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It was Christmas time. The first Christmas since Pitch Black had tried to douse the lights of belief belonging to children scattered across the globe. This was the first holiday season since nearly all the children had forgotten their belief. Some of the lights that had gone out still remained out. Most had returned, but some shined more faintly and flickered in a dangerous sort of way.

The guardians had been working to increase the number of lights back to what it was before the battle, Sandy giving the children out of the ordinary dreams, Tooth leaving extra gifts for teeth, and Jack spreading winter joy to the lands. Despite all these efforts, the huge blow to faith was not completely restored.

If they wanted the full belief of the children, the guardians knew that they had to make this Christmas big. Even though Pitch was defeated, and his plot thwarted, it couldn't be said he had gone down without leaving damage behind. And what a better damage control than Christmas?

North had been planning ever since the fall of Pitch a way to make Christmas special. His plan mainly focussed on giving children all over the world double the presents he usually supplied, even granting them to naughty children, however they would receive considerably less. Yetis had been working overtime to stock the presents for the children in preparation for the holiday. This would be a Christmas not to forget.

A meeting had been held to discuss these matters months before, one which all the guardians had attended, including Jack, who had surprisingly taken his role as guardian better than any of them had expected. He had slid right into place with the children, and was overall, a pleasant "coworker" to put it in a frank way. He greeted the guardians pleasantly when they crossed paths and seemed to please the kids he played with.

He was a bit more distant than the others would like, however. Bunny usually brushed it off saying "That frosty whacker just thinks he's better than us," But deep down they all knew Jack was still wary of their friendship. After all they hadn't given him much reason to trust them after 300 years of rejection. They were all still guilty about that.

North woke that Christmas eve morning with a bright outlook on life. Only a day until Christmas. The day the lights on the globe would explode in bright glowing faith.

North dressed in a brisk manner, shooing the elves that rushed around under boot, eventually making his way down to the globe room where a few yetis waited for him.

"This is it Phil! Big day!" North said with gusto. "It is time to summon the Guardians!" With that North pulled the huge switch which caused the northern lights to burst into the sky. Now all he had to do was wait for his temporary apprentices to arrive.

It was only about 5 minutes before a door to the lower level of the Globe room burst open revealing a shivering Bunnymund who made his way up to the main floor where North stood waiting.

"It's bloody freezing out there! Every time I come my paws just about fall off! Ya happy about that jolly man?" Bunny hopped to the fire and rubbed his feet fervently trying to get some blood into the frozen appendages.

"Ah Bunny! You must not be bitter. Tis Christmas Eve after all!" North said bringing a rough but friendly pat onto the unexpecting Bunny who nearly toppled over seeing as he was balancing on one foot. "Watch it Cringle" Bunny said regaining his balance.

Tooth was the next to flutter in through the same door as Bunny, fluttering up to join the two guardians, a small flock of mini fairies following in her wake. "North! Bunny! Merry Christmas Eve!" Tooth said brightly giving each of them a quick hug before zipping across the room to look at the globe.

"The lights still look a bit dull but oh how they'll shine tomorrow morning!" Tooth exclaimed to her fairies who nodded and chittered excitedly. "North, this is big! We are going to get our believers back!" Tooth was so excited she couldn't hold still and proceeded to fluttering all about.

Bunny smirked at the hyperactive Tooth fairy. Sometimes she was too much but it was mostly entertaining to watch her restless energy. Bunny pulled an egg out of the pouch he wore across his chest and began designing the white blank shell.

"See Bunny! What I tell you every year? Christmas is more important than Easter!" Bunny's nose twitched at the comment, the pad of his paw slipping slightly, smearing the design on the egg he was currently painting. "Ha. Ya right mate. If it was Easter time, those little ankle-biters wouldn't be able to step a foot without finding an egg. Their hope would be restored and then sum" Bunny said smugly.

"Ahh but the wonder! That is what's important!" The Russian man said with conviction Bunny's eyes narrowed "Aye mate, do ya really want to get into this now"

"Hey come on now guys it's Christmas Eve! We can't have these silly little arguments now. It's a time for family and the children!" Tooth said with enthusiasm, but a harsh enough tone to let the two guardians know she wouldn't put up with the senseless bickering.

"We should listen to Tooth, besides we all know Christmas more important" Bunny opened his mouth for a retort but closed it in frustration as Tooth shot him a warning glare, about 5 little fairies floating around her head imitating her stern look.

