Chapter 55: Inner Rage Unleashed

At the Final Valley. . .

The sounds of falling water was heard as it was soon followed by the sound of a force filled wind and a dash.

"HARUNO!" An enraged female roared as a light blue blur was going through the air..

". . ." The other female merely glared at the girl descending upon to her.


Satsuki soon looked down at the traitor as she had her pinned down while tightly gripping her shirt. "You're gonna pay for what you've done to Ino-chan and betraying everyone in Konoha!" She declared in a serious tone.

The green and pink haired girl however looked at the other girl with her own serious expression. "And once again Uchiha. . ." Sakura soon started.

Then with with a fluid motion, Sakura grabbed her opponent's arm, spin like a wheel mil to escaped from her hold and then aimed a kick to the Uchiha's face.

Acting quickly, Satsuki used her left arm to blocked the kick. "!" However she wasn't expecting the hit to have such force that made her slid back slightly, but she quickly regained her balance.

Sakura then landed back to her feet while slightly lean her head to the side. "Why should I care?" She questioned once more without remorse.

Satsuki then narrowed her eyes to her opponent. "What?" She got out in angered confusion. "How can you even say that!?" She then demanded more than asked as she charged once again.

Sakura then charged forward herself with her fist at the ready.


At that moment, both kunoichis clashed as both their fists had collided with one another, leaving them at a stalemate as they pushed forward to try and gain momentum.

Sakura then smirked and giggled with amusement. "You know now. . .I think finally understand how it feels like when someone just keeps trying to go after you and never leaves you alone even when you want them to leave." She soon remarked with amused tone.

". . ." Satsuki meanwhile didn't respond to that as she tried to force herself forward against the other girl's fist.

This caused the traitor to smirked as she quickly pulled back her fist, causing the Uchiha to slightly lose her balance. Taking advantage of this, Sakura quickly grabbed her arm and throw her with an overthrow movement. "And you were right, it is annoying." She concluded.

Acting quickly, Satsuki spin in mid throw and manage to regain her balance, this allowed her to land back on her feet.

"It's all thanks to my masters that I finally managed to wake up from that delusion. . ." Sakura then revealed with dilated pulps filled with insanity.

Satsuki however dashed forward again and got behind her opponent before back handing her, sending her flying as a result.


It was now Sakura's turn to spin in mid air as she then she threw multiple kunais and shurikens her opponent. Which forced the Uchiha to pull out two kunai and used them to block most of the projectiles while dodging the ones she couldn't. Then she threw those same kunais at the airborne kunoichi.

"And you know. . ." Sakura got out as she tilted her height to the side which helped her narrowly dodge the kunais. "I don't even care anymore that your a girl all along, that whether or not you fooled me, or anything really. . ." She soon admitted as she landed on the statue head before charging in once more, but this time she pulled out her tantō.

Satsuki meanwhile tisked in anger to this as she also pulled out her own blade and charged in.


As the two blades were locked, the two girls were once more staring each other down. This only lasted a second however as Sakura pushed the Uchiha back before she then dashed forward to give a wide upper slash.

Satsuki saw the attack and proceeded to unleash a wide downward slash, this forced both blades to bounce off each other.

"I just hate you, the demon and the other bitch, I hate every single one of your little friends having fun or being happy. . ." Sakura then declared in a vile tone.

Because of the angles, Satsuki's blade was still in a more proper angle, so she quickly adjusted and gave a wide vertical slash towards the traitor's sides.

"And after I ripped off the Ino Yamanaka's arm, that really gave me a thrill like no other. . ." Sakura got out as she jumped over the slash and thrusted her blade towards the Uchiha's face.

But the attack failed to land the hit because the Uchiha used the momentum from her initial slash to dodge the thrust, causing the tantō to get plunged into the ground.

Satsuki then tried to slash her, but wasn't expecting the green and pink haired to use the trapped blade as leverage to kick the side of her chest, sending her flying a few feet away.

"And it had now given me a new goal in life that I will fulfill without fail. . ." Sakura stated as she landed back on the ground, she quickly pulled out her tantō and smirked at the Uchiha. "To destroy every little single thing that makes you and the demon happy and make you alllll suffer~" She declared with a twisted expression on her face.

Then the Uchiha slid to a stopped as she looked straight at the traitor with anger and disgust filled eyes.

Not even caring how she was being looked on, Sakura tap her tantō on her right shoulder in a taunting manner. "But before that. . .I will be heading off to Orochimaru-sama. . .I still need more power if I want to fulfill my desires. . ." She concluded with vile delight in her voice

To hearing every single thing that her opponent had said, to ever declaration she made, she clenched her fists tightly as they started to shake with fury. "I've been listening to you go on and on. . " Satsuki started in rising anger as she activated her Sharingan while looking at the girl. "SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH YOU PSYCHOTIC LITTLE BITCH!" She soon roared with fury.

Sakura's grin however just became more and more vile towards the enraged girl. "Hehehe. . .try and stop me. . .Satsuki Uchiha. . ." She then stated in a demanding tone while some of her Curse Mark glowed yellowish-green and covered her left arm.

Then at the same time, both kunoichis readied their blades and charged at each other, with the full intent of ending the fight, one way or another. . .

Within the destroyed open field. . .

"That should hold for now. . ." Kankurō muttered out to what he had just done.

The Suna shinobi had finished applying first aid on the other boy's bleeding hands as a result of the battle with the mutated Jirōbō. The Akimichi's hands were in a terrible condition, they had a lot of punjures wounds and had lost a lot of blood. So the best he could do was bandage them to stop the bleeding.

"Not to mention his suffering from extreme chakra exhaustion, he really needs to take to a hospital asap. . ." Kankuō then muttered out.

Then the older shinobi placed Chōji next to the unconscious Tenten, leaning the two against a tree stump.

"But man. . .you really saved all of our asses back there. . ." Kankurō then admitted as he felt both grateful and bitter at this, however he wasn't bitter at the boy, no, he was bitter that his puppets weren't enough to take on the former Oto shinobi. "Just what the hell was he. . .?" He then muttered as he looked towards where the mutated enemy had literally melted out of existence.


At that moment, Kankurō pulled out two kunais and ready himself for a potential ambush, but he quickly relax when he saw a familiar group of shinobis.

"Calm down, we're a medical squad sent out by Hokage-sama." The one in charge of the medical team informed.

This causing Kankurō to sigh in relief as he put away his kunais and let out a small chuckle. "Ask and I shall receive. . ." He muttered out with an ironic tone.

Then the medical team leader stood forward and analysed the injured group. "We've got two unconscious Konoha shinobis and one injured Suna shinobi, prep the Konoha shinobis for immediate medical attention!" He ordered his team as they immediately did as they were told.

Kankurō then winced slightly from the pain as he looked at the medical shinobis. "I thought there would be more of you guys. . ." He then got out.

"There is, but they have gone further head towards the other battlefields." One of the medical shinobis then revealed as he bandaged up the wounds on the Suna shinobi.

"Guess that was a good decision. . .if the others faced something like we did, then they'll need all the help they can get. . ." Kankurō admitted as he felt as though the other battlefields would be just as bad if not worse than the this one.

Back at the Final Valley. . .

Sakura's face soon became a vile grin filled with insanity as she rushed at the Uchiha with the full intent to kill with wide dilated eyes.

Satsuki meanwhile had narrow eyes filled with anger as she prepared herself, readying her weapon as her opponent did.


Both blades clashed yet again, but it only last for a moment as Sakura quickly charged forward even with her weapon being pushed back. She then used her freed hand to thrust it into her opponents eyes.

