Of Mystery and Misery


Chapter One: The Kings Mistake


Thorin and Company were setting up camp for the night. The sun was beginning to set, and they were all hungry, Bilbo included.

They all began to set up camp for the night, Bilbo standing to the side quietly talking with Gandalf, as few of the others went to get some wood for their fire, while others went to hunt for their dinner.

Only half an hour later, all thirteen dwarves were seated around a fuming fire, along with Bilbo and Gandalf. A large cauldron was placed on top of the burning fire, with Bombur turning the meat inside the broth inside the pot slowly.

It smelled quite nice, as the fire crackled beneath the large pot.

Everyone was eager to eat as they rested around the warmth of the fire. Bilbo handed out some water he had collected earlier from a river near by.

Finally their food was done, and everyone sat in a circle, laughing and joking as they all ate.

Currently, they were all telling stories of days before their journey. And even Bilbo could see that Thorin was inwardly debating, as he had that kind of look on his face as he held his bowl.

"A- And then Kíli had ran straight into one of the female dwarves! H- his head fell right into her chest!" Fíli's loud voice cried out, his chest heaving as he laughed along with everyone else. Kíli even laughed, because laughter was just that contagious.

After everyone settled down, Thorin had made up his mind, deciding to bring up his niece. "Remember when Lili was born? Dís told me she was almost given to the wrong Lass." Thorin muttered, shaking his head.

Fíli and Kíli were quiet, as memories of their younger sister flew through their minds. "Aye, she was adorable." Kíli nodded, suddenly drifting into thought.

Bilbo looked in between all the dwarves, suddenly curious as to why they were suddenly quiet, their mood sullen. "U- uh, if no one minds my asking, who is Lili?" He blinked awkwardly, his eyes shifting around the circle of dwarves before his eyes landed on Gandalf, who even look sad, in a way.

"Lili Oakenshield. She was my niece. And Fíli and Kíli's younger sister." Thorin spoke, clearing his throat as his gaze fell to Bilbo's.

"W- was?" Bilbo stuttered our.

"Aye, she went missing, when she was younger, and we have never seen her since." Kíli said quietly, his hands tightening around his bowl.

Bilbo nodded slowly, "That must have been awful..." He mumbled, standing up and leaving his half-eaten bowl behind.

He left the dwarves to themselves, ready to hit the hay. Gandalf followed closely behind, thinking the same with a sadden expression.


Omg. Sorry the first chapter is like, uber short! I just couldn't think of much to write. But don't worry, the upcoming chapters after this one will definitely be longer, I swear.

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