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Spirited Away!
Sealing Away Fate!
Chapter Six
The Adventure begins; Part two

Previous on, Sealing Away Fate!

"DON'T TOUCH ME! GET AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed at him. Tears blurring my vision. I slouched up against a tree that was behind me and continued.

"Don't touch me! Get away From ME! GO AWAY! I shrieked. "You...YOU GUY'S ARE MONSTERS!" I continued to scream.

I could tell Shi didn't know what I was talking about. But it was all their fault!

"YOU GUY'S ARE MONSTERS! YOU GUY'S KILLED HIM!" YOU KILLED HIM, KILLED HIM, YOU GUY'S KILLED HAKU! HAKU!" I screamed now rolling on the ground hands on either side of my head trying not to remember the dream and the dying Haku.

But before I could say or do anything more. Arms and wings were around me, and I was off the ground.

I screamed, kicking and biting, Shi.

But Shi held tight not budging.

"Stop! Do You want to fall?" Shi warned me. So I stopped but continued screaming.

"I DON'T CARE! I DON'T CARE! NOBODY WILL MISS ME! Let me go!" I screamed but in truth the flight was calming my mind.

After about ten minuets, Shi spoke again.

"You would care. You would care very much because you would hurt the people dear to you. You would hurt not only the people dear to you but your soul the most. If you stop believing in other people or worse yourself, you are no longer living." Shi spoke quietly to me.

Before I opened my mouth again I thought it through.

"It doesn't matter to me any more. Nobody is really dear to me anymore. When I get close to somebody I always manage to hurt them. T-that's why...that's why Haku is dead. If I hadn't moved...if I hadn't met him, he would be still alive." I spoke slowly.

Shi looked at me then back down at me then flew us back down to land.

"This Haku person...do you truly care for him this much? Do you really think it's all your fault?" Shi questioned me.

"It is I know it was my fault." I answered.

"If you think positively and don't blame yourself for every wrong, I think you would have spotted this sooner." Shi started.

I looked questionably at him. What does he mean spotted this sooner?

"Think." Shi demanded.

"Think, why, why have you been picked on all these years?" Shi began again.

"I don't know probably because I'm weird and gross." I answered shrugging.

"Think positively!" Shi shouted.

"THEN I DON"T KNOW!" I shouted back. Then it dawned on me.

"Because I'm different."

"Because your special."

"Why did a spirit save you when you were little?"

"Because I'm who I am."


"Why did Yubaba let you go? Why did Boh stand up for you when you returned back?"

"Because I'm...I'm clever and smart. I don't know why Boh stood up for me."

" Because you're a loving and caring friend. And in return you get loyalty and love from that friend." Shi answered.

"Why did Lin and Zeniba come and tell you Haku's dead?" Shi asked.

This question stopped me.

"I-I don't know."

"You do know. You just aren't thinking. Your to caught up in grieving that you haven't noticed yet."

"Why,why haven't Lin and Zeniba gone back to the bath house?"

"I don't know. Because they haven't been free from doing work for a long time. Because they're worried about me!"


