Draco released Potter as soon as they landed, glancing around furtively for anyone who might catch them together, their faces flushed with desire and the fabric of their slacks rising aggressively. Harry, he corrected himself. Not Potter. It was time to do away with surnames.

"What now?" he asked urgently, trying to think of a safe, private place where they could go.

"Gryffindor house," Harry blurted out, and Draco thought he must be out of his mind.

"How will I get in there?" he demanded, his eyes fixated on Harry's lips. He couldn't stand it, they had to figure something out.

"Invisibility cloak," Harry grabbed his hand and ran, as desperate for release as Draco.

They darted into the school, dropping their mutual grip at the sound of approaching classmates. They ducked down a side corridor to avoid having to make small talk, then ascended the multiple flights of stairs to the red and gold tower. Draco tapped his foot impatiently as the stairwells swung around, making their trip twice as long as it needed to be.

Finally they arrived at the Fat Lady painting. Draco stood to the side as Harry uttered the password. He leaped through the portal, leaving the Slytherin boy in silence and anguish. Draco shoved his hands deep into his pockets and leaned against the wall. If any other Gryffindors appeared, he hoped he would look disinterested and casual. He suspected he looked neither, as the vision of pressing Harry Potter's flesh swam through his mind's eye. He probably looked mad, he thought. What if Harry didn't come back? he thought. Maybe he had revealed too much and scared him off, he thought.

The Fat Lady swung open again and Harry's handsome grinning face appeared. He clambered out and held up a barely visible slip of shimmery silver.

"Invisibility cloak," he said happily, licking his lips and eyeing Draco hungrily. "Put it on."

Draco touched the silvery shimmer, his eyes widening at the lightweight satiny texture. He drew it over his head and let it drape down around him. It was disorienting, looking down and seeing no feet below him.

"Take my elbow," Harry stuck his arm out. "I can't see you, so you'll have to make sure you stick by me."

"Right," Draco grasped Harry's arm and took a step forward. Harry spoke the password again and climbed through the portal behind the painting. Draco followed, and the Fat Lady was undisturbed by his passage.

They entered the common room, where the Weasel and Granger were cuddling by the fire in a sickening display of lovey dovey woo. Fortunately they seemed to have no interest in Harry's comings and goings. Draco shot them an invisible v-sign, enjoying the opportunity to silently insult the pair of prats.

"Oh Harry," Hermione suddenly looked up. Draco's heart leapt into his throat. Had she seen him after all?

"Yeah, Hermione?" Harry's voice was thick and distracted.

"How did it go today?" The nosy bint had the nerve to pat the sofa cushion next to her as though inviting him over for a bit of a chat. Draco dug his fingers into Harry's arm, ensuring he wouldn't obey the summons.

"Fine, great," Harry nodded a little too enthusiastically. Smooth, Draco thought. "I have to run," Harry added awkwardly, then exited in a hurry with the cloaked Slytherin boy in tow. Now free of prying eyes, they made their way towards privacy.

They dashed up the stairs to the top of the tower. Harry released the locks and threw open the door, pausing until he felt the invisible swish of Draco's robe pass over the threshold. He slammed the door shut and locked it to stop any unwanted guests from barging in.

Draco pushed back the hood of the invisibility cloak, then let it drop to the floor in a shimmering heap. He brushed his hair down self-consciously and straightened his jacket. Harry smiled nervously.

"So um," he ducked his head and rubbed the back of his neck, suddenly shy. "Do you want a Butterbeer? I have a few bottles."

"Sure," Draco was also suddenly shy, overtaken by bashfulness at the sight of Harry's awkward fidgeting.

Harry crossed the room quickly and retrieved two bottles from a crate near the window. He sat on the window ledge and popped the corks, then extended one to his Slytherin guest. He nodded once at the bit of ledge next to him, inviting Draco to sit.

The blond boy hesitated only for a moment before accepting the drink and the seat. He perched on the edge of the stonework and took a long pull from his beer.

"I'm just going to-" Harry stood and hoisted his sweater over his head, tossing it onto a pile of clothing on the easy chair by the closet. It immediately became just another bit of clutter in a messy room. "Sorry, a bit scratchy," he said apologetically as he reseated himself.

"Yes well," Draco stood and shucked his black suit coat, folding it neatly and laying it along the edge of Harry's desk. He sat again, feeling a welcome few degrees cooler, but more exposed in his fitted black turtleneck.

