Chapter 26: Bringing the payback, Hinata Vs Sakura

Roars of cheers went throughout the arena for the match that just happened as Naruto and Neji were carried out, exhausted from the brawl they had went through. Praise for both Naruto and Neji were heard throughout the crowds.

"Man that was awesome!"


"Uzumaki's got some amazing skills."

"Don't you mean Namikaze now?"

"Man that was a real surprise!"

"I can't believe we were never told!"

"Both of them are make far in the shinobi world."

"Man, that Hyuga kid was good."

"Yeah, he's from the branch families right?"

"Apparently, I don't know if I can take anymore surprises. . ."

"Same here. . ."

As he was being taken to get fixed up after his match, Naruto smiled and chuckled at the comments he heard. "Oh man they are gonna be in for a surprise. . ." He thought.

Kurama chuckled a little at Naruto's. "Which surprise? Them learning about the Uchiha Heiress or that your engaged to both her and Lavender eye?" He sarcastically asked.

"Either will work. . .but the storm is coming now. . ." Naruto said to his tenant in a serious tone.

"And the shit will hit the kunai back in the ass." Kurama stopped talking as he decided to rest. "Also, you'll be healed soon to watch the rest of the matches, but save your energy."

"Got it." Naruto muttered as he looked at the ceiling of the room, trying to get a quick rest in.

"Hokage-sama," An Anbu said as he appeared besides his leader. "It seems as a result of Uzu- I mean Namikaze-san's reveal, villagers around Konoha are committing suicide as either a sign of regret or not believing in it."

Hiruzen sighed, knowing that this would happen. "How's the body count?"

"Ever since the reveal, 10 people so far have killed themselves by either hanging themselves or stabbing themselves in the head. At rare times, they drink 3 gallons of water at once to drown themselves, making the other Anbu members wonder why there isn't a shortage by now."

Hiruzen's eye twitched at the thought of what some of the idiot civilian were doing. "Good Kami," he then sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "Stop the remaining ones and bring them to the hospital for mental therapy, I'll deal with them later."

The Anbu nodded. "As you wish Hokage-sama." He then sped off, to stop more suicides from happening.

"It looks like your villagers are really reacting badly to the Namikaze's. . .reveal. . ." The Kazekage said.

Hiruzen sighed. "Yes. . .shit is really hitting the fan now. . ." He said as he weeped in his head, knowing more paperwork will be coming from this result.

"That was one awesome fight!" Kiba said as Akamaru barked in agreement wagging his tail on Kiba's head.

"Yeah it was!" Ino agreed. "Hinata-chan and Satsuki-chan are lucky bitches now. . .Naruto's soooooooo gonna go straight to the top of the hot guy meter now!" She thought as she had now some more gossip to use.

"Man. . .who would've thought that Naruto-chan was the fourth Hokage's son!?" Tenten breathed out, still surprised by the final attack Naruto used on Neji.

"I know! Hey did you notice a decrease in people here in the audience?" Kin asked, curious to know why people were running of the stadium. "Seems like they really freaked out over something."

"Beats me," Kiba said as he shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe it had to do with the whole jinchuuriki thing?"

"Maybe, that was a real surprise." Ino said, remembering people around the village telling her not to talk to Naruto when she was younger. "I gotta at least apologize. . ." She depressingly thought.

"Yeah it was!" Tenten added. "Who would've thought Naruto-chan was a jinchuuriki?"

"I would hate to interrupt, but the next match is going to start." A voice said causing everyone to jump as they turned around to look at the source to find. . .

"What the hell happened?" Anko said as she grind her teeth at the sight in front of her. Across the walls, blood was scattered. On the ground, two dead guards with missing body parts laid motionless. Finally, a prison cell was wide open with a scalpel in the lock, meaning that it was used to open it. "That little. . .dammit!" She rushed out to go and find a trail for the escaped prisoner.

"Alright Naruto-chan!" Fu cheered silently.

"YAY KURAMA-NIISAN! See Fu-chan, told ya he would be fine!" Chomei said in Fu's head.

Fu chuckled a little. "Yeah, guess you were right Chomei."

"So then. . ." Chomei started after a few minutes. "Hope your crush wins his match?"

Fu blushed as she heard Chomei laughing in her head. "CHOMEI! BE QUIET ABOUT THAT!"

"Well then, time for the next match." Genma thought as he looked at the competitors stands. "Will Hinata Hyuga and Sakura Haruno come down here."

Hinata nodded as she started to head down the stairs. "This is it. . ." She was about to continue, but was shoved by her opponent. "Hey!"

