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Chloe had always loved music, and actively sought to follow it, create it, and fashion a world in which music surrounded her in all ways. It was always something she wanted to share with others' sharing music was like sharing a piece of your soul. When you find a song that resonates completely with you, that conveys not the words you're thinking but the bare and raw emotion behind the thoughts that fueled them, and that song extends as a part of your psyche, well, to share that was divine. Chloe had always seen sharing music as an intimate act; in fact, it was so rare for her to share a song even with someone she was in a relationship with that only one of her previous boyfriends even knew what kind of music she listened to. Sex, sure, because the body was carnal and primal. Sharing it with someone could be quite fun and pleasurable, but sharing music? That intimacy was something she planned to reserve for someone who she felt connected to beyond the physicality of touch.

A day later, looking through her bag for her campus ID to swipe into her dorm, Chloe's fingers found a small USB drive. Curiously removing the flash drive, she looked at the foreign object she had no recollection of placing there. Opening the door, she turned the tiny black nondescript electronic device over in her hand, searching for a clue as to how she had acquired it. A piece of tape with small, concise block lettering simply said "For you". "For me?" Chloe's mind immediately began to reel as she tried to recount her steps and interactions over the last few days. A thought struck her, and she sat down on her bed lost in thought. "What if ithe you is someone else who is not me but supposed to look at what is on this? What if it's important material? What if it's a virus?!" Her thoughts were interrupted by the click of the door opening and someone entering the dorm room.

Bolting upright, Chloe called to her roommate, "Aubrey, if you found something that said it was for you, but you weren't sure if you were the you the you was supposed to be intended for, would you open it?" Aubrey blinked, an inquisitive look crossing her face as she responded, "Aca-scuse me? Wait, you you or me you? And what the hell, Chloe, I was in the library working on my senior thesis all day, my head hurts. Your Legally Blonding me is not helping."

"Me you, or you me, I'm totes confused." Chloe began, then realizing that was just as confusing, continued, "Nevermind, I found something that said 'for you' but I don't know where it came from and what if it isn't meant for me? Or wait, would that be more weird or less weird than if it is?"

"Why don't you just open it and find out," Aubrey sighed, exhausted from the day and not looking forward to Bellas rehearsals on the other side of campus in less than an hour. "Where was it, anyway?"

"My bag," Chloe responded.

"Coach or Chanel?"

"Coach, the black one, why?"

"Oh, that's the nice one, can I borrow it for my date tomorrow? Oh! Date! " Aubreys eyes lit up and she leaned forward, excited with an eyebrow cocked and in a faux stage whisper suggested, "What if it's supposed to be for you-you, from a secret admirer?"

Chloe's brow furrowed slightly, wondering if that could be possible. "Do they still have those? I thought they disappeared when people realized that anonymous posts were allowed on tumblr and formspring."

"I don't know, maybe your admirer is old school." Aubrey glanced at the clock, groaned, and grabbed her bag heading back to the door. "We have to get to rehearsals, the ATO party is this weekend and we need to bring it; I promised Brent an aca-awesome show, and I seriously do not want to deal with my ex if he's not in total amazement of our choreography and performance."

Chloe just nodded, her thoughts wandering to who might have possibly slid the USB that she somehow felt was meant for her into her bag.

"Amy, what song are you even singing?" Aubrey asked incredulously and Amy stopped mid-note looking around in disbelief.

"Aubrey, I'll have you know I'm the best singer in Tasmania."

"Well there's a reason they don't have 'Tasmanian Idol'." Aubrey responded, "Lets go aca-bitches, from the top."

"Actually we do have it; a woman wrestling a crocodile with a xylophone tied to his tail won last year." Amy's response garnered a horrified expression from Aubrey, which immediately caused the entire group to take a step back involuntarily in case the leader's distaste ended up on the floor, again.

The group missed the comment from the quiet Bella, as she whispered, "I had an idol once. His name was Tom and I sacrificed a cat for him." As usual, though, Lily's comment was lost on the rest of the group as Amy and Aubrey were arguing about talent and Australia.

Beca, who had been standing at an appropriate distance away from Chloe moved slightly closer to hear the argument better. As she did, the scent of Chloe's shampoo wafted back, and Beca cleared her throat to center herself. As Chloe turned around in response to the sound, Beca rolled her eyes and joked, "Another aca-catfight. My money's on Amy, she seems scrappy."