But Satsuki easily saw it coming as she lean her head to the side and then used her free hand to punch the other girl's exposed chest with enough force to sent her back. This made the traitor slightly wince in pain, but Satsuki didn't let up as she lifted her right knee to deliver another strike to her stomach while at the same time adjusting her blade.

Wincing from the additional pain, Sakura grind her teeth and regained her balance as she glared at her opponent as she then growled in anger with her eyes flashing yellowish-green. She then quickly charged in again with her vile grin appearing on her face, but this time made sure to remained close to the rocky ground similar to that of a snake.

Satsuki's eyes were solely focus on the incoming kunoichi as she got closer, thanks to her bloodline she easily dodge the charged and continued to move as her opponent continued charging at her at a fast velocity.

Sakura also charged in, in a eccentric and random way, she would charged on way before quickly changing direction while attacking the Uchiha from many areas.

However Satsuki was ready as she kept dodging or using her blade to block the incoming strikes. Then when she saw Sakura about to attack again, she channeled lighting chakra into her blade and proceed to stab the ground. This caused lighting to be shout out in the form of small wall.

Sakura's eyes widen in startelement as she was forced to stopped or risk hitting and getting electrified the lighting wall. however no sooner did she did this, the Uchiha jumped through the wall and gave her a spin kick to her face, sending her flying as a result.

Then the Uchiha landed on her feet and glared at the traitor. "I already had the misfortune of fighting that snake bastard, so I'm used to fighting slippery traitors like you." Satsuki declared with contempt.

"Don't you dare insult Orochimaru-sama. . ." Sakura demanded in a neutral tone, though anger was soon rising within her.

"Sure, I won't, just as soon as you stopped insulting everyone I care about, which is never going to happen. . ." Satsuki retorted with a humorless tone while narrowing her eyes.

Though Sakura wanted to ripped the Uchiha's tongue for that, but she knew that she couldn't just charge in, after all it didn't matter how fast she became, those eyes would alway let her see any move she planned to make and counter easily.

"You better be ready to surrender. . ." Satsuki soon declared in a dead serious tone.

"Damn Uchiha. . ." Sakura muttered out in annoyance to this while quickly trying to think of a way to turned her situation around.

Suddenly the traitor kunoichi recalled where she was, she looked to the side and saw the large pool of water that was next to them. This caused Sakura to smirk with vile delight, so without even wasting a moment, she jumped off the large rocky statues and headed towards the water.

"Like hell I'll let you escape!" Satsuki declared as she jumped after her opponent.


Both kunoichi's then used the water walking jutsu to land on top of the surface of the lake and looked at each other. However one was still smirking as she straighten her back and had a confident expression on her face.

"What's that smirk for Haruno. . .?" Satsuki soon questioned as she readied herself.

Sakura then motioned her head in a unnatural manner. "Oh, I just remembered a very interesting subject is all from the Sound Three. . ." She soon revealed.

"What about them. . .my friends are all fighting them. . ." Satsuki then declared.

The the traitor's smirk turn even more twisted. "Oh, it was just about you very interesting encountered with. . .a certain missing nin. What was his name again?" Sakura comment with a sickening sweet tone while she made a very familiar hand seal. "Oh that's right! Zabuza Momochi. . ." She concluded with delight.

Satsuki's eyes widened in horror as she instantly knew what the traitor was thinking. "No!" She got out as she dashed as quickly as possible to stop the traitor.

However it was already to late. . .

"Hidden Mist Jutsu!" Sakura declared with vile excitement.

At that moment, water from their surrounding risen and condensed in the air, coating the entire river area in dense and thick mist.

Silently cursing at her slip up Satsuki looked franitically around her. While it was dense mist it wasn't anywhere near the same level of density the deceased swordsman had done in the past, it did its purpose and filled the area with enough mist so that she couldn't see through the chakra powered mist.

"So what now? You may know the Hidden Mist Jutsu and even if you manage to stop my Sharingan, you won't be able to silently attack me like Zabuza could!" Satsuki declared, hoping that her opponent would respond to reveal her location.

"Now why would I do that?" Sakura's echoing voice asked as the sound of moving water was heard within the mist. "When its more fun when you know that I'm going to attack and you still can't do anything about it!" She declared with twisted delight.


Satsuki was hit dead on her face by something moving so fast and had enough force that her skidding on the lake's surface. "W-What the!?" She thought with startelement while caressing her face from the pain as she tried to look for what had caused it, but because of the mist, she just couldn't see it, with or without her Sharingan.


The same sound could be heard from the mist, but this time it sounded as if was circling around the Uchiha. Whatever had hit her before, it wasn't targeted her now, it was more so hitting the water while continuing circling around as if it was taunting her.


Satsuki was quickly getting annoyed and impatient by this, but before she could contemplate what it could be or prepare something, she was yet again hit, only this time on the back of her head. "AGH!" She got out it pain.


However the Uchiha's pain didn't stopped there as she was then hit on her back, left arm, right leg, chest and then at random direction. With each hit, It was becoming clear that this attacks weren't meant to kill, it was the traitor merely playing and slowly torturing her.

"Alright that's it!" Satsuki declared as she first sent chakra to her feet as she jumped up into the air, getting herself out of the mist as she then started going through the hand signs. "Time to burn! FIRE STYLE: DRAGON FLAME JUTSU!" She mentally declared while sucking in some air before. . .


Blowing out a massive stream of flames that struck the mist and water below, evaporating it in a straight line. Then as Satsuki was expelling the jutsu, she quickly began turning to the side, this made the fiery dragon to turn alongside her. She continued doing so until it created a circular flames, creating something akin to a small vortex of flames.


Because the mist wasn't anywhere near as strong or dense as Zabuza's, this attack quickly began to evaporate it at a much larger scale until there was a large margin of clear view around the girl.

Satsuki quickly stopped her jutsu and looked for her opponent, she had hoped that her attack had manage to hit her as she looked at the boiling water below. She quickly found her, but to her displeasure, the attack haven't hurt her.

Sakura had a large smirk on her face as she was surrounded by a thick vale of water, this was what protected her from the fire. "Aw. . .you got rid of my mist. . ." She got out with disappointed tone before canceling what was left of the mist as she knew it would had been pointless to keep it.

The the traitor lowered her arms and the vale of water split in half. But instead of it merely mixing with the lake's water, it began to surround her arms. Then the water began spinning around her arms until the took the form of large whips made of water.

"And here I thought I could make you suffer with me whipping on you." Sakura stated with evil delight as she whipped her whips and created a large whooshing sound.

Annoyed by being toyed with by the traitor, Satsuki grind her teeth and began charging her lighting jutsu into her blade. "Bring it on you sick bitch!" She shouted as she charged forward.

Sakura's smirk didn't even falter in the slightest as she raised her right arm and move her whip upwards as well, while her left arm remain lowered, making that whip touch the lake. She then moved her arm slightly to the left and then made a large slash motions, which in turn cause the water whip to move at rapid fashion.

Satsuki however easily saw the whip coming and smoothly dodge to the left as the whip harmlessly passed to her side.

The traitor kunoichi then quickly began to flail her arm in multiple direction so that her water whips could attack at different directions, not once did she moved from her spot.

This tactic didn't made any difference to the Uchiha, thanks to her Sharingan she easily saw the direction of the whips and dodge it each and every single one of them with ease while continued to charge.

Once the Uchiha was but a few feet away and the traitor moved the whip to much at one direction, that she sent chakra to her right leg and then dashed forward and thrusted her blade forward to impaled the traitor's shoulder blade. It was only then when she saw Sakura's smirk widen.

