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I smile as I read Christian's text.

Saw me dropping my kid at the school?

I hit the send button and get myself back to work.

Maybe. Anyway, I can't wait for our date tonight.

Oh, me too.. This is going to be our third date. We went out last Sunday for an amazing lunch but this time.. This time I think we might end up not saying goodbyes to each other after the meal.


I just send him the wink, again concentrating to work.

The working hours pass and I realise it is already three p.m. which means I have to take Amanda from school.

I am on my way when my phone starts ringing.

„ Christian.. „ I say as I answer the call. What would he want?

„ Ana, look I have a problem. „


„ What problem, Mr. Grey? „

„ I need to fly to Portland for business which means I won't be able to make it tonight. I will get back in the late evening, I am very sorry . „ Though it is sad, I totally understand him.

„ Don't worry, I guess I will spend the evening with my daughter then. „

„ Fuck, I have to call Jon's nanny. Ugh, you see – I hadn't planned this day to turn like this. „

„ Hey, you don't have to call a nanny. I can take him with Amanda, I guess she will be pretty sad since she is not going to see her funny aunt Kate tonight. „ I suggest as he mentions the nanny.

„ Are you sure it won't be too hard for you? He can get pretty annoying sometimes. „ I laugh at Christian's words.

„ I think I will teach him how to behave. „ I try to say in a deep voice.

„ You will. Look, I will call you when I land okay? I hope it is no problem I will take him so late. „

„ No problem at all. „ I say and pull in the school's driveway.

„ Thank you, see you in the evening. „

We hang up and I walk in the school , to Amanda's class. The other moms are here, already waiting for their kids . They all stare at me as I stand, leaning against a wall and wait for Amanda and Jonathan to finish the lesson. All the mothers stare at me as if I was from another planet.

Yes , they have marriages, they don't know what business is. But I like my life. And who knows if it will stay the way it is.

The door of the class opens and the children run to their parents. Finally my daughter is out of the class, and Jon is with her. I really don't understand why they had problem with each other. Now they seem to be like best friends.

„ Mommy! „ Amanda runs to me and jumps in my arms.

„ Oh, such a long day, isn't it sweetie? „

„ Yeah, but I had so much fun. „ I put her on the ground and take her hand. I need to take Jonathan.

„ Hello Miss Steele. „ Jonathan says as we get to him.

„ You know you can call me Ana or Anastasia. „ I smile at the little boy.

„ Do you know where is dad? „ He asks, looking at the ground. He looks kinda sad as everyone else has left but Christian is not here .

„ Dad is flying to Portland today but he said you could join me and Amanda. How does this sound? „ I kneel down at the boy and ask. A smile appears on both his and Amanda's faces.

„ Really? „

„ Of course, let's go. „ I say and take both children's hands and start walking to the exit.

„ Anastasia, can you explain me this? „

Oh sweeet God, not her. I turn around and face Amanda's class teacher.

„ What do you want me to explain? „

„ I thought you only had one child. „ She says and points to Jonathan.

„ Christian asked me to take Jon today. „ I say but don't even understand why am I telling her this.

„ I don't think it is possible. We are in charge of Jonathan until his dad or nanny comes to take him . „

It is enough. I take a few steps in the teacher's direction.

„ Look, I think we both know I am not going to kidnap Jonathan or do anything bad. If you still want to make sure, call his father and ask this himself. „ I say this in a voice that even scares her.

„ Next time you will be able to do this only if Mr. Grey will have warned us. „ She says but I loudly laugh and leave the schoold with both children.

„ So, are you two hungry? „ I ask as we step in our apartment.

„ Yes, mom . Make something tasty. „ Amanda is the first to speak and I know Jon must be hungry too.

„ What would you like to eat, Jonathan? „ I ask the little boy and go to the kitchen.

„ I don't know, I like when Gail makes mac and cheese. „

„ Mac and cheese it is . „ I smile at the children and start preparing the food as they have already left to go play with Amanda's toys.

I serve the food on the table and hope it will be as good as always. Somehow I need to impress this little boy to impress his father.

„ Amanda! Jon! „ I yell and in a few seconds they both run in the kitchen and they are at the table.

