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Chapter 5

In the corner of my eye, I took a quick glance at Marshall.

We decided to just walk home and she was quiet for the entire time. What was she thinking about?

"Kiss each other."

I looked at Marshall, she was red as a tomato. "What?"

She looked at us stupidly, "haven't you ever heard of true love's kiss breaks the spell. Well that's it."

The memory from 20 minutes ago sent chills down my spine.

I had to kiss her. It's the only way to break this stupid spell.

"Hey Fi..." Marshall mumbled.

I looked at her, "yeah?"

She smiled a bit, "do you want to kiss me?" Her expression was full of sadness.

I kicked the dirt and shrugged, "I don't know."


I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, "Look Marshall..."

She smiled, "hey... I'm going to go to the Tree house. Cake's probably wondering where I'm at right now..." She turned and began walking away.

I frowned and grabbed her arm.

Marshall looked at me surprised, there were unfallen tears in her eyes.

"Just come back to the Cave, well figure this out together alright?" I said softly before she nodded. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and we walked back to the house in silence.

I watched as she continued to sleep, she was hugging my pillow.

She looked beautiful.

Sighing, I looked out of the window to see the sky full of stars. It looked amazing.


I turned to look at Marshall once more to see she was still sleeping. I smiled softly, she was dreaming of me. Getting up, I made my way over to her. Kneeling on the floor, I watched with a smile on my face.

"Marshall, I want to kiss you." I whispered so quietly, not even I could hear it well. I could just kiss her now if I wanted. She couldn't stop me, I had more strength now than she has now.

I clenched my fist and stood back up, walking back to my desk. In front of me is a song I attempted to write. Even in Marshall's body, I still lacked in music. It looked more like a poem if you asked me but those are cheesy.

A smile formed on my lips as I scribbled away until the Sun decided to rise.

Standing from my chair, I stretched and yawned. I looked over to see Marshall still sleeping, I kinda missed sleeping. Sure I could always just lay there but I wouldn't be able to dream. Shrugging the thought's away, I shuffled my feet to the bathroom.

I quickly took a shower, this one was much less awkward than the first seeing I really didn't care anymore.

When getting out, I wrapped my lower area and rubbed another through my hair. My ears perked when I heard something out into my room.

"Your smile is special just like you, I hope you already knew. These feeling's I'm feeling now, they don't explain how. For some odd reason, I think I'm in love with you."

I felt my face heat up before I quickly yanked the door open, my eyes travelled to the bed. She wasnt there. My eyes moved to see her reading a paper on my desk. "What are you doing?" I asked out of breath.

She quickly turned and blushed herself, "Fionna! Um.. I..."

I walked over to her and snatched the paper from her hands, "don't just go through my stuff Fi, you know how I am about that!"

She looked at me strangely, "what did you call me?"

My eyes widened, "I just called you Fi... oh my glob. It's getting worse!"

Marshall puffed her cheeks annoyed before looking away, "well we both know how to fix this."

I went to my closet and took the towel off.

Marshall covered her eyes, "what are you doing!"

I noticed her face was bright red, realization hit.

It had only been a few day's since this had happened to us... I called her Fi, she blushes by seeing my body. This spell had a time limit and it was almost up. Maybe a day left, once that passes. We'll be acting like each other and probably will never get back in our bodies.

Getting changed in the closet so Marshall wouldn't see me since he was so embarrassed, I came back out to see Marshall heading to the Bathroom, probably to take a shower herself.

I sat back at my desk and waited for her to finish up. I noticed my stupid song lyrics sitting on the table, I grabbed it and crinkled it up. "Useless love letter more like it..." I mumbled tossing it in my trash can.

The bathroom door opened and steam rolled out, Fionna stepped out wrapped in a towel. "Can I wear something of yours?"

I sighed and nodded, "whatever you want, you can wear it."

She smiled, "Thanks Marshall."

I rested my head against my arms on the table and sighed once more. "No problem Fionna."

She went into the closet and soon came out dressed in my clothes. They were large on her so they hung a bit but she didnt mind. Walking over to me, she placed her hand on my back softly, "are you alright?" She whispered.

I sat up and looked at her, I grabbed her hand and held it.

She blushed a pinkish shade.

"I'm sorry..." I apologized, "this is stupid." I pulled her into my arms and hugged her.

For some reason, I've been getting these feeling's every time I see her. I think...I think these feeling's were once owned by Marshall when she was in my body. It's getting really hard to remember that we switched bodies, I actually think my memories are beginning to vanish.

Fionna blush increased and she pushed away from me, "w-what are you doing?"

I stood and walked over to my axe bass, grabbing it, I handed it to her. "Play this."

She looked at me confused, "I can't play this. I don't know how, you play this silly." Marshall said smiling.

I looked at it and of course, I knew each cord. Every single one.

My theories were correct then.

I was becoming Marshall and she was becoming Fionna.

She grabbed my hand worried, "you can talk to me Marshall."

I blushed, there was one way to fix this all, and it was up to me. Marshall was too far gone.

"Fionna... I have something to confess to you..." I swear if I had a heart beat, it would be going insane right now. I actually felt nervous to tell the truth...

She squeezed my hand tighter, "what is it?"

I smiled at her and brushed the hair out of her eyes, "I... I like you."

It felt as if I wanted to get those words out for a long time, as if something was lifted off my chest. How long has Marshall kept his feeling's secret?

"You... Like me?" She asked confused pointing to herself.

She looked cute doing that. "Yeah."

She smiled and hugged me, "really?"

"Really." I lifted her face and looked her in the eyes, "hey Fi?"

"W-What?" She asked embarrassed.

"Can I kiss you?"

The corner of her mouth lifted a bit, "if you want I guess... I'm not a good kisser though, I've never even kissed anyone before. So I'm-"

I pressed my lips against hers so she'd quit babbling like a cute idiot.

We separated and I looked at her. She looked dizzy.

"Marshall..." She groaned before collapsing.

I felt it to, everything was spinning. My knees collapsed and I hit the floor before everything went black.

I heard a beautiful humming sound that caused me to smile, my eye's opened slowly.

I looked around confused, why was I at Marshall's house? I nearly jumped when realizing two things; I just woke up in his bed and two, I was in his clothes.


I groaned and grabbed my head as a sudden headache hit me at full force.

I remember something...

The beautiful humming sound continued and I looked up. Marshall was there watching me with a smile on his face as he continued to make music.

I blushed, it suddenly all came back to me. I found myself getting up and running straight to Marshall, I hugged him tightly. "We're back Marshall..."

"I can see that..." He said with a smirk on his face.

"I remember everything!" I said so happily.

"You know something I remember?"

I looked up at him confused, "what?"

His smirk increased as he pressed his lips against mine.

I blushed and closed my eyes, oh yeah... we kissed...

After that, he kissed my forehead. "Wanna go to the treehouse so you can finally see your sister?"

I almost teared up and nodded, "yes please." I frowned, "but after that, I'm kicking the Ice Queen's buns."

He patted my head, "cool."

I hopped off of him and grabbed his umbrella, I smiled at him. "Can I say it?"

"Say what?"

My smile widened, "I like you too Marshall! Actually, I think I love you!"

To my surprise, for the first time that I've seen...

Marshall Lee the Vampire King blushed.

"Shuddup..." He groaned snatching the umbrella from me. "Let's go already..."

"Okay!" I sang as I followed him.

Then after this, a new adventure began...

An adventure with Marshall, and Love!

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