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Ship: The Arc.

Ship Status: Active.

Crew Status: One hundred and twenty-six active life signs.

Captain's Log: Entry 5461.

Trunks just left with Tatsoi. He told me he was going back to Earth to find Gohan and get help. I think that it is just a ploy for some alone time with Tatsoi; we all know that he got the hots for her the instant he saw her dirty beautiful face. It will take them three months to get to Earth the long way. I have a feeling that they won't take the long way. Knowing Trunks he will use the old hyperdrive engine. I told him that it is several hundred years old and hasn't gotten so much as an oil change, but he refused to listen. I hope he gets back soon, I don't know how long Vegeta will be able to last down there alone. He's been with them for a week already and the longer we wait, the worse he gets. Sativa is already tense and he feels we should do something; the poor guy doesn't understand that they could all snap us like teeny weeny sticks. I'm thinking of teaching the gang fusion, but that power just might go to their heads. On an unrelated note, Pan has been getting pretty chummy with Vigna. It seems that the stress of what happened to Vegeta has dropped several barriers. Vigna has had his eye on Pan for almost a quarter of a century, but she kept dancing out of his courting—but now its changed. It seems extremely cliche that only after everything goes to hell does Pan finally yield; or I could be wrong and Vegeta's timing could just be complete horseshit and raining on Pan's parade. It's nice to see her start to test the waters again, but I hope she doesn't get hurt again. I liked Edgar, but after at least three lifetimes she needs to be happy again. I just hope that when Gohan gets here he's fine with it. Vigna's a nice guy. Acting-Captain signing off.

Ship: The Arc.

Ship Status: Active.

Crew Status: One hundred and twenty-six active life signs.

Captain's Log: Entry 5462.

Bra is really taking it hard. It's only been eight days since Vegeta got captured and she has put half of the guys into a healing tank. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if she turned into a Super Saiyan. It's at times like these that the resemblance to her mother is remarkable; if she did end up transforming, at least we would know what Bulma would look like if she was a Saiyan! I wonder if I could take a photo and manipulate it to look like Bulma? I'm not sure if Vegeta would like it or if he would rip my arm off for somehow disrespecting her—I'm thinking its the second option, but hey, a guy can dream can't he? Anyway, Giru started acting up, kept spouting out "Danger. Danger," over and over again. Finally, Pan got fed up with it and smacked him down into the ground; it seems that some things never change. I think he got a bit mad at her cause when she took a hot shower the water went cold instantly halfway through it. I could hear her scream all the way from the captain's chair. I found out why he kept saying danger though: the main pipe for the water heater was busted. The look on Pan's face was priceless, definitely worth the cost of the pipe bursting. I guess that means for plumbing we will just have to heat up the water ourselves—I hope Bra doesn't break a nail. We all know how fragile Daddy's Little Princess can be; she'll pound you into the ground, then immediately turn around and complain about split ends. Acting Captain signing off.

Ship: The Arc.

Ship Status: Active.

Crew Status: One hundred and twenty-six active life signs.

Captain's Log: Entry 5463

How many Saiyans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just one incredibly angry one. Pan and Bra got into it today. Who would've thought that only a month without Vegeta and the whole ship descends into chaos? The two girls got into a major argument in the mess hall. Bra wants to get everyone and rescue Vegeta while Pan wants to wait until Trunks brings back Gohan. Naturally the two got into one major catfight and of course it was Bra who lost her cool first and threw the first punch. The shockwave blew out the overhead lights and Bra freaked out when the glass got into her hair. Nobody spoke as she rushed out of the room; thankfully we have a couple of spare light bulbs and we were able to fix the light. Pan makes a pretty good flashlight when she's Super Saiyan. I let her change the lightbulb while I observed several of the others go after Bra. Of course all of them were guys, unclaimed guys to be more specific. It didn't take a genius that they were all hoping to get in her pants. "Oh, let me rub your back Princess Bra while we all tell you how right you were and that Pan is stupid." I don't know whether to laugh at their stupidity or to worry that it might work. If Vegeta comes back and finds out Bra got pregnant, I won't be able to evacuate the ship fast enough. And I don't even want to think what Trunks would think! Acting Captain signing off.