Just at that moment Sandy floated in through an open window, a cloud of golden sand swirling beneath his feet before he dropped off to hover a few inches above the wooden floor. "Sandy!" Tooth greeted, smiling enthusiastically, her wings beating a mile a minute. Her little fairies followed and fluttered around the the short man who smiled at their unfaltering affection.

Still in a bad mood from the Christmas vs. Easter argument Bunny growled, taking out his frustration "Well where's that trouble making little freeze pop. I swear if that whaker is a no show he's gonna hear from me,"

"Relax Kangaroo" Jack's voice floated down from the open window Sandy had just appeared through. "Jack!" Tooth greeted cheerily, her mini fairies sighing in admiration at his flashy white grin. Sandy smiled warmly at Jack, symbols of welcome flashing above his head. "Ah Jack! There's my snow spirit!" North greeted.

Jack stepped into the workshop, his staff slung over his left shoulder casually. He was holding a Santa shaped cookie that had its head bitten off. Apparently he had taken a pit stop at the kitchens before floating up to the main room. He made his way over to stand by the four guardians "Of course I'm here! I wouldn't miss this in the world! Front row view of North on the job. I've always wondered how he does it." North beamed at Jack who really was full of curiosity about the matter. Jack took another bite from his cookie before smirking realizing the chance to harass the Easter Spirit, "Besides, Christmas is the most important holiday, right?"

"Ah ha! I like this boy!" North shouted clapping Jack on the back, nearly causing him to choke on his last bite of cookie. The two snickered while Bunny scowled.

"Laugh it up ya bloody wombats"

"Okay okay! That's enough," Tooth was even giggling at Bunny's furious glare towards North and Jack who had rudely ganged up on him. "It's still early now but if we don't get moving this work is going to pile up quick!" Tooth fluttered all over during her explanation, going into tooth gathering mode. She knew how to get work done, and with her hyperactive attitude she would make sure to keep the other guardians in line, just as she did with her fairies.

"Tooth is right!" North boomed holding up his arms, addressing all the guardians. "It is time to get started! Tis only morning now but night will soon fall and there is still organizing to do! To the delivery room!" Tooth and Sandy both looked excited while Bunny rolled his eyes, still bitter about before.

"Delivery room?" Jack questions his face in complete confusion "What is this some kind of post office?"

"Ohhh I forgot Jack, this is your first Christmas on the inside," Tooth said looking a little guilty at the realization. It was hard to avoid the awkward time gap every single guardian was aware of. Jack had been an outsider until only recently. Of course he would have no idea. "You'll see when we get there, it's really quite amazing! You'll love it!" The mini fairies surrounding Tooth nodded in agreement chirping away in their weird little language.

"Not as amazing as my eggs and tunnels ah course," Bunny added as they all began walking downwards toward the basement where the "delivery room" was located. Sandman rolled his eyes. This age old argument was never going to die out. It had even deeper roots than the argument between Bunny and Jack about snow on Easter. However, Sandy didn't mind the entertainment from the harmless bickering. He figured it was simply a good show. He could see Jack felt the same way, the two sharing a look of amusement as North laughed at Bunny's most recent comment.

North led them through a long wide room big enough to host a royal ball. It was boarded with workbenches, tools, and building supplies. The place was all a bustle with Yeti's carrying huge bags undoubtably filled with mounds of toys and presents. Elves ran too and fro carrying stray tools, decorative bows, wrapping paper, and plates of Christmas cookies.

Jack's eyes widened in amazement. This was the workshop at full throttle. It filled him with a feeling of joy and wonder as airborne toys swooped down from the rafters. Jack couldn't keep his eyes in one place. There was so much to take in. A wide smiled played across the ice spirit's lips at every new sight.

Tooth smiled at Jack's expression. It was wonderful to see Jack so happy and carefree. Sandy had also picked up on the boy's cheerful demeanor and smiled at Jack's child like reaction. Even Bunny softened enough at Jack's sincere joy of the place to let a small grin appear on his furry features. He shook it off though realizing this was frostbite he was smiling at and quickly returned his focus back to painting his egg.

As they continued to walk North bellowed out orders to passing Yeti's and Elves "No, no, that bag is not full, take it back to workroom and stuff it to the brim!" "Make sure sleigh bells are attached to reindeer, I must sound jolly" "Where are cookies I ordered half hour ago?"

