Chapter 28: Pains of the Past, Fights for the Future

Plumes of smoke started to appear throughout Konoha, followed by massive snakes that started to destroy building after building. For some, there was confusion to what was going on, some knew of the attack that was happening as they executed their parts to either help destroy the village, or to save the village. Others, like the civilians who weren't present for the exams began to panic and run around due to the chaos surrounding them. Store owners began closing their shops in the hopes of being protected by the buildings while others hid in their homes. On the streets, shinobis from Konoha, Suna and Oto started to appear and began fighting each other for control of sections of the village as bodies then started littering the streets. Back at the ninja academy, Iruka and the other instructors began to evacuate the classrooms and lead the students into a secret bunker underneath the building. Once the children were safe, Oto ninjas broke in through the windows and began to battle against the instructors.

"Status report." Danzō ordered as he heard the commotion going on.

The emotionless Root agent nodded. "Orochimaru has begun his attack with Suna being used for added power against Konoha, but the village seems to be holding it's own against them."

". . .I see. . ." Danzō responded.

"Also, so far, the only major damage done was the entire Uchiha district being completely destroyed by explosives." The Root agent monotony added.

At that, Danzō's visible eye widen at this. "Who destroyed the Uchiha district, I specifically told Orochimaru not to attack that area! Who could've done that!?"

Satsuki sneezed as she looked at Gaara, the dome of sand having completely dissolving around him as she saw him hold his shoulder in pain as he was bleeding from her Chidori. "So. . .the pedophile's invasion has started. . ." She muttered to herself. She looked around and saw that her comrades and senseis were holding their own against the invaders just fine. Satsuki also took notice that many of her old classmates were missing and assumed they left to do damage control back in the main streets of the village. "Naru-kun, Nata-chan, regroup!" She called out.

From the competitors box, Naruto and Hinata nodded as they rushed down the wall, soon arriving at Satsuki's side, only to go back to back to back of each other. "Jeez, only one minute into all this and things are already crazy!" Naruto said as some Oto shinobi surrounded the three.

Hinata nodded. "I know. . .Orochimaru really wants to destroy our home."

Satsuki gripped her tanto as she glared at the Oto shinobi. "Well he ain't destroying it, not on our watch!"

One of the Oto shinobi scuffed, hearing Satsuki declaration. "Ha, what do you think you brats can do?" He cockily asked. The Oto ninja took a good look at them thinking they were just bluffing and were nothing to worry about. "How about you ladies come over here and let me show you what a real man is," he said perversely. "I'll show you both a real good time!"

Hinata and Satsuki growled at that statement as their chakras flared. "JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?" The yelled in unison.

Naruto glared at the Oto ninja with pure hatred while his eyes flash red briefly. "You know, I hate cocky guys like you, and I despise perverts, seeing as how you are a mix of both, you made the top of my shit list buddy."

All the Oto shinobi chuckled at this statement, clearly ignoring the chakra flaring. "Bring it on you little brats!" They then began to charge at the trio.

The three then smirked as they quickly went through the handsigns.

"Wind Style!"

"Fire Style!"

"Water Style!"

"Air/Flare/Liquid Bullets!" The three said in unison as they blew out their respective elemental shots from their mouths.

Despite their surprise at this sudden barrage of attacks, the assembled Oto shinobi retaliated with their own techniques - shouts of "Earth Style: Concrete Wall!" and "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bullet" were followed by minor explosions and the release of large quantities of steam. Using the steam to their advantage, the Oto shinobi launched a barrage of shuriken and explosive kunai, before moving on to their next target. However, before they could turn to leave, they were hit in the back with more wind bullets, which had the added effect of sending the weapons back at them.

The wind bullets also cleared the steam, revealing the three teens, preparing for a fight. The shinobi that they had just tagged had managed to use Substitution to escape the weapons, but they still showed signs of damage from the explosions. Nothing serious, but injuries nonetheless. Gritting his teeth at the three brats before them, the Oto ninja felt a slight burning sensation coming from his shoulder only to feel a huge amount of power steadily flowing through his veins. He looked around, and saw that the rest of his comrades were likewise feeling the power surge.

Naruto, Satsuki, and Hinata looked on in disgust as their five opponents began to transform, their bodies slowly becoming disfigured, their skin color changing, and strange marks spreading out from somewhere behind their back. It took for the first of them to stop changing before Satsuki figured out what was happening, her brain going at a hundred miles an hour. "Dammit, they have curse marks!" Naruto and Hinata's eyes widened, and they started to let some of Kurama's chakra come through, knowing that there was going to be a tough battle.

As the three teens took a good look at their enemies, they see that each one had a different form consisting of a snake like creature, a wolf type demon, a crab-bat hybrid, a human lizard, and a shark like monster. Each creature's chakra was flowing out of their bodies, but it wasn't the normal kind of chakra everyone had, instead this chakra was black and purple. Their eyes lost all sense of rational thought, and in their place was a need to kill and shed blood.