Ship: The Arc.

Ship Status: Active.

Crew Status: One hundred and twenty-three active life signs.

Captain's Log: Entry 5464

I am going to kill Sativa! He ran off with Po'K and Borago down to Quindflear's surface. We are now down three pods, which means instead of just one on the surface there are now four. I seriously hope their idiocy doesn't come back to bite us in the ass. If it does, I will put them in the regeneration tanks so many times it'll be their home away from home! Acting Captain signing off.

That was three days ago. It has been two months since Vegeta has been captured. Time is running out.

Up, down, left, right. Each supersonic movement created air pressures that would've bulged out the walls of any normal vessel. Fortunately for the inhabitants, The Arc wasn't your normal spaceship. Externally it was considered a relic of an ancient time when the galaxy was more or less united under the tyrannical grip of Frieza. The interior of The Arc was actually state of the art, even more so really due to the constant tweaking of the genius duo of Trunks and Arc had actually belonged to Frieza himself, filled with information of saiyans. Vegeta had decided that it would be deliciously ironic if one of the most iconic visuals of the old Cold Empire became the foundation for the reconstruction of the scattered Saiyan race. Thus The Arc came into being. When the first child was born on the ship, everyone saw a side of Vegeta that few had ever seen. He had openly wept; it was at that moment he fully realized his role as the new King of the Saiyan race.

The walls of the training room sunk inwards before bulging out like a spring. Goten raised one hand up to his mouth and yawned, his hand hiding his smile from his opponent, which caused her to growl. Pan laughed on the sidelines at the sight; it was nice to see Goten toy with someone other than her. As much as she hated to admit it, Goten was still leagues above her even though they had both reached the second level. For her the trigger had been tragically easy —for both ascensions. Edgar's death had stolen something from her and for the first time in her life she felt the true pain of loss. And then Oxri's death was the other trigger. Both times her father had held her as she wept in his arms. The first transformation had proven to all that she possessed the ability, and while others would later congratulate her on her success, only her father knew the true price. He was the only one who had actually felt the pain needed for her ascension. Everyone else had a different trigger. Vegeta's had been the feeling of inadequacy he felt when he believed he should have been the best and the realization caused him to snap. Goten and Trunks had it the easiest, Goten had transformed sparring against his mother from sheer annoyance. Trunks' occurred when Goten had broken one of his toys when they were out playing in the woods. Only her father and grandfather had needed the pain of loss for any of their ascensions. It seems that it followed the trend that the firstborns of the Son family would need loss to ascend.

Goten's opponent was a young thing, only eighty years old. She possessed enough power to make the likes of Frieza and Cooler tremble in fear and she wasn't even a Super Saiyan, but even with all of her power she was unable to land a single hit on Goten. The funny thing was that while Goten kept his power significantly higher than hers while dodging, it would drop rapidly when he went in for the strike. It created the illusion that the gap between them was much smaller since most of the time she could just shrug off the hits, but the instant she tried to turn it around and strike back he moved so fast that it took all of her concentration to even see him!

Pan thought that it wasn't very sporting of Goten to toy with her like this, but she could understand. After what Sativa had done, everyone on the ship was on edge. Some of them thought that the three might succeed and bring their King back, but Goten and Pan knew the truth. The three would go in guns blazing and would either wind up captured as well or dead. So Pan let her uncle let off steam and stood off to the side and thats when it happened. The synthetic voice of Giru spoke over the ship's intercom system.

"Attention, Giru Giru, three pods docked in Hangar Bay Two. Life signs do not match those of Sativa, Po'K, and Borago. Extreme danger, danger, Giru Giru!"

"Shit! I knew those idiots would get us all killed!" Everyone turned and looked at Goten. The man was shaking, either from fear or anger nobody could tell. Pan figured it was a healthy mixture of both; she knew that Trunks and Goten had only barely made it off of the planet alive and that any Saiyans from Quindflear were extremely dangerous.

