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Spirited Away...
Chapter One
Part One Of, The Memories, The Sadness, And The Love...

Haku...I wonder if granny let him go? Does he miss me? I miss him. It was like a dream but it was real. The bath house and the boiler man, Kamaji. Oh! And Rin, if it were anything else she could be my sister...I wonder how everybody is doing?

I closed my eyes letting all the good memories fill my thoughts.



My eyes flew open and water spilled out, while my hands went to my head in pain. "Y-ouch!" I yelped jumping out of my seat. It took me a second for me to realize I was back in class.

"Chihiro if you think my class is so boring that you fall asleep you can stay an extra five minutes in here after class!" My teacher, Miharu Sensei scolded me.

"Yes sensei." I muttered quietly and embarrassed while the class chuckled at me.

After class was over I walked to my locker, yanked it, to see if it would open. It didn't budge. Not again... I thought to myself. I wish I had never ever moved. I grabbed my locker's handle and gathered up my strengthened and pulled. One pull...two pull...three pull...four pull...five pull...six pull...seven p... I pulled hard this time. Finally I gave it a strong kick.


The door hit me straight in the face. More or less it was like I was I tiny tadpole that got stepped on. I rubbed my nose and forehead in pain. Then got up off the floor.

I peered into my locker.

The rims where lined with gum and glue. Inside, my bags belongings where scattered about text books open with scribbles in it, while my notes lay around shredded. I wonder how long this will keep up...I really think I should commit suicide. I'm just about to lose it. I thought to myself as I pulled out my bag opening up and shoving my books inside of it. I reached out to snatch the last text-book. My hand slipped and found something fuzzy, squishy, and well lets say it was a little to soft.

I gulped as I pulled my hand slowly out of the locker object in hand. I could feel my hair rising as I did.

I turned over my hand and glanced at the object in a flash. Then wished I hadn't.

There sitting in the grasp of my hand was a shriveled moldy green and white orange.

I gagged hair standing on hand as I threw it out in the trash and ran to the bathroom to wash my hands.

Why...Why me of all people? I did nothing wrong to them! I wished I were with Haku...but I guess it really was a dream...It's been how long if it were real that I met Haku and the people of the bath house? It's been five years and three months and exactly eight days...

I squeezed a whole bunch of foam soap on to my hand and rinsed my hands thoroughly. I yanked a piece of paper towel from the roll beside the sink dried my hands and walked out of the bathroom with a blank expression on my face.

I entered the hallways of lockers ready to meet a bunch of glares from the other kids, except there were no kids around.

I raised my eyebrows, for the fifteen years of my life I have faced a whole bunch of weird things but this was the weirdest of all. That means a lot coming from me... I glanced around then shook my head oh well it's not like everyone wants to see me, hear me, or touch me. I walked to my locker only to stop in mid-step. My bag wasn't there.

Great now another prank! That is really the last thing I need!

"OK! I know you guys can hear me. So that is why I want to ask you this. Why do you guys pick on ME!?" I shouted at them.

I waited for an answer. But only silence answered my question.

"WHY!" I screamed at nothing as my voice echoed down the abandon hallway.

I slouched down and leaned against the wall of lockers. Despair tears falling down my cheeks.

*Slam* *Crash*

My tears stopped the instant I heard a door slam and something crash to the floor somewhere in this school...or more like from inside somebody's locker in the hallway.

I shook my head thinking I'm dreaming but listened closer.

"Shhh. Somebody will hear us!"

"It was your idea to come hear in the first place."

"Oh! Shut up! Your the one who Came up with idea!"

"That's what you say but I have proof it was you who cam..."

"Like I said be quiet! Or are you planing for me to make you into frog soup?!"

"I...I woulf...bef...thaf f-good!"

" Are you sure? I mean you look really...really green and tasty." (Not!)

"Both of you quiet! Or do you want me to put a silent spell on you?!"

At the mention of the spell and the familiar voices my head snapped down the row of lockers to the locker witch somebody was in. No it can't be right I mean it was just a dream...just a dream...right? Well I guess it wouldn't matter any how...

I walked over to the locker and peered in, I couldn't see anything but I could definitely hear voices. I tapped the locker and the voices stopped...Well I guess i have to try and see...

"Um...Lin, Um... Zeniba, and the frog, is that you?"

To be continued...

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