Without warning, the wolf and the snake launched themselves forward, the crab-bat took to the air, the lizard climbed on a wall, and the shark. . . lifted a building, and tossed it at the three. Just barely managing to dodge the restaurant, Hinata was stuck with the snake creature, Satsuki got the wolf, and Naruto, who had jumped straight up, ended up fighting the crab. The three of them tried getting closer to each other, but were evenly matched by the rage-filled monsters before them. The snake is, unfortunately, a quick and agile being by nature, and was more than capable of dodging Hinata's Gentle Fist strikes, as well as her more unpredictable wolf was able to keep Satsuki at bay with a combination of lunges, swipes with it's large paws, and swings of it's surprisingly powerful tail. As for the crab. . . Naruto never was suited for long-range attacks, and the fact that even his Air Bullets couldn't destroy the darn thing's claw was more than a little frustrating. For an even worse situation, the lizard kept darting around the buildings, and kept spitting balls of acid that ate away at the ground in a matter of seconds, and threatened the same for the three teenagers. Not to mention that the lizard somehow managed to use some sort of camouflage technique to make itself blend in with it's surroundings. Likewise, the shark kept everyone on their toes by constantly throwing things, and creating large tremors whenever it struck the ground.

Needless to say, our three heroes were hard-pressed to stay alive. Hinata had already gotten a small bite from her opponent, which was starting to make her feel numb; thankfully, it was already being healed by Kurama, but the poison was giving him a bit of trouble.

Satsuki had managed to stick her tanto into her opponent with a quick release of Fire chakra, but it got stuck, and she couldn't get it back until she either killed or knocked out the wolf.

And Naruto was managing to dodge the crab by spamming Shadow Clones and Air Bullets, but even it's wings were tough enough to withstand the power. Just as he was about to shoot another barrage of Air Bullets at it's stomach - the weakest point in the armor - he was hit by a large metal canister. He was sent crashing into the roof of an apartment, where he quickly found that the container was very heavy and very, very hot. He used his chakra to form a barrier from the heat, and started to roll the thing off of him, before stopping as his nose picked up a scent. A very familiar scent. Looking down, he noticed that fluid was steadily dripping out of a hole in the canister, and the fluid was none other than the type of broth that was used exclusively in Ichiraku Ramen! Feeling a sense of dread, Naruto's head began to creak towards the ruins of the restaurant that the shark had thrown at the beginning of the battle, and - lo and behold - the sign on the front read: "Ramen Ichiraku - Owned by Teuchi Ichiraku and Ayame Ichiraku"©. Naruto took on a pale complexion, and began to feel a white-hot rage fill his very core. He took a glance at where he knew the bar had once stood, and saw, to his dismay, ramen broth and noodles spread out messily along the ground, and the same shark reaching for another canister, ripping it out, and spilling even more of the heavenly food on the ground.

He couldn't hold it in anymore. His pupils became narrow slits, the sclera darkening to a pure black, and all the chakra he could muster - which was an incredibly sizable amount - erupted out of his body, and it came with an equally powerful burst of killing intent, which froze everyone in place. Strangely enough, there was blue chakra - his normal chakra - the deep red chakra of Kurama, and another type of chakra, which looked black. However, this black chakra, while in a small amount, was so much more potent, that it actually masked the power of Kurama's and Naruto's chakra, which had begun to mix into a purplish color.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Naruto said in an unearthly voice. "HOW DARE YOU DESECRATE THE MOST HOLY OF FOODS! HOW DARE YOU, A SUB-HUMAN, DEMON WANNABE, TO SO DEMOLISH AND DEFY THE GREATEST OF ALL FORMS OF SUSTENANCE AND NOURISHMENT KNOWN TO THIS WORLD?!" Naruto pulled out the Executioner's Blade, and charged it with all three chakras, which, to the credit of it's creator, did not show a single sign of strain from the incredible intensity and volume of the chakra. "Old man, Ayame. . .please be alright. . ."

At the roof of the Kage box, Hiruzen had already engaged in a deadly dance with his old student Orochimaru inside a triangular barrier created by three of his subordinates that burned anyone that tried get in while a barrier was put behind them so they would get attacked.

The third Hokage took a bit of time to survey the chaos in his village before turning back to Orochimaru and told him, "No matter what you do to my village Orochimaru, always know that the Will of Fire burns deeply within each of my shinobi and will prevent you from destroying the village."

Orochimaru chuckled before staring at his old mentor dead in his eyes "You really are a senile old fool if you believe that your so called shinobi will be enough to run my men and I out." He said with a certain tone in his voice.

Hiruzen shook his head sadly before making some hand signs and calling out, "Earth Style: Mud Dragon Jutsu!" A head of a dragon made entirely of mud soon appeared from the tiles and began sending out bullets of mud towards Orochimaru.

Orochimaru, who had no time to dodge was soon caught in a mud slide created by the mud from the dragon. "Futile. . .Sarutobi-sensei." He said as he reappeared came out of the mudslide like water as if it didn't even hit him.

Hiruzen smirked as he removed his Hokage robes to reveal his battle armor. "Well then Orochimaru," His eyes widen for a moment. "So my clones training has finished." He thought as he regained his composure. "I guess I have to discipline you myself. Prepare for the real fight!" He declared as the two charged at each other.

Asuma had just dealt the killing blow to the Oto ninja when he saw the kids heading his way. "Kids, did you manage to get the civilians to safety?" He asked, concern for the safety of them and the civilians.

Tenten nodded. "Haku had created some ice mirrors using his ice release to transport the civilians away from the battles." She replied.

Ino looked around and saw that the street they were on seemed somewhat deserted and asked "I can't sense any chakra signatures, does that mean they backed off from this part of the road?"

Kiba looked around before smelling the air and shook his head negatively and whispered, "No, I can still smell them, they seemed cocky enough to not try to hide their scent thinking we weren't going to be too much trouble."