Running up to her uncle, Pan asked him the question on everyone's minds.

"What should we do Uncle Goten?"

Muffled talking carried through the room as the other occupants talked among themselves. The scent of fear started to spread through the room and even Pan's duller senses could pick it up —every man woman and child was scared. Everyone was focused on Goten; everyone was counting on him.

Taking a deep breath, Goten tried to calm his nerves. He desperately hoped that the people who had come back in the pods were weaklings and he stretched his senses out to Hangar Bay Two to find out. He extended past the warm signatures of his friends and family and probed outwards finding, one, two, three, and finally four signatures in or near the hanger. There was both good and bad news: the good news was that two of the foreign signatures were much weaker than himself and he could handle them no problem. The bad news was that the third one belonged to the monstrous Legendary Super Saiyan who had been the first to challenge Vegeta. Even worse was that the first signature belonged to five year old Eruca, and he was the closest to the three.

Goten opened his eyes and turned to look at Pan with a serious look.

"Pan, I want you to lead everyone to the main control room. If you need to you can detach that part of the ship and get to safety. I'll contact you if I win, you'll know if I don't. Bye, love you Pan," Goten ordered. Sparing a moment to give her a sad look on his face, Goten sprinted to the door and down the corridor at top speed. He had to get to Eruca before the others could find the kid. His senses on alert, Goten felt Pan and the others make their way to the control room. Erupting into Super Saiyan, Goten put on a burst of speed and got to the hangar right as the door opened.

Getting an idea to end the fight immediately, Goten powered up a blast in his right hand and phased to the front of the doorway. Smiling at the look of surprise on the Legend's face, Goten promptly front kicked him through the doorway and fired the blast at the hangar bay doors. As the far walls buckled outwards into the vacuum of space, Goten waved one last time at the Legend before mashing the button to seal the door. Feeling the ki signatures of the two others vanish as their bodies most likely got turned inside out, Goten figured that it was only a matter of time before the Legend suffered the same fate. Seeing no reason to wait though, Goten turned to the end of the hallway that he hadn't come from in time to see Eruca come walking around the corner. Smiling, Goten turned to Eruca and took one step when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Who could that be Mister Goten?" Eruca asked.

"A very bad man Eruca," said Goten, his face paling as he did. "Lets go, now!"

Goten dashed forward towards Eruca and scooped him up in one arm, right when the door crumpled and was ripped into the remains of Hangar Bay Two. Ducking low, an extremely large man stepped through the threshold, greenish yellow hair glowing. His thick mane of hair draped down both down his front and his back, the giant sasquatch-like man grinned at Goten before shaking like a dog, a ring of bones around his neck chiming. Where his thick green hair didn't cover the Legend wore the skins of large animals, fur and all.

"Surviving the emptiness of space, so easy a caveman could do it," Goten muttered under his breath. Unluckily for him the Legend heard him and frowned.

"I'll have you know I happen to have a very nice cave. I have several women to cook for me and serve me so it is very nice."

Goten scoffed and flipped him off, even if the Legend didn't know what the gesture meant he could tell it wasn't nice.

"I remember you boy, you ran away when Vegeta stayed. I kicked the shit out of him and it's going to be fun doing the same to you. Then we can just fly down and you can make warriors for us. It is very easy." The Legend's face brightened. "Its also very fun!"

Goten just looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry, but I'm going to have to say no to that Mr. Legendary Super Saiyan."

The Legend growled, "My name is Manchineel. I suggest remembering it."

"You're a meany," said Eruca from the safety of Goten's arms.

"Yes he is Eruca, now lets get going so I can kick his ass." On Earth it would be frowned upon to swear in the presence of a child so young, but Eruca was a Saiyan and saying the word ass was nothing compared to what his parents said.