Satsuki's eyes then widen when she saw that, but widen even more when her Sharingan saw the large glow brightly from below and realized what it was. "Oh shit. . ." She muttered out.


Suddenly a large water whip burst from below the Uchiha and hit her straight in her exposed gut, easily knocking the wind out of her lungs. "OMPH!" She grunted out for the pain.

Sakura then moved her left arm up which caused the whip that struck the Uchiha to wrapped itself around her, then with a mighty heave, she sent her flying straight to the rocky canyon near the Uchiha ancestor statue. "HEHEHEHEHEHE!" She giggled out in vile glee with dilated eyes.


The Uchiha was left in a large crater made from her own body, though she wanted to scream from the collision, she couldn't as she still didn't had any air in her lungs to do so, so after she manage regaining some, she began coughing and then she grinded her teeth in anger.

"Damn. . .looks like I underestimated this psychotic bitch. . ." Satsuki thought to herself rising anger, balling her hand into a fist and slamming on the rocks behind her.

The Uchiha didn't miss the irony in that statement, because that's what most of the enemies she had ever fought against would do against her or her fellow teammates, but now that she was the one to do it, it came to bite her in the butt hard.

The girl didn't had time to think however as Sakura then continued her assault. Satsuki forced herself out of the canyonside when a water whip struck the wall she was at with enough force that looked as if a sword had left a large gash on the wall.

The traitor then looked at her opponent with a twisted smile on her face. "So? Still think that I'm the same useless fangirl I was?" Sakura soon taunted with a vile tone as she readied her whips once more while spartically moving her head as it also began twitching.

The Uchiha however narrowed her eyes while readying herself to fight while shaking her head in a negative manner. "No. . .your completely insane follower for a fuckin' pedophile now. . ." Satsuki declared with zero joking tone in her voice.

While she would normally be enraged by the comment, Sakura's smile didn't waver as she loved seeing that she was getting under the Uchiha's skin. "Oh~ I think your just jealous that I actually accepted his gift~" She soon remarked.

"No. . .I'm not. . ." Satsuki declared in the same dead serious tone. "I'm not pathetic like you are. . ." She then added.

Once again, Sakura wasn't even phased by this as she gave a carefree shrug. "Well it's not like I care in the slightest what you think anyways, I got power and I'm planning to use it~" She then declared as she raised her whips again. "I'm sure he'll like to have those eyes as an apologize for making wait to long~" She soon declared while licking her lips.

Satsuki however just narrowed her eyes to that. "Just shut up and fight." She demanded as she readied herself once more.

Sakura in turn just grinned with insanity to that. "Glady~!" She replied while licking her lips again and made a large upper swing with the water whip. This causing some water to be shot out and sent at the Uchiha with moderate speeds.

With eyes wide open, Satsuki saw them and swiftly dodged or sliced through them if they got to close to hitting her. She then quickly looked down and saw the same chakra glow as before, but this time she was ready. She quickly dodged out of the way as two burst of water came from her last position. "Your whips end here Haruno. . ." She soon thought.

Then Sakura quickly raised both of her arms up, which the raised all of the whips and aimed to catch the air bound Uchiha from both sides. But she didn't count on her to use a single seal to create a fireball large enough to collide with both whips, and with its intense heat, evaporating them.

Though slightly annoyed by this, Sakura didn't feel the least bit worried to what occurred as she quickly gathered what was left of the water whip back to her. She then focus her chakra and then thrusted both arms forward. This caused two balls of water to be sent at triple the speed fireball jutsu would normally go.

This time Satsuki wasn't able to cast another jutsu in time, so she used her blade to block as much damage as possible.


While her quick thinking indeed absorbed much of the damage, the hit still had enough force to slightly injure her with concussion force impact. The hit send her flying even more as she felt the pins and needles after effect of the strikes to her arms. She then readjusted herself and landed back on the surface of the lake.

Soon enough, both girls started glaring each other down with serious expressions on their faces, waiting for the other to make a move.

The Uchiha then rushed through multiple hand signs. "FIRE STYLE!" Satsuki thought while sucking in some air.

The traitor smirked as she recognize the hand seals and quickly went through her own set of signs. "WATER STYLE!" Sakura meanwhile thought as she did the same.

"FIREBALL!" Satsuki finished as she sent multiple large fireballs at the traitor.


"COMPRESSED WATER BULLET!" Sakura finished as she sent multiple smaller water bullets at the Uchiha.


As both elemental jutsu collided into one another, the collision would normally ended up created a massive amount of hot steam because of the elemental differences. However because Sakura's water bullets were compressed, which caused them to be much more durable then regular ones, so they managed to pierce through the fireballs and dispersed them creating a large steam fog.

Satsuki quickly had to move out of the way as more compressed bullets then came out of the steam with force and precision, while she gracefully and narrowly avoided the bullets. Then once she had dodge them all, she adjusted both her stance and blade, then she charged forward into the steam cloud, sweat soon running down her body from the intense heat but she ignored it as she kept dashing forward.

Sakura on the other hand waited patiently for her opponent's next move, which wasn't long when she saw her bursting out of the steam cloud at full speed while channeling her lighting chakra through her sword. Then just as the Uchiha was getting near enough, she quickly made hand seals and thrusted her arms forward.


Then a large wall of water suddenly surge in between the two kunoichis, this forced the Uchiha to stopped her charge and jumped backwards, trying to get some distance from the wall. But the moment she did so. . .


"Gah!" Satsuki shouted in pain as her shoulder was hit by a point blank compressed water bullet coming from the water wall.


However she didn't have the chance to think what just happen as even more compressed water bullets came and struck her at point blank with enough force to break a few bones or at least rupture her inner organs. Causing her a small drip of blood to fall from her mouth and lowered her head enough for her hair to cover her face.

It was at this moment that the water wall finally collapse to revelered a smirking Sakura after she finished casting the last compressed bullets. "Too slow Uchiha~!" Sakura taunted with delight at seeing the girl suffer.

Satsuki was so injured that she couldn't move a muscle and though her face was still covered by her hair, the traitor manage to see her mouth smirking. "You wish. . ." She got out with her own taunting manner when. . .


Sakura's eyes then widen as the Uchiha exploded into smoke, but before she could say anything else. . .


Suddenly Satsuki appeared right behind the traitor with her blade ready and a smirk on her face. Then with one quick motion, she swung her blade downwards.


Sakura's eyes widen as she felt her right shoulder receiving a deep cut. "Shit!" She mentally cursed at letting the Uchiha trick her as she quickly used her left arm to hold her injured shoulder in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Not even wanting to let up, Satsuki adjusted her blade and made a heavy vertical swing. And just as the blade was about to strike, her eyes saw the tips of the traitor's hand that was holding her shoulder began to glow.


Thanks to her eyes, Satsuki managed to narrowly avoid a potentially fatal stick to a major organ, but unfortunately she was still manage to receive a cut on her right arm. Though it wasn't a deep wound, she was still forced to dashed backwards to aboved any other sneaky attacks like that one.

Sakura's grin soon widened as she retracted her extended nails, but as they slowly retracted a sick purple looking liquid began dripped from them.

Satsuki meanwhile winced as she held her slashed arm, eyes widening as she saw her opponent's nails. "Dammit!" She cursed in her mind as she realized that the liquid was. She had seen it to many times from her surrogate older sister to not recognize it.

At that moment however, the Uchiha vision began to blur and was losing her balance. She was even having great difficulty trying to stay on top of the lake's surface as her feet would briefly sink into the water.

