A/N: Since Donna told Rachel why she's never gone after a romance with Harvey, I decided to show why Harvey has never gone after a romance with Donna. And then I got the idea to let them get together… Hope you enjoy.

Having won a big case, Harvey and Mike were out drinking. Since it had been a hard case, Harvey was drinking more than usual. But he figured it was safe. He was with the Puppy, not Lewis or the other Partners.

Eventually he brought up a subject he'd been meaning to talk to Mike about. It seemed better to do it here, than at the office. "So, you and Rachel? You know the rules…"

"Yeah, I do. And we're just friends."

"I've seen how you look at her. And now that you've broken up with Jenny… Be careful," Harvey said.

"What about you and Donna?" Mike was drunk enough to ask.

"I just told you, there are rules."

"As if rules would stop the great Harvey Specter. Or Donna," Mike scoffed.

"You're right. It isn't because of the rules," Harvey admitted.

"Please don't tell me you haven't considered it…"

Harvey gave him The Look. "I have eyes and a pulse. Of course I've considered it."

"Then why?" Mike pressed.

"I prefer one night stands, or maybe a weekend if she's interesting. I respect Donna too much to treat her like a one night stand. She deserves better than that. And I value her far too much to through away more than a decade of friendship for a night or a weekend, not matter how great that weekend might be."

Mike nodded. He agreed that Donna wasn't a woman to be treated like a one night stand. "But one day you might want to settle down," he pointed out.

"If that day ever comes, Donna is the only one I can see it being with," Harvey admitted.

"What if she's found someone else by then?"

Harvey didn't know what to say. He didn't take Donna for granted, the authority, gifts, and perks he gave here were evidence of that. But he realized he'd taken for granted that she'd always be in his life. He didn't take her presence for granted, but he'd taken their future for granted.

"I'm done for tonight. See you Monday, Mike. And try not to be late…" Harvey said as he stood up and dropped some bills on the table.

"You didn't answer my question," Mike called after him.

The next day, once he'd recovered from his hangover, Mike's words kept echoing in Harvey's mind. 'What if she's found someone else by then?'

He knew Donna had dated guys on and off during the time they'd known each other, but none had ever seemed all that serious. He supposed that had given him a false sense of comfort. Her birthday was coming up in a few weeks. He decided he'd talk to her then. Mike was right that if Harvey and Donna wanted to be together the rules wouldn't stop them. Jessica liked them both enough that she'd look that other way – as long as they were discreet and their work didn't suffer.

On Monday morning no one was around when Harvey stopped at Donna's desk to get any messages. She handed him two. "Jessica isn't in yet," she informed him.

"Donna, let me take you out for your birthday?" he requested.

She looked at him for a moment, then smiled. "Okay," she agreed. "Want me to make the reservations?"

"It's your birthday. I will take care of the reservations. I am capable of doing that, you know," he teased.

"Hhmmm. We'll see," she teased back, still smiling.

He returned her smile before going into his office.

That afternoon he took a break and made reservations at Donna's favorite restaurant. He was pleased to see the Don Quixote would be playing. It was Donna's favorite ballet, and he reserved them a private box. Next he called a client who was on the Ballet's Board of Directors; for a donation to the Ballet, he arranged for him and Donna to go backstage after the performance and meet the dancers.

For Donna's actual present, he bought her a gift certificate for a spa he'd heard her mention to one of the other Assistants. He added a hand written note that it included a paid day off work for her to go to the spa.

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