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Beca grabbed a heavy crate of CD's, sighing with exasperation as a strand of hair fell out of her loose ponytail and into her eyes. She blew the rogue strand of dark hair out of the way of her vision, and lugged the cases to a shelving unit across the room. It had been over a week since she slipped the flash drive filled with her songs, her feelings, her emotions to Chloe, and she still had no idea if the redhead had even ventured to listen to any of it. In the moment she spontaneously passed the drive along, she felt it was the right thing to do, the music seemed to lead her in that direction; however, the feeling of not knowing was causing all sorts of cacophony in her head. It was as though Chloe's nonchalance was a rhythm she couldn't follow, a tune she couldn't understand, and being unable to harmonize with the music of Chloe was driving her insane. Her normal aloof facade was shattered as Jesse walked up behind her to playfully poke her in the sides. "Jesus, Jesse, what the hell!" She exclaimed, snapping her head to the side to glare at her friend.

Taking a step back, eyes wide Jesse responded, "Whoa Sissy Spacek from Carrie, who dumped pig's blood on you?" Sighing, Beca realized that while she may have things going on in her own life, like those feelings and emotions that were exactly the kind she was used to suppressing, it wasn't fair to take her frustrations out on her best friend. "Sorry dude, it's just been a weird week. And for the record, you don't have to reference the actress; you could have just said 'whoa Carrie'." The sentence was finished with a half smile, and Jesse returned one of his signature grins.

After first meeting her, Jesse developed quite a toner for Beca, but she quickly made it abundantly clear that she wanted nothing more than friendship from him. Despite the fact that he wanted more than friendship initially, after learning she had no interest in movies he acknowledged that a romantic relationship would have been disastrous. Instead, he found that even though her public persona was of cool detached disinterest, she was actually quite a dynamic individual and he loved watching her facade crack. "Seriously, though, Bec, what's up? You seem darker than usual. Which for you is quite an accomplishment." He moved closer, cocking his head to the side, curiosity and concern vividly shining from his dark eyes.

Beca paused mid-shelving, staring at the grasshopper tattoo on her arm. Her instantaneous response was to sarcastically shy away from the question, but she had grown to appreciate Jesse's involvement in her life, and valued his opinion. She looked at her friend, bit her lower lip in thought, and began, "Well, this week..." Her thought trailed off as she glanced at the wall clock, exclaiming, "Seriously? I so don't want to deal with English right now." As soon as she realized that her shift was over and she had her night class in a few minutes, she grabbed her messenger bag hastily and called to Jesse as she left, "I'll fill you in later. It's not a big thing, I've just got stuff on my mind. See you tonight for pizza? After class, around 9?" He nodded in agreement, still puzzled as to why Beca was so distracted, but went back to shelving his own stack of CDs, humming along absently to some Cee-Lo Green song. He wasn't too concerned about Beca; he assumed he'd figure what was going on soon enough. He gave a small wave to his friend as she breezed out the door, headphones firmly in place as she dashed to class.

Sitting in her English composition class, thankful she didn't have her father as the instructor, she zoned out thinking about how Jesse seemed to have gotten under her skin in a way that she didn't entirely mind. She wasn't attracted to him in any way, but was so grateful that because of his warm smile and cheerful personality she felt a little less...alone. It suddenly struck her that not only did she make friends with Jesse in such a short time, but that Chloe had also managed to work her way into her psyche. Chloe with her bright smile, brilliant blue eyes, and that adorable small scar on her forehead, well, Chloe was pretty much someone who the music followed. Beca wasn't used to feeling so close to other people, but in these two cases, she felt exceptions could be made.