Satsuki's eyes soon widening as a result of this happening. "S-Shit!" She mumbled out as she was slowly losing more stability.

"While I hate to say it. . .l will say you got a good strike in Uchiha. . ." Sakura calmly admitting while touching her wound and dabbing some of the blood on her fingers before bringing it to her lips and licking it, a wide and vile grin soon appearing on her face. "But. . .it seems I was better this time around. . ." She then declared as her Curse Mark glowed on her shoulder, slowly began to cover more of her body, more specifically around her injury and thus healing the wound.

The Uchiha soon started shivering while her head started nodded off, clear signs that her body was slowly going into shock as the poison continued to get worst. "D-Dammit. . ." Satsuki struggled out. "C-Come on. . .m-move. . ." She thought, trying to force her body to do something.

"And now, you have no chance against me now Uchiha. . ." Sakura soon declared while bringing out her tantō while tightly holding it reverse grip. "Now. . .and forevermore!" She concluded as she prepared to stab the downed girl.

Meanwhile in the recesses of the fox Bijū's seal, a wicked grin and dark crimson glowing eyes looked on as it witnessed this. "Almost time. . ." It then declared in vile excitement.

Within the bathered and web covered forest. . .

Silence went throughout the entire forest area as two unconscious Hyugas laid on the ground, while the bubbling black sludge of the mutated Oto Shinobi Kidōmaru melted into the ground below, making it seem like he was never there to begin with.


Suddenly someone landed near the area, it was the Ice user Haku Momochi Hatake, the moment he saw his unconcious student, he rushed to her. "Hinata!" He called out to the girl with concern.

Then slowly, the girl's eyelids began to open and saw the older boy. "Haku. . .sensei?" Hinata manage to tirely got out, her eyes were blurry, as if she could go unconscious at any moment.

The older boy quickly scanned the girl and let out a sigh of relief. Being familiar with the human body thanks to his time with the deceased Zabuza, he manage to assess that the girl was, for the most part, alright and didn't have any serious or life threatening injuries.


At that moment, three medical shinbois arrived to their side. "We have two injured shinobis over here, they are confirmed to be Hinata and Neji Hyuga!" One of the medics stated while examining the unconscious boy.

One of the medical shinobi reached Haku while quickly began diagnostic the female Hyuga by covering their hands with a green glow and slowly checking her body. It took a few moments before he stopped channeling chakra.

"It looks as though she is physically alright and only have severed chakra exhaustion. We need to bring her to the hospital before it could cause a danger to her life." The head medic of the team then declared in a serious tone.

To hearing that, Haku sighed in relief as he looked at his student. "You'll be alright Hinata, you'll just need to be brought back to the village." He then informed.

The still half conscious Hinata began looking around and saw more medical shinobi's a few feet away from her where she saw someone laying there. It was at that moment that the female Hyuga finally manage to recalled where she was and more importantly. . .what had happen. . .

A small tear stream soon began to fall from Hinata's face and began whimpering in sadness.

Meanwhile, the medics then began to look over the male Hyuga as the aura of green chakra covered their hands.

Seeing that, Haku gain a worried expression. "Hinata? What's wrong?" He asked with concern for his student.

Hinata's whimpering slowed down a bit upon hearing the question, just enough for her to be able to talk. "Neji-niisan. . .Neji-niisan is dead. . .he. . .he died protecting me from the enemy. . ." She got out in between sobs.

"Hinata. . ." Haku got out, shocked to hearing this as he then looked towards the girl's cousin.

"I. . .I couldn't save him. . ." Hinata continued. "And when I saw him die. . .it all became a blur after that. . ." She then added.

Haku however narrowed his eyes to hearing that as he examined the battle field around them. "She doesn't remember what happened?" He thought in confusion and concern before looking back towards the girl.

"It's. . .it's my fault. . ." Hinata then mumbled out. "Even with what I'm capable of now. . .I couldn't help him when he needed me. . ." She soon added as a tear fell from her eye.

". . ." Haku didn't said anything at first, as the boy knew exactly how she felt. Though the circumstance were different, he too lost someone dear to him because he wasn't able to do more than he could. "Hinata. . .I may not have been here for the battle, but you know as well as I do that since the enemy isn't here anymore, you must have defeated him. . .that at least amounts to something. . ." He then stated.

Before the female Hyuga could respond to that. . .

"Sir! We need to get back to the village quickly!" One of the medic suddenly called out with urgency in his voice.

This sudden call got everyone's attention, the head medic the stood up and headed towards his team. "What's wrong?" He then ordered, wanting to know why the sudden urgency.

"This one is still has a weak pulse but it's fading fast!" One of the medics quickly reported as they desperately trying to stabilize the dying Hyuga.

To hearing that, the female Hyuga's eyes widened. "!?" Hinata was left in shock to this development.

The head medic quickly scanned the male Hyuga and gave off a grim expression. "It true, he lost a lot of blood and chakra, it's only thanks to this first aid that he's barely alive." He then stated while stopping his scan.

"W-What?" Hinata soon got out to hearing that.

The head medic then looked at one of his squad members. "Quickly! We need to get him to Tsunade-sama! Only she will be able to help him at this point!" He soon ordered in a hastey tone.

"Hai!" The other squad members replied in unison.

As she listened to this, Hinata's eyes widened in as more tears began to run down her face while she began hiccuping to holding back fully crying. "H-He's. . .alive. . ." She got out. "N-Neji-niisan's alive. . ." She once more said.

A small yet proud smile appeared on Haku face as he watch the medical team placed the male Hyuga onto a stretcher. "It looks like you did more than you thought. . ." He commented as he turn to give a warm smile at his student. "At it was thanks to that effort that Neji is still alive." He added with pride in his voice.

All the young kunoichi could do was nod while she continued crying in happiness, knowing that she was able to help her cousin from dying.

After a few minutes, Hinata's her eyes soon closed and she went limp from unconsciousness from both her battle and feeling relief for her cousin safety. Haku then gently picked her up and placed her on another stretcher before they too went back to Konoha as well.

As the ice user look on at the leaving medics and his student, Haku then narrowed his eyes, what was left of the battle was something that could only be described as a war zone.

"Whatever happened here. . .This looked even worst that the battles Zabuza-sama told me when he fought in the civil war. . ." Haku grimly thought to himself.

The damage and destruction that the ice user saw was something that only high level shinobi's could only accomplish. So if gave him a shiver of fear of the thought of what could his friends where up against.

Haku then shock those thoughts away as he ran into the other direction. "I better catch up with father to find the others now. . ." He then thought in a serious tone.

With that thought in mind, the ice user dashed at incredible speeds and hoped that the rest of his friends weren't in the same or even worse condition.

At the Final Valley. . .

Satsuki's consciousness was continuing wavering from the fast acting poison coursing through her body. The poison was more potent than anything she had ever experience from big sister figure, this was meant to kill her inside out and it was taking all she had to just remain conscious.

However when the Uchiha heard the traitor pulling out her blade and her unbearable voice gloating at the fact that she would finish her off, this only caused her anger to grow even more. But this wasn't like before, this was more darker, she'd finally had enough of listening to her.

Everything about treacheries kunoichi now was like the sick poisons. Her beliefs. . .her desires. . .her words. . .even her thoughts were now like a burning poison that harms anyone and anything it came in contact with. This caused small flares of dark red chakra to come from her injury and burning the deadly liquid.

This caused to quickly clear the girl's head as she widen her eyes, she grinded her teeth and lighting crackers appeared around her body. "Enough. . ." Satsuki soon muttered out with a dark tone as her face gain an infuriated expression and her Sharingan came to life once more.

