SCRIPT FORM: /HISTORY-Jo was kidnapped by the redbacks, and tortured.

The bedroom is large, painted white with a red feature wall to the north, a black Chinese dragon painted on. In its middle is a king size bed. To either side of the bed is a small mahogany side-table. The bed itself is freshly made, black and fuchsia sheets are draped over it.

There is a man lying on the bed, he is around fifty, handsome, though ageing features, grey hair and slightly chubby. There is the sound of a shower coming from an en-suite bathroom to the west of the room.

After a few moments the shower stops. There is a brief pause and the door of the en-suite opens. A woman steps out, wrapped in a towel. She is around forty, average height, long blonde curls cascade down her back, she is still wet from her shower.

The man turns away as he has done hundreds of times before.

The woman thinks for a moment, then sighs, " can look at me...if..if you want." She is nervous, terrified, of how he will react.

The man turns around and sits up, he smiles warmly.."Of course I want to."

The woman slowly removes the towel, as she does, the camera pulls away and moves behind her. We can see scars up her legs, from surgeries, the camera moves up, scars criss cross her back again from surgeries, some from whippings, beatings..

The camera pans round to her right, we catch sight of a long scar from her wrist to halfway up her forearm, an attempt at suicide mirrored on her left arm. We also see patches of white scaring on her arm where she was caught there by spats of boiling fat.

The camera pulls away to the woman's front, there are scars on her lower leg from surgeries, and on her hips and thighs, from god knows what. The camera moves slowly up, then pulls back, we see her entire stomach, her breasts, sides, are pale, tight, harsh reminders of the terrors she faced. The camera closes in again, we see her neck has not been scarred, but as the camera take's in her face we see a long pale scar from the corner of her eye down her jawline to her chin, on the right side, until now, camouflaged with make-up She looks away, ashamed, embarrassed She goes to pick up the towel again.

The man gets off the bed;he stops her. "Jo.."

Jo looks at him, close to tears, then away again.."I'm sorry..I thought.."

The man takes her hand, "You are absolutely beautiful."

She scoffs at his compliment, "Stop it Sacha, you know that's not true." [beat] "Look at me...look at me and you tell me; truthfully; what you see."

Sacha steps back and looks her over, his eyes taking in every inch of her. He steps forward again and puts one hand on her side, the other on her right cheek. He looks into her eyes, "I see my wife. I see the woman I fell in love with. I see an amazing mother. [Beat] I see courage, I see strength, a will to survive and keep going...I don't see your scars I see the fighter behind them."

He wipes her tears. "I love you Joanna, and I will love you no matter what. I love you, and those scars are part of you. You are still beautiful JoJo...Inside and out. [Beat] and seeing you natural"

He kisses her cheek, then her lips, at first she doesnt respond, he kisses her again, she kisses him back gently, then wraps her arms round his neck, they kiss slowly, lovingly. He moves his kisses to her neck, the scene cuts out, then to them on the bed, he is above her, they are making love slowly.

The camera cuts out again.