"The boy dies," Manchineel said, and with that he took two leaping steps forward and leaped at Goten and Eruca. Transforming instantly into the second level of Super Saiyan, Goten slid under Manchineel's outstretched arms on his back and kicked upwards. Both feet struck him in the abdomen and turned Manchineel's controlled tackle into an uncoordinated mid-air tumble. A little flare of his energy and he was upright, smirking as he spun around in mid-air and watched Manchineel land on his back before the corridor turned away and they were off. Keeping his power steady Goten had to exert careful control over his aura lest it completely vaporize the floors walls and ceiling. Eruca giggled in his arms in what seemed to be slow motion; obviously the child was having fun and if Goten wasn't currently to busy running for their lives then he probably would've scolded the kid, maybe.

"Wheeee!" screamed out Eruca as he waved his arms in glee at how fast they were going.

Fortunately for Goten he only had to go through two doorways and he would be at the main control room and then he could drop the kid off and fight Manchineel for real. Hopefully this time it would go better than when he fought Broly all those years ago. This time he wouldn't have Gohan to swoop in and save him. Goten had lost track of all the times Gohan had saved the day back when he was growing up and now it was his turn to do the same. Maybe Eruca would look at him the same way he had looked up at Gohan, the way he still looked up to his brother.

An explosion erupted behind them and the flames came roaring in through the hallway even faster than Goten was moving. He had just dropped Manchineel not even half a second ago and the man was already up and ready enough to blast back. The speed at which the fireball was overtaking Goten was just another painful reminder and the huge amount of power Manchineel possessed. Hugging Eruca to his chest, Goten put on another burst of speed right as the flames seared his bottom raw. Not wanting to end up as a well-done steak of Goten, the half-saiyan fired a large beam of ki out of his feet and propelled himself even faster. Only to slam face first into the repulsive chest of Manchineel. Stepping back Goten retched and clawed at the grease that now stained his face and chest. That shit reeked!

"You done yet?" questioned the giant before him. Looking at where his face had impacted Manchineel's chest, Goten could see a greasy impression of his face in the animal pelt.

"You're disgusting. Have you ever taken a shower?" Goten coughed out.

Manchineel merely cocked his head to the side, puzzled.

"What's a shower?"

"Kamehameha!" Taken completely off guard, Manchineel had no time to prepare a defense against the one handed variant of Master Roshi's greatest technique. The wave of blue ki flowed forth from Goten's outstretched arm and completely obscured Manchineel from sight. As the ki died away, Goten was left with the sight of a completely unscathed Manchineel. Little did he know it, but the exact same situation had occurred long during the first fight against Broly.

Manchineel looked down at Goten, almost bored. Lifting up a hand to his mouth, he picked at his teeth with a blackened fingernail. Whether the nail was blackened from Goten's attack or from years of horrible hygiene Goten didn't know, nor did he want to know. Goten knew he was running out of options fast; he only had one arm available and by holding Eruca he would have to modify his stance and how he blocked in order to keep the child safe.

"Nice attack, but let me show you one better." Manchineel opened his mouth and bright ki glowed between the top and bottom rows of teeth. The sickly green color immediately brought up old memories and Goten's body reacted, even while his mind recoiled with fear. Jumping straight up, Goten placed his left hand on the top of Manchineel's head and as the Legend reared his head up and raised his arms to swat at Goten like an annoying fly, Goten brought up both knees and smashed them into the very bottom of Manchineel's jaw. With an audible click, Manchineel's jaw snapped shut rupturing the ki collected in his mouth. It exploded quite violently and it took all of Goten's considerable strength to keep Manchineel's mouth closed. Smoke poured out from Manchineel's nostrils and the giant Saiyan roared, the sound muffled but Goten could clearly tell that Manchineel was pissed. The vibration had gone up his arm and Eruca was shaking like a bobble head from it.

"Gotta fly," Goten mocked before flicking his wrist and flipping over Manchineel's head and kicked off of his back. Not a moment too soon either because that was when the fire decided to catch up and engulf the Legend. Searching ahead for Pan's energy signature Goten calculated the best route to get to her. Sensing her directly in front of him, Goten looked straight up and let out an undignified eep before slamming on the brakes. Resting a moment to let his heart rate get back into normal ranges, he noticed that she was fully powered up. Obviously she wanted to fight.