Finally they reached the end of the gigantic room to where a wide arch led them down another short flight of stairs that ended in what Jack presumed was "The delivery room"

"Woooww" Jack said his mouth shaping into an impressed "o" at the sight of the mile high ceiling. The most shocking feature of the room were the 6 huge piles of bags stacked nearly to the roof. Each bag resembled that which could be seen in any holiday cartoon sitting in the back seat of Santa's sleigh.

Each enormous pile was stacked in front of what looked like giant empty barn stalls, but this was not where the reindeer were kept. "So what are the stalls for?" Jack wondered out loud as he watched numerous Yetis throwing bags of presents into their respective piles. It seemed they had some sort of a system.

"You see Jack," North explained as he watched his Yetis work "Each stall will house a portal to a different continent, yes? All except Antarctica. No one lives in Antarctica! Ha!When I am in that continent Yetis, and now guardians as well, will toss bags through portal and they will meet me where I hand deliver each present under trees of sleeping little children" North finished proudly. "How else you think I deliver to 2 billion children in one night?" North had a twinkle in his eye as he winked at Jack who seem impressed, just as he had been with his first sight of the sleigh. There was more to Santa Clause than cookies and milk, that's for sure.

Sandy tugged on Norths pant leg, not reaching high enough to silently get the mans attention any other way. North looked down at the shortest guardian who flashed images of the Guardians working then a question mark to follow.

"Ah! Yes! Sandy you keep me in line!" North beamed at his fellow guardians. Jack looked a little apprehensive at the idea of work, but was all too willing to become a part of the wonder of Christmas. He had already spent the past couple of days flying to all the cold places in the world and granting them with white Christmases. Each place he went carols could be heard and shops were decorated. Children were happily anticipating a break from school. It had certainly put Jack in the Christmas mood, especially with the knowledge that he would actually have plans! For 300 years he had always spent Christmas alone, but not this year, even if it did mean he had to put in some elbow grease.

Tooth looked excited yet determined to start with the work. She had helped North out with his delivery before so she anticipated what was to come, knowing the physical labor that would be attached.

Bunny had also spent a few Christmases helping North with his work. He looked at it as a challenge and a chance to use his strong build to help out. Maybe even prove to North his work ethic and usefulness as a Guardian.

"Alright!" North began. Sandy rolled up his sleeves prepared for orders. "See Yetis carrying bags? We will all join in! We take bags stored in vault and bring them to delivery room. Each bag has tag to say which pile each belongs to. Simple enough, yes?!" North was so enthusiastic it kind of scared Jack, but hey, he was a newbee and still had to get used to the overbearing personalities of each guardian at some point.

"On it!" Tooth said fluttering toward the vault, followed by Sandy and then Bunny hopping along behind. Jack was about to follow when North put both hands on either of Jack's shoulder and turned him around so they were face to face.

"Jack. I want to say thank you in advance" North looked dead serious.

"No problem, big guy," Jack said, a little confused why he was being singled out, but North soon explained.

"I know we Guardians have not been there for you all the time" North looked solemn and Jack's eyes dropped at the memories of his 300 years of solitude. "But you are here for us, no? You are such good guy you help when we have not helped you. But we will change that with time. So I must say, Jack, thank you" North then proceeded to pat Jack roughly on both shoulders before walking by him to help with the presents.

"Wha'cha standing around for Frosty get ta work!" Bunny was already hauling a bag of presents over his shoulder, and was peeved by the fact that Jack was just standing their with a stupid look on his face.

Jack snapped out of his thoughts of what North had just said and jumped into action following the line of Yetis walking towards what he presumed was the store room. "Calm down you over grown hairball," Jack smirked as he heard Bunny stop and furiously ask "What did you just call me?" but Jack was already much too far away to argue.

"Haha!" Jack laughed audibly as he ducked a flying remote airplane, lopsided because of an elf hanging off one of the wings. "Wahh?" Jack paused a moment in awe as he watched about 6 of Tooth's mini fairies flying one of the huge present bags toward the delivery room. They were like ants or something!

It was clear that the process of moving the bags from the vault to where they would be shipped had been coming along for months because the vault looked near empty compared to the delivery room.

Jack rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to pick a bag from the randomly assorted pile of what remained to be moved. The tag said South America. "Easy enough!" Jack thought before hauling the bag over his shoulder, a little clumsily because he was still holding his staff. He would probably have to ditch it in order to be effective, even though that made him a little uncomfortable.