Now. . .Satsuki just wanted to cure this poison from the Earth, once and for all. . .

"Hehehe. . .soon. . .very soon. . .~" A dark and sinister voice echoed from within the girl's head.


As the traitor's was about to stab into the Uchiha, a coating of chakra and lightning surrounded her as it forced the weapon to a standstill. "!" Sakura's eyes soon widen in shock to this before felt a current of electricity running through her body, causing her to jump back.

However she quickly moved even further away as more lighting began chasing after her. Sakura quickly and narrowly manage to dodge most of them but some manage to grazed a part of her body, causing a lot of pain, burn spots and some numbness. It was only thanks to her training that she easily managed to get over that pain, but it wasn't as quickly as she would had like.

As her Curse Marks began to heal the burn marks, she frowned as she watched as her opponent stood up, though crouched over with her hair in front of her eyes and breathing heavily. "Che. . .so you still have some fight left within you. . ." She stated in annoyance.

The Uchiha Heiress meanwhile continued to breath heavily as the poison finally was purged from her body. Then she slowly raised her head while a light blue crackling electrical aura of chakra continued surrounding her body as it started shivering to try and calm itself down. "Shut up. . ." She slowly demanded.

Sakura however grinded her teeth to the demand. "You first you little-" She counter demanded in a vile manner.

Any and all attempt form the traitor to speak was cut short when Satsuki suddenly vanished, only leaving a few ripples in the water.

Sakura was left stunned for a moment when she didn't see anything in front of her. Then a moment later she saw the water where the Uchiha was standing exploded in a large geyser like fashion, causing her to shield her eyes in a instinctive manner, blocking her vision as a result.

Satsuki then suddenly appeared right in front of a stunned Sakura with her lighting coated blade ready as she made a large horizontal swing at the traitors neck, missing only a inch when she narrowly moved backwards.

In response to this, Sakura only had time to touch her neck and see a small dribble of blood, when she was forced to dodge another strike aiming to pierced her back. "The fuck!? Her fighting style changed!" She thought in annoyance to this development.

Acting quickly, Sakura dashed forward to avoid the strike, however the back of her outfit gained a large gash while some blood started to dye it crimson. It was only thanks to the Curse Mark that she wasn't worried about it being a major injury.

The traitorous kunoichi slid across the water while grinding her teeth in annoyance. When she got her blade ready to attack, it was only then that she saw the Uchiha had disappeared and leaving another burst of water a moment later in her place.

Sakura was forced to block the water again and snarl in annoyance. "Annoying little pest. . ." She growled out while shaking the water off her.

As she kept moving, the Uchiha kept the serious expression as she tightly held her blade. "No more words. . ." Satsuki thought as lightning crackled around her while her Sharingan remained active. "Only. . .the fight. . ." She concluded in her head as she rushed towards the traitor.

From inside of the Seal. . .

A dark and sinister laughter was emitting from inside of the gates of the seal while more and more dark crimson chakra began to leak from within. It was slowly spreading around the corridors and it color also, slowly but surely, began to darken by each passing moment.

"Yes my little spark. . .there is only the fight. . .~" The sinister voice agreed with vile delight. "Make her suffer for her actions. . .let your anger empower you~!" It then declared in a demanding tone.

Then the dark chakra began to glow with a sinister light as it continued spreading at it slow spread throughout the ground and crept up the walls, dying everything in crimson.

Back at the fight. . .

Satsuki's Sharingan eyes flashed crimson for a moment as she looked at the enemy while light blue lightning covered her body. Then without another word, she vanished once more, only leaving another burst of water a moment later.

Not taking any chances, Sakura quickly made a few hand seals and created a circular water barrier to defend herself. Then she made another set of hand seals, readying her compressed bullets ready for the moment the Uchiha tried to attack her barrier. "Try and get me now Uchiha. . ." She demanded in a taunting manner.


Though the traitor managed to hear the attack on her barrier, she had a hard time located the point of impact, as the moment one attack made an impact, another attack was struck at a different part. However each impact didn't manage to fully penetrate the barrier and because of that she couldn't pinpoint a target for her jutsu, which was concerning on the girls mind.

"What the hell is going on? I know that the barrier is strong, but she should be at least be able to get her blade deep enough with its cutting force. . ." Sakura thought in annoyance and confusion.


Sakura could still hear the lighting coursing through each time the blade hit the water, but that still was all the attacks manage to do as the barrier still hold strong. "Come on! Do I have to weaken the barrier for her to just get her blade to cut through!?" She thought with her annoyance steadily rising with each passing second.


Suddenly a loud and high pitch sound was heard, before the Uchiha's blade pierced to the barrier with enough force that was three fourths inside. The blade still had an electrical current coursing around it, but because of all the water it quickly began to dissipate until it return to normal.

A large and vile grin adoren Sakura's face when she finally saw the blade. "GOT YOU!" Thought with delight as she fired multiple compressed bullets at the directly at the blades location.


Each one of the compress bullets easily pierce through the water barrier, even though she couldn't see her opponent because of the barrier, each bullet was expertly shot in angles where it would most certainly hit the Uchiha in vital areas. So, even if the bullets missed or didn't it a vital areas, they would still caused a lot of damage.

As the blade that had pierce the water slowly began sliding backwards, the gave the traitor the impression that her attack was successful and the Uchiha was forced to drop her blade or slowly retrieving it because of the damage she had received.

Sakura quickly began make another set of hand seals, with the intention of causing even more pain to her opponent. "I'm not done with just yet~" She mentally said with a vile tone, however just as she was about to do so. . .


Suddenly a lighting coated fist burst through the water barrier right behind Sakura. Her eyes widen in pure shock and as she turned around to look, she saw Satsuki bursting through the barrier and the girl's fist hitting her straight into her face.

"WHAT!?" Was all Sakura's brain could process as she then felt intense pain from not just the hit but from the electrical current coursing through her.

Soon enough, Satsuki slammed her right foot down and use her position to give her fist more strength to send the enemy flying out of the barrier.

"That bitch used the blade as a freaking decoy!" Was all Sakura manage to think as she couldn't do anything as her body skid on top of the lakes surface, because of the lighting coated fist, her body was feeling numb from the electrical charge coursing through her.

Satsuki then quickly dashed forward and ran across the surface of the lake with incredible speeds, grabbing her blade before it could fall into the water and channeled lighting through it once more, now her holding it reverse grip.

As Sakura recovered from the hit, she readjusted herself so that she could slid on the lake's surface. Then she ready herself at the incoming kunoichi while having an expression of pure rage. But as she was about to block the incoming attack, though she manage to get out of the way from the blunt of the attack, her body slightly falter because of the lingering effects of the Uchiha's lightning chakra.

This however was all Satsuki needed as she quickly adjusted her blade to cut the traitors arm, though it was a shallow cut, the lightning chakra once more coursed through her blade cause the enemy kunoichi to be numb at the area of the cut.

Then the Uchiha's lighting armor came to light and created a small burst of lighting, causing the traitor to scream in pain before receiving a brutal kick to the chest and sending her flying backwards once more.


Sakura soon winced in pain as she felt the lightning in her arm. "Damn. . .fucking lightning. . ." She swore out and then her arm flinch with numbness.

"Chance!" Satsuki thought in a dead serious tone as she rushed in once more with her blade ready, her Sharingan eyes glowing crimson and her body covered in a aura of lightning filled chakra.

