Into the Fray Part II

'Once more into the fray.

Into the last good fight I will ever know.

Live and die on this day.

Live and die on this day'

The Grey, read by Liam Neeson

Maila lay there motionless.

She couldn't believe it had happened to her again.

The last time it had happened was when she was in the POW camp. She'd been predominantly unconscious that time round and couldn't remember much of it but this time she was fully aware of what was going on. There wasn't much she could do to stop them raping her, she squirmed and screamed and shouted as much as she could but no one was going to hear her over the sound of the guns and explosives.

Once the German who killed Mellish had used her the younger German took his go. The older one watched for a few minutes and then walked out the room.

"Get the fuck off me!" she yelled but he suppressed her screams by forcing his mouth over hers. She was finding it hard to breathe and managed to get hold of his lip between her teeth and bite down hard.

He shouted out in pain and pulled back, blood pouring from his wound. He scowled down at Maila, in those few seconds she managed to twist round and slam him to the ground. She pulled the knife out of Mellish's chest and plunged it into the German's chest.

He was immediately dead; Maila looked down at him and cried out. She pulled the knife out and threw it to the side of the room, she them dragged herself over to Mellish.

"Fish" she whispered and placed her hands on his chest, she then rested one hand on the side of his face.

She leant over him and pressed her lips to his forehead. She then gently took one of his dog tags and attached it to her growing collection around her neck. She then wiped her face and stood up; she had to place her hand against the wall to stop her falling over again. She looked down at herself and buttoned her trousers up again, she was going to do the best she could to forget about what had happened and with that thought she picked up a shotgun and made her way out the room.

As she fumbled her way down the stairs she stumbled across Upham. He was curled on the stairs with about three rounds of 30 cal around his neck, he was sobbing his little heart out but when he heard someone approaching he look up.

"Maila" he breathed out "You're alive"

She just gave him an emotionless look and stepped over him.

"Maila I'm sorry" he called after her but she ignored him. She didn't have the time for his cowardice right now.

As she pushed herself up against the wall she could see another tank rolling its way towards her. She was about to move when she heard Horvath's voice. He ran over and grabbed Upham by the shoulder.

"We need the Alamo" he said.

Not knowing what to do she followed the Sergeant and he guided the Corporal. As they ran she was aware of another voice.

"Alamo, Alamo" Reiben shouted as he joined them.

"Reiben" she called and he looked at her.

"Blimey Maila. Didn't recognize ya" he said taking her hand. "Where's Fish?"

She didn't reply but only looked at him; he gave her a solemn look back and nodded.

The Sergeant took them to some sand banks on the other side of the bridge; he grabbed hold of a bazooka and said something to the Captain. He then grabbed Reiben's shoulder and dragged him behind him.

"Sir, what shall I do Sir?" Maila shouted.

"Follow us" Horvath said.

He knelt down behind another pile of rubble and told Reiben to reload the bazooka.

"Alright go" Reiben said and he pulled Maila into his arms and used his own body to cover her. She then heard her brother's voice.

"We're blowing the bridge!" Miller shouted.

"Clear the bridge" James shouted.

"We gotta move" she yelled pulling on Horvath and Reiben's sleeves.

As they ran Maila heard someone fall, she spun around and saw Horvath on the ground.

"SIR" she yelled and went to go back but Reiben pulled her with him. They caught the Sergeant as he came closer.

"Get him to the Captain" Reiben said taking one shoulder and Maila nodded taking the other. Then managed to get him to where Miller and James were crouched behind some sand bags, James pulled his little sister into his arms and hugged her tightly.

"Sarge, Mike are you alright?" Miller called.

"I just got the wind knocked out of me, I'm fine" he said in a very quiet voice. Maila looked at James and then crawled over to Horvath.

"Let me look" she said trying the lock her eyes with his but his were out of focus. "Sarge, are you hearing me?" she asked and he slowly looked at her.

"Yeah I hear ya Maia. Loud an clear, I'm fine. Just follow the Captain" he said pushing her away.

"Get out of here, take cover we're gonna blow this bridge" Miller said and Maila moved back to the Sergeant, James came over and helped her to move him to the other side of the bridge.

Maila looked at the tank as they passed the opening of the bridge.

"Come on come on!" she said pulled them along faster.

Reiben and the Captain made there way over to join them but the tank sent out a shot and the Captain fell to the floor.