Chloe laughed, glad to be thinking about something other than the unknown contents of the flash drive in her pocket, and said, "I don't know, I've known Aubrey for years; she never gives up. Could be a bloodbath if we don't stop it. We should, right?"

"Probably. But where's the fun in that?" Beca responded with a twinkle in her eye.

"True. Maybe we should call it a night, though, I've got a paper to write for my lit class, and it's not like we're being that productive anyway." Chloe moved away to speak to Aubrey about ending practice before someone lost an eye, or a limb as Amy was threatening, and Beca closed her eyes, listening to the music of Chloe she could still hear, planning the next group of songs she'd put together inspired by her.

Chloe had listened to the first two songs on the flash drive, and both were gorgeous combinations of older music and newer songs, and she was entirely fascinated with the one that combined "Cantaloupe Island" with something by Papa Roach. When the third track started, she recognized "Titanium" instantaneously. She loved the song, the way it builds to a crescendo and always left her feeling like her skin was on fire; she paused the song to check her text message from Aubrey to see if she would have enough time to properly enjoy her lady jam. "Going 2 lib, back late" the last message from her roommate read, sent just a few minutes ago. She'd have plenty of time, and god, it'd been a while. This stranger who made these songs seemed to know how both her body and her mind worked, and Chloe found it both incredibly sexy and slightly unnerving. But not so unnerving that she wasn't about to have an eargasmic orgasm while listening to this song on repeat.

As she spread out on the bed, she hit play and closed her eyes, trailing her fingers over her neck and down her chest with the tempo. She removed her shirt and her pants, but decided to leave her bra and underwear on just in case her roommate decided to come back unexpectedly, but hoped that would not be the case. The cool early autumn air slid in through the open window, and combined with the light touches from her fingertips as she grazed them over her bra she felt goose bumps rising on her body. She contemplated crawling undert he blanket,but figured she'd be warm soon enough. Sliding her right fingers under the material, a small gasp escaped her lips as she lightly pinched her nipple. Feeling the wetness pool between her legs, she realized it had been over a month since her last orgasm; the shower the other night with Tom was great and all, but he lacked certain techniques that would allow them both to get off. As the chorus began to play it resonated around her, she moved slowly to the other breast, licking her finger and allowing the wetness to provide lubrication as she swirled her finger slowly around the small bud, thinking about performing the same action lower. Feeling the throbbing between her legs increase, she heard the song begin to repeat, and she slowly slid her right hand down over her toned abs, and ran her fingers over the front of her thong. Feeling how damp it was, she groaned, and not wanting to prolong it much longer slid her digits under the waistband, and ran her middle finger between her folds gathering wetness and sliding over her clit. As she touched the sensitive and swollen bud, she moaned and bit her lip. She hadn't been this wet in a long time, and she really wished she could properly thank the person that made this amazing song collection for her. She circled around her clit slowly, dipping down lower to gather more wetness, and the more she repeated the task, the more she could feel her hips buck towards her fingers. On the next pass down, she slid her middle finger in an inch, feeling her pussy tighten around it begging for more. Reaching down with her other hand, she continued rubbing light circles around her clit as she slid her index finger inside as well. Suddenly, the tempo in the song changed noticeably, and Chloe found herself unable to control the speed of her ministrations. She was frantically rubbing indirect circles around the hardened nub, and thrusting two fingers in and out of her tight wet hole, and as Sia's voice blended with the vocals from another song, she curled her fingers up hitting that sweet spot within, and her legs shook uncontrollably as her pussy walls clenched down upon her fingers and she peaked for what seemed like minutes, coming down slowly as the song began to quietly trail off. Reaching over, spent, she turned the music off, and lay in bed, thoughts of Titanium cantaloupes flooding her head. Reaching for a pen and post-it, she scribbled hastily:

The sounds of my desire are suffocating me

there's no place to breathe

if i could replace eating cantaloupe with kissing you

then dying would be alright

"Strange poetry for a stranger," Chloe thought as she quietly changed into her sleepwear and dozed off wondering if someday she might one day be able to give the poem to her secret admirer.