Sakura looked back, giving her a hating glare. "Out of the way, you'll be losing this fight. . .because I won't be holding back!" She went down the stair out of her view.

Hinata stood in the same spot before she felt an hand her shoulder. Turning around, she saw that it was her teammate Shino. "Yes?"

Shino was silent for a moment as his bugs buzzed. "Hinata-san, I do not know what is going on with Sakura. . .but she's changed. . .in the bad way. . ."

Hinata nodded. "I know. . .I'll try to set her straight. . ." She then headed down the stair and arrived at the arena.

"Careful with her. . ."

Hinata's eyes widen as she started to walk to the center of the arena. "Kurama-san?"

"Yeah. . .before I sensed something. . .off about the Haruno girl. . .I was able to smell something incredibly foul on her. . ."

Hinata nodded as she arrived at the center. "Understood, thanks for the advice." She then looked at Sakura, who was giving a glare that was full of hatred. "I'm not going to lose to her. . .her insults end here!" She thought as she got into the Hyuga stance.

Sakura continued to glare at her opponent, full of complete hatred for her. "This bitch. . .is going down. . .I could give two shits whether the akuma is the Fourth Hokage's son, he must die!" She thought in malevolence. "The Hyuga first. . .and then the akuma. . .they will both fall!" She thought as she got into a stance, one hand in front balled into a fist while the other behind her, ready to pull the tanto she had gotten for being in Root.

Genma took the dango stick out of his teeth as he started twirling it around his fingers. "Alright if both Hinata Hyuga and Sakura Haruno are ready, then let the second match begin!" He announced as he stepped back from the two as the crowd started to cheer.

Satsuki looked at familiar scenery feeling nostalgic for a moment before taking a deep breath. "Itachi. . .I'm done with you. . ." She started to leave as she saw her sensei. "I'm ready to go. . ."

Kakashi looked up from his Icha Icha before nodding. "I see. . .your serious about this. . ."

Satsuki nodded in response as she looked at her hand before balling it into a fist. "Yeah. . .we better get going. . .I got to restock on supplies. . ."

"Understood. Let's head to the weapons store to get more of what we used. . .for what's coming. . ."

Satsuki as she followed her sensei. "Naru-kun, Hinata-chan, I'll be there soon." She thought with a smile. "Good luck. . ." She hesitated as she looked at her hand, clenching it into a fist. "No. . .not luck. . .I know you both will win!" She then raced off to catch up to Kakashi.

Sakura started to run at Hinata with her tanto. "The first strike is key! Have to make it first!"

Hinata watched her opponent as she prepared herself for anything. "I don't know what you got planning Haruno, but it can't be good. . ." She thought as she quickly dodged the slash from the tanto, barely grazing her. "Something changed about her. . .but what is it?"

"Nice dodge," Sakura cockly said. "Let's see you dodge this!" She started to through multiple handsigns. "Fire Style!" She thought as she started to suck in air through her mouth.

"Oh boy!" Hinata thought as she quickly went through handsigns as well. "Glad I watched Haku-sensei practice some technique!" She thought. "Water Style!"

"FIREBALL!" Sakura breathed as she released a massive fireball as it sped toward Hinata.

"HOLY SHIT! WHEN DID SHE LEARN THAT?!" Kiba exclaimed as Akamaru whimpered.

"Beats me!" Ino said as she looked at the person that arrived. "Haku-san, is Hinata gonna be alright?" She asked to the guest that arrived and sat down with them.

As he sat, all Haku did was smile, knowing what Hinata was planning to do.

"SURFING STRIKE!" Hinata declared as water from the air formed under her feet as she started riding the wave it created, quickly getting out of the fireball's path.

In another part of the stands, Hiashi raised an eyebrow. "Interesting, it seems Hinata is skilled with using water style ninjutsu."

Hanabi looked in amazement as she saw her sister avoid the fireball. "Wow Onee-chan. . .that's so cool!"

Hinata then released some of the water under her as it coated her feet. "Alright then," She continued to move towards Sakura, swaying back and forth as she got closer as if she was skating. "Try this!" She delivered a kick.

"No you don't!" Sakura quickly blocked the kick with her arm as she used her free hand to prepare a slash with her tanto.

"Crap!" Hinata thought as she she used as much force as possible to back away from Sakura as she was about slash her as she started to skate on the ground thanks to the water coating her feet. "To close for comfort. . ." She muttered as she felt her cheek, slightly cut from the tanto while wiping the blood away. "Something is definitely off with her. . .she's not holding back. . ." The cut on her face started to smoke as Kurama's chakra started to heal it. "She's out to kill. . ." She looked at Sakura, who was continuing to glare.