The day continued as such, moving and sorting the bags. The guardians and Yetis all took a short lunch break but were quickly back to work. It didn't take too much longer until the whole process was complete and the bags were lined up to be delivered by the fat man himself.

The next job was prepping the sleigh and reviewing the course that North would follow in order to reach all houses containing children. All the guardians helped polish the runway so it was sure to be a smooth take off. Nothing could go wrong. The children were at stake! Jack even helped secure some of the ice tunnel where the sleigh exited the work shop making sure no icicles could fall onto the passing sleigh.

Finally, the evening was upon them and North was saddled up and ready to go, about five bags already in the back of his sleigh. A few elves scurried around the hooves of the reindeer, making sure their horse shoes were secured. Frankly Jack was surprised they actually had the competence to do that. He watched them franticly scurrying about "under boot" as North always said. That was until Tooth nudged him to pay attention as North began to speak.

"I travel East to West to work with sun and time zones. Because of this, I have 31 hours of Christmas to work with! I usually am done in 25 though," North said proudly as he held the reigns of the sleigh. "I start in Asia first then Europe and move across from there. Africa, North America, South America, then hit all the islands along the way and end with Australia."

Sandy Nodded and then formed an image of a clock above his head and pointed out a window framing a setting sun. "Oh North you better head out! Good luck!" Tooth smiled brightly knowing that even with the huge amount of presents there were to deliver, North would not fail. Bunny and Jack nodded at what Tooth had said, also wishing the Spirit of Wonder luck on his trip.

"Ah yes I shall be off! This will be the best Christmas ever!" North boomed before whipping the reins prompting his reindeer into forward motion. "Merry Christmas!" They heard North yell as he careened out of sight and down the ice tunnel.

Jack chuckled at North's cliche exit but was soon tugged again by Tooth towards the delivery room. "Hurry! We will have to start throwing the bags to North soon! He is faster than you think!" With that Bunny, Tooth and Jack spend back to the bag room until Jack noticed Sandy hanging behind.

"Aren't you coming Sandy?" Jack asked. Sandy shook his head and made an image of sleeping children with sugarplums dancing over their heads. "Oh right, right, the sugarplums and dreaming thing. Well good luck!" Jack said with a smile before speeding off after the other two guardians who would be tossing sacs all night. Sandy silently chuckled at the boys enthusiasm. He was certainly a nice edition to the family and it pained Sandy that it had taken so long for them to welcome him in.

Sandy shook his head and proceeded to exit the building towards civilization. The children would get good dreams tonight. It would be epic.

Jack gasped as he reentered the delivery room. The bags were still there, tall piles huge as they had been before, but now the once empty barn stalls were filled with 6 gaping, swirling portals. They were similar to the portals created by the snow globes, but these seemed perpetually opened. Jack had not noticed them before while they were vacant, but two huge fire places roared with flame on either side of the room. Jack almost staggered as the heat from the room enveloped him. It wasn't blisteringly hot, but slightly uncomfortable for the winter spirit.

It wasn't as if he couldn't handle heat. He wasn't a little snowflake ready to melt away, but still winter and heat don't mix well and it was safe to say the heat made Jack a little out of sorts. However, 300 years and he had never found out what extended exposure would do. He had never lingered in warm weather. It couldn't be that bad though. Right? He subconsciously clutched his staff a little tighter.

Jack swallowed and stepped to join the other two guardians and yetis who stood waiting for a signal. "Hey is there a reason the fires are cranked?" Jack asked Tooth, trying to mask his slight concern.

"These portals need a lot of power to stay open so long. Its a combination of very powerful Christmas magic and coal." Tooth said showing her admiration for the system. She then realized why Jack may have been concerned, him being a cold weather spirit and all. "Will the heat bother you? We will open all the windows so it doesn't get too warm in here. I'll have a couple yetis do that now!"

"Haha naahhh you kidding me?" Jack said relieved that the windows were going to at least be opened. "I'm not a snowflake, it's not like I'm going to melt or anything," he hoped. "I was, uh, just wondering" Jack said putting on a very believable smile of reassurance. Tooth believed it and smiled back.

"If ya can't stand tha heat, get out of tha kitchen right, Frostbite?" Bunny smirked overhearing their conversation.

Jack scowled indignantly at this, "Right back at you, Cottontail, I'll be delivering way more bags than you anyway"

"Is that a challenge?"

"You know what I think it is." At this point the two had stepped towards each other, forehead to forehead. A silent vow that whoever broke eye contact was the weak link. Tooth groaned. Same old same old.

