Wait, he told his Black Guard.

Despite the fact that Dyson's evaluation of Argon City was turning out to be uneventful, despite the fact that many thought pinpointing the "Renegade" was deemed more important than it should have been, despite the fact that it was impossible to tell whether or not the "rumors" were true, CLU still told his army to wait. There was a time and a place for everything, after all, and this was not the time nor the place for invasion, especially a place as seemingly insignificant as Argon City. The mere fact alone that CLU had even bothered to send one of his highest ranking soldiers out to such a small city for merely an inspection suggested that there was definitely something more going on than just routine checkups. Not here, and not now.

The Liberator himself looked out into the horizon, basking in the glory of his empire from the safety of his ship. He heard two Black Guard enter behind him, one after the other. Without even a twitch of his head, CLU addressed them.

"You have good news for me?" he asked.

One of the Guards hesitated, before he replied, "There has been progress made, Sir."

Now, in this, CLU was definitely interested. Finally deeming them worthy to receive his eye contact, he turned around to face them with an oddly serene smile on his face.

"Anything else to tell me?" CLU asked calmly.

"Dyson has been pinpointed in one particular part of the city. He's been there for a while. We checked the surveillance on the tracking device on Dyson's Disc. There is... another Program with him. One I think you should see, Sir."

CLU decided to humor them, although, deep down, he was genuinely curious about how this little "experiment" had turned out. After all, if, for some odd reason, this plot did not work... CLU had just lost himself a valuable soldier. However, if everything went according to plan, then he would have still lost a valuable soldier... but he would have gained something worth at least ten Dysons as well.

With the only sounds being their steps along the ground and the quiet ruffle of CLU's cape, the small group made their way toward the area where Dyson was unknowingly being watched by a hawk, his every move and every location being picked up and processed by the tracking device. The Black Guard who had not spoken before sat down in front of the projection, before making some adjustments to the controls. Finally, the angle of the projection was tilted toward what CLU wanted to see: a Program, donning white, in combat with Dyson.

"They call him the 'Renegade,' Sir," the other Guard explained. "There are rumors that he is Tron, back from the dead."

"I cannot confirm or deny this," CLU stated coolly. "If the... Renegade, as you call him... responded so enthusiastically to Dyson's challenge, I want a few teams out to Argon immediately. Make sure he doesn't get away. However, it's not as hard a task as you think. After that... long and intense fight, he'll need somewhere to... relax."

All good things come to those who wait.