Kin looked down in concentration and whispered, "I could try to distract them using my senbon needles. . ." she trailed off uncertainly.

Asuma shook his head and whispered ,"No we need to try and get the jump on them, you throwing senbon will alert them that we know they are here."

Choji looked at everyone, and then towards Haku. "Why can't we use Haku's mirrors to teleport out from the open, maybe get behind the enemy?" He asked curiously.

Haku frowned and quickly explained a few drawbacks of stepping into his mirror such as hypothermia and the fact that he wouldn't know where he would teleport to exactly. . .that and he had to deal with civilians he transported to safety complaining about the cold.

Asuma looked at each teen and asked if anyone had a smoke bomb on them, to which kiba replied he had three in his front pocket.

Asuma grinned. "On my count, I want you to make it seem like you're giving me chakra pills but then throw the smoke bombs at our feet and be ready to run to the main market road." He ordered discreetly.

Kiba and the others nodded before he reached into his front left pocket and walked calmly towards Asuma as he started to count off. "1. . . . .2. . . . .3!" Once the three count finished Kiba threw the smoke bombs onto the ground and everyone became enshrouded in purple smoke.

Kakashi, Gai, and Kurenai were back to back facing off against their respective opponents, making sure that they don't get passed them to hurt the others.

Gai gave a bright smile to Kakashi once he disposed of his opponent. "I've already reached the fifty mark my rival, it seems that I am going to win our little bet." He declared with confidence.

Kakashi killed off another one of his enemies. "I have already finished off fifty-five of my opponents Gai, looks like I'll be winning our bet." He said in a bored tone.

Kurenai shook her head at their foolish antics before trapping her opponent in a genjutsu before finishing his off with a quick slash to his throat.

Gai cried anime tears at the revelation. "Kakashi my most youthful rival, if I do not win this bet I will run across Konoha one hundred times on my hands while wearing a blindfold!" He shouted out to the Heavens.

Right as Gai finished his declaration Shikamaru, Lee and Shino had came to help push back enemy forces from their senseis. Lee who had heard what his sensei said to his rival cried out in an equally loud voice, "Gai-sensei you are indeed the most youthful person here in the entire village and because of that I shall join you in your run across Konoha!"

Gai had done a nice guy pose, tears running down his eyes. "LEE!"




At once they hugged each other and an illusion of a sunset appeared putting the battle around them on pause. They as one, Konoha, Oto, and a few Suna ninja who were close by called out "Kai!" in the hopes of dispersing the illusion, failing miserably as it caused the Oto and Suna shinobi eyes to burn at the sight while the Konoha shinobi were lucky to avert their eyes.

"Dammit!" The crab-bat hybrid screeched. "These brats are tough little fuckers!"

"I know, I never expected to see one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen blades here!" The shark said with a smirk. "I'll have to take it for myself along with those sexy girls of his!"

"Like hell you are!" Naruto roared as he sent out a wide slash at them.

"Sorry assholes, but I'm not into guys like you!" Satsuki remarked as she timed a quick dodge on the wolfman as she smoothly got her tanto back as she then slashed the crab-bat hybrid.

"Pedophiles and perverts. . ." Hinata muttered as she gripped the snake like creature. "Why is it always pedophiles and perverts. . ." She then did some chakra strikes to it's neck as it went limp. "One down you guy and-"


"Huh!?" Everyone looked up to the air to see what looked like a guy around the members of Team 7 age falling towards them.

"Oh you gotta be fuckin' kidding me. . ." Kurama got out from the seal as he palmed his face.

"What the fu-!?" The shark man got out before he got smashed in the face by a pair of feet.

The person that landed on the shark man did look like a 12 year old boy, but their was something off about him. He had dark blue hair with lime green highlights that was complemented with a beany hat with a number seven on it. He had a tan complexion with orange-yellowish eyes as he wore a black long sleeve shirt with silver lining that looked like insect wing. He also wore basic black pants and black ninja sandals. He smiled as he looked around at everyone being shocked by his appearance. "Hehe, hey Oto bakas? You mind if I defeat you?"

"Say what you little brat!?" The crab-hybrid yelled, regaining his composure.

He chuckled again as he bounced off the shark man's head. "I can't hear you!" He said in the air as he point towards them. "Hey Naruto-chan!"

Naruto stared at the young boy in shock not really understanding how the kid knows him. "How-?"

"It's Chomei, apparently he decided to make his grand entrance," Kurama interrupted as he came out of his seal in his human disguise and took his place next to Naruto. "Let's just say that that's his unique fighting style he invented himself."

Naruto grinned in appreciation and yells out "Glad to have you with us! Where is Fū?"

Chomei grinned happily and replied, "She'll be here in a few minutes."

As soon as the question was asked, Fū jumped from the top of the wall and landed next to Chomei. "Ask and ye shall receive," she said while smiling. "Yo Naru-chan, looks like things are getting crazy now."

Naruto nodded in agreement as Kurama decided to go beat the crap out of the remaining curse marked shinobi. "Yeah, although it looks like Kurama's having fun at the moment."

"BWHAHAHA! BRING IT ON YOU MOTHERFUCKIN' POSERS!" Kurama wildy proclaimed as he went and started slaughtering the cursed marked shinobis.

The surrounding Konoha shinobi sweat dropped at the possible fact that the great Bijuu could be losing his mind. "Yeeeah Kurama's having fun alright." Fū got out.

