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I am bad. I am really bad. I am a bad girl. And I am not seducing someone now, I really am a horrible person. From my early childhood. I spilled milk on purpose, I 'accidentaly' broke a vase. Yeah, that's how I dealt with my mother's unstable relationship life. Then I got older and started living with one of my stepdads ( the closest to a real dad) , Ray. I wonder why he didn't send me back to my mother. I was rude, inpolite, my hobbies weren't singing or dancing, I got drunk with my high school friends every Friday night.

We all were bad. We shoplifted, we cheated, what's the way we were.

And now it is worse. We want something more. Something bigger. We want to get a lot of money and escape from here. Move somewhere, lay on the beach and do nothing. Just with a lot of money.

They have plan. There is a billionare who is single and who apparently likes girls who look kinda like me. This is going to be big, hard, but at the end... We will be drinking champagne on our own island.

„ So,he will be in Las Vegas this weekend. After his meeting he will head directly to his hotel room, you need to make him have some interest in you. Bring him to the bar, wherever you two drink and put this in his drink. He will be doing everything you want him to do in ten minutes after he drinks it. Then you have to act drunk and get you two married. There is a place where you can do it across the street. Make sure no prenup, of course. Spend the night with him, the next morning say goodbye before he asks what happened. And then, after two weeks you will meet him and tell him you got pregnant. He will have signed the contract then and he will be even richer which means your half from the divorce will be even bigger. So, what do you think about my plan? „ David asks and we all clap our hands. Brilliant. Challenging. Big.

„ Are you sure you will do everything rightly, Ana? „ Jason asks and everyone realizes that it is all in my hands. Will I? Of course I will!

„ You even dare to ask? „ I laugh and punch his arm. It will be easy.

„ Please fasten your seatbelts, we are about to land in Las Vegas in fifteen minutes. „ The flight-attendand says. Oh, this is the last time I fly in economic class. I look out of the window, in seven hours I will start doing what I have to do. And this time, it will be worth anything. The plan is just brilliant.

I have spent the whole day getting ready. I have my hair in sexy waves, my face looks like from a beauty magazine, I am wearing a sexy black mini dress that should make any guy crazy. Oh, there is a message from someone. I reach for my phone, oh, it is David.

This is Christian Grey. Don't miss him!

I open the picture. Hmm, he looks pretty good. He is tall, handsome. At least the dirty part should not be bad, I hope.

Sex – oh for so much money I am going to have sex with someone who is only a dew years older than me and looks good. Okay, he should be there in twenty minutes, I better go downstairs,what if his meeting ends earlier?

I walk to the lift and it takes me downstairs. I find a chair and sit down, my eyes on the front door.

German tourists , couples, chinese tourists... I will fall asleep. Wait, that's him! I stand up and walk to the same direction as him – lifts. Think, Anastasia, get his attention!

„ Oh my god! „ I say as we both stop at the lifts. „ Are you Christian Grey? „ I ask as I look at him.

„ Do I look like him? „ He laughs. I laugh at his joke and give him my hand to shake.

„ Anastasia Steele, honoured to meet you, Mr. Grey. „ He shakes my hand, yes!

„ It is nice to meet you too, Miss Steele. „ The door of the lift opens, shit!

„ I am sorry but would you like to accompany me for a drink? I mean, my friend told if I ever meet a celebrity I have not to let them go. „ I laugh. No, nobody said it to me. Please, please, please, agree. You won't regret it. Okay , you will, but please.

„ I wanted to ask you the same. „ He laughs and offers me his hand which I take in mine. Already eating from my hand.

We walk to the bar and sit in the corner. He orders us a bottle of wine.

„ What brings you here, Christian? „ I ask as I look into his eyes.

„ Business, and you? „ He asks as he fills our glasses.

What bring me here? Shall I tell him everything?

„ The same. „ I say and take the glass he is handing me.

„ To meeting a celebrity. „ I say as we cling our glasses. We both share a little laugh until his phone starts ringing.

„ Excuse me for a minute, please. „ He says and walks out of the bar. Everything happens to be perfect! I take out the drugs or whatever David has given me and quickly pour into Christian's glass, making sure no one notices. He gets back in a few minutes, oh the fun is about to start.

„ I am sorry, this one was important. „ He says and gets back to me. He takes his glass and takes a sip of his wine. Everything is just how it has to be.

„ You are such a beautiful woman, Anastasia. „ He says and I actually start to blush. I will have to sleep with him tonight, I will have to be married with him.

„ Thank you. You are pretty handsome, too. „ Yes, not lying.

The next fifteen minutes continue this way – complimenting each other, talking about some stupid things. But I finally see he is getting the effect. He keeps looking around and he starts talking as if he was drunk. I don't want him to get back to normal again, we need to get out of here.

„ Christian, „ I say, biting my lip. „ I want to get out of here. „

„ Anything, when you bite your lip like this. „ He say and stands up, taking my hand in his. Oh, he locks his long fingers with mine and we walk out of the restaurant.

„ Let's go to my room.. „ He says and kisses my hair as we walk back to the lifts. No, we don't need lifts!

„ I want to get out before. „ I say and lead him out , in the fresh air. He somehow follows me without falling on the ground. Shit, whad did David make me give him? I hope he won't die from these drugs.

„ Enough of fresh airr? „ He mutters but I make us walk to the place where we are going to get married.

„ Where are we going? „ He asks. Oh, you will see honey.

„ Just somewhere.. „ I say and lead us in. He really doesn't understand a single thing he is doing. I release his hand and walk to the man at the reception who is doing something on his phone .

