Hey guys, this is my first Saving Private Ryan story! Yay Now i am fully aware that women wouldn't have fought on the front lines in those days and i fully respect that people might not like the fact that I've added a girl. But if you don't like the idea of a girl being there then please don''t read. On the other hand if your fully up for reading an action packed story then proceed...

Going Left

The loud banging of gun shots rang in the air. A small group of soldiers made their way across the country terrain and landed in a bunker. The leader of the group, Commanding Captain Jake Phelps, looked at his squad and started to give out orders.

"Harrison you fan out to the right, I'll go up the middle" he said prepping his gun.

William Harrison, a Private First Class B.A.R Gunner started to load and ready his assault rifle.

"Who's going to go left?" Phelps asked, when no-one answered he looked up. "I said who's going left?"

Everyone stayed silent and bit their lips, going left in a situation like this was dangerous. You had the furthest field to cover with not a lot of chance to protect yourself. A heavy sigh came from the back of the group and everyone turned. A girl, around the age of eighteen rolled her sliver blue eyes and clicked her rifle.

"I'll go left" she said.

"Good, I'm pleased to see that you have some balls Private" Phelps nodded and looked over the top of the bunker.

Private Maila Harper Ryan busied herself with preparing for the long journey left. She shuffled her way around the rest of the men and positioned herself on Phelps's left side.

"Can we get a snipers view?" she asked Phelps who nodded.

"McDonald what can you see?" he asked the group's sniper.

Wayne McDonald gently placed his Springfield on the top of the bunker and peered through the sight.

"Three on the right side sir, one and what looks to be the Captain in the bunker. Can't see naught else" he said sitting back.

"OK then, Billy I want you to cover Ryan" Phelps ordered.

"I'm fine on my own sir" Ryan said as she glanced over at the egotistical Dylan Billy.

"Billy, cover" Phelps said again.

Dylan Billy moved over to Ryan's side and sidled up close to her.

"Looks like it's just you an me" he smiled and Ryan gave her best smile back but it came out as a grimace.

"Smoke cover on three, then move" Phelps said. "One, two three"

Five of the privates who were at the back threw a couple of smokey bombs over the group's heads and to the middle of the battle field.

"Go" Phelps said and the teams set off.

Ryan was a fast runner, she sprinted across the ground firing her gun and dodging bullets when they came close to her.

"Slow down Private!" Billy called from behind her.

"Speed up Private" she shouted sarcastically back.

They both reached a small pot hole unscathed. Ryan jumped in first and was quickly followed by Billy.

"I told you to slow down" Billy said crossly, grabbing her shoulder. Ryan pulled away and looked at him crossly. "I don't take orders from you" she said harshly.

Billy flipped his hand forward and knocked Ryan's helmet flying into the middle of the battle field.

"Hey why did you do that?" she shouted crossly as she watched her helmet roll into the firing zone.

"Go fetch" Billy said with a smug look on his face.

"Fine" Ryan said and leapt out the hole, just as she was reaching her helmet shots fired around her and she felt a sharp stinging pain hit her right shoulder.

"Fuck!" she yelled and knelt close to the floor. "Billy, cover!" she shouted but when she looked back at the hole Billy was gone.

"Billy!" she shouted looking around.

She was then hit in the middle of the chest and the abdomen, what was surly going to be a lethal hit.

Then in the distance came the sound of cheering, with a heavy sigh Ryan stood up and followed the sound. Through the smoke she saw Billy raising the other team's flag in the air, surrounded by their squad. Phelps turned and looked at the red paintball marks on her front.

"What happened to you Private?" he asked as she approached.

"I was abandoned" she said sending a cold look at Billy.

"You ran off ahead!" he said crossly

"You threw my helmet into the battlefield" Ryan shouted.
"I did not, sir that is a lie!" Billy said turning to Phelps.

"Privates, when I ask you to work together I mean it. Now I don't know what happened and I don't care but don't let it happen again" Phelps shouted at the two Privates. "Next time it could mean someone's life"

Maila looked at the ground, he was right.

"Right practise over, tomorrow we start the walk to the rallying point. Get an early night, all of you" Phelps said and the team dispersed.

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