"Uh huh." Hinata got out as she and Satsuki got some breathing room as the two looked at Fū. "You must Fū-san. Naruto-kun told me about you while we were coming to the arena."

Satsuki was utterly confused as she looked at the new girl and guy. "Umm. . .some explanations for me please?"

Naruto chuckled as he scratched the side of his head, knowing they had time to rest thanks to Kurama. "Satsuki-chan, I would like you to Fū, she recently started being a shinobi of Konoha a while ago from Taki." He then saw Satsuki nod at this before continuing. "She also a jinchuuriki."


Chomei then came over as he curiously looked at the two girls. "Nice to meet you, the name's Chomei! The Nanabi!" He then looked towards Naruto. "Your lucky Naruto-chan, your girlfriends are really pretty!" He said in an innocent and childish tone, causing both Hinata and Satsuki to blush at the response.

"Yes Chomei, yes they are." Naruto said with a chuckle as he went over and kissed both girls on the cheek.

"N-Naruto-kun." Hinata stammered.

"N-Naru-kun." Satsuki got out, feeling slightly embarrassed, but also happy at the complement. Unfortunately, another explosion happened in the village as it interrupted their peace. "Crap!"

Suddenly, they heard groaning before the six saw Gaara being taken by his brother and sister. "We have to get Gaara out of here!" Kankuro said.

Temari nodded in agreement. "Yeah, he's in no condition to be here, especially with it trying to break loose!" She said as she put Gaara on her shoulders.

"Crap!" Naruto got out before he and Hinata went to get him, but were interrupted by the Suna jonin Baki.

"You won't be getting to Gaara that easily Konoha shinobis." He said as he prepared himself.

Genma dropped in front of Baki and looked back slightly to address the teens. "From here on out, you three are now Chunin, your first mission is to stop those three sand genin from getting away." He said to them without looking at them.

The three teens, now newly declared Chunins, nodded before they darted off past Genma and Baki, Kurama discreetly going back into the seal, giving chase to the the sand ninjas, leaving Fū and Chomei behind as they went after the cursed marked shinobis.

Baki made a move to go after them before he was stopped by a lone senbon. Baki looked up and meet the eyes of Genma who didn't have the senbon in his mouth, indicating that he was the one who threw it.

"You're not going anywhere, I've got a bone to pick with you. It seems you picked the wrong person to mess with. I know it was you who killed Hayate." Genma growled out before taking out a kunai and getting in a battle stance. Baki said nothing as he slipped into his battle stance, getting ready to battle against Genma.

In a dark shadow covered alleyway of Konoha, Sakura began running towards the Root Headquarters, making sure no tailed her while muttering angrily to herself. "That 'Satsuki' is no longer the one I call Sasuke-kun, in his place is a demon loving whore!" As you continues to mutter to herself her eyes turn into snake like slits for a brief moment before turning back to normal. "How could this happen to me?! I was supposed to be the new Mrs. Uchiha, the powerful wife to THE Sasuke Uchiha! And I find out that 'he' is really a she. What's worse is that bitch is in love with that demon baka!" She then grinned darkly, similar to a certain snake. "When the time comes, I'll get my revenge of the demon and his two whores, they will bow to me once I am done with them! I swear it!"

Back with Naruto, Satsuki, and Hinata, they made it out of the wall of the village and gave chase. "Hinata, how far are they?" Naruto asked.

Hinata activated her Byakugan. "Just a few feet ahead, at this rate we'll never catch up with them!"

Satsuki smiled as she then made a familiar hand sign. "Then we'll make a path and cut them off! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" At that moment, 10 solid copies of the last Uchiha appeared. "Charge!" The clones roared as they ran through the forest to cut Gaara and siblings off.

"Alright, me and Hinata-chan will send some clones out to take care of any Oto and Suna shinobi in the village and assist the civilians. . .even though some don't deserve it. . "

"Naruto-kun. . ." Hinata placed a hand on his shoulder. "It will all be dealt with. . .later. . ."

Naruto nodded as the two made the signature hand sign. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Hinata called out as ten clone of both her and Naruto appeared and headed for the village to evacuate the civilians to safety. As they left, the three nodded to each other as they headed into the forest.

"Striking shadow snake jutsu!" Orochimaru called out as he throws his arms forward, allowing snakes to attack Hiruzen hoping to slow him down with the snake's venom.

"Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb!" Hiruzen declared, firing a large dragon of fire from his mouth burning the snakes before they got too close to him to cause damage. "I see you've gotten stronger, my disillusional student."

Orochimaru chuckles lowly as he stared at his ex-sensei with contempt look. "As humorous as ever, Sarutobi-sensei. . . and just as ridiculous as when I was still a shinobi for this pathetic village." He then started going through more handsigns Tiger-Snake-Dog-Dragon then he slams his hands onto the ground. "Play time is over Sarutobi, it's time to end this!" Orochimaru declared insanely. "Summoning Jutsu! Reanimation!"

Anko finally got to the room where she sensed the prisoner. "Gotcha ya little brat!" She smirked as she slammed the door open and saw Kabuto starting to escape through the window. "Going somewhere?" She sarcastically asked, pulling out a kunai.

Kabuto looked back to see his captor as he adjusted his glasses. "Sorry Anko-chan, but I must be going. Orochimaru-sama's got big plans for the future and needed some supplies." He then patted his sidepouch. "And I had gotten them." He then jumped out the window. "Later. . .maybe."