Smirking down at her uncle, she giggled when Eruca started yelling, "Again again!"

"No not again, I almost had a heart attack," Goten mumbled.

"Oh don't be such a baby Uncle Goten, now where is this intruder that has you running for the hills? I want a piece of him," Pan said, cracking her knuckles and giving off a couple of extra sparks from her aura.

Goten looked up at Pan, horror on his face. Standing back up he walked up to her and promptly dropped Eruca into her arms. Eruca frowned as he knew that this meant the ride with Goten was over.

"He's back there and you are going to go do what I told you to do and take Eruca with you," Goten said.

Pan shook her head.

"Goten, let me help you. With Trunks gone I'm the only one strong enough to fight on an even level," Pan pleaded.

"No I can't let you fight a guy like this. If you get hurt or worse, Gohan will kill me."

"And what if you get hurt because of something I could've helped with, if that happens then it won't matter what my father would do because we would all be dead!" Pan shouted.

Goten just watched as his niece huffed and puffed. Her face might have been calm, but her aura was proving otherwise. The normal calm of a mastered transformation was replaced with jagged fire, Pan's emotions bleeding out into her ki and just like with Gohan it was always a volatile mix. Power would rise and if it was too much, Pan's rational mind could very well go out the window. And that was never a good thing. There was one thing though that separated Pan's power boosts from Gohan's; Pan could get her power from trivial things. She got angry way too easily. Gohan had always required a real need, but Pan could break a nail and then proceed to blow shit up.

A deep voice made itself known from directly behind Goten. "You're both wrong, you'll all die anyway."

Goten couldn't help it, his spine turned to jelly and his whole body decided to shiver. If Goten had been seven again, he most likely would've wet himself, though unlike Trunks it wouldn't be done on the Legend's head. He felt Manchineel exhale from behind him, the passing air ruffling his hair. A split moment later and he smelled what Manchineel's breath was like. Needless to say that considering the man already had no sense of personal hygiene the ending result was absolutely putrid.

Pan's reaction was much less contained. The woman gasped and clutched Eruca closer to her chest. Luckily for the child, she was a woman so there was some cushioning. If it had been Goten it probably would've hurt a lot. Internally Goten couldn't help his betraying thoughts. Really sometimes Pan can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk.

'Yeah, I figured that when you saw him your tough talk would go running for the hills.'

A sad smile on his face, Goten looked Pan in the face.

"Pan. Run."

A maelstrom of ki engulfed Goten and he flipped upside down almost instantly and smashed both knee's into Manchineel's nose. At the same time Pan blasted off in the opposite direction. A loud crack was heard and the two warriors didn't move. If Pan had stayed she would have thought it was something out of a painting. It was Goten who broke the standstill first by flying back, still upside down, and reorienting himself to face Manchineel face to face. Goten's face was contorted in pain and he kept his right knee bent. The leg spasmed periodically and each one brought a new tic to Goten's face; the double knee smash to Manchineel's nose had resulted in the knee cap shattering.

Manchineel looked down at Goten's leg and then looked up at his face.

"That looks like it hurts."

The blunt statement drew a snarl from Goten. Right now he was fighting both a desperate need to run away, and a desperate need to protect everyone on his ship. One could blame either Saiyan biology or his upbringing, but Goten would buy the others as much time as he could. He had to lead Manchineel away from them so that if he were to fall they would have enough time to separate the ship and escape.

"No shit Sherlock," he snapped. "How would you feel if your knee shattered into itty bitty pieces?"

Manchineel shrugged, "I don't know, the last time I was seriously injured was so long ago I have no idea what I would do now. I'd probably go berserk and tear you limb from limb, but I wouldn't suggest it."

Then he frowned, a puzzled look on his face, that face so similar to Broly's that to Goten it looked as alien as clown makeup on Vegeta.