The Uchiha rapidly dashed towards the traitoress kunoichi while leaving trails of her lighting chakra behind. The moment she reached her opponent, she delivered a vertical slash to the the traitor's numb arm. Then not wanting for her advantage to be wasted, she continued to aim for any expose or numb parts to either make decent damage or further its numbness.

Sakura of course wasn't about to have that as she narrowed her eye with contempt and focus on dodge all of the attacks while waited for the effect of the paralyzing arm to wear our. "Once I have my arm working again, I'll take out this bitch with everything! No mercy!" She thought to herself as she was already prepare to make her counter the moment she could use her arm again.

And sure enough, thanks to her training, Sakura was easily able to dodge the blades range and as such escape any further paralyzing effects. As her arm was quickly recovering thanks to the healing properties of her Curse Mark, she smiled with an evil glint in her eyes.

The Uchiha then adjusted her blade on her right hand and went for a very large and heavy vertical swing. Seeing this, Sakura nearly burst into laughter as she thought it was the most stupid thing to do. "Fool!" She thought as she easily dodge the slash by dashing backwards.

Then the traitor quickly dashed forward as she used the Uchiha's foolish attack, because of the heavy and large swing, her blade and by extension her sword, would take a few moments to be able to readjust if she wished to attack or defense.

But that was all Sakura needs as she quickly extended her poisonous nails and aimed at the Uchiha's exposed torso. This left her smiling with vile delight at thinking she got her and it was only then that she saw Satsuki's smirking.


Satsuki merely lean to her right to dodge the poisonous nails and then the traitor was then viciously struck right to her chin, courtesy of the Uchiha's left foot, sending her flying upwards as a result.

The Uchiha knew that the traitor would continued to dodge her lighting base attacks, so she let herself appearing to be vulnerable with the clumsy attack, making her think that she would take the chance to get end her.

And sure enough, Haruno took the bait and got close enough for the Uchiha to use her left leg to delivered a powerful upwords kick her, completely catching her off guard.

Not letting this chance go to waste, Satsuki then jumped after the traitor and delivered a fury of kicks to the airborne and completely defenceless kunoichi before finishing with a devastating roundhouse kick towards her opponent's head.


Sakura's body literally became like a stone being through at a body of water as she skip through the lakes surface until she hit the huge statue massive rocky walls before she then fell down like a rag doll.

Then landing on the lakes surface via backflip, the Uchiha readjusted her stance while looking at the area the traitor landed as a dust cloud formed. Said kunoichi waited a few moments before the Curse Mark manage to heal the damage and began to slowly stand up. Though her injuries were healing quickly, it didn't stop the pain from decreasing as quickly.

As Satsuki continued to slowly move towards the traitor, her lightning chakra aura once more surrounded her body. ". . .Your move Haruno. . ." She then demanded in a dead serious tone before getting closer and closer to the traitor.

Once Sakura fully managed to stand up, the Curse Mark began to cover even more of her body when she had heard that and immediately gained a furious expression on her face. "YOU DAMNED BITCH!" Sakura roared with annoyance as she glared at the Uchiha.

Thought Satsuki still had the same expression, she couldn't help but let out a small snort at hearing that. ". . .So. . .your reverting back to how you really are. . ." She then started while getting her blade ready.

Sakura soon grind her teeth as she began going through hand signs. "SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DAMN WHORE! YOUR A DAMN DEMON SLUT THAT DENIED OROCHIMARU-SAMA'S POWER!" She declared as she soon began sending out multiple water bullets.


However thanks to her Sharingan, Satsuki easily saw the trajectories of the attacks and easily dodge them as she began running forward. "You can't accept the fact that your losing to me again. . .and now your showing off your true self. . ." She then added while she dodge any incoming attacks. "But as I said before. . .no more words. . .I'm through talking with you. . ." She soon demanded as she suddenly vanished which left a large burst of water behind.

Sakura's eyes soon widened in shock once more, but before she could do anything. . .the Uchiha appeared right in front of her while preparing her attack. Sakura managed to dodge the first attack, but like last time, she was on the end of a vicious kick.

Satsuki then wasted no time and quickly spun her lightning charged blade and made an upper swing and becaused of the kick she was finally able to land a decent cut.

As this was occuring, Sakura soon began to feel all the damage being given to her as she felt the cuts from the blade slashes and the paralyzes from the lightning going through her body. While her Curse Mark had covered more of her body, was receiving less the effect of the lightning chakra, but she was still feeling a lot of pain and when she finally manage to recover. . .


Satsuki mercilessly began slashing and kicking her opponent in a steady manner. She would first used her lighting coated blade to cause brief paralyzing to the traitors limps to make her reaction and her ability to defend herself much slowly, which was then follow by vicious kicks at every single opening her eyes managed to spot.

The traitor eyes widen in pain and agony while she was completely helpless to blocking or defending herself. However that quickly ended when even more Curse Mark spread across her body. "ENOUGH!" Sakura shouted as a powerful wave of sinister green chakra expelled from her.

The Uchiha was slightly blown back by the shockwave, but she simply landed back on the surface while slightly glaring at the traitor.

Said kunoichi began to slowly pant as she was finally able to get some breathing room, but she gave the Uchiha a death filled glare. "YOU DAMN FUCKIN' BITCH! YOU AND YOUR WHORE OF A CLAN ARE NOTHING! NOTHING I TELL YOU!" Sakura soon declared with madness in her voice as more and more of her Curse Mark began to spread over her body, blackening the whites of one of her eyes while the water and earth started to gather towards her.

". . ." Satsuki meanwhile said nothing as she just shook her head in disappointment while preparing herself once more before vanishing from the other girl's sight.

Sakura soon having enough of the vanishing and the attacks on her as she quickly created some hand seals and slammed her hands on the earth wall behind her. "Earth Style: Terrashield!" She declared.

Then two large earth slaps came out of the walls and created a large earth shield around the traitor. However, this didn't stopped the Uchiha as she knew that her lightning chakra would easily pierce through the barrier like butter, but just before she could get within range. . .

While still being hidden, the traitorous kunoichi quickly made a new set of hand seals. "Water Style: Water Coating!" Sakura declared in a vile tone as on command, a coating of water formed over the already existing earth barrier. "Water Style: Liquid Lances!" She then added as the water she just used began to lanche out in a lance like structures at a rapid velocity.

"Che!" Satsuki grunted out as she stop her charge and quickly back petalled while dodging the incoming lances. Once she was at a safe distance away, she glared at the retreading lances. "Damn. . .it's like I'm fighting Gaara-kun all over again with the barrier!" She got out in annoyance.

While similar to the red haired jinchūriki she couldn't attack like before as that water would make it dangerous of electrocuting herself if she were to risk make an attack with her own lighting chakra base attacks. And her fire jutsu wouldn't be much help because of the water either.

Meanwhile within the double layer barrier, Sakura soon grinned with madness as she held her ground as her Curse Mark covered even more of her body, the black marking leaving flame like marks on every part of her skin while the whites of both her eyes had blacked and began to glow an eerie yellowish-green.

This sudden change in her appearance gave the kunoichi a much more menacing and insane appearance. "Now. . .to even the playing field~!" Sakura then started.

Suddenly to her declaration, both the earth and water barriers began to glow in a sinister green glow before the water barrier dispersed and returned to the lake. Then the earth barrier around the traitor slowly began compressed itself inward as it slowly began to look humanoid.