"Get back here!" Anko rushed through the window and proceeded to jump out the window to chase him. "Fire Style: Pyro Snakes!" Snakes made of fire similar to that of the jutsu Striking Shadow Snakes emanated from her fingertips, quickly gave chase while creating a single Shadow Snake clone to cut Kabuto off from the front.

"Useless, I was expecting more from Orochimaru-sama's former student." Kabuto cockly said.

"Oh shut it you little brat!" Anko roared as she grabbed a normal snake as it harden itself. "Snake Javelin!" She declared as she threw the snake like said weapon.

Kabuto quickly jumps back avoiding the weapon but all of a sudden is kicked into the weapon causing it to hit his shoulder. "Crap. . ."

"Nice try you little shit." The Anko clone said. "You heading back to prison and telling us what Orochimaru is really planning."

Kabuto smirked. "No thanks, I've got more pressing matters then play prisoner with you again, Snake Whore of Konoha." He quickly used a shunshin to escape.

"Dammit!" Anko coughed as she used her hand to get rid of the smoke. "Cocky little bastard." She then looked towards the village as plumes of smoke continued rising upward. "Damn, I better get to work helping the village." She then rushed off to help out her village.

The members of Team 7 rushed through the trees, as they chased after the Suna genins, one of them being the jinchuuriki of the Ichibi.

"My clones should be getting closer to where the Suna genin are, we can't afford to lose them now!" Satsuki said. "Konoha is my home and I won't let them destroy it!"

"Wait! I can sense two others coming up from behind us!" Naruto yelled to Hinata and Satsuki.

"Friend or foe though?!" Hinata asked before activating her Byakugan, only to sigh in relief. "Nevermind, it's friends."

"Man, it's such a drag to be thought of as foes by our own comrades" Shikamaru said in a bored tone as he caught up to the trio.

"I find it illogical for us to be considered foes when we have been Konoha shinobi for as long as we have." Shino stated in a monotone voice.

"Sorry, chasing after enemy shinobi while after dealing with mutated freaks of nature can get you a little paranoid." Satsuki said with a sweat-drop.

"What are you guys doing here?" Naruto asked as they all jumped from tree to tree.

"We came as soon as we could after helping out Asuma-sensei and the others, we heard that you were going after the Suna ninjas. Kakashi-sensei told us to go after you and assist you three." Shikamaru explained briefly.

"Guys, we're getting closer, I can sense one of suna ninja's chakra signature." Satsuki stated.

"You guys go on ahead, we're about to have company." Shikamaru warned, sensing a group of enemy shinobi coming from behind.

"What about you?" Hinata asked worriedly.

"Man what a drag, just focus on getting the Gaara kid would ya?" Shikamaru asked in a bored yet somewhat annoyed tone.

"You be careful Shikamaru, otherwise I'll find someway to bring you back and beat you into next week." Naruto said before he and the others separated from Shikamaru.

Shikamaru sighed as he waited for the enemy shinobis to arrive. "Man this is troublesome. . ." He muttered as he took out some ninja wire and began devising a plan.

A few feet ahead Kankuro stops and takes out his puppets and got into a battle stance.

"Kankuro, what in kami's name are you doing?!" Temari frantically asked as she held Gaara securely.

"Get going Temari, I'm gonna try to distract these punks long enough for you and Gaara to get away from here." Kankuro said calmly.


"Go now!" Kankuro yelled as he held his ground, waiting for his upcoming opponents.

Even though she was against it, Temari continued getting away with Gaara on her back. "Just be careful. . ."

After about thirty minutes of running, the group comes across Kankuro and his strange looking puppets.

"Heh, about time you guys got here, I was just about to fall asleep standing up." Kankuro said, mocking them.

"Naruto, I'll handle this opponent, you and the girls go on ahead." Shino said as he began to summon his bugs.

"Be careful Shino-san." Hinata said.

"And make it back alive." Satsuki added. "None of us are dying because of these low life punks!"

With that said, Naruto, Hinata, and Satsuki by passed Kankuro to try and catch up with Gaara.

"Not so fast!" Kankuro tried to stop the three, but was stopped by a mass of bus. "Damn."

"Your opponent. . ." Shino started. "Is me." He finished in a monotone voice as he prepared to fight, his insects going on the attack.

"Moh! You guys are boring!" Chomei whined, backflip kicking the wolf in the chin. "I thought you would be more fun than this."

"Dammit! What's with this brat!?" The shark man roared as he threw another boulder at him, only for Chomei to smoothly dodge it. "DAMMIT!"

"Hehe, missed again shark-baka!" Chomei joked, laughing like a kid. "How are you doing Fū-chan?"

"Lasting!" Fū replied as she kicked the crab-bat hybrid in the gut. "Man, does this Orochimaru guy do this to every one of his subordinates?"

"Yes he does." Genma called out. "They're all just test subjects to him until he's done with them."

"Damn. . .just. . .damn. . ." Fū got out as she dodge another attack. "Bastard needs to die." She simply said.

"Yeah. . ." Genma got out as he blocked another attack from Baki.

Once they are far away enough, Temari stops on top of a tree branch to rest and regain her chakra and strength.

"Temari. . . . .put me down", Gaara said in a deranged tone. "Mother wants blood. . .lots and lots of blood. . ."

"But Gaara!" Temari exclaimed.

"Shut up!" Said Gaara as he used his sand to slam Temari into the trunk of the tree. "Mother wants blood. . .AND SHE WILL GET IT!" Soon Gaara's sand began to cover one of his arm as he started turning into a smaller uncomplete version of Shukaku.