"Who is this Sherlock?"

"No one you need to concern yourself with; you're fighting me right now and that is exactly what we are going to do now, fight!"

Manchineel crossed his arms and scoffed, "Well to be honest it hasn't been much of a fight. You've just been running away and you've landed only three hits, the last of which crippled you. Like I said, not much of a fight."

All Goten had to reply to that was a grin, a creepy kind of grin that was a reflection of the side of him that came out in Gotenks.

"I'll show you a fight."

Goten's cheeks the bulged out. To Manchineel it looked like he was about to throw up and he automatically took three steps backwards, the safest distance to avoid getting vomit on his skins. Parting his lips into an 'O' shape, white smoke poured out. It just kept coming and coming that Manchineel started to think that Goten was going to keel over from lack of oxygen, not that he was running out of air any time soon. Saiyans could store a huge amount of oxygen in their muscles that they could stay underwater for an entire day. But if they were to get in a fight that time would diminish to a mere thirty minutes. Thats why it is practically impossible to strangle a Saiyan; they held more oxygen in their bodies than an entire house.

The white smoke had finally taken shape, forming into an exact copy of Goten minus the wounded leg. The reason for that was because it had no legs, just a single tail.

Manchineel openly gawked at the ghost-like apparition as it waved at him, smirking deviously. Goten's grin was full of confidence—unlike Buu this foe couldn't regenerate so any damage would be devastating. With a snap of his fingers the ghost faded from view, disappearing like its namesake. It was a new tweak to the powerful technique, one that allowed him to adjust the ghost to any size, even microscopic. With its mission in mind, the brave ghost kamikaze traveled the airways up into Manchineel's nose. Once it was situated in the man's disgusting sinuses, the ghost rapidly increased in size, until it touched the interior.

Manchineel's eyes crossed as he felt a tickle deep in his nose, his only warning before agonizing pain ripped through his face as an attack the likes of which nobody had ever encountered outside of Earth before detonated inside. Smoke poured out from his nostrils just like last time and this time Goten followed the attack up, not willing to risk failure as he jetted forward and smashed a haymaker directly into the spot where Manchineel's nose would be. Feeling the sharp definition of Manchineel's thick nose Goten inferred that the ghost hadn't blown Manchineel's face apart. Which would mean that Manchineel would be incredibly angry. Pulling his fist back, Goten noted with some degree of satisfaction that there was a smear of blood across his knuckles. Looks like he had done some damage after all.

A deep growl resonated out from the smoke screen and with a puff it was cleared. Manchineel was exposed and he was staring at Goten with what looked like pure bloodlust. There was nothing insane about it like Broly's stares; no this was methodical, animalistic even like an animal hunting. Goten was right in his assessment that the ghost had did some damage, blood poured from Manchineel's nose and ran down into the jungle of hair under his neck. Goten had seen some crazy hair styles among the Saiyans, but this was just plain ridiculous. He was absolutely covered in the stuff and if he wasn't careful he could easily rip some of it out.

"Its time for pain, runt. Lots of pain."

Manchineel lunged forward, his large frying pan sized hands stretched out to crush Goten's skull, but the half-saiyan was already moving. With a dot of ki on each fingertip, Goten rolled under Manchineel in the same maneuver that started their engagement and peppered Manchineel's body with a legion of blasts. Each was designed to pierce through so they weren't explosive, but they did leave tiny shallow cuts on parts of Manchineel's exposed skin. Goten had the kamikaze attack to thank for even this tiny effect on Manchineel; that internal attack had severely dropped the Legend's ki to a range that would allow Goten to fight more evenly. Of course Manchineel's power was still much greater than Goten's, but this way the demi saiyan had some scrap of a chance.

