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Two figures stood on the hill covered with swords, one pulling out a sword from his infinite treasury to slash at the other while the other matched the original sword with his imitation, clashing and breaking their swords with each blow.

The golden haired man with a perfectly proportioned body designed by the gods themselves yelled in rage, "Damn-damn, damndamndamndamn...! I did not think I would have to use my sword against a lowlife like you...!

He raised his hand, the demonic sword of infinite strength capable of splitting heaven and earth appearing behind him.

"I won't let you!" The red haired teenager shouted as he swung the twin blades that appeared in his hand, slicing off the arm that reached for the demonic sword.

"Gah-!" The blond haired man cry out in shock as his arm and sword is sliced away, leaving him defenseless.

"Haa-!" The red haired boy moves, confident of his victory and trying to achieve the final blow.

"-!" however, the man jumps back at the sametime, barely avoiding the swords and retreating further.

"Kuh-! You are stronger than me here!" The man tries to get away.

"I won't-" The boy chases, knowing that he has no chance if the blond man tries to regain his composure. "Let you go dammit!"

Knowing that he won't be able to get away, the blond haired man pulls out a sword behind him.

The two swing, the red haired boy's swing faster than the man's.

Then, a sudden flash of light.

A black void appeared, a void big enough to swallow a man whole.

Right on the blond man.

"Wh-at?" The blond looked at his arm in astonishment, the black void swallowing his body up. "Wa-"

He was not able to finish that word, his whole body getting sucked into the black void.

The boy looked at the black void in front of him, dumbfounded by the rapid elimination of his hated foe.

Then, he sat down in exhaustion, his twin swords disappearing as they hit the ground by him.

A chain suddenly extended and circled around his arm from the black void, dragging the boy toward the void.

"Ku-fool. Does it not know Servants cannot become the core...!?" The blond haired man appeared from the void, hanging onto his trusted Enkidu and trying to leave the void by dragging onto the red haired boy.

"Guh, damn...!" The red haired boy is dragged by the chain, unable to get it off of him.

"Damn, are you trying to take me with you...!"

The blond man sneers. "Hah, I have no intention of dying...! Stay right there until I pull myself out you lowlife!"

"You..!" The red haired boy struggles, and yet he is dragged by the ever-constant pull.

After a short interval of contemplation...

"Rather than letting you win... I'll at least take you with me!" The red boy shouts, and loosens his stance, falling into the black void with the blond man.

And then, an explosion occurred, a pillar of white light arching into the sky to open up a kaleidoscopic portal that sucked in the pillar of white light, where, if closely observed, one would have seen two black dots being absorbed with the pillar of light.

Everguard Production Presents

A crossover of Fate Stay Night and Campione!

The Campione of Heros.

An emergency video report, filed by an archaeologist that visited the sites of Babylon on January 22nd, 2010. Recovered by the Order of Uruk, and sent to the Witengamot on January 24th, 2010.

The video turns on, shakily with the face of the archaeologist on the screen, much too close for anyone to determine what is going on, except that he has blood running down his face with dirt smeared on the edge.

"My name." He starts out, pausing for a short breath, suggesting that he had been running for some time. "Is Ridge Fletcher, an archaeologist from America, here to excavate and study the remains of Babylon. Three of my coworkers, Jack Fryer, Brian Lee, and Anderson Mylers are dead, vaporized by whatever is the thing that blasted them kingdom come. A pillar of light (-static-static-) onto the ruins. I am now hiding in one of- Shit!"

With a crackle, the screen undergoes a severe imbalance, caused by the moving of Ridge Fletcher's body, and the screen shows constant scene of the ground moving by, suggesting that Ridge Fletcher is running away from something.

As Fletcher stops running after turning a corner, Fletcher again turns the camera to his face.

"Something is happening. Two people... No, one of them is definitely not a human. A person is fighting a, a, a thing..."

Fletcher turns the camera around the corner, showing two figures fighting with swords impaled around them.

One of the fighters is missing an arm, yet he seems to be winning with overwhelming power, as he strikes the other combatant and blows him away a few feet.

The other combatant is a red haired teenager that seems to be a little on the shorter side, swords appearing in his hand for each that are broken.

The camera screen becomes staticky, and only the sound of the battle is recorded. multiple explosions, crashing and breaking of metals, and shouts of defiance that opposes the arrogant laugh are recorded, before the screen corrects itself again and displays the battle.

"haha...hahahaha...haHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The person, no, the thing cannot be called a human. His body, perfectly proportioned, his face, the perfect face unreachable by any mortal being, and the aura that poured out of him, making the air distort and look as though sugary water is swirling around him. "Mongrel, even without my arm and Ea, which I have left in the other realm, you shall lose! I am more than just two thirds a god and one third a man. I have transcended to being a GOD!"

With the yell, he strikes, a great gale of force slamming into the red haired boy and making him fly toward Fletcher, crashing into his body and sending both of them sprawling in the ruins of Babylon.

From here, due to the camera being knocked down and recording sideways, records the scene in a sideway, lying on the ground.

The boy speaks for the first time in Japanese. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for getting you into this."

Fletcher, presumably knocked out, is silent.

