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"Mrs. Grey." Christian repeated as he held Anastasia in his arms after making love to her on their wedding night.

Just a few months after getting back together they had taken a little vacation for themselves to a very quiet yet exclusive island where they got married again, their only guests a waitress and barman from the hotel as their witnesses.

"Mr. Grey. Husband."


"Do you know that soon we will be called mom and dad?" Ana asked as she smiled at her husband.

"Speaking about that..." Christian started. "I know Ted is just a half year old and maybe I am crazy, but, how about we try for another baby? I would love to be here for the whole pregnancy and be able to kiss your pregnant belly, to feel our baby moving in you."

"Well, then there is something I have to tell you, too." Ana said as she took his hand in her and led it to her belly.

"I kinda forgot a shot last month."

She couldn't have imagined better reaction to her news. "Are you pregnant?" Christian asked as he hovered over her and kissed her.

"If the five tests I took are right, then yes – I am pregnant," Ana said as she wrapped her arms around her husband, giving him a kiss.

"I love you so much, Anastasia."

"And I love you, father of two."

And as they were up for another round of lovemaking, something disturbed them.

And they both sighed as they put on some clothes and went to their son who had woken up from his nap.

Life couldn't be better, Christian thought as he watched Anastasia breastfeed their son , also knowing they were already going to have another baby.

And Ana like the happiest woman on this earth as she felt Christian's arms around her as she put their son back to sleep.

She smiled as Christian's hands got under the dress she had put on, knowing what exactly it meant.

And her smile grew even brighter as his hands stopped at her belly, caressing it.

She could picture her life in the next year…next five years…no matter how much she loved her Grey men, she secretly hoped this baby, that this baby would be a girl. Most likely, daddy's girl if it happened the way Ana thought.

But she didn't care about it – what was important was that the baby would be loved, well taken care of. Provided for. He or she would have a brother. Two loving parents.

But she didn't have to worry about it when Christian spun her around and leaned down to kiss her.

She knew that everything would be perfect.

No more lies. No more drama.

Just she, Christian, and their children.

And, of course, love. Lots of it.