"Reiben" Maila called and he looked up at her.

"The Captain!" she yelled and Reiben turned around and ran back for the Cap.

"I've got cha" he said and brought him over to James, Maila and Horvath.

Only as he looked at Horvath he realized he was dead. Maila picked up another rifle and started to shoot any German she could see over the sand bags. She was well aware of Mike's death, it only gave her more anger that she could use against the enemy. Miller was lying next to the Sergeant and Maila kept looking back at him, she felt that she was now the one doing the protecting and she could do that if it meant using her life.

James was sitting behind them, hugging his knees. Maila understood why he was scared; she also understood why she wasn't scared. The amount of loss, sadness and pain that she'd experience over the past couple months had been enough to toughen her up to this. James on the other hand had had a much softer version of war to what she had. Miller than started to crawl away.

"Captain, where are you going? Get back here!" Reiben shouted.

Maila and Reiben watched as he slowly got to his feat and started to stumble towards the broken rabbit. He was quickly shot in the left side of the chest, he fell to the floor.

"John!" Maila shouted. She'd never called the Captain by his first name before but she hoped that the shock factor may make him see sense and come back. "John get your ass here right now!" she shouted.

He pulled himself up and leant against the rabbit, looking at the tank as it rolled over the bridge coming ever closer. They watched as he brought out his pistol and started to fire single shots at the tank, tears started to fall from Maila's eyes. The Germans were getting closer, the tank was also getting closer and it seemed as if the end of her life was coming closer.

Then making them all jump the tank exploded into a million pieces. Overhead a tank buster swerved one of the buildings and disappeared. Two more busters followed letting out some explosives on the town.

Reiben was quick to get up and run over to the Captain, Maila then followed. He'd already looked at Miller wound and turned to Maila, his hand was covered in blood. She looked from his hand to his face and then to the Captain.

"Cap?" she whispered. He looked at her and smiled.

"It's alright Maila" he whispered back.

Reiben reached into his pack and brought out some bandages, he pulled the Captain's jacket back and pressed them to the bullet holes.

"Medic!" Maila called but her voice was all choked and quiet. "Medic" she tried calling again.

"Hang in there Captain" Reiben whispered softly.

Then from behind them reinforcements appeared, they ran over the bridge and started to check the town for survivors. Maila felt a hand brush her shoulder and James walked past, joining her and Reiben. Maila could sense Reiben's panic. The tears that had appeared before were now slowly falling.

"MEDIC!" Reiben shouted standing.

"MEDIC, WE GOT A MEDIC!" Reiben said running off to mind a medic. Maila and James moved closer to the Captain. Maila leant forward and kissed his forehead, Miler smiled and took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

"You have been one of the best soldiers I've ever met" he whispered and that only made her tears fall faster. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it softly. Maila smiled and then pressed his hand against her face.

"You've been like a father to me" Maila cried.

"If I'd had kids I would have wanted a daughter like you" he smiled and then looked at James.

Maila took in a deep breath and stood. "I'll give you two some privacy" she said and walked to the middle of the bridge.

She was there crying on her own for long, she felt hands on her shoulders and she looked up. Reiben smiled weakly down at her, she sighed and wrapped her arms around his middle. He put his arms around her shoulders. She then started to cry into his chest loudly, all the events that had just happened were now drowning her.

Mellish's death.

A second rape.

Horvath's death.

Miller's death.

But the thing that hit her the hardest was Jackson's death. She turned her head and looked over at where the tower was once stood. All there was now was a pile of rubble. She looked up at Reiben and he looked softly down at her. Gently he pressed his lips to hers.

"They're tank busters' sir, P-51s" James said to Miller.

"Angles on our shoulders" Miller said.

They both looked at each other, Miller whispered something and James frowned. "What sir?"

Miller brought his hand up to James' shoulder and pulled him closer.

"James, earn this" he said with a smile.

James pulled back.

"Earn it" Miller said looking directly at him. "Look after your


With tears in his eyes James looked at Maila and Reiben, they were tight in each others embrace.

"I think Reiben had that covered sir" James said but as he looked back at the Captain he realized that Miller had quietly passed on.

So this is the end of the film. I'm definatly writing a sequal to this, its going to be called Love Worth Fighting For. Thank you so much to everyone who has read this. A special thanks to BloodMoonWanes for reviewing.

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