Suddenly Tooth gasped. A small green bulb had flashed on over stall number one, the portal that lead to the continent of Asia. This indicated North was ready to start receiving bags. Pushing the two seething Guardians apart she pointed at the light. Every Yeti had noticed this as well and, being well practiced after years, set to work, a great grey yeti throwing the first bag.

Jack and Bunny shared a last glance before jumping into action after Tooth. Bunny grabbed two bags at once and hurled them through the portal. Then grabbed two more and tossed them after the previous ones. "Already got four mate you're going down!" Bunny shouted at Jack, grinning maliciously. Jack smirked and said "Well why are you going so slow! I'm already at six!" Jack then grabbed two bags bigger than he was and used his staff to create a blast of frost to propel them into the portal where they promptly disappeared.

Bunny glared for a second but a sincere smile had flickered onto his face. "Bloody show pony"

The two proceeded like this constantly shouting out numbers. Tooth was not quite as quick as the two boys but she was tossing her fair share, along with all the yetis. The pile was quickly growing smaller as more time passed.

"48!" Jack yelled tossing three more sacs into the portal. "53!" Bunny shouted triumphantly earning a glare from Jack which made him laugh. This was more fun than he had thought it would be.

Amongst the shouting of steadily increasing numbers the pile for Asia dwindled until the last bag had been tossed by Jack who yelled "82!" brightly at Bunny who was still only at 76. The light for Europe blinked on and the game continued

Bunny and Jack laughed and rough housed, occasionally pushing one another out of the way to claim a sac to toss.

"Hey! remember we are working for the same purpose here! There's no need for that!" Tooth would shout every now and then but the two were having too much fun and the job was going much smoother than expected. It turned out the friendly competition was actually speeding up the process, making for record time, even with the extra gifts.

It wasn't until they were about halfway through the pile of gifts meant for North America that Jack started to feel sick. Sure he was sweating like a pig on a farm before, which was unusual for him anyway, but he was starting to get dizzy and his stomach felt upset.

"314!" Bunny shouted. He was also sweating but obviously not caving into the fatigue. After all, they had been working pretty much straight for nearly 11 hours. And that was with the help from the Yetis, Tooth, and the occasional elf that would try pulling a sac out of the pile.

Thank goodness Jack was in the lead so he had time to take off his sweat shirt. He pulled it hastily over his head and felt relief as cool air from the open windows brushed by his sweaty body. Unfortunately the stifling heat from the fires was rather overpowering. He wore a white plain crew neck t-shirt that was quickly becoming soaked from the profuse amount of moisture leaking from the Guardian of Fun.

"Better watch it frosty I got 326!" Bunny hollered, knowing Jack was up to 330 bags so far. Jack took a steadying breath willing away the stomach pain and light headedness before slipping into his characteristic trouble maker smirk. "I think you underestimate me, Rabbit!" Jack said slipping back into his cocky self. He wasn't about to let the heat get to him so easily!

And so they continued eating through the bags for South America, and finally reached the last standing pile, Australia. At this point Jack was barely keeping pace with the rabbit. He was hot. And tired. And sick. The white mop of hair usually spiky and spunky was plastered to his head and he was officially qualified for a wet t-shirt contest. He was starting to feel sluggish and drowsy and his stomach had gotten worse. The bags started to feel heavier and heavier and the flames from the ever burning fire place became more and more overbearing. He also started to notice each breath was a little harder to take in, causing him to wheeze.

Bunny had not lost too much steam. Sure he was slowing down a bit. His fur was knotted with sweat but he was determined to beat the little bugger. Plus they were onto Australia! His home land pride had to come through.

The sun was starting to rise as they tossed the last of the sacs through the portal. A job well done. The yetis sighed in exhaustion and began to clear out of the room awaiting the return of North and the sleigh.

"A fair go, mate but you're no match for me!" Bunny exclaimed, panting hard. What a workout that had been. "Score says 736 to 648..Ha!" Bunny celebrated, until he took a look at the winter spirit.

"Uh mate you don't look so good" Bunny said, actual concern in his tone. The boy looked like absolute, for lack of a better word, shit. His hair was wet and matted like a dog and his skin was abnormally pale except for his cheeks which were actually flushed pink. Jack's eyes seemed to come in and out of focus as he swayed where he stood. He looked like he was about to faint on the spot. If it wasn't for his staff which he still clutched, he probably would have fallen.

