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Anastasia's POV

Great! How I love those calls from Amanda' s school. Those teachers who think they rule the world. I think I pay them enough to solve those little problems my child does at school. So she doesn't like this boy, I don't like many people , too. Okay, I don't destroy their toys but still.. And what did that teacher mean when she said 'Don't be late!' Who is she to tell me when I should be in time? I am a businesswoman, a single mom, it is not easy to do everything and be punctual. I am five minutes late and I pull my car in the driveway of the best school in Seattle. So it should be.

As I have parked my car I walk in the school and ask the old lady where do I have to go. She leads me to Amanda's class. I knock on the door before I open it.

„ Oh, we thought you wouldn't come. „ Her teacher stands up and walks up to me.

„ I am sorry, I had a meeting. „ I say , and Sharon, the teacher who hates me, walks away from me, back to her chair. As she sits down , I walk in.

„ I am sorry I had to make you wait. „ I tell the man that is sitting in front of Sharon's desk.

„ It is okay. „ He says.

„ See, Anastasia, this is Jonathan's dad, Christian Grey. „ Christian Grey, oh, I've heard this somewhere. In some business magazine, I think.

„ Mr. Grey, this is Anastasia Steele, her mother. „ First, why she calls him Mister and me in my name? And he is Jonathan's dad, but I am her mother? Why this stupid teacher hates me so much?

„ Let's talk about the problem. „ Mr. Grey says. Exactly! Tell me where is the problem so I can tell Amanda not to do it anymore and let us go home.

„ Well, Amanda has been acting very bad recently. And especially she shows her antipathies to Jonathan. I am sorry to say, Mr, Grey, but she has been calling your son in such bad words and she keeps taking away his pencils and she plays with his toys without his permission.

I want to laugh – that's the reason to bring us here? Couldn't she just have called me?

„ Look, I am very sorry, Mr. Grey , „ you should hear my sarcastic voice when I say 'Mr. Grey ' " I promise I will talk to my daughter and make her stop affecting your son like this. „

„ Well, I am afraid it won't be possible. School's psychologist has her own opinion. I am sorry, Mr. Grey, but that's the best for both kids. You two need to take your children to some play dates together. And when you see your daughter doing bad things to Jonathan, you have to tell her immediately to stop. So she can stop it right then . And Mr. Grey has to tell her how to behavior, too. It would be perfect if you did this twice a week. „

Play dates? Who invented this? I don't have time for play dates!

„ Can't his nanny attned those playdates? „ Mr. Grey asks. Yes, exactly! Like her nanny couldn't tell her not to take that boy's toys.

„ I am sorry, but it would be more effective if both parents were there . „


„ If you understand everything you can go and take your kids. „

„ I think I will follow your instructions. „ I laugh. Oops, I really just laughed at Amanda's teacher. But really – who she is to tell me what to do? I stand up and walk out of the class, followed by Mr. Grey.

As I am in the corridor, I hear my daughter's voice.

„ Mommy! „ She yells and runs to me,jumping in my arms. God, she gets big, she gets heavier.

„ How was your day, sweetie? „ I ask as I put her down.

„ Mine was good, and yours mommy? „ My cute daughter asks me as she is standing on her feet again. I am about to tell her everything but I glance at a little boy who is walking with that Christian.

„ Good, too. Just got some bad news from your teacher honey. „ I say and glance at them again. They are getting closer to us. As they have almost reached us , Amanda shows that boy her tongue. This must be what Sharon had talked about.

„ Amanda Steele, don't ever do that again! „ I say to my daughter. And I hope this will be the last time she does it.

„ I am sorry, I promise I will make her like your son. „ I say to Mr. Grey.

„ Well, I understand children are hard to control these days. „ He says and gives me his hand to shake. „ Christian Grey. „ He says as we shake our hands.

„ Anastasia Steele. „ I give him a slight smile. We release our hands and a silence fulfills the corridor.

„ You know, you don't have to attend those play dates, really, it must be my fault . „ I say to break the silence between us.

„ It is okay, I guess the psychologist must know what's the best. „ He says and his kid steals his attention.

„ Daddy, can we get something to eat? „ The little boy asks and Christian turns to me and Amanda.

„ Would you two like to accompany us? „ He asks . Oh, the very first play date, I guess. Well, I am free today and Amanda must be starving, too.

„ What do you think, Amanda? Would you like to accompany Christian and Jonathan? „

I kneel down and ask my daughter.

„ Jonathan sucks. „ I hadn't expected this.

„ Amanda, don't ever speak that of Jonathan! Look at how cute little boy he is ! „ I tell my daughter, and I can see the little boy hiding besides his father. I actually feel sorry for him, I know Amanda can be rude.

„ What do we tell Jonathan? „ I whisper in my daughter's ear, adding she won't have any desert if she doesn't apologise.

„ I am sorry, Jonathan. „ She says. See – it is easy! We actually don't even need play dates!

„ So, ready to go? „ Christian asks as he takes Jonathan's hand.

„ Sure! Where are we going? „ I ask as I take my daughter's hand, too.

„ Can we go to McDonald' s? „ Amanda asks. Oh, I should have never showed her fast food.

„ Daddy, I want McDonald' s, too! „ The little boy looks at his dad with puppy eyes, it makes me smile.

„ Meet you at McDonalds that's on this road in seven minutes? „ Christian asks as his son has convinced him.

„ Maybe even in six. „ I laugh as we walk to the exit. Christian opens the door and lets us out first. „ See you very soon! „ I yell before I walk to my car with Amanda. We get in and I start driving.