„ Hope you like it. „ I say as we start eating. No, it is good actually.

„ Very tasty , Anastasia. „ I smile at Jonathan's words.

„ I am glad you like. What would you like to do after we eat? „ I ask the kids.

„ Can we watch the new Disney movie? „ I can't say no when Amanda makes this face.

„ The new Disney movie sounds great, right? „ I look at Jonathan who nods, I guess it means he is okay with the movie.

We finish the meal and I tell them to get comfy on the couch while I prepare some snacks for the movie. I pour some jelly sweets in a bown and get back to the children. I take the movie we bought yesterday and put it in the Blu Ray player.

„ Can I have some place, too? „ I laugh and the kids let me sit between them on the couch.

„ Yay! The movie! „ Amanda exclaims and curls to my side as I press the play button.

I don't actually think about the movie but the fact that I am spending this evening with my daughter and such an amazing young boy whose father.. Whose father I like. I know I always fall for guys so easily but that's me. Probably that's the reason I always am the one who is heartbroken but this time.

Stop, Ana. You always think that this might be the one time it could really work out.

But maybe this time..

The movie is finished and it is already the time they could go to bed. Go to bed, ummm. Christian said he would call me when he is back in Seattle so I guess I should get him ready for the bed.

„ Do you want something before we go to the bed? „ I ask the kids who are talking abou the movie.

„ We don't wanna go to the bed. „ Amanda puts but I just kiss her lovely nose and shake my head.

„ You both have school tomorrow, maybe you want a glass of milk before we go to sleep? „ The children follow me to the kitchen and I warm up the milk and give them a few cookies.

„ Jon, I am afraid we don't have any clothes here for you but I hope you will be okay with one of my tee shirts. „

„ Of course, thank you. „ He gives me a smile and I pour the milk in the mugs as it is warm enought but not too hot.

„ We will also get you a toothbrush and you will be sleeping at the guest bedroom , okay? If we had known sooner we would have set Amanda's room up for a sleepover but unfortunately we got to know only today. „ I explain as the kids drink their milk and eat the cookies.

„ Thank you very much , Anastasia. „ Jonathan says as he finishes.

„ You are welcome. Amanda, get ready for the bed, I will show Jon around. „ I say and lead Jonathan to the living room . „ My room is over there if you need anything, I guess Amanda has already showed you where her room is. „ I laugh but still point at the pink door. „ And there is the guest room. „ I say and we walk in the white bedroom where he is going to spend the night. Okay, not the night, just a few hours until Christian arrives.

„ Wait here, I will get you one of my tee shirts, okay? „ As he nods I get out of the room and quickly walk to mine. I walk in the closet and take a black tee shirt I usually wear to the gym but thanks God it is clean.

„ Here. „ I say as I get back to Jonathan.

„ Thank you. „ He says.

„ And there must be clean towels and a toothbrush. „ I say and give this boy a smile. „ And remember, if you need anything , you know where my room is. „ I say and finally leave him after saying goodnight for the final time.

I clean the dishes and wish sweet dreams to Amanda too.

It is already ten p. m. And I start to think where Christian is.

„ Oh, stop. „ I say to myself and take a book. I can't think of him all the time!

As I ' ve read about twenty pages , my phone starts ringing.

„ Hey, you still awake? „ Christian asks me. Of course I am!

„ Yes. „ I say. „ Are you in Seattle? „

„ Yeah, just landed. I am on my way to your apartment, okay? „

„ See you soon. „ I laugh and quickly look around the flat as we hang up. I check if everything's in place since he is going to be here.

I go to my bedroom and change into a satin nightgown and a robe. I want him to think I am like I am every night.

I look one more time in the mirror as my doorbell rings.

„ Hello. „ I say as I open the door.

„ Ana, wow , you look amazing. „ He says, still looking at me.

„ Come in. „ I laugh and lead him in the apartment. „ Want a drink? „ I ask and walk to the kitchen area.

„ Would be great. „ He laughs as I fill two glasses with whiskey. I guess this could be the right drink for such a long day.

„ Thank you. „ He says and we sit down . We look in each other's eyes and he smirks.

„ What's so funny? „ I ask.