The two boys drank in silence for a few moments, and Draco started to wonder if coming here had been a bad idea. He was inside Gryffindor House, and if things went pear shaped he'd be forced to try to sneak out without being discovered. He ought to just leave now while he could. This was a fool's fantasy anyway.

He looked up, a cheap excuse on his lips. Harry looked up just at that moment, too. For a heartbeat, gray eyes gazed into green. And then Harry's hand lifted, as though in a dream, moving in minute increments. It crossed the small space between them and slowly glided to Draco's cheek. His touch was so light, so tentative, like a whisper. Draco closed his eyes, every ounce of himself focused on that tiny bit of heat radiating from Harry's palm.

Feeling a bit more confident, Harry ran his hand through Draco's platinum hair, watching the way the fine white strands flicked through his fingers. He traced the curve of Draco's ear, gently caressing the softness of his earlobe. He cupped Draco's chin and stroked his cheek with his thumb.

Draco's hand moved on its own now, too. It rose to clasp Harry's wrist, not tentatively, but firmly and with need. He opened his eyes and gazed at Harry with desire. He pulled on his arm, drawing the other boy in. Their faces moved together, slow and unsure of how to close the distance. Their noses bumped, and Harry tilted his head ever so slightly. When their lips brushed against each other an electric thrill surged through Draco's body. He clutched reflexively at Harry's wrist, pulling him in quickly and deepening the kiss. Harry's other hand ran up Draco's arm to his shoulder as Draco snaked his free hand around to the back of Harry's head, grasping his mess of dark hair.

Harry's lips were soft and the kiss was warm, softer and warmer than Draco had imagined it would be. He parted his lips slightly and Harry took the invitation by flicking his tongue across the opening. Draco responded, licking and drawing Harry's tongue into his mouth. Their arms tangled as each tried to pull the other closer. Hands clutched and tugged at hair, arms squeezed shoulders and stroked backs. The sound of their heavy breathing filled the room as their tongues grappled and teased.

I'm kissing Harry Potter, Draco thought, his stomach fluttering.

Harry must have been entertaining similar thoughts. He released the kiss with a soft, wet pop and butted his forehead against Draco's. He was breathless, lungs heaving, cheeks flushed. He closed his eyes and pressed his head against the other boy's, hands grasping and releasing his clothes like a cat kneading its claws.

"Draco Malfoy," he whispered huskily, clenching two handfuls of Draco's shirt in his fists.

"Harry Potter," Draco replied, a gentle smirk rising to the surface. It was just marvelous.

Moving quickly, Draco's fingers flew to the buttons of Harry's shirt. He deftly slipped them free and pushed the fabric back over the brunette's shoulders, revealing well-toned arms, honed through hours of quidditch training. With a smooth follow-through, he released Harry from the shirt completely and tossed it onto the floor. An appreciative grunt escaped his throat as he took in his first look at Harry's muscled chest. His hands moving independently again, he ran his palms down from his shoulders to his rippled abs. His chest was hairless, either naturally or by choice, he wasn't sure. But it was comforting, since Draco himself came from a long line of naturally hair-free stock. He realized he was nervous about whether Harry would admire him the way he admired Harry.

Harry didn't give him time to think. He quickly dove in for another kiss, his tongue probing and searching Draco's ready mouth. He slid his hands down Draco's body and grasped his shirt on either side, untucking it from his slacks. With an impatient push he shoved the turtleneck up over Draco's head, and with a firm tug he yanked it free and tossed it over his shoulder with a roguish grin. He drew in a breath as he got his first glimpse of Draco's pale, lithe physique. Perfectly creamy skin covered lean and well-balanced muscle tone. The last year or so had been kind to Draco Malfoy, filling out his lanky angles with a mature fullness that begged to be touched and savored.

Harry slipped his arms under Draco's and drew him into a close embrace. He dipped his head and dropped a kiss into the curve of Draco's neck. He ran his tongue up to Draco's ear and buried his nose in his short blond hairs. Draco responded in kind, nuzzling Harry's messy black hair. He inhaled deeply; the scent of the other boy was maddening.

Draco couldn't take another minute of it. He stood, drawing Harry to him and plunging in for more deep kisses. He slipped his hands down and unbuckled Harry's belt, freeing the button on his slacks and pushing them down, underwear and all, all the way to the floor. Not to be outdone, Harry grasped Draco's belt before he could get a good look and shoved his slacks down, too.