"But I swear, I will set this right. I will stop him. I'll save you at least." The boy speaks with resolve, and after some shuffling, sound of steps is recorded, suggesting that the boy has risen and is stepping toward the ethereal being that had blown him away.

"With an ideal that isn't yours, with the skills that isn't yours, what can you do, mongrel?" The ethereal being speaks, his voice strange as if he is being sounded throughout the field. "You cannot possible kill me with your limited amount of prana! The best you can do is create one more sword!"

"HAAAAAAAAAA!" The teenager shouts, and the boy runs toward the being, a sword appearing in his hand.

"Pathetic. I do not even need to swing my swords to kill you." With the sound of the sneer, multiple holes are made in the air, where weapons of every type, humming with energy, appear. Then, they launch themselves toward the boy, impaling him on the arm that had covered his body like a shield, ripping out a side of his body, and the rest barely deflected by his sword in his other hand.

However, the teenager does not stop.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" The boy screams, and swings his last sword.

Clang, crush. STAB

The sound of a sword breaking is recorded, and the last sound of a pierce is heard.

"This is the end. The sword is pierced through your chest. Good bye, Mongrel, with you gone, I shall rule over this realm, purging every filth like you that has accumulated in this world."

"Glarg- Guaaaa" A sound not like man's, is heard from the boy, the red liquid that is seen dripping from his body indicating that he cannot speak.


"Wha-?" And arm that has a sword impaled around it snakes around the being's neck, bringing the boy closer even while the sword impaling through his chest is dragged further into his body.

"How dare you touch me-!" With a sound of rage, the being raises his other hand, preparing to impale the boy in front of him with a knife that has appeared in his hand.

He is a moment too late.

With a flash near the boy's head is a common kitchen knife. The boy bites down on the knife and slashes at the man's neck, cutting halfway into the neck and leaving itself buried.

"GAK!" Dropping the knife, the ethereal being clutches at his neck and the knife buried in it.

The weapons impaled on the ground dissipates, along with the sword impaled in the red haired boy's body.

The boy falls with a cascade of blood, and the knife disappears, the red blood spurting out from the blond haired figure's neck.

"KAK!" Blood splurts from the blond haired being's mouth, his hand desperately grabbing at his neck. "You... SHI-ROU EMIYA-!" The being cries out.

The blond haired being falls, his body slowly turning into golden dust.

Then, the dust collects itself and buries itself into the body of the red haired boy.

Whether by coincidence or fate, the camera runs out of battery at that moment, and blanked out.

Excerpt from the Italian mage Alberto Ricardo's book, Demon King, 19th Century

…... To those who accomplished this formidable feat, I grant the title of

Campione - Godslayer -

Among all virtuous readers, some will probably believe that I over-exaggerate with that title and frown, while others will think that I am making undue fuss over it.

However, I want to emphasize it, once again.

A Campione-a God Slayer-is the supreme ruler.

Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the highly divine powers held by the gods.

Campione - Godslayer - is a lord.

Since the power to kill a deity is in their hands, they therefore have the power to dominate the mortals on Earth.

Campione - Godslayer - is a devil.

Therefore, of the entire humanity living on earth, those who have the power to oppose them do not exist!

Excerpt from Witenagemot on the studies of emergency video report for the identity and history of the god slain by the new sixth Campione [Shirou Emiya]

Gilgamesh, also known as Bilgames, is the central figure of Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest epic poem recorded in human history.

Including his superhuman strength born from the ancestry of god, Gilgamesh is known in his epic to have battle Humbaba, the guardian of the forest and the beast of the gods.

After his victory over Humbaba, Gilgamesh is known to have become the greatest and richest king on Earth who eventually acquired all treasures of the world.

However, his status as the richest king became the catalyst for his downfall, as his riches brought the attention of the gods upon him, leading to his rejection of goddess Ishtar, who unleashed The Bull of Heaven upon Earth.

Gilgamesh defeats the Bull of Heaven by binding it with the Chains of Heaven, but losing his friend Enkidu, who was cursed by the Gods for their killing of the Bull of Heaven.

After seeking immortality with the shock of his friend's death, it is known that a snake stole his vial of immortality, making him unable to become immortal, leading to his death.

Gilgamesh, as the first hero known in human history, is given the title, King of Heroes, as all other tales of heroes came after Gilgamesh, and thus, their legends ultimately stems from the first legend: Epic of Gilgamesh.

Shirou Emiya, a young Japanese teenager of approximately 17 years old, became a Campione upon killing this God.

[Report on Shirou Emiya], Compilation of the Greenwich assembly

With no background information available on Shirou Emiya prior to the date in which he was found killing Gilgamesh and becoming the Devil King of Heroes, Shirou Emiya is virtually a mystery.

Where did he come from?

Who is he?

Where did he learn the magecraft of creating swords?

Although one may desire to find the answers, everyone, please take note.

He is a Campione, and thus the supreme ruler of this land. No matter what one may wish to find, it is imperative that we have to approach the subject with caution.

The history has shown that no Campione can be controlled, and cannot be defeated except by other Campiones or Gods of greater power.

Thus, it is suggested that if one is to approach Shirou Emiya, much caution and respect is suggested.