„ What do we need to get married? „

„ Long wedding or drunk Las Vegas wedding? „

„ The second option. „ I laugh.

„ Something that confirms your identity, pay the price for the wedding and the chapel is free. „ The man says and I walk back to Christian.

„ Christian, can I have your wallet? „ I ask, biting my lip since he likes it.

„ Are we going to bed then? „ He asks and leans down to kiss me but I stop him.

„ Before that we will need to say yes together, okay? „

„ Why? „ He asks.

„ To go to bed. „ I take his wallet and go back to the man. I find driver's licence that confirms Christian's identity and give him mine too. Very soon he prints out the papers we will have to sign. No prenup, of course. I give him the money.

" You are free to go in as soon as the wedding music starts. „ He says and leaves us, giving me a veil before he goes. Oh, this will be a bit romantic wedding too, I laugh in my mind.

I walk back to Christian and take his hand.

„ We will go in there when the music starts, okay? „ I ask and he nods, completely not understanding what he is doing.

„ Whatever you want, babyy. „ He gives my neck some slappy kisses and I hear the music.

„ Let's go! „ I say and lead us in the improved chapel.

We walk down the aisle, to the same guy who was at the reception. He smells like alcohol.

„ So, we are here to – „

„ Dude, can you make this faster? She told me we would go to bed when this is over.. „ Christian says and the man looks at me. Actually, faster is better.

„ As fast as you can, please. „ I say to the guy and he takes two rings from his pocket.

„ Anastasia Grey, shit, Anastasia Steele, do you take Christian grey as your loved, blah,blah,blah husband? „

„ Yes. „

„ Christian Grey, will you just love Anastasia? „

„ Say yes, baby. „ I whisper to Christian.

„ Yes! „ He exclaims. Gosh, this is so easy!

„ I now pronounce you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride now, if you want something else here, we have rooms for extra price. „ The man says but I shake my hand.

Christian gives me a kiss on my lips. Mmmm, the kiss is actually pretty sweet.

„ There are your rings. „ I take the rings and put the largest on Christian's wedding finger, the other one on mine. So, the so called hardest part is over!

„ Thank you! I think we will go. „ I tell the man and take Christian's hand and we walk out of this smelly place.

God, I am married . Married to Christian Grey, actually.

We get back to the hotel and we go to the lifts.

„ Finally to my room? „ He asks and wraps his arm around me.

„ Finally to your room. „ I say and give him a kiss on his lips. He deserves it. And I like kissing him , he is such a good kisser.

We walk into a lift and we need to press a button.

„ Which floor? „ I ask and he shakes his hand. Okay, I have a problem.

Problem solved!

„ Give me your key. „ He searches for a key in his pockets and finally finds it, he hands it to me.

We stop at our floor and I lead us to his room. As soon as the door is unlocked , he pushes me inside, giving me kisses. Oh, he is very horny. I guess he deserves at least some sex for what he is going to give me.

I respond to his kisses, mm, I really like kissing him!

He hands travel up and down my body, he searches for a zipper of my dress.

He found it, and unzips my dress, taking it off of my body. His big hands cup my ass, shit, he turns me on. He is hot, and sexy. I want to undress him ,too. I take off his jacked and start unbuttoning his shirt. I take it off and then my hands make their way to his pants. I unhook and unzip them. He lets them fall on the floor, and steps out of them.

Fuck, he is huge in his boxers. I will really enjoy this part of our plan, I think.

His huge boner has turned me on so much , I jump on him. He wraps his arms around me and walks us to the bed. On the way, he unhooks my bra and I let it fall on the floor with the rest of our clothes. He puts me on the bed and leaves soft kisses down on my neck, my chest, he cups my breasts with his hands and kisses them, he twirls his tongue around my nipples.

„ Ohh... „ I moan as he bites one of them.

„ You're so sexy.. „ He says as he licks his way down on my body , he stops at my panties, which he takes off.

„ You. Are. So. Wet. „ He slides two fingers into me, oh God, he could make me come like this. I want him ,I need him.

I change our position so I am on top, with his help, I roll his boxers down, they reveal his hard erection.

I need him , I need him so bad.

I can't resist any longer, I slowly sit on him, making him fill me. Oh. My. God.

„ Ohh.. „ I groan as he starts moving, I place my lips on his, giving him a hot kiss, my hands touch his chest, and he suddenly changes the position back to him on top.

„ Mmmhh. „ He moans in my mouth as he starts moving faster. In and out, in and out, I feel myself getting closer to the edge.

„ Ohh, baby, I am so close. „ He moans in my ear and I don't even have strenght to respond with the same. He slams into me a few more times and I let it go, I feel him finding his release, too.

He wraps his arms around me and whispers in my ear.

„ Amazing, baby.. „ He says and closes his eyes.

„ Amazing.. „ I repeat and close my eyes, too. That was really amazing, I have to say.

I fall asleep in his arms, at least our wedding night is kinda like real.

The sunlight spreads through the window and I open my eyes. It is the morning. Now I need to collect my things and leave as soon as possible. I carefully get out of the bed and find my panties, I get the rest of my clothes and put them on.

I leave his room and get to mine.

„ I did it! „ I exclaim as I am in. I take my phone and call David.

„ Ana, how did it go? „ He asks.

„ Well, you are talking to Anastasia Grey right now. „ I laugh. Not for a long time.

„ Everything went well? „

„ Of course! What now? „

„ You have your flight back to Seattle in two hours. See you later , Anastasia Grey! „