„ Mommy, why are Jonathan and that man joining us? „ Amanda asks me . Oh , honey, that is only your fault.

„ Well, that man is Jonathan's father, Christian. And you , Jonathan, me and his dad will have a few play dates together to stop you from behaving bad against Jonathan. „ I hear my daughter sigh heavily.

„ I don't want play dates with him. „

„ You won't have any when I will see you acting nice around him. „ I say and look at my daughter who is very disappointed.

„ But I don't like him! „

„ Honey, mommy doesn't like many people too, but she doesn't do bad things to them. „ I say and stop the car as we have arrived at McDonald' s. I see an Audi R8 park two spaces next to me, Christian and his son getting out of it.

„ Let's go! „ I say , and as we get out, the men are walking towards us.

„ Let's get in, I am starving , dad! „ Jonathan yells after Christian, it makes me laugh actually. He is such a cute little boy, if I was seven , I would be in love with him already. He looks like a copy of his dad, if I have to be honest. Cooper haired, gray eyes, they both are handsome. Maybe my daughter will fall in love during these dates.

„ Are you going , too? „ Christian suddenly brings me back to world.

„ Oh, of course! „ I laugh and follow the kids in the fast food restaurant. They are already ordering, they seem to get along right now.

„ Anything else? „ The girl asks as we have reached them.

„ I will have a black coffee and that chocolate muffin. „ I say and search for my wallet in my bag but Christian is already giving her his card.

„ The same for me. „ He says. Fuck, why did he pay for us?

„ I will pay you back. „ I say as I've finally found my wallet. Of course, I have no cash.

„ Don't worry about this. „ He laughs.

„ The next time is on me. „ I strictly say. Yes, no arguing. He takes a plate full of food and we make our way to the second floor where are only a few people. We sit down in a corner and the kids are already starting their food.

„ Looks like someone's hungry.. „ I laugh as I look at Christian. He starts laughing , too, as Jonathan has his mouth full of fries.

„ Mommy, you have to taste this. „ Amanda gives me her burger and I take a bite of it.

„ Mmm, very tasty, honey. „ I say and steal a few fries from her before I take my coffee and muffin.

„ So, what do you do, Anastasia? „ Christian asks as the children are too busy with eating and playing with their toys from their Happy Meals.

„ I own a publishing company. That's what I like and it is enough for living, too, so yeah.. And you ? „

„ I am a businessman, I own some companies , too. „ Shit! I just remembered him! There was something written about the huge amount of money he gave to charity last year.

„ Wait, is that you who donated one billion dollars last year to the poor people in Africa? „ I ask.

„ Yes, daddy is very rich! „ His son says with a full mouth.

„ I like to do good things with my money. „

„ Well, you kinda inspired us , too. We gave some money to a zoo that needed to be renovated. That was Amanda's idea, actually. „ I proudly say.

„ That's cool! „ Jonathan adds. Oh, is my daughter smiling? Maybe she is falling in love finally with him?

„ Dad, can Gail make me burgers? „ Jonathan asks his dad.

Gail must be his wife. Or girlfriend. Shit, what will she think about these play dates?

„ I am sorry I am keeping you from your girlfriend or wife. „ I say and they laugh.

„ Gail is not daddy's girlfriend! He is single ! „ The boy tells me and I start blushing.

„ I am sorry, I just thought.. „ I say laughing, too.

„ No, I should be the one who apologises, I must be keeping you from your husband or boyfriend . „ He says and my daughter is answering before me.

„ You are not, mommy is alone. Kate says that's because no man will want her if she doesn't wear dresses that show her boobies. „

I love my daughter but sometimes I want her to stay quiet.

My cheeks are getting pinker and pinker.

„ Kate also says I shouldn't buy you ice cream anymore. „ I say, looking at my daughter.

„ But Kate said it is for your own good, she said you won't last much longer without sex. What is sex, mommy? „

Can someone kill me?

And why is he smirking?

„ Let's not talk about what Kate said, okay? „ Amanda nods.

„ What is sex, daddy? „ Oh, my daughter has made Christian's son ask this question, too.

„ It is when a man and a woman like each other, they can have sex. „ Christian tries to explain the kids. Why is this so awkward?

„ So, are you finished? „ I ask , turning to both kids. I want to go home and have a glass of wine. Or a bottle of wine.

„ Yes, it was very tasty, mommy. „ Amanda says as she finishes her Coke.

„ Can we go home, daddy? I want to play with my lego. „ Jonathan says , and Christian gives me a smile before we all stand up.

I check if Amanda hasn't forgotten anything and I follow Christian and his son out of the cafe.

Christian' s POV

I open the door again for the girls. Anastasia is such a beautiful woman and her daughter doesn't seem as bad as that teacher had told me. Okay, she doesn't like my son but it didn't seem that bad at all. She is such a cute little girl, I think.

We walk to the parking lot , and as we have reached Anastasia's car, we stop.

„ I had a good time. „ Anastasia says and smiles at us. Oh, my little man better not get enchanted by her beautiful smile.

„ Me too. „ I say and give her my business card. I want to do these play dates.

„ Thank you, when do you want me to call you? „ She asks. Hmm, whenever. Okay, I have to think a real answer.

„ How about Sunday? You two can visit us at our apartment.. The children can play .. „ I say and I think Anastasia is okay with this idea, at least the smile on her face speaks so.

„ Sounds good, thank you for today. „ Anastasia says .

„ Just my pleasure. „ I say and wave goodbye to the girls as we start walking to our cars.

I actually can't wait till Sunday.