Growing up, she never really was the type to have friends; she wasn't disliked or made to feel like an outcast, but rather she purposefully chose activities and hobbies that were naturally intrinsic and required little to no contact with other people. Because of that, she never developed any close relationships with anyone other than her mother. In fact, her mom was really the only constant in her life, other than music. Her father had left them at the crucial time when she was just old enough to have made childhood friends, but too old to fit into the already well developed cliques at her new school. Her mother had to sell the house after the divorce, but even though her mother worked a series of adjunct faculty positions in art departments across many college campuses, her income wasn't enough to sustain the more urban life they had grown accustomed to. In order to stay within their financial means, as well as to satisfy her mother's whimsical nomadic nature, they moved apartments every few years. After the first move, as she adjusted to living in a more suburban environment, she learned to find comfort in different kinds of music, especially within nature. It was shortly after the first time they moved that she found herself walking around the small wooded park outside the suburban development when she heard the grasshoppers for the first time. Their wings were magical to create such beautiful sounds, and she sat down under a large tree and for the first time in her life, she just listened. She listened to the orchestra around her with each individual instrument a different natural occurrence. The trickle of the small stream, the shifting of the leaves in the night breeze, the far off sound of dogs barking, the brilliant chirp of the grasshopper, they all combined together in the finest symphony Beca had ever heard. She had read somewhere that in Japanese folklore, it was said that not only were grasshoppers magical creatures that brought good luck, but that the moon herself coaxed the music from their wings. As soon as she was old enough, she got her first tattoo of a grasshopper to remind her to always listen to the rhythm of the world, to hear music where others could not, because in the notes and tones of the everyday bustle, there was always a beautiful song. In fact, Beca reasoned, part of the attraction to the older Bella was that Chloe reminded her of nature, or rather, she reminded her of that song that night at her first home without her father. Quiet and still at times, exuberant and bubbly at others, Chloe always had so much energy and life bubbling beneath the surface.

Glancing around the room, Beca saw the rest of the students all writing, frantically scrawling as quickly as their pens and pencils would allow. She peeked at the paper of the girl sitting next to her, and saw the topic: "Freewrite." Absently writing about music, her mind wandered to that first night she spent just after dusk in the wooded area and she saw a meteor shoot across the night sky, and as it blazed a trail through the darkness, she made a wish upon it. She wished that she would always be able to hear the song of the world, and so far, her wishing hadn't failed her. Pausing in her writing, Beca glanced outside at the now dark sky, waiting expectantly for a shooting star, but none came.

She started writing about Chloe, but realized her words were music notes, and bars and beats; Chloe had somehow infiltrated Beca's mind and body with an unknown song that always reminded Beca so much of the beautiful sounds in nature. Beca began writing words, words she was never good at expressing, but that she wanted to get out of her mind so she could think about them. She wrote about Chloe, and how she was a song that Beca yearned to play, like the grasshopper's symphony, and she wrote about how she realized that people were much like nature at times; bending like blades of grass in whatever direction the wind blows, or remaining unwavering like a large stone, allowing the world to pass by as they stay unchanged, fixed, isolated. Some people are like rainbows, shimmering, multifaceted and beautiful, just beyond the reach of those who chase them, nothing more than a refraction of light through intangible mist. Others are like stars, brilliant and bright, illuminating the dark and providing guidance and help to those around them, but always from a safe distance. But some people, some people are like meteors...they burn brightly through the night sky, from nowhere quickly, there and gone, but their beauty can never be forgotten. They pierce the atmosphere and our souls so easily, igniting themselves and those around them with passion, scarring us slightly with their intensity and fire. Every so often, upon a wish on a shooting star we're reminded of their passion, brilliance, fire and grace; like Icarus we pray for their heat to once again melt the wax of our realities so that we may plummet to the sea and be engulfed by something larger than ourselves...we refuse to heed Daedalus's warning; we long for the sky to be aflame, we hope that instead of a singular occurrence that meteor returns, perhaps like a comet, situating life into a timely rhythm of presence and absence, light in the dark, and hope that one day the sky will be ablaze and we can dance in the glowing embers of its return.

"Pens down," Beca's professor instructed, and handed out a review sheet the had editing and proofreading tips on it. "Look over what you've written, and try to put it into a narrative or expository writing sample for next class. See you next week folks!" The professor packed up her bag and headed to the exit, followed by the students eager to escape into the the cool evening air. Thinking about creating a mix with nature sounds for Chloe, Beca headed to Jesse's dorm to meet him for a late dinner, and she contemplated how much she should actually tell him about her newfound obsession with the meteor that is Chloe Beale.