For Beca, music was never a passive involvement. It wasn't notes and melodies that you listened to or allowed your body to respond to accordingly, it wasn't a hobby, it wasn't a dream…for Beca Mitchell, it was absolutely everything. Despite her distaste for the film industry as a whole, she was surprisingly drawn to the story of Evan Taylor in August Rush. For a couple of hours, Beca felt as though she wasn't alone on this synesthetic journey of tones and beats. Like Evan, Beca noticed at an early age that music was everywhere; music was everything, if only you gave yourself a moment to experience it. It was one of the driving forces behind her drive to create mash-ups. So many things in this world exist that don't quite fit together at first glance, but after finding the similarities of structure and intonation, they blend well together; they just mesh, enhancing the other while never detracting from the two separate songs. Beca would never admit it to anyone, as she worked hard to cultivate her alternative persona of detached aloof cynicism, but she felt that people were similar to songs. In order to create something magical, which was what everyone deep down searched for, one must find the perfect partner to create an intimate mash-up; such a connection would cause goose bumps, shivers, and leave the other unable to sing the song, be alone, in quite the same way. For Beca Mitchell, music was never something she did; it was always something she was, and it wasn't until she met Chloe Beale that she realized that music was also inside of her, struggling to break free.

It had been just over a month at Barden, and the evenings were beginning to cool off, the sweltering Georgian humidity of the summer giving way to more moderate temperatures. Beca used this to her advantage walking around campus, listening to conversations creating rhythms in her head. She wore headphones as a buffer, but unless she was actually mixing, they generally were off. She traded the symphonic and electronic beats for tennis sneakers against the pavement, bass for traffic far away. Walking past Johnson Hall, she heard a girl singing along with The Proclaimers and Beca began to hum along. In the hallway as she headed to her room, she could hear a clear and vibrant voice sining Titanium, and Beca's mind began to flawlessly meld 500 Miles with it; she couldn't wait to start mixing the two, and part of her wondered who lived in the room that listened to David Guetta. Shrugging it off, she headed back to try (at her father's insistence) to be nice to her roommate. Arriving back at her own room, Kimmy Jin looked up from arranging the metal foil on her small tree.

"Do you want to get something to eat?" Beca ventured cautiously, knowing that Kimmy Jin was interested only in completing her education and not making friends with "the white girl" she was forced to live with by Barden admissions staff.

Going back to her metallic pruning, Kimmy Jin responded dryly, "Why?"

"Dude. I was trying to be nice; I thought maybe we could get to know each other better since we have to live together all year. Forget I asked." Her stoic roommate's only answer was to say, "Ok."

Annoyed at her father's insistence that she make friends, and put off by her roommate's inability to communicate like a real person, she decided to take a shower instead of heading out alone to forage for food in one of the campus dining facilities. Grabbing her shower caddy she entered the communal showers with Titanium still flowing through her mind and body. Though not much of a singer, she couldn't help but allowing the words to come out, as she tested the water. Just as she was about to submerge herself, she heard the shower curtain being ripped open and momentarily wished she had her standard issue Barden rape whistle with her. That is, until a cheerful voice exclaimed, "You can sing!" Beca spun around, covering herself as best she could given her current circumstances. "Dude!" She exclaimed, trying to place the intruder. She was gorgeous, Beca had to admit, and realized it was the red headed Acapella girl who tried to get her to join the lady singing group on campus a while ago at the activities fair. The red head (Zoe? Joey? Chloe!) asked questions regarding her belt, whatever that means, but Beca was unable to concentrate on anything other than watching small beads of water wind their way down Chloe's perfect form. Responding as best she could, Beca stumbled awkwardly through the conversation, and begrudgingly began to sing for her intruder. It wasn't until later that evening, as she hunched over her computer creating a perfect mash-up of Titanium and 500 Miles did she realize that she was unable to shake the naked image of Chloe from her mind. As she faded the bass into the mix, and selected the correct point at which to meld the songs, she imagined herself as the Proclaimer's song, and Chloe as Guetta's hit, and lost herself in the image of the two seamlessly flowing into one another creating a perfect harmony.

Chapter 2 coming shortly...