A/N: Forgive me, this is my first attempt at romance. Yes, the title is about as imaginative as I get anymore. Warning: Sev/Siri slash in this chapter. Nothing more explict than a kiss is mentioned, but if that offends you, don't read.

And so the lion fell in love with the snake

Sirius laughed at Severus's snarky comments on the show on the telly. He was visiting Severus, as Alyssa and Remus had gone out on a date, leaving him the option of going out-boring without company, staying in-boring without company, or visiting with Severus after Remus and Alyssa left and Harry was asleep. Surprisingly, the man was easy to talk to, and he had a rather quirky sense of humor that made Sirius roll. Who would have thought the greasy git he had terrorized for years was actually a decent bloke? Not Sirius, but recent events had led to him abandoning his previous perceptions of the Snapes.

After they had freed him from Azkaban and did away with that rat Peter, he had realized that they weren't the evil Dark wizards he had thought they were; Alyssa nearly dying to save Remus had more than proven that. After she had gotten out of the hospital, Sirius had spent more time around both Snapes, a consequence of wanting to be around Remus and Harry, and he realized that they were actually decent people, and he enjoyed spending time with them.

Thinking about Remus made Sirius chuckle, recalling how nervous his friend had been when he debated letting Alyssa know how he felt the first time. Sirius's random laughter made Severus look at him curiously.

"Something wrong Sirius?"

Hearing Severus call him by his name, without the usual venom or loathing that used to suffuse every sentence the man spoke to him, was a testament to how far they had come in a short time.

"No, Severus, there's nothing wrong. I was just thinking of Moony," Sirius explained, still laughing. "You should have seen him the first time Alyssa invited him over here. Spent the rest of the morning pacing in front of the fire; I thought he'd wear a tread in the floor."

Severus laughed, able to picture Remus doing exactly that. "I wasn't here to see what Alyssa did, but I doubt she was any less tense. Those two were blind. How they could be in love with each other and not know that the other returned the sentiment…" Severus trailed off, laughing again. Some of his dark hair fell in his eyes, which caught the light from the fire and made them shine.

Sirius looked back at the show, willing away the uncomfortable thoughts that had been floating around these past three months. Three months since two of his best friends had died, two old enemies had saved their son and him; Harry from the Dursleys and himself from Azkaban. Three months during which the sneaky Slytherins he knew proved that they were as courageous as any Gryffindor and had exposed the inadequacies and scheming of the Headmaster. It still made him furious whenever he thought of what Albus had tried to do.

Recently, though, his thoughts of Severus had changed. He first regarded the man as an enemy, nearly getting hexed to kingdom come when he attempted to 'rescue' Harry in the beginning. Then, he thought of the man as an ally, someone who he could rely on to help best the Headmaster. Then, while they were working together to set up Alyssa and Remus, he began to regard the man as a friend, someone to talk and laugh with, someone who could understand his less than stellar past and help him out when he was confused. Those feelings had begun to grow past friendship this past month. Severus was intelligent, funny, kind, loyal, not to mention those eyes and that hair, especially if he hadn't been working with potions at all…

Sirius shook his head, sending those rather inappropriate thoughts back where they came from. Appreciating that Severus was fun to be around was fine, friends did that. Friends did not admire their friend's physical appearance or what it would be like to feel those thin lips on their own…

Sirius buried his face in his hands. He was attracted to Severus Snape, wanted to date him. Great. It wasn't that he was male; Sirius had long ago realized that he was gay, giving his mother another reason to throw him out. No, he had no idea if Severus had any feelings for him beside friendship, or if the man was even gay. That was one subject that hadn't come up.

"Sirius? Are you ok?" Severus asked, noting his friend's unease.

"Fine," Sirius replied, his head still in his hands, "I just have a headache."

Severus opened his mouth to reply, but the alarm he set to alert him if Harry woke up went off. He stood to go to his son, stopping to summon a potion from his stores. He set it on the table beside Sirius, poking the man to make him look up and take notice of it.

"Headache relief potion," Severus said simply, leaving the room to go to Harry.

Sirius looked between the phial on the table to the door that Severus had just exited. He leaned back in his chair with a groan. Why did the blasted man have to do that; even while he was coming up with a dozen reasons that he would never mention his feelings, Severus supplies him with another several reasons to the contrary. One thought reverberated in his mind as he picked up the potion, rolling the delicate vial in his hands. How could they be in love with each other and not know the other returned the sentiment? It was obvious when Remus and Alyssa were in love; he had picked out his friend's feelings by the end of their first year. Was it as obvious how he felt? He definitely needed to talk to Remus.

