Of Mystery and Misery


Chapter Seven: Dark Caverns


They spent the most of the evening walking, and they were still no where close to reaching halfway around Rivendell. Although they were sure to stay somewhat in the many trees, partly hidden from the outside just incase. The three companions did not want to get into any trouble, so they were wary of every step they took.

"Hey, are we gonna take a break anytime soon?" Mirabella sighed, coming to a stop. "My feet are killing me." She huffed, staring at her un-covered large feet.

Róin also stopped, looking around the area. "I suppose we may rest for a little while. But we still need to keep going, Mirabella, I'm sorry." Róin looked apologetically at the small hobbit.

Mirabella nodded, "I understand. But, just for a little while." She smiled sheepishly. Róin nodded again, glancing at Nuincaliel. "Does this make you uncomfortable?" She asked hesitantly, eyeing the Elf.

Nuincaliel brushed her pale blond hair from her eyes as she scanned the spaces beyond the trees. "Not really, I only do not wish to have a run in with some scouts." She replied, lowering her guard ever so slightly as she leaned against a tree.

Róin nodded, turning away from the Elf, focusing on her hobbit. "Are you sure you'll be alright, Mirabella?"

"I'm fine." Mirabella insisted with one of her sweet smiles. (The sweetest a hobbit could offer.)

"Alright, let us make a fire at least to warm ourselves from this chilly night." Róin murmured, blinking when Nuincaliel came walking up with a few stray branches and leaves that burn well. "Ah, you read my mind." Róin smiled, helping the Elf set up a small area so they could build their fire.

Off to the side, Mirabella scoured through her bag, intent on finding any ready food. "Aha!" She grinned cheekily, pulling a carefully wrapped package from her bag. "I found the rest of the jerky." She singed, happy that they would at least have a snack before they were to set off.

As a Hobbit, Mirabella surely missed the Second Breakfast's, After noon tea, supper, and so on... It was something she left behind, in order to follow her comrades on this wonderful journey. At least with Róin and Nuincaliel, she wasn't treated badly as she was with her family...

Another smiled graced her rosy face as she handed out some of the dried-out meat to her fellow Middle Earthians.


"No! You couldn't possibly understand! Your dwarves. You used to this-! Not living in one place, not belonging anywhere!" Bilbo exploded in a hushed whisper. He tried to ignore Bofur's sullen gaze, he did- but...

"I am sorry... I..." The hobbit trailed off, his voice fading in the surrounding cave halls.

"You are right," Bofur began, his eyes glancing to the side, gazing among his kin. "We do not belong anywhere." He nodded ever so slightly, turning back to their burglar. "I wish you all the luck in the World." Bofur whispered, his eyes shining with uncertainty as to letting Bilbo leave. "I really do."

Bilbo nodded, not liking the pulling feeling in his chest. It almost pained him to look at Bofur's offered smile. He gave another nod, and turned around, ready to leave and get back to his comfy hobbit hole of a home.

"What's that?" Bilbo paused, cocking his head curiously at Bofur. He followed the dwarf's inquiring gaze, and looked down at his sword.

He blinked, and pulled it from it's sheath, the blade glowing a faint blue in the darkness of the cave. The Hobbit's eyes widened, and he looked up in shock, as realization flashed across his mind.


They once again set out, determined to catch up with the dwarves. "Is it just me, or is it getting harder and harder each passing day?" Mirabella grumbled.

"You did not have to come." Nuincaliel commented rather coldly, as she burst into a fast jog, passing Róin and Mirabella completely.

Róin gave the hobbit an apologetic look as she fell into step beside her. "I am sorry about her. She's just angered because we're close to Rivendell." Róin said, her voice soft.

"Well, we won't be for much longer. Then she can be nice." Mirabella grinned toothily, bobbing her head up at Róin.

"Aye." Róin laughed, shaking her head. "Come, I suppose we should catch up." She nodded in the direction of Nuincaliel's form.

'This is good, we'll pass Rivendell shortly after sun rise, then head into the Misty Mountains.' Róin thought, keeping her gaze straight as the night carried on.


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