Both boys stood motionless for a moment, foreheads touching, ragged breath full of need as they each gazed down at the other's engorged member. Harry's was spectacular, Draco noted possessively. His own was longer, but Harry's was thicker, and both were rigid with desire. He reached down and grasped Harry in his hand, slipping his fingers over the satiny skin. A drop glistened at the tip as Harry's eyes rolled up in his head. Feeling his confident swagger return, Draco tipped his head up and forced Harry to look him in the eye as he stroked with a firm grip. He smirked and grasped Harry's hair with his other hand, tongue playing hungrily across his lips and commanding Harry's attention. The other boy stared ravenously at his quirked mouth, following the movement of his tongue like he was mesmerized. Now totally in control, Draco tugged Harry over to the unmade bed and turned him, pushing him down to the burgundy sheets and climbing on top.

He was aching for attention by now, and Harry was quick to oblige. He reached down and grasped Draco's knob, driving a grateful moan from deep within the blond boy's throat. Their arms bumped clumsily as they stroked each other and thrust mindlessly. Harry reached up with his other hand, swept Draco's mouth down to his and sucked passionately. They both grunted and groaned, rutting against each other like animals.

Draco suddenly released Harry and pushed his hand away. He broke the kiss with a sloppy slurp and pressed his lips and tongue down Harry's throat, then his chest, then his stomach. Without pausing he drew Harry's member voraciously into his mouth and took it as far as he could. Harry cried out, his hands clutching the blankets. Draco dipped his hand under his chin and cupped and squeezed and tickled the crisp, curly brown hairs. He pushed and Harry's prostate awoke for the first time, sending waves of ecstasy straight to his brain.

Draco felt like he would explode. He reached down with his other hand and grasped himself as he sucked Harry like a starving man. He wanted to come, and knew it wouldn't be far off. But he couldn't let himself, not yet.

He released his prick and propped himself up for balance, reaching with his other hand around the base of Harry's balls. He ran the tip of his finger gently around the puckered entrance. Harry grasped the headboard of the bed, writhing in delicious agony. Draco carefully pushed his finger past the furrowed skin and plunged into the warm, moist channel beyond. Harry sucked in a breath and went rigid, startled by the unfamiliar sensation.

"Shh," Draco murmured, lifting his face from Harry's groin. Harry's eyes snapped into focus and looked down at him. The sight of Draco Malfoy crouched naked between his legs was almost more than he could take. He fought the urge to climax as Draco dipped his head down for another deep swallow.

Harry's back arched as his prostate sent a torrent of fire up through his groin and into his belly. His breath was ragged, and he cried out, unable to stop the wave of ecstasy that crashed down over him. Draco gave one last push with his hand and then slowly released, carefully withdrawing as Harry's muscles spasmed and bore down.

As the brunette lay shuddering with aftershocks, Draco crawled up the length of his body and drove his mouth into Harry's. He seized Harry's hand and squeezed it around his own knob, the need to climax almost painful by now. Harry obliged, tugging and pulling urgently as Draco rocked against him and groaned uncontrollably. He reached down and wrapped his hand around Harry's, guiding the motion and speed. It took only a moment, and then he came with a thunderous recoil. The two boys writhed against each other as the wave rolled away, and finally collapsed onto the sheets with a mutual grunt of relief.

They gasped for breath, side by side in exhaustion. Harry searched fruitlessly for his wand, and finally rolled over and scooped up an undershirt from a pile on the floor to mop up the rapidly cooling, sticky mess. Draco laid back and let Harry do the cleanup, too awash in afterglow to care about such mundane details at the moment.

Harry tossed the used shirt into the dirty hamper near the closet and rolled back over. He curled his long frame around Draco's, nestling his head into the curve between his shoulder and neck. His breath was soft on Draco's skin, and he curled his arms around Harry protectively. Their legs entwined and Draco tilted his head to nuzzle Harry's hair again. He smiled gently at the ceiling.

"That was brilliant," he murmured, body thrumming with pleasure. "Thank you."

Harry raised his head, smiling up into the other boy's eyes. He pressed a gentle kiss onto Draco's mouth, then resettled his head on his shoulder.

"Anytime," he said.