Severus was still upstairs, possibly soothing Harry after a nightmare, when the front door opened and shut. Sirius perked up in his chair, thinking that Remus had brought Alyssa back, allowing him to talk to the man briefly before Severus returned. His hopes were dashed when Alyssa entered the sitting room alone, smiling as she headed to the kitchen for tea. She started when she noticed Sirius sitting in one of the chairs by the fire, looking thoroughly dejected.

"Sirius, is something wrong?" she asked, unconsciously echoing her brother's earlier question.

He started to say no, nothing was wrong, but sighed instead. He was so confused, and he didn't want to wait till the next day when he could visit Remus to get everything sorted out. "I'm…confused," he admitted.

"What is confusing?" Alyssa asked, looking at Sirius curiously. He looked, though she would never tell him that, like a lovesick puppy.

"Your brother," he muttered burying his face in his hands and therefore missing the smirk on Alyssa's face at that statement.

Remus owes me a sickle; I told him Sirius was interested in Sev. Keeping her thoughts to herself, she asked, "What's confusing about Severus? He is usually so straightforward that I can't think what would confuse you about him."

Sirius looked up, fixing Alyssa with a piercing stare. "If I tell you, will you promise not to say anything, not even to Severus or Remus?"

She nodded, understanding his need for secrecy. It was much the same when she loved Remus and confided in Severus. It was also reminiscent of Severus the day before, confessing his attraction to Sirius.

"I…like Severus," he said, looking at Alyssa uncertainly. She was half muggle after all, and muggles had a harsher view of these things than wizards did.

"Like him as in friends, or like him as in you are hoping for something more?" Alyssa asked, black eyes focused on Sirius even as she heard her brother's steps still outside the door. Let's hope you hear something that will make you confess your feelings and put the both of you out of your misery.

"The second one," Sirius sighed, despair in his eyes. "I think about him almost all the time; the way he looks, the sound of his voice, the things he says or does. I want him to like me, to like me as much as I like him. I read a book on potions yesterday so I would have something to talk to him about that interests him, and then I nearly lost it when he smiled and complimented me."

"You sound like I felt, and still feel, about Remus," Alyssa said softly, knowing that her brother was still outside the door and likely heard all of Sirius's confession. She heard Severus's soft steps go back upstairs before making slightly more noise as he returned to the sitting room.

He smiled as he greeted his sister, ignoring the knowing look she shot him. Sirius muttered some excuse about needing to be up early the next morning and flooed home, leaving the twins alone.

"Well, what will you do now Sev?" Alyssa asked, fixing her black eyes on her brother's equally dark ones.

For a moment, Severus was silent, still not knowing for certain what to do with this information. He could do nothing, continuing his friendship with Sirius as though nothing happened, but that left him feeling vaguely hollow. A plan slowly formed in his mind as a smile lit up his face.

"I'll prove to him that I feel the same way," Severus said, causing an answering smile to appear on Alyssa's face. "But I'll need your help."

"Of course Sev," she replied easily, wondering exactly what was running through her brother's mind. As he told her, she couldn't prevent her smile turning into a wicked smirk. The dog would never know what hit him.

The next day flew by for Severus, who was preparing everything for his plan. He was going to let Sirius know that he was falling for him before the night was out. His plan was surprisingly simple. Alyssa would watch Harry while he took Sirius out for dinner, followed by ice skating. Sirius had once confessed that he loved ice skating, so Severus decided to tell him there. If only things would go according to plan.

He decided to tell Sirius at the last minute, to make it seem less suspicious, so after he had made their reservations and picked out his clothes he went to the lab, setting an alarm to alert him an hour before he needed to call on Sirius. Harry was playing with his potions kit with Remus while Alyssa bottled up St. Mungo's latest batch of potions when he entered the lab.

"I'll start the latest batch of Wolfsbane?" he asked, moving to get the required ingredients.

Alyssa nodded, packing the delicate vials for transport by owl.

Time passed rather quickly, and soon his alarm was going off. "Good luck Sev," Alyssa said as he left to clean up.

He showered, washing away the damage from the fumes and ingredients he worked with, before dressing in an emerald green dress shirt and black dress pants. He used a spell to shine his dragonhide boots, black of course, before he put them on. He also pulled his hair back with a leather tie, remembering that Sirius seemed to like being able to see his eyes.