However, as Manchineel passed over Goten's body, right as Goten launched his swarm of attacks, the Legend had dropped his foot down into a kick. Right as the last attack hit Manchineel's abdomen, his foot connected with Goten's head. The force of the blow made Goten black out immediately and the man was sent skidding down the hallway, his body riding the curves like it was on wheels. Goten made it up to the ceiling on the exact opposite side of the circular ship before the artificial gravity dropped him down to the ground. His skin tight armor now covered in a thick black friction burn line, Goten was left undamaged from the wall surfing, but was still in his base state. Luckily for Goten he didn't suffer too much damage, with nothing to impact the energy passed through his body after the initial amount sent him moving.

Thankfully it was a very short black out and Goten was conscious before he had completely landed on the floor. His vision blurring, Goten did the only thing he could do to survive and ascended once more to the second level, only this time he went even further beyond. Goten had yet to discover the trigger to the third level by himself and Vegeta was adamant about everyone discovering the transformations by themselves; instead Goten went into modifying the second level similar to ways Vegeta and the future version of Trunks had done when fighting Cell. Goten knew about these forms from old stories his brother had told him when he was just a child; he asked Gohan if he could show him and to his disappointment Gohan didn't actually know how to do it. So it was up to Goten to experiment on his own and it turned out to be an almost pathetically easy for him to modify the first transformation. He easily discovered the bulked up forms that enhanced strength, speed, and ki then discovered that if he bulked up too much it was actually painful to move, granted when the muscles on your shoulders started to each higher than your head it was easy to figure out that you went too far.

Goten could feel Manchineel barreling towards him, following the curve of the huge outer hallway and decided that muscle would fit quite nicely; after this hit the bulked form would probably become a hindrance so he would revert to a different alternative. Forcing ki into each muscle fiber, Goten's body bulked up and the lightning storm in his aura increased in intensity. Thankfully the advanced armor possessed the expandable feature otherwise it would've been very restrictive, but Trunks was a brilliant technician and it worked just as well as he said it would. With his senses now further augmented, Goten could sense that Manchineel had covered only half the distance, yet he was no fool and he knew that if Manchineel was at his full power he would have never had the chance to power up. A wickedly devious idea popped into his mind, and Goten smiled that cheshire grin again. Raising up both arms to his face, Goten fanned out his hands so that the fingers were arrayed like the rays of a sunrise. Now to wait, and Manchineel did not disappoint.

Sprinting down the hallway the Legend came barreling down, he had actually decided to follow the skid marks of all things and so he was actually upside down by the time he entered Goten's vision. Manchineel roared as he saw Goten, the deep animal sound an instinctual challenge to opponents, the call to battle was singing in his blood and the urge to cut loose was overwhelming. For one split second after he roared and he took in Goten's now much larger frame, he wondered if Goten was the same as himself, a legendary? Ridding himself of that thought, Manchineel jumped down from the ceiling and clasping his fists together, moved to smash them down on Goten's head.


A bright light shot out from Goten's raised hands and seared Manchineel's eyes, roaring in pain for the second time since he arrived in this strange building, defenseless once again against Goten's assault.

Dashing forward Goten grabbed onto Manchineel's face with his left hand, digging his fingers into the flesh, while simultaneously bringing his right fist directly into the Legend's throat. Goten felt a slight give in the man's windpipe, but that was all. Letting go, Goten leaned back out of Manchineel's flailing arms as they attempted to trap him in a bearhug. The instant the two arms crossed each other, Goten leaned forward and smashed his forehead against Manchineel's. Not quite finished, Goten moved to trip the man, but as he planted his right foot on the ground and his weight was put on the limb the nerves in his knee decided to flare up and scream in agony. The sudden shock completely threw off Goten's plan and gave Manchineel time to recover. While the Legend couldn't quite see yet, he could at least make out shapes, which was bad for Goten considering he was the only one in the hallway. Collecting green ki into one open hand, Manchineel stepped forward and in the same motion pushed the orb into Goten's chest causing the ki to detonate and send the fighter flying backwards.