Sakura remain motionless for a few second before the earth burst apart, leaving her with a compressed earth armor as pieces of earth itself attached to her most of her body, leaving only her joints and torn clothes exposed. Then the water below her began to surface as it began to seep into the earth armor until it formed a snake of a slickly green colored water, it then slithered and coiled around the armor until it covering most of the exposed parts turning into a water like armor as the head of the snake formed into a second layer for her helmet. Finally the Curse Mark began to expanded from her body and cover her new armor.

Satsuki's eyes then narrowed to this new form as she examined it. "What the hell is that?" She thought in a serious tone as she readied herself once more as an aura of lightning chakra formed around her while her Sharingan eyes glowed crimson.

The traitor soon let out a giggle as she flexed her limbs. "Curse Style. . .Cursed Water and Earth Armor~!" Sakura darkly declared with excited insanity as her eyes glowed the same yellowish-green while preparing herself for combat once more.

Within the burning landscape. . .

Female wails of pain cried throughout the area as the flames raged on with hellish intensity that even nearby objects began to burst into flames and rocks began to literally melt from the heat.

The chunin leader had to cover his face in an attempt to block the intense heat, but his expression turn grim as he watch the wailing girl. "This is bad. . ." Shikamaru got out in a concerned tone.

Meanwhile, Kiba was also using an arm to block his face but when he heard that he turn to looked at his squad leader in confusion as Akamaru did the same. "What do you mean?" He asked in a hastey tone.

Temari narrowed her eyes as she had thought of the same conclusion the Nara had reached and then looked at the others. "Those flames are getting more and more unstable. . .She is becoming more and more unstable. . ." She then stated.

The Nara in turn nodded to this. "Exactly and if this continues. . ." Shikamaru got out before trailing off as they all backed up away from the flaming girl.

"W-What!? What's going to happen?" Kiba soon asked in even more concern.

". . ." Temari in response closed one of her eyes as she couldn't answer and turned looked at the Nara.

"She'll turn into a literal bomb. . ." Shikamaru soon revealed with a dead serious tone.

To that reveal, Kiba's eyes widened in shock as he looked at the flailing and burning girl that was in pain. "No way. . .are you kidding me with this shit. . .she's gonna die!?" He got out with terror,

"Not just herself. . ." Shikamaru stated as he began panting heavily, he knew that both he and the other two were already suffering from the effects of chakra exhaustion. "If my calculations are correct. . .I don't think we'll be getting out of the blast radius. . ." He soon revealed.

The Inuzuka just couldn't believe it, after everything they had to gone through to save her. . .their former enemy and them would just going to die like this? And after finally managing to convince her to stay with them? From something this time that wasn't in her fault and had no control whatsoever?

Kiba's face turned furious as his tighten his slightly sharpen teeth as he weakly began to stand up and took a single step forward. "Screw that! We didn't went through all that shit for this freaking ending!" He then declared in anger.

Shikamaru then narrowed his eyes towards the Inuzuka. "Kiba! It's no use! We don't have anything that can stop her!" He soon declared in the same dead serious tone.

"But still!" Kiba responded in a hastey tone while looking at the burning kunoichi. "Can't we just knock her out or something!?" He then suggested with concern.

The Suna kunoichi shook her head while frowning. "That would work, if she was consciously doing it." Temari reminded.

"But its obvious she isn't doing it out of her own will" Shikamaru soon stated. "This must be the after effects of using the pill and gaining this powers. And that itself is probably the only reason why he body hasn't even burn to a crisp." He clarified while narrowing his eyes. "But can't say the same for the pain she's probably feeling. . ." He then added in his mind as he was feeling bad for the kunoichi.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" Tayuya's wailed out pain as she continued to echoed as the flames emitting from her own body continued to expand in both size and intensity.

This caused everyone around the kunoichi to cover their faces once more and had to take a few steps back just to be out of the heat. However it was of no use as their clothes began to let out some steam signaling that they may combust in flames themselves.

The Inuzuka tighten his teeth yet again as he had enough of just standing and let someone continue suffering like this, even if they were first enemy. "Fuck this!" Kiba got out as he lowered his hands, wincing in pain from both his injuries and the intense heat he was feeling as he readied himself. "Let's go Akamaru!" He then declared in a loud and dead serious tone.

The young ninken puppy growled lowly as it too weakly stood up while trying its best to tolerate the intense heat. No matter what had just happen, even the puppy really did like the girl because she could keep his partner in line and happy, so he too wanted to do whatever he could to save her. "ARF ARF!" Akamaru barked out in agreement.

It was then at point, the two started running towards the burning kunoichi, fighting back against both the heat and the pain they already had from their previous fight.

The Nara meanwhile looked on as the Inuzuka kept moving despite the intense heat. "KIBA! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!? YOUR OUT OF CHAKRA!" Shikamaru got out in shock as he watched his comrade charging forward.

"That idiot!" Temari got out in disbelief to this reckless action.

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! I'M NOT JUST GONNA STAND HERE AND DO JACK SHIT!" Kiba roared back as his fangs sharpened while gathering the last of his chakra to form one final jutsu. "FANG OVER FANG!" He declared as he and his partner span around at the same time forming their signature jutsu.


The two powerful twisters raised across the ground faster than they ever did before. The two partners hope that they could form a strong enough twister that would allowed them to dispersed the flames so that they could reach the kunoichi. But just as they were about to reach her. . .

The flames suddenly burst out making the triple in size and intensity turning it into a massive torrent of fire, as the sudden burst had enough forced that the moment the two twister had reached the flame it completely dispersed them and knocked both partners back.

"AUGH!" Kiba got out in pain as he and Akamaru skid across the ground.

"KIBA!" Shikamaru called out.

The torrent of fire continued to grow as it began raising across the forest in a circular manner, incinerating everything and anything in its path. Meanwhile from inside, Tayuya could only shout in a soundless manner as she couldn't even use air to do so.

Both Shikamaru and Temari widen their eyes in pure terror at the sight, they both knew that they had no way of escaping the flaming path of destruction, much less stopping this. So all they could do was close their eyes and accepted their fate.

The two partners meanwhile couldn't move anymore as the last jutsu had completely drained them off everything they had left and could only watch as the torrent raised towards them. They could do nothing but close their eyes and cursed at not been able to help Tayuya. Just when all hope was lost they heard two voices through the darkness. . .


"WATER STYLE: GIANT VORTEX JUTSU!" Two voices shouted with power and in unison.

Then the young shinobi open their eyes at the same time and next thing they saw was two giant twisters of water traveling through the trees at an incredible velocity, the waves bent a few of the trees that were still standing while moving all of the ones that were chopped down during the battle.

The two twister then safely cross around the young shinobi the collided into one another and merge into to huge twister as the massive construct of water clashed into the raging torrent of fire.

"COLLABORATION STYLE! MASSIVE WATER TWISTER!" The voices then declared in unison.

Kiba then managed to turned around and his face widen in happiness and relief as he saw who they were. "Kakashi-sensei! Haku-sensei!" He got out.

To hearing this, both Shikamaru and Temari instantly turned around as they too smiled and smirked in relief as they saw the jonin and chunin casting the mighty water jutsu.

The jonin sensei was his hand in a bird seal as he had his Sharingan exposed. "Haku! Don't let up! This isn't a jutsu that we haven't done before, so don't lose focus for an instant!" He then ordered.

Said boy was also doing the same hand seal as he nodded. "Yes father!" Haku replied in a serious tone as he did everything he could to maintain the jutsu.


The opposing elemental jutsus continued to clash with one another as a massive amount of steam began to erupt as a result. Said steam had enough force to blow both Kiba and Akamaru way from the collision. Thankfully his comrades were their to catch them as Shikamaru caught Kiba while Temari caught Akamaru.