"Because they were worried about you. But also because...Haku...might still be alive." Shi broke to me.

``````````````````````````Sealing Away Fate```````````````````````````````````````````

"Also because, Haku...might still be alive." Shi broke to me."

I gaped at him for some time.

"A-are...you...serious?" I asked still gaping.

"You think I'm joking? Do you think at a time like this there is time for jokes?" Shi questioned me.

"I-I...Lin and Zeniba wouldn't lie to me! They wouldn't! T-they just wouldn't! I trust them with all my heart!" I stuttered at Shi.

"They were just telling you what they have been told. They are probably just as hurt you see. Do you not believe me? Do you not care for Haku as much as how your expressing it?" Shi questioned again.

I whimpered and bent my face into my hands. This is too much all at once!OK, Chihiro, you're going to find out the truth through the help of your friends! I thought to myself positively.

I brought my head up out of my hands and faced Shi, with shear determination in my eyes.

"I believe you."

"Good to see your yourself again."Shi smiled widely. "OK. So let's make a deal then if your up to it."

"What's this deal then?" I questioned Shi.

"How about my clan offers you our protection and services, if you agree to marry the son of Nozomi Hoshimi." Shi happily told me with a straight face and lips curved up into a smile.

I blinked at him for them maximum of thirty seconds straight.


My screamed echoed throughout the entire forest.

I jumped away from him making sure there was a good thirty yards gap between us. I pointed a finger at him.

"A-Are you kidding me!? Don't tease me!" There's no way I can marry somebody I don't know! Most of all that isn't human!" I yelled at him glancing around thinking Tengu would swoop down from the sky and carry me off to some far off land.

"I wonder how you can say that when you aren't human yourself?" Shi wondered loud enough for me to hear.

"Oh, Shut up! Your already getting on my nerves again!" I growled at him.

"I guess I can't get your answer yet after all." Shi sighed with a sad puppy-dog face.


"You did?" Shi asked.

"I did!"

"It must have been my ears can you say it again?" Shi asked.

"NO!" I screamed making my voice echo throughout the entire forest again.

"No! that's my answer! Never ever, ever will anybody be able to fall in love with me!" I yelled at him in disgust. But in truth I thought it would be cool.

"Aah! Come on! I bet that Haku dragon spirit captured your heart." Shi said.

"No!Your way wrong! Way wrong it's not anything like that!" I blushed and backed further away.

"In that case I guess I'll wait. But it means I'm stuck with you they won't let me go back home without you. So what shall we plan?" Shi asked bouncing up and down in the air.

"Why! Why me!" I complained in a hollow whisper.

"So...what's it going to be are we going to plan something or what? I have a feeling your about to wake up soon so let's plan something, ok ?" Shi teased me.

I growled at him but nodded. "OK!"

````````````````````````Sealing Away Fate!```````````````````````

Meanwhile while Chihiro sleeps.


"Chihiro I'm coming in." Chihiro's mom called from outside her door carrying a tray containing, a small bowl of rice, a bowl of hot Miso soup, and some black tea.
She placed it down on Chihiro's desk, walked into her bathroom, and came out holding a damp cloth. Just before she left the room she placed it on Chihiro's forehead, Saying 'sweat dreams'.

Ten minutes latter.


"Zeniba...ouch my foot!"

"Oh! Sorry dear."

"Chihiro, we're here. Is it OK if we come out?" Lin asked




"Maybe she isn't there."

"Come on lets go sit down no point waiting in this stuffy closet here all day. Right?" Zeniba sighed and stepped out of the closet again fallowed by Lin and the frog.

"Hm?Looks like she's still sleeping. Well see who wins the bet when she wakes up." Lin chuckled quietly. "Zeniba I think she like her fever's gone down should we wake her up before her food gets cold?"

"I suppose so." Zeniba agreed.

Lin walked over to Chihiro and began shaking her gently.

````````````````Sealing Away fate!`````````````````````

Back to Chihiro!

"OK, Shi! I think we have the plan down." I smiled at him.

"Yes!" Shi smiled back.


"Yes." I answered turning my face towards him but before I could I was flipped onto my back.

"W-what are you doing Shi get off of me!"

"I told you I need to get your answer."

"I said, No Shi! No!"

"Why is it because Haku has won your heart?"

"No, that's not it!"

"Then why?"

"B-because...um...well whenever anybody gets to close to me they get hurt that's why."

Shi let go and crouched down next to me looking me in the eye a I busied with myself to getting myself into sitting position. When I was done I stared Shi in the eye cautiously.

"I...I will make you fall in love with us Tengu." Shi spoke quietly. "I promise."

I stared at him but said nothing.

"I will see you later tonight it looks like Lin is going to wake you up." Shi whispered.

I perked up. Lin, Zeniba,yes home! Finally! I nodded goodbye to Shi as blackness invaded my vision.

".o...Chihiro...Chihiro." I heard Lin's voice. I blinked open my eye's to find a tray of food waiting for my on lap.

"Oh, morning guys." I greeted them all signs of sickness gone.

After I finished my food I made Lin, Zeniba and the frog gather around me.

"I need to tell you something..." I began.

To Be Continued...

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