Temari stares at her brother in fear that he could get hurt since he's not as stable as he was before the invasion stated. "Oh Gaara. . . ." She trailed off, her body not moving in both pain and fear.

Hiruzen looked in shock as he knew what jutsu his former student used. "Orochimaru. . .you mastered even that jutsu!?"

"Ku ku ku ku. . . .but of course Sarutobi-sensei, mastering this jutsu was as easy as. . . . ." he grinned darkly as he finishes his sentence. "destroying your precious Leaf Village." As he finished his sentence, coffins began to arise from the ground. the first coffin read "First" while the second coffin respectively read "Second". Once the third coffin began to arise Hiruzen noticed right away what it contained.

"No! I must not let that third coffin to be fully summoned!" He said in a panicked tone. He quickly used some hand signs and called out "Shadow Shuriken Jutsu!" As quickly as the single shuriken appeared, it multiplied into a barrage of them as they flew towards the third coffin and embedded themselves into the coffin, preventing it from being summoned into the world.

"Tch how annoying, it seems you prevented from one of my creations from coming forth. Oh well, these two shall prove to be formidable foes for one such as yourself, The God of Shinobi" Orochimaru said in sick glee.

Slowly but surely the two lids of the coffins slid off revealing the First and Second Hokage of the Hidden Life Village.

"Saru, is that you?" The First Hokage, Hashirama Senju asked. "It has been a long time."

"It has. . .Hashirama-sensei. . ." Hiruzen said in a low, sad tone.

"You have gotten old and wrinkly monkey." The Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju remarked at an attempted joke.

"Indeed I have. . .Tobirama-sensei. . ." Hiruzen said in the same tone as before.

"As much as I would love for you three to have this little reunion, there's some killing needed to be done." Orochimaru said as he went up to the two Hokages and stuck kunais with seals on them as they sunk into the necks of the two like water. "And the Third Hokage is the one that needs to die!"

"Orochimaru you disrespect the dead and brought them back to the living! You really are a monster, and I regret not having the strength to destroy you back when I had the chance. But this time, I will correct my mistake and take you down here and now!" Hiruzen declared as he went through the signs for a summon. "Come Enma!" He slammed his hands onto the ground as a massive plume of smoke covered the entire triangular barrier.

"Tch. . .so he's summoning the monkey. . ." Orochimaru got out as he covered his eyes from the sheer power that was being emitted.

Moments later the smoke cleared to show The Monkey King Enma sitting on his staff. "It has been a long time Sarutobi." He said as he looked towards Orochimaru and the past Hokages. "I see. . .so it has finally happened. . ."

"Yes. . .I made the mistake years ago. . .but now I'll rectify them. Now let us go Enma!"

"Right Sarutobi!" Together they each set off to fight against the Hokages as an explosion of power was created as a result of it.

"Finally made it." Sakura muttered as she went down her special passageway to where Danzō and Root was. "First I'll tell Danzō-sama about what happening. . .even if he probably knows about the invasion, then I'll tell him about the Uchiha whore." She growled out at remembering her former crush, instantly hating her as much as she did Naruto and Hinata. "Now I have another person on my shit list, Satsuki Uchiha!" She thought in a rage as she came to the main area. "Danzō-sama!"

"You've arrived." Sakura turned towards the direction of a cane hitting the floor tiles multiple times to see her instructor. "I heard about you loss at the exams." He went over to the girl as she bowed obediently to him. "A minor setback, but it did show you one thing. . .right Sakura Haruno?"

Sakura nodded. "Yes Danzō-sama, it showed me that I have a lot more training to do if I want to be the strongest."

Danzō gave a devilish smirk as he looked at her. "So then, you will stay here and be a permanent member of my organization?"

Sakura nodded again without any regret. "Yes Danzō-sama, I swear my allegiance to you, to Root and anyone you say."

"Excellent, now come along, we have work to do." Danzō said as his new pupil obediently followed.

"Yes Danzō-sama." Sakura said as she did as she was told. "Also, Danzō-sama?"

"Yes my dear?"

"I've gained some recent information that you might find. . .interesting. . ."

"Tell me when we are with your new brethren." Danzō simply ordered as he continued walking.

"Yes Danzō-sama." Sakura continued to follow her new master, into the darkness.

Sarutobi and Enma rocketed towards the three opponents, but the two undead Hokages merely sidestepped. "Perfect," thought Hiruzen. He continued onwards to battle Orochimaru, and when his predecessors made to attack him, Enma grabbed the two and threw them backwards, far enough as to have them impact the barrier. They incinerated upon contact, but Enma saw that they instantly regenerated.

"This'll be tough Sarutobi!' Enma called out, knowing the fight will be tough.

After what seemed like a long time, Naruto and the others reached to the location where Gaara and Temari are. "Finally, alright you two, fight using your full strength, we can't afford to hold back in this battle." Naruto said as he took out some shurikens and kunai.

Satsuki nodded as she took out her tanto and dropped into her stance prepared for the attack. "We can't allow ourselves to lose here, if we do then Konoha will fall." She said with determination.

Hinata nodded in agreement before activating her Byakugan and gathering a bit of chakra around herself.

"Heh. .heheh. . .hahahaha! FINALLY! MY MOTHER SHALL TASTE YOUR BLOOD!" Gaara screamed in a deranged and histratic fit.

"Well shit." Kurama remarked from in the seal. "Stop him! Stop him now before it gets worse then it is!"