Jack closed his eyes shut hard and put his hands over his face. He groaned sinking to the floor, plopping unceremoniously back onto his behind, placing his staff on the floor next to him.

"Jack!" Tooth exclaimed as she noticed the shape of their newest guardian. She fluttered over to where he sat his knees drawn up to his chest in obvious discomfort. Bunny hopped over as well, kneeling on the floor next to Jack and placing a large paw on his back, ignoring the dampness of the shirt.

"What's the matter Jack? Are you alright?" Tooth asked placing her hand on his shoulder.

Jack was extremely nauseous and his mouth was beginning to water. He swallowed repeatedly as his throat began to numb. He knew what was coming and wished he could stop it.

"Uuuggghh" Jack moaned moving a hand to his abdomen. "I think I'm gonna be sick" Bunny and Tooth both looked at each other in concern before Jack began heaving. Dropping over to hands and knees Jack violently emptied his stomach onto the wooden floor.

Bunny rubbed the boys back a feeling of guilt coming over him as he realized it was probably their stupid game that had pushed Jack over the edge. "Bunny, I think there is something seriously wrong!" Tooth exclaimed in concern as Jack continued to vomit. What was troubling was the amount of water being expelled from Jack's mouth, as if he had drunk a lake.

Soon a sizable puddle of clear water covered the floor and the Guardian of Fun was obviously becoming weaker and weaker. He coughed and gasped in between each heave, easily becoming out of breath as the amount of water flowing past his lips prevented him from inhaling properly.

"Good lord He's gonna drown himself," Bunny didn't know what to do or how to stop the flow of water escaping the winter spirit. Jack continued to heave but could no longer support himself as his arms shook and finally folded causing him to flop to the floor fighting for consciousness. He couldn't tell how much water was being expelled and how much was going into his lungs. He gagged and spluttered again trying to inhale whilst his lungs fought the motion already being waterlogged.

Jack laid, quivering on the floor water splashing from his mouth and surrounding him. His small form and pale limbs gave him the appearance of a melting snowman, suffering in the sun. Bunny had no experience with winter spirits but it sure looked like Jack had been lying when he said he couldn't melt.

"We gotta get him outta this room!" Bunny suddenly said as he realized the heat from the fires that had slowly been consuming the area. Despite Jack still heaving water, Bunny snatched the youngest guardian up into his arms and hopped as fast as he could out of the room. Tooth, startled by his sudden action followed behind quickly hoping she could help.

"I think it's the heat, mate! It's killin im!" Bunny was frantic he had to get Jack outside to the frigid weather of the pole. He could feel Jack shaking in his arms as he continued to cough and splutter more water spilling out into Bunny's fur. What worried Bunny was the growing weakness of each cough. They were ineffective and each inhale became more shallow and watery.

Jack barely realized his surroundings or the fact that he was being carried out of the heat. He coughed wetly and tried to draw in air but found he was unable to. The flow of water from his mouth was beginning to lighten but his lungs were too bogged down to work. Jack's vision swam in dizzying patters until the edges became to blacken. The lack of oxygen was quickly consuming Jack into unconsciousness. It was only moments until his world went black. The winter spirit slackened and his body became lax and limp.

Once at the top of the stairs Bunny glance about frantically for an exit. Finding what he was looking for, Bunny hurtled toward the back of the globe room, and out of a creaky wooden door onto a small porch. The sun was just starting to rise meaning North and Sandy would soon be back. They would know what to do! Bunny just hoped Jack would make it till then. He had just noticed the winter spirit was deathly still in his arm and could feel the heat radiating off of the thin body. Extremely unnatural for the winter spirit.

"Come on Frosty stay with me." Bunny gently laid the boy into a large pile of snow caused by wind drift. Only half of the porch was blown free of snow and the rest North didn't bother to clear, seeing as it snowed perpetually at the Pole. Tooth, who had followed, now hovered behind him, the worry rolling off her in palpable waves. "Bunny he's so still, is he breathing? Check if he's breathing!" Tooth couldn't stay still she hummed back and forth behind Bunny in a very distracting manner.

Bunny leaned over and laid one of his long ears against Jack's chest. What he heard frightened him. There was the slowest and faintest thump of a heart beat but no sound of air whooshing into or out of the body. There was no rise and fall of his chest either. "Crieky he ain't breathin wha'do we do!" Bunny was in hysterics and he could tell Tooth was not much better. It wasn't often they stumbled upon situations like this.

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