"I believe you are right about her." Kurama started in her head. "I sense a powerful hatred in her along with some malevolence as well."

Hinata was confused for a moment, wondering how Kurama could sense something like malevolence but quickly stopped as Sakura tried to attack her again with her tanto. "Whoa!" She backflipped away from Sakura as she saw her grating her teeth in annoyance. She heard her heart beat as she continued to look at Sakura as she got back into the Hyuga stance. "I gotta stop her. . .she's definitely out of control. . ." She muttered as she activated her Byakugan, gasping at what she saw. "What. . .is this?"

"Hmm. . .this is an interesting development. . ." Kurama muttered, intrigued at what he was seeing through Hinata's eyes.

"Uggggh. . ." Naruto groaned as he struggled his eyes open. "Yup. . .pain still hurts. . .even with an incredible recovering factor." He didn't hear a response from Kurama in his head, causing him to sigh. "Guess he's helping Hinata-chan." He thought as he turned his head to see Neji, sitting upright with bandages over his body, probably for recovery after their match. "Yo." He simply said.

"Hmm?" Neji turned to see that Naruto had waken. "Ah, Namikaze-san."

"Hey, I fell asleep after finishing our match didn't I?" Naruto asked, not being able to recall what happened.

Neji nodded. "Yes, apparently the medics said you suffered a slight case of chakra exhaustion and you passed out after you taken from the stadium. I'm surprised you've woken up so quickly. The medics said you should've been out for a while."

Naruto started chuckle as he got himself up. "Yeah I've been known not to stay down after something like this. The old man said it's probably cause of my mom being an Uzumaki."

"I see. . ." Neji responded as he then heard cheering from the stadium. "It seems Hinata-sama's match is exciting the crowd."

"I can tell, sound like it's getting hectic," Naruto responded as he got up. "I gotta see what's going on." He started to head out the door of the infirmary but stopped when he opened the door. "Oh and Neji?"

"Yes Namikaze-san?"

Naruto chuckled as he continue to leave. "Just call me Naruto. I'm not one for formalities." He then walked out the door to get back to the arena, not noticing the dumbfounded look Neji had.

"Kurama-san. . .what. . .is this?" Hinata asked the tailed beast. She was sure her Byakugan was on as she still saw Sakura's light blue glowing chakra network, but something was indeed off about it. When her Byakugan wasn't active, she saw everything normally, seeing with the Byakugan on, she usually saw everything in white and black, normally only seeing a light blue flare indicating chakra, but for some odd reason, Hinata was now seeing more colors in people as it coated their bodies but the chakra networks staying the same and not affected by whatever this was.

"Hmm. . .it seem the Byakugan has gained something for the long exposure to my chakra, but I can't figure out what this is exactly. . ." Kurama said in her head. "One thing I can figure is, that these aren't heat signatures. . ."

"Then what can they be?" Hinata asked as she looked at the back of her palm, noticing that it was coated in orange, yellow, green, light blue, normal blue, purple, pink and a small bit of white, soon noticing it was all across her body with all of the colors. "What could this mean?"

"HEY BITCH COME ON!" Sakura screamed out, Hinata seeing her completely coated in red, purple and black. "I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!" She then rushed at Hinata, tanto in hand again.

"I'll have to worry about it later! Here she comes!" Hinata muttered as she got into the Hyuga stance, quickly dodging Sakura slash. She cartwheeled a distance away as she saw the red coating become more vibrant. "Wait. . .could red mean. . .anger?"

"DIE DIE DIE DIE DIIIIIIIIIIIE!" Sakura yelled as she wildly slashed at Hinata with her tanto, no caring if she hit or missed.

". . .Yup, definitely not right in the head." Kurama commented. "Interesting though, it seems the colors possibly represent specific emotions. Red is obviously anger, rage and hatred. . .purple and black, I'm not so sure. . ."

"Figured red out easily!" Hinata muttered, gaining distance as she went through the hand signs. "Water Style: Liquid Bullet!" She then sucked in and like Naruto using Air Bullet, fired high velocity shots of water at Sakura.

No time to dodge, Sakura covered her upper body as the bullets of water hit her. "Dammit! You fuckin' whore!" Unknown to her, she had just pissed off many people, both at arena and in the village with that comment.

"Father, what's a whore?" Hanabi asked as she saw her father and most of the Hyuga clan (more of the females), had their Byakugan activated in anger. "F-Father?"

"It's nothing Hanabi, just never call anyone. . .mainly girls." Hiashi as he used his Byakugan to look at Sakura's parents, both of them having dazed but proud looks on their faces. This caused Hiashi to scowl. "Do those two actually approve of their daughter's actions?" He thought.