"Got it!" The three said in semi-unison as they rushed at Gaara. Satsuki began doing handsigns and called out "Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu!" She then shot a giant fireball from her mouth and aiming for Gaara straight on.

Kiko, an elderly woman who has supported her granddaughter's decision to try and be the significant other of the last Uchiha, was scowling darkly while muttering to herself. "How dare that foolish girl trick us? After everything we have done for her, treating her with the utmost respect, lowering store prices to keep her happy. And for what, just to find out everything was a lie and she's just like the Hyuuga girl. Going all gaga for that brat Uzumaki, he was tainted by the demon's power and it probably spread to the both of them!"

"Hyuuga-sama should have that demon loving daughter of his branded and be forced into the branch house and into a breeding stock!" Saya, a tea seller, suggested.

Haku growled lightly to himself, trying desperately to not turn around and transform the civilians into human popsicles. "These people. . .have no respect. . .it's utterly their fault for Satsuki-san disguising herself. . ."

"We could start raising prices for everything in our shops by one million yen. They have no right to complain since we are allowing them to live among us humans. If they don't like it then that is too bad. They can leave for all I care." Hagi said with utter contempt.

"Alright, that's it! I have had enough of you people bad mouthing Naruto, Satsuki, and Hinata in my presence! They are not demons, they are loyal shinobi of Konoha who are doing their damned hardest to keep you ungrateful bastards safe, even if it costs them their lives! The only demons I see are you people taking out your hatred on innocent people for a ridiculous reason like this!" Haku roared out in a fit of rage as he grabbed the shirt of the nearest civilian and picked him up off the ground, shaking him uncontrollably.

"Haku-san, put him down!" Ino called out. "He's not worth it. None of this is worth it." She then leave to go get more civilians with Tenten and Kin.

"She right Haku," Kiba agreed. "Lets just get these idiots to the bunker." He and Akamaru then went with Choji to find more people.

Haku sighed heavily before he roughly dropped the civilian onto his rear before leading them to the bunker. "As I said before, stop insulting those three, it could be bad for your health one day seeing as how each of them can become incredibly strong. Not to mention they are favored by every elite shinobi in Konoha, including the Clan Heads and Hokage-sama. I even hear Naruto-san's gotten a Sannin's attention. So just think next time before you insult three very important and loved people."

Away from the Haku, hiding the furthest away from him, Homura and Koharu scowled at the reactions. "Fools. . .they are all fools. . ." Koharu muttered.

Homura nodded in agreement, a permanent scowl on his face. "Indeed, no matter what, those three lives will end. . .just like what happened to the Uchiha clan. . ."

"But we can't just allow the Sharingan to just die out, we have to find someway for us to get the Uchiha whore into our clutches and be made into a breeding stock." Koharu muttered.

"We will," Homura responded, just as quiet. "And then we can dispose of her, just like the rest of her clan. . ." He then thought back to when he, Koharu and Danzō were planning something in the past without Hiruzen's knowing until it was over. "Just like that time. . ."

Just as the conversation finished, they entered into a fairly lit bunker and hid following the rest of the civilians to safety with that troublesome boy Haku leading the way as they then also started thinking of way to get Haku as well for his Ice Style Bloodline.

In the battle with Gaara and the trio, the surrounding area was completely destroyed. Tree blown in half either sliced vertically, chopped into stumps, burned by fire ninjutsu or were completely shattered, chunks of earth missing from the ground and puddles of mud from water jutsus were created.

"IS THIS ALL THAT YOU THREE HAVE TO OFFER?! WHERE IS YOUR POWER TO MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE?!" Gaara screamed, wanting to fight more and bring a slaughter. His sand slowly encasing him a bit more than before. His eyes housing a crazed look, saliva dripping from the corners of his mouth.

"We need to find a weak spot, otherwise we're just going to be wasting our chakra and weapons!" Satsuki cried out in a slightly panicked tone of voice.

"This can't be the best we can do, alright, lets try hitting his arms and legs with some overpowered fire and water styles, like try to turn his limbs into glass and mud." Naruto said, trying to put Gaara at a disadvantage.

"Right!" Both Hinata and Satsuki said in determination as they both flew through handstyles for their respective jutsus for the next clash.

Back with the Third Hokage and his summon Enma, they each sported some bruises and in Hiruzen's case, a bit of chakra depletion. They each looked at the First and Second Hokage and saw that no matter what they did, they would always keep reforming.

"We need to find a weak spot Hiruzen, they are as strong as they were when they were alive. Even now as reanimated corpses they have unlimited chakra." Enma stated in a slightly tired tone of voice.

"You are right Enma, we need to find some way to slow them down long enough for us to reach Orochimaru." Hiruzen said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Ku ku ku ku ku. . .are you finally going to admit defeat, Sarutobi-sensei? At the rate you are going you'll be out long before I even get to finish the dealing blow. You are past your prime Sensei."

"Hmph, it seems that I should have disciplined you on respecting your elders Orochimaru. With age comes wisdom, with wisdom comes strength. And I have the strength to take you down, because my people are depending on me!" Hiruzen exclaimed with righteous determination.

"Heh, lets see how you and your wisdom fair against your old teachers and my power you old fool!" Orochimaru said in a twisted, glee filled tone of voice. A snake came out his mouth taking the form of a sword as it came out of his mouth before gripping it in his pale white hands. "Let's fight, with our lives on the line!"