„ Thank you for today and sorry for the date that didn't happen. „

„ Well you can at least kiss me. „ I smile and it seems he doesn't have to be asked twice. He moves his body closer to mine and presses his lips against mine.

I moan into his mouth as his hands land on my back.

This is somehow so hot. Him in his suit and me in this silk nightgown.

He covers over me so we are in a horizontal position on this couch.

„ How is Jon? „ He asks me between our hot kisses.

„ Asleep in the guest room. „ I say and then I start thinking.. They could stay here.

„ Oh.. „ He sighs and gives my neck a few kisses.

„ You know, you could stay here. „ I let the words slip out of my mouth. Yes, I want him, and I want him tonight. I got myself waxed, I was prepared for this night. My body is screaming for him.

„ Only if you insist.. „ He smirks, and his hands travel down to my ass, he cups it through the silk of my nightgown.

I suddenly pull away.

„ Let's go to my bedroom. „ I say and lead him to my room, I close the door after we get in , and our night can start.

He pushes me against the door and our hands start making their way under each other's clothes. I pull his jacket off of his shoulders and start unbuttoning his shirt.

„ You are so hot.. „ He moans again the skin of my neck as he has undressed me from my robe. His hands are under the nightgown, of course.

„ Christian.. „ I groan as his hand makes its way in my panties, as his palm explores my wetness.

„ So wet. „ He smirks and kisses my lips.

„ Only for you. „ I laugh and let him carry me to my bed .

And very soon we are both pressing our naked bodies together, moaning each others names, kissing each other, finding our release..

„ Sleep well. „ He says as I lie in his arms after the second round of the best sex I have ever had.

„ You too. „ I say and fall asleep.

Christian's POV

„ Mommy! „ I am waken up from Amanda's voice. Fuck, I immediately cover Anastasia' s naked breasts before someone gets in the room.

„ Daddy! „ And then both the kids run in the room. It seems Ana is up, too.

„ Why are you naked? „ I look at Anastasia who is looking at me now too. I don't know how to answer Amanda's question. I guess the very first sex with a woman without thinking about my past and all that stuff is not the right explanation.

„ It was hot. „ I almost laugh at Ana's response.

„ Yes, that's why we slept ... naked. „ I add.

„ Daddy, I should start getting ready to the school. „ Oh, shit. What time it is?

„ Maybe you can eat cornflakes with Jon while we get ready? „ Ana suggests and the kids are out of the room.

„ Good morning. „ She says, smiling at me .

„ Good you too. „ I say and get out of the bed to take my boxers , I pull them on.

„ Oh, we have like ten minutes. „ She laughs as she looks at the clock. She quickly walks in her closet and puts on some underwear and a white dress that shows her perfect body.

I find my clothing and get dressed too.

„ Ready? „ She asks, looking stunning. How does she get it? I thought women needed hours to get ready.

„ Ready. „ I say and we get out of the room. Our children are already waiting at the door.

„ Wow, already packed your bag? „ She asks Amanda before takes her bag.

„ Mommy, we have to head out. Teacher will be angry if we are late. „

„ Okay, okay. „ We get out of her apartment and I take my little man's hand.

„ Can you take us to the school? I got here with a taxi yesterday. „ Yeah, kinda didn't want to interrupt my security team at the night. I told Taylor to get home while I got here.

„ Of course. „ She gives me a smile and we all get in her car. It is a comfortable Lexus, she is a very elegant woman.

In ten minutes we pull in the school's driveway.

„ We are late, can you come with us? „ Amanda asks, she seems to be worried.

„ We can. „ I say and we all get out of the car. The kids get in the school before us and I open the door for Anastasia.

„ Thank you. „ She shyly smiles. How I like her face. Especially when she is smiling.

„ The class is open! Bye! „ The kids yell before running to the class, knowing the teacher hasn't arrived yet. We just stand in the hallway and laugh at the kids and my arm somehow finds its place wrapped around Anastasia's waist.

She gives me a flirtageous but questioning look, and I answer her with a soft peck on the lips.

We decide to have a breakfast together.

And I like her even more.

I think I am sick.

With a disease called 'falling in love' .