After saying goodbye to Harry and Alyssa, he apparated away, appearing on the top step of Grimmuald Place. He rang the bell, hearing the dreadful racket from Walburga's portrait and Sirius's curses before silence descended as he was able to close the curtains on the portrait's tirade.

"Sev? What are you doing here?" Sirius asked, confused by the sight of the Potions Master dressed to the nines and standing on his doorstep. Merlin, but he looks good!

"I've come to ask you to dinner," Severus said, smiling at the shocked expression quickly covered up. "I have reservations at that new restaurant in Diagon Alley that you mentioned, and perhaps go skating afterwards."

"O-Of course," Sirius said, blushing slightly as he waved Severus in. "I think I need to change though," he added, almost as an afterthought, as he looked at the worn jeans and faded t-shirt he was wearing.

After showing Severus to the sitting room, even though he already knew his way around, Sirius practically flew up the stairs. He quickly showered before putting on black dress pants with a grey shirt, to show off his eyes. He spent several minutes styling his hair, trying to get it to lay just so. Merlin, but he was nervous. He felt like a teenager with his first date. But was this a date? Severus was certainly acting like it was, but that didn't mean anything. He could have just decided at the last minute to go out to eat, and Alyssa probably didn't want to go, so he asked Sirius. Right, that's what happened, sure.

When Sirius was satisfied with how he looked, he went back down to Severus, who was pacing in the sitting room. His eyes swept over Sirius, making him blush, before he suggested they leave for the restaurant. Sirius agreed and took Severus's hand so the latter could apparate them to their destination.

They entered the restaurant, which was elegant yet cozy, and were shown to their table in a secluded area of the establishment. Throughout dinner, Sirius caught Severus looking at him, just a second too long, several times. Each time he blushed, before inwardly cursing himself. Nothing will come of this. Severus simply didn't want to come here alone, and Alyssa and Remus were probably here before so they declined. That's all. Even with those thoughts, Sirius couldn't help but hope that he was wrong, and that Severus cared for him. That hope blossomed when Severus paid for the meal, without letting Sirius split the bill.

"I brought you out here," Severus said as they collected their coats, "So it's my treat."

Sirius smiled shyly, and took Severus's hand eagerly. It was only so he could apparate them to the skating rink, but Sirius noticed that Severus held his hand for a few seconds longer than necessary when they landed at their destination. Thoughts of romance flew away after Severus led him inside, letting him at one of the tables while he went to get their skates. It had been too long since he had last been skating, and he really missed it.

Soon Severus came back and they quickly hit the ice. It only took a few lessons from Sirius to get Severus skating like a pro, his natural grace helping him where he lacked experience.

"You're doing really well Sev," Sirius encouraged as they paused for a moment, watching the others skate and occasionally fall.

"How could I not, with such expert instruction," he replied with a smile, which widened at Sirius's blush.

He moved slightly closer, invading Sirius's space just a bit. The other man looks surprised but not unhappy, which gives Severus the courage to say what he's been thinking for several weeks.

"Sirius," he says, his voice suddenly hoarse and mouth suddenly dry.

"Yes Sev?" Sirius asked, striving, and failing, for his normal tone. He winces as he hears the slight squeak at the end.

"There is a reason behind my asking you to join me this evening," Severus said, looking into the grey eyes that have captivated him for so long, "And the reason is not as innocuous as you had probably assumed."

Sirius's eyes widened with surprise and hope flared brightly in his chest. Is he saying what I think he is?

Severus answered the unspoken question without words. He leaned in, tilting his head down slightly as Sirius tilted his up to meet his advance. Their lips met in a chaste kiss that quickly became more passionate, hands moving of their own volition. Sirius wrapped his arms around Severus's neck as Severus buried his in Sirius's hair.

Eventually, the need to air forced them to separate, and Severus smirked as he saw the amazement in his companion's eyes. Sirius's answering smile was blinding, and Severus wasted no time in drawing Sirius into another kiss.

Sirius, for his part, was in heaven. Severus wanted him! The man he wanted felt the same way! As Severus kissed him again, he had no way of knowing where this was going. They could go on a date, an official one this time, and realize that they're better as friends, but something in Sirius negates that impression. He wants this, more than he's wanted any of his previous relationships, and it appears that the same went for Severus. He didn't know where this was going, but he was going to enjoy the ride.