Hiruzen gave his former student a pitied look before closing his eyes to concentrate. "I was lucky my clones were able to master that during the month. . .I might have a chance to stop him now. . ." He thought as he prepared himself while Enma fought the former Hokage reanimations.

Gaara laugh maniacally as he lashed out Shukaku's arm at the members of Team 7, causing them to split up from each other by a decent distance. "I CAN SMELL THE FEAR ON YOU! NARUTO UZUMAKI NAMIKAZE! HINATA HYUGA! SATSUKI UCHIHA!" He declared as his other arm started to get coated with sand and turn into another one of Shukaku's arms.

Behind some trees, the trio breathed heavily as they saw Gaara getting the second arm of Shukaku's. "We definitely have to to do something. . ." Hinata breathed out.

Naruto panted heavily as he felt his wound being healed instantly. "I know. . ."

"But what can we do?" Satsuki asked in a low whisper. It was at that moment when Satsuki learned what it was like to be in the heat of battle and had to improvise things on the spot.

"You three are in some really deep shit." Kurama bluntly said as he watched his youngest brother continue going wild.

Hiruzen sighed before wondering where he went wrong with his ex-student. "Enma, come!" Hiruzen shouted before holding his hand up in the air.

"Got it Sarutobi!" Cried Enma as he flipped away in an intricate manner before transforming into his staff form and landing in Hiruzen's outstretched hand. "I hope you know what you are doing Sarutobi. . ." Enma thought.

Sarutobi looked at Orochimaru and his reanimated senseis, the former first and second Hokages. "It's time to end this. . ." He declared to Orochimaru. He smirked as he remembered Jiraiya meeting one of his clones, giving him the basic premise for a risky maneuver that Jiraiya used. He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes and concentrated as he worked to bring energy that wasn't in his body to him. "I hope this works, after everything that has happened, I couldn't bare the thought of me failing my village. One of the three clones ended up turning into a monkey and then into statue from this. . .but it won't happen to me. . ." With that thought in mind, his body became engulfed in chakra.

"Hmm? What in Kami's name is the decrepit old monkey up to? Tch, whatever he's doing it's futile. I am immortal!" Orochimaru cried out before he took his sword, the Kusanagi, and runs towards Sarutobi with the former Hokages behind him, intent of cutting him into pieces. "DIE YOU OLD FOOL!"

Once they were close enough, Orochimaru and the ex-hokages were blown away a few feet by a shock wave that was created when Sarutobi expelled the chakra surrounding his body. "WHAT?!" Orochimaru yelled out as he looked towards the smoke encasing his ex-mentor.

"Old I may be Orochimaru. . ." Hiruzen said from the smoke, "But I still have plenty of life left in these old bones to defeat you!" Once the smoke cleared we could see Hiruzen much clearer. He had a long brown tail coming from his back side, hairy paws that resembled that of a monkey, long brown hair similar to Enma's reaching his back, and brown fur covering his body.

". . . .heh...hehe….HEHEHAHAHAHA! I don't know what you were trying to accomplish Sarutobi-sensei, but now you really are the old monkey I have always known!

Hiruzen smirked as he saw the single wide eye on his staff as a sign of shock. "As I said before, my delusional student, I won't hold back anymore. . .especially to a pedophile like yourself. . .you've gotten really low since you left." A small breeze soon hit the both of them brushing away Hiruzen's hair from his face, showing off eye marks similar to the toad sage technique.

"W-what. . . . .how could this be?!" Orochimaru cried in absolute shock and anger.

"Sarutobi. . .you. . ." Enma said in disbelief at what the Third Hokage had accomplished.

"What was that phrase you said to me Orochimaru? I believe it was something like. . . 'Let's fight, with our lives on the line.' I'm about to make that phrase come true!" With that said Hiruzen took his Bo staff and entered the monkey stance ready to face off against his student.

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The trio looked on at the grotesque sight in from of them in disbelief, Naruto and Satsuki feeling sick and puking at it while Hinata looked in shock, not having the feeling of throwing up, but as if she's seen it before. In front of them was an archway made completely out of human and White Zetsu limbs as blood dripped from it, creating a pool right under it.

"Good kami. . ." Naruto got out.

"What. . .could've done this. . ." Satsuki breathed, trying to keep her contents down.

"No way. . ." Hinata muttered, her body shivering. "It can't be. . ."

"It's not possible. . ." Kurama said, going wide-eyed at the sight. "How the fuckin' hell is she here!?"

"Eh? Kurama, who are you talking about?" Naruto asked.

"You know who did this?" Satsuki asked also confused at Kurama's expression.

"Hehehe, it's been a long time, Hinaaata-chan! Kuuurama-chan" A peppy, girly voice called out. "I never thought I would be able to see you again! But then again, I go wherever I want to go, and no one can stop me."

Hinata's eyes widen as she recognized and hated the voice she heard. "GUYS MOVE NOW!"


Without wasting a single moment, Hinata deflected a strike of a sword that was too close as the person continued laughing in a gleeful and twisted tone as a smile adjourned her face. "Let's have fun like we did in the past, Hinaaata-chan! Kuuurama-chan!"

Hinata inturn grinded her teeth in anger as she blocked her opponent's attack with her own, seeing that she was a reanimation made for the war. "YOU BITCH! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE!?" She roared as her chakra flared out, a mixture of her own and Kurama's, her eyes turning completely red and fox like at the sight of someone she truly hated and thought would never see again.

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