In the village's local weapons shop, Satsuki was resupplying herself as she felt a sudden rise in anger. "Why do I feel like hurting someone very painfully and intensely?" She thought as she got some more paper bombs.

"Satsuki, you almost done?" Kakashi asked, leaning against a nearby wall, reading his Icha Icha.

"Almost, just got to get a few more things." Satsuki responded as she got some fuma shurikens. "Good, that should do it." She then went to the counter of the store as she placed a decent amount of money on it. "Keep the change Higurashi-jiji-san!"

The roughly looking man at the counter, Tenten's father, a fellow civilian that knew the truth about Satsuki, chuckled as he looked at the Uchiha Heiress. "Alright then little missy, good luck at the finals!"

Satsuki giggled a little at the kind man. "Can do, later!" She then left with Kakashi, now to head for the arena.

"Why that little-! How dare she call my girlfriend that!?" Naruto asked in an enraged tone. He had just gotten back to the competitors box right when he heard the insult.

"Easy Naruto, it's just an insult. . .just a very insulting one that would piss of any girl being called that. . ." Shikamaru remarked.

"Indeed," Shino added. "I told Hinata to be weary around her and I was right about it."

Naruto watched as Hinata launched more Liquid Bullets at Sakura as she countered with fire balls. "Guessing she learned water style from Haku. She always was graceful." He then watched as Hinata skated around the battlefield thanks to the water coating her feet. "In more ways then one."

"And she was feisty in bed!" Kurama remarked with a perverted chuckle.

"Shut it you ero-fox!" Naruto growled out, trying to hide the blush, not knowing that Shikamaru and Shino were looking at him, eyebrow rose with curiosity.

Hinata stopped moving for a moment with Sakura's insult, shocked that she would even say something like that to anyone, even a fellow Konoha shinobi. "Alright Sakura. . ." She muttered as she looked at her opponent. "This time. . ." She started to skate over towards her, a determined look on her face. "You've. . .gone. . .to. . .FAR!" She spun as she kicked Sakura at the left side of her waist.

"Gah! Fuckin' bitch!" Sakura went as she prepared a slash with her tanto again.

"Too slow!" She swerved out of the way as she kicked her again on her right side. "And this is with with my leg weights still on." She thought as she noticed the red coating Sakura changed to a darker red as she got some kunais out and threw them. "I guess what color represents certain emotions, changing slightly or greatly depending on the person. Kurama-san?" She muttered as she dodged the kunais as they were implanted into the ground where she was.


"Can you tell Naruto about this new kind of vision I have? I'm sort of busy at the moment." Hinata said to Kurama as she dodged another tanto slash. "I want to be able to learn more about this after the finals and invasion."

"Got it. Kick her ass."

Hinata smiled as she backflipped away from Sakura again. "You can count on me." She then noticed all the water around the battlefield. "I think I can work with this." She thought as she started to go through the handsigns again. "Water Style!"

"NO YOU DON'T!" Sakura wailed as she got in closed and kicked Hinata in the gut.

"URK!" Hinata got out as she held her stomach. "That. . .hurt a little. . ." She was then kicked at one of her sides. "That too. . ."

"Ha! How do like that bitch!? How's it feel getting hurt!? Gonna cry!? Sakura cockly gloated.

"No. . ." Hinata got out as she held her sides. "Way. . ." She started to breath heavily. "I'm. . .not giving up that easily. . .Haruno. . .I got one thing to say. . ."

"And what's that bitch? Your surrender?"

"Three word. . ." Hinata then gave off a gentle but somewhat cocky but proud smile of her own. "Explosive Water Spike!" She slammed her hand to the ground as the water all over the field of battle rose up, sharpening themselves into spikes.

"Shit!" Sakura got out as she tried to avoid the spikes as a few of them pierced her arm. "GAAAH! YOU LITTLE BITCH!" She winced at the pain, but worked at avoiding the spikes as she tried to get to Hinata.

It used some chakra to keep the water spikes stay upward as Hinata used a moment to catch a breath. Her vision showing her darker red with normal red and black, the red meaning anger to her. "Dark red. . .what could it mean?" She concentrated as she let Kurama's chakra worked on healing her.

"GET OUT HERE AND FIGHT YOU FUCKIN' SLUT!" Sakura screamed as she slashed through the water spikes in a blind fury.

Kurama sweat-dropped. "Violence?" He simply answered.

"Guess so." Hinata responded with a sweat-drop. She sighed with relief as she noticed her wounds had healed, causing her to smile. "Alright, time to counterattack!" She released the water spikes as they went back to being water on the ground as she got into the Hyuga stance.

