, eyes drooping more and George frowns angrily, tossing the bad of crisps to the coffee table. Then he glares at Ringo. Ringo looks up at him blankly and sighs. "I have an issue!" John rolls his eyes as once again, little clicks of heels appear.

"You alright, John?" Cynthia asks, Julian still giggling. Paul smiles, waving her away.

"We got it, Cyn!" Then Cynthia disappears back into the room.

John sighs of relief.

"Just because you have issues, John, doesn't mean I have to listen," says George, going back for the crisps. John glares at him.

"George, who bought those?" He points to the half empty bag. George freezes, looks him in the eyes before sadly putting them down again. He leans back, crossing his arms and legs. John smirks. "As I was saying, she had them cute little eyes and that smile. She's not fifteen, I swear!" Ringo smiles. "I don't like that Kevin!" Then, Ringo frowns.

"He gave her a knitted hat!" He protests.

"Right!" John smiles. "But, have you ever given a girl a gift just to give her a gift?" Ringo rolls his eyes, nodding.

"Yes," he says. John freezes, and looks at George.

"I gave a girl a pair of gloves once," George says, happily. "But that's because I thought she was pretty and I liked her."

"I should of kicked you out when I had a chance!" John says, half-joking. He turns to Paul. "Have you ever given a gift to a girl just to give her a gift?"

"Of course!" Paul snorts. "Have you?"

"You're right, I gave Cynthia multiple things," he agree's.

"Want me to talk to her?" Paul asks, again. John grumbles.

"No fucking shit, Sherlock." Paul smirks with glee, as he smoothly pushes past the furniture.