Throwing all of his ki against his momentum, Goten was able to stop before he reached the end of the hallway. Lifting slightly off of the ground, Goten made sure not to put any pressure on his damaged limb. Placing his hands on his chest, Goten hissed in pain, the special alloy that the armor was made out of was completely ruined. Parts of it were bubbled and in some areas had completely melted away leaving only the interior mesh lining. Seeing that Manchineel was hanging back, most likely waiting for his eyesight to fully return, Goten drew more ki into his throat for a ghost encore. Drawing his head back like he was going to spit, Goten brought it forward and shot out at high velocity millions of small ghosts. Each one was smaller than a finger yet they were each filled with the destructive explosives of the ghost kamikazes.

The ghosts cackled madly in a cacophony of tiny little demons as they rocketed towards their target. The first one struck Manchineel in the chest almost immediately and detonated creating a small spray of blood to splatter out and a smokescreen. With each impact more and more blood and smoke filled the air, each impact causing Manchineel to cry out in pain as his flesh was roasted. With each detonation, Manchineel's ki dropped while Goten's stayed strong and soon they would be equal. This continued for some time until Manchineel's ki stopped decreasing; even so Goten continued to fire more and more ghosts at the Legend. Then like a runaway freight train Manchineel came barrelling out of the smokescreen his whole body glowing green. Blood streaked down his flesh in rivers and his white eyes were narrowed down into slits. Rearing a fist back, Manchineel crossed the distance separating himself and Goten and smashed it into Goten's cheek. The change in angle caused the last few ghosts to explode against the flooring exposing humming circuitry. Grabbing Goten's face the same way he had done to himself, Manchineel then drove his fist into Goten's windpipe, instead this time the attack actually had an effect.

Dropping instantly out of the bulked up form, Goten was reduced to the first transformation and his energy dropped drastically. It took all of his training and concentration to keep himself from dropping out Super Saiyan completely and that would be the cause for saving his life. Lifting Goten up into the air by his face, Manchineel snarled before spinning around and smashing him down into the exposed machinery, breaking it apart and bringing Goten's body into contact with live wires. Goten's body contorted as the electricity coursed through it in amounts much higher than anything ever produced on Earth. Amounts of power that would have fried any normal Super Saiyan threatened to overwhelm him. Already his back was heating up to a point where the armor was melting; once that layer was gone there would be nothing protecting him and the full power of the ship would be flowing through him.

Not content to let the ship end his foe's life, even if Manchineel could only vaguely connect the humming wires to planetary lightning, he knew that it would severely hurt his opponent in his weakened state. Bringing his fists up, Manchineel proceeded to beat the literal shit out of Goten by aiming anywhere he saw flesh. The two pronged assault tested Goten to his absolute limit and beyond. Stubbornness was the one thing he had inherited the most from his father, even more so than his hairstyle. Goten held out for a full five seconds, which at the speeds that their brains were processing information it was an absolute eternity, and Goten may have been able to hold out even fifteen seconds if it weren't for the fact that Manchineel grabbed his shattered knee, stood up with it, then came crashing down with his knee in the middle of Goten's femur. A loud snap was the only thing heard as the electricity using Goten as a live wire prevented him from screaming in the agony he was feeling. The instant that bone was snapped, Goten lost the hold on his Super Saiyan transformation and his hair turned black and went back to the haphazard style his father was famous for. Then it only took one punch to the face to knock him out cold, the fight completely beaten out of him.

In three seconds, Goten's life would be extinguished because in three seconds the armor on his back would completely melt away and the ships power would have no resistance before reaching Goten's body. But Goten's life would not be taken this day for the instant he lost consciousness three figures dropped out of hyperspace and while two of them broke off to save Goten, the oldest and strongest dived straight at Manchineel and with brutally heavy punch knocked the bloody Legend through the wall, through the ship's exoskeleton, and down into Quindflear's atmosphere. Manchineel and Goten would live, but both had received injuries that neither had suffered for a very long time. Very briefly the empty vacuum of space pulled at the hallway's occupants, but the ships automated breach system sealed off the man sized hole before all of the oxygen and people onboard could be sucked out.

On the very verge of death, Goten smiled. For even subconsciously he could recognize the strong presence of his brother Gohan.