"AH HA! FOUND YOU BITCH!" Sakura screamed as she rushed at Hinata, regardless of motive.

"Here I come!" Hinata said as she then spread out her arms, the palms of her hands coated in light blue chakra and the Eight Trigrams symbol appearing under her feet. "I figured out what you meant Haku-sensei. . .I am not like other Hyuga. . . not because of my kind nature. . . or the roll I have as a pseudo-jinchuuriki. . ."

"YOUR MIIIIIIIIINE!" Sakura screamed as she was about to slash.

Hinata gracefully dodged the slash as she as she then hit Sakura with an upward strike, sending Sakura into the air. "It's because. . .of my style. . .flexible and graceful. . .and that's how I'll be."

"Hmm?" Hiashi noticed, with curiosity. "What is this? This isn't one of the house's techniques. . ." He thought.

Haku smiled as he saw what was happening. "I see. . ."

"What is it Haku-san?" Ino asked.

"This is," Haku started, proud of what he would say next. "Hinata's power. . ."

"Eh? What do you mean?" Kiba asked as Choji munched on his chips.

Haku only smiled as he watched what was coming.

"Does it matter?! Go get her Hinata! Beat her ass!" Ino cheered, deciding to hold the questions for later as the others did the same and started cheering as well.

"What's she doing?" Shikamaru asked, somewhat intrigued.

Lee also looked on, not recognizing the taijutsu she was using. "Whoa. . ." He said in awestruck.

Shino didn't respond at all, but was also curious as they all looked toward Naruto, who had a shocked look on his face.

"Hinata-chan. . .not only water style. . .but a new technique as well!? Awesome!" Naruto said as he started to cheer for her. "Take her down!"

Hinata felt such joy and blissful happiness from the support her boyfriend and the people who loves her, as the people continue to cheers her on she was beginning to feeling more power than she ever felt before not just from herself but from all of those that she value precious as she feel the will and strength of all the people her inner circle was giving the power she needs to put an end to pointless fight as a swirl bright blue chakra came out from her and surrounding her entire body as the aura slightly looked like a fox . "Thank you Naruto-kun and everyone . . .I will finished this!" She thought as her new found power continue to grow then her three tails scattered as she took after Sakura who was beyond shock and just could believe what's she was seeing before her very eyes, into the air with a leap, then swirls of chakra being created and form into a nine tails that then went and started to course throughout her body. She then went and started moving her arms at an seemly impossible pace that the human could not hope to follow, unless that he/she have the sharingan, the fox of chakra becoming sharp and hard as it rapidly cuts, burns, and pierces Sakura and the same time. " I'm sorry for the intense pain Haruno-san but this is. . ." She then gave off a determined look. "YOUR END!"

Sakura screamed in agony as she got each blow to her body. "FUCK! SHIT! BITCH! DAMMIT TO HELL! YOU FUCKIN' WHOOOOOOOOORE!" She wailed out as she continued to say multiple different swears. "I WILL KILL YOU BIIIIIIITCH!"

"TAKE THIS! EIGHT TRIGRAMS SIXTY FOUR PALMS GUARD!" Hinata declared as she spun as fast as she possibly could, chakra blades slashing Sakura's skin. "Can't stop. . .have to. . . keep. . .going!" She thought as she struggled to keep her technique going, the weights on her legs making her want to go back on the ground because of gravity. She then heard some chuckling in her head. "Kurama-san?"

Kurama continued chuckling before snapping his claw. "Take her down a couple of pegs with the final strike." He simply said.

Hinata giggled as she felt another dose of Kurama's chakra flow through her, making her feel light as a feather. Her arms went even faster before she brought them close to her. "Understood!" She then pushed her arms forward as she thrusted her hands into Sakura's chest.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Sakura screamed as she felt the pain coursing through her body as it was forced back to the ground back first, making an imprint of her. "Damn. . .you. . .whore. . ." She struggled out before falling into unconsciousness.

As Hinata's feet touched the ground, she couldn't resist going to her knees from the exhaustion. She looked at her unconscious opponent, feeling satisfied. "Yatta. . .I did it. . ." She breathed out as she deactivated her new vision, everything she saw returning to normal.

Genma went over to Sakura to see she wasn't gonna be up for a while. "Damn, another one out for the count." He muttered as he turned towards Hinata. "She planned her tactics well, it was a little touch and go for her, but she adapted well to the situation at hand and was able to defeat her opponent flawlessly. A perfect candidate for a chunin" He thought with a smirk. "Since Sakura Haruno has been knocked out, the winner for this match is Hinata Hyuga!" He declared as roars of cheers and claps went throughout the stadium.

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