Both father and son narrowed their eyes as they focus hard in both maintain the jutsu and keeping the torrent of fire away from the young shinobi. Then when they saw the flames began to be pushed back, the elite jonin saw through his Sharingan eye that the torrent where starting to lose power.

"NOW!" Kakashi soon ordered.

"HAI!" Haku responded in a serious tone.

With one massive pulse of chakra, the large twister of water grew twice in size and in power, completely engulfed the torrent of flames.


Then once the flames were complete extinguished for the moment, the two stopped their collaboration jutsu as the remaining water left the on the ground surface.

The sounds of exhausted and heavy panting was were heard as a familiar head of dark pink hair was visible though laying down on the ground curled up into a ball. Tayuya's appearance had returned to normal, but slight wisps of flames however were still coming off her naked and unconscious body as she took in deep breaths.

As the youngest members of the group uncovered their eyes from the steam, they looked on to see that it appeared that their former enemy had returned to normal. . .for the time being.

Sighing in relief, Haku then turned to the three as he went over to them. "Apologies for being late. Are all of you alright?" He soon asked in concern.

Kiba could only weakly let out a chuckle before wincing in pain. "Yeah, but if you guys have come a few seconds later and we would've been burnt to a crisp. . ." He commented while feeling inmeansly relief that they averted it.

"More so us with that reckless stunt." Temari then reminded but she was glad that this was over.

Shikamaru however looked towards the older jonin as they looked at the unconcious girl. "So what do you plan to do with her?" He soon asked.

To hearing that, the Inuzuka and his partner looked towards the two in a concern matter.

Both the Elite Jonin and his adopted son saw this and easily figured out what was going on with both the Inuzuka and the enemy kunoichi.

Kakashi then lazily looked at the unconscious kunoichi and acted as if he was wondered what should he do with her. "My oh my, enemies falling in love in the battlefield? Jiraiya-sama would love to write about this." He mentally mused to himself while the Ice User simply let out a small chuckle as he was having more or less the same thoughts as him.

Shikamaru meanwhile let out an annoyed sigh as he saw the Inuzuka's expression and figured that he would help his friend. "Well. . .She did surrender before her body nearly exploded, so I think its protocol to take her in right?" He then stated with his normally lazy tone.

Kakashi was snapped out of his musings as he turn towards them and gave his signature eye smile. "True. . ." Kakashi admitted in agreement with an amused tone.

The ice user simply let out another chuckle as he looked at his adopted father. "I guess if its protocol, we should, shouldn't we?" Haku also agreed amusingly. got out in agreement.

"Wait seriously?" Kiba got out in a held back happy tone to this occurring.

"Yup, Shikamaru is your the leader of this team, so it's your call." Kakashi stated with his eye smile still ever present.

To hearing that, Kiba and Akamaru both sighed in a happy and relieved tone as they looked at the unconscious kunoichi with a small smile on their faces.

Haku then turn to look as well and then blinked as he saw what was around the kunoichi. "Father. . ." He called out with a serious tone.

Then when Kakashi turn to look, his expression turned serious as he noticed the wisps of flames coming off the girl. "Though she'll have to be examined as to why she almost exploded along with her current condition." He then added.

"As troublesome as it is. . .I'll explain as much of the situacion to Hokage-sama. . .though there are still many factors to be processed and some that I doubt you'll believe me. . ." Shikamaru admitted as he looked at the unconcious girl.

Kakashi then saw the other two young shinobi had a baffled and concern expressions as if they themselves couldn't believe what they saw. The older shinobi knew that such expressions were something that weren't meant to be taken lightly. After all he himself had seen many unbelievable things during the last war so he knew he should take this serious.

"Alright. . ." Kakashi calmly stated but his tone clearly meant that he wanted a full explanation as he headed towards the unconscious kunoichi

Haku meanwhile still looked at the girl's flames coming off her body with a concerned manner. "What in the world is this though?" He soon muttered out and followed his father.

Kakashi in response shook his head as he kneeled down and began making multiple hand seals. "Not sure, but we'll have to make sure her body stays cold so we don't risk her going berserk with her flames again." He stated and pointed his arm right on top of the girl. "Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu!" He declared.

Suddenly the remaining water around Tayuya began to move and began enveloping her body. However unlike the normal circular shape that the jutsu forms to imprison the victim, this one had a more humanoid shape and cover all but the girls face. This action was done so that she could breath, though a constant steam was emitting from her body.

Not liking that, Kakashi turned towards his adopted son. "Haku." He simply ordered.

Understanding the unspoken order, Haku nodded as he made a hand seal and placed his other hand on the water covered girl as the water slowly began to crystallize into ice. "There, that should keep her under control, but I also made sure that this won't put her life in danger." He stated more so for the Inuzuka concerns than anything else. "However I still think we should return to Konoha for immediate medical attention." He soon suggested in a serious tone.

"Agreed. I'll then go further in to help out the others. Gai, Anko and her squad are already ahead of us." Kakashi responded he looked at his son. "I take it you can handle the girl from here?" He then asked.

"Of course, be safe father." Haku responded with a nod.

WIth a nod, Kakashi left the area so fast that it looked like he had performed the Shushin and no sooner he had left, another medical team had arrived. Then after Haku gave a quick explanation, the medical team placed each of the young shinobis and puppy on stretchers or assisted them in standing.

As the group started heading back to Konoha, both the Inuzuka and his partner looked on at the unconscious kunoichi from their stretcher as they sighed in relief. "At least she's not dead. . ." Kiba muttered out in a attempted joking tone before wincing once more.

Then when the Inuzuka got a better look he slightly squinted his eyes and tilted his head slightly as he noticed something off about the girl.

"Wait. . .did she always looked this petite?" Kiba meanwhile thought in a curious manner while Akamaru let out a confused whine as he too was wondering the same thing.

Against a tree near the sand and bone spire covered area. . .

Lee and Gaara were resting from the exhaustion of the battle while they looked over their unconscious comrade.

The Suna jinchūriki then turned his gaze at the deceased Oto shinobi laying on the crater. "Had Naruto haven't been with us, he would have finished us. . ." Gaara suddenly stated with his usual calm tone.

The sudden comment gained the spandex wearing boy's attention. "That's not true! Even if Naruto-kun haven't been here, we would had been victorious!" Lee then declared before wincing in pain but that didn't stopped him. "My sensei always says that luck is also part of skill and strength!" He added with conviction.

Gaara's eyes turned to his companion as a thought appeared in his head and then closed his eyes. "Your sensei. . .He was the one that looks like you. . .then he should be as overbearing as well. . ." Gaara stated in a deductive like tone but with a hint of malice in his voice.

However Lee's eyes narrowed at hearing that. "HOW DARE YOU!? GAI-SENSEI IS NOT OVERBEARING TO SAY THE LEAST! HIS WORDS ARE ALWAYS FILLED WITH YOUTH" He loudly declared

The unconscious blond began to stir because of all of the yelling. "Ugh. . ." Naruto groaned out as his eyes struggled to open and saw that his friends were next to him. "My head. . ." He thought while wincing from the overuse of Bijū chakra.

It was at that moment that Gaara reopen his eyes. "Your the same then. . ." He then stated.

At these words, both of redhead companions when silent as they didn't understood what he meant.

Gaara had noticed this and continued. "When the one you admire and respect is being insulted. . .you too would feel enraged. . .The more that person means to you. . ." He stated with a contemplating expression on his face.

"!" Both Lee and Naruto were left speechless at hearing their friends words.

Then the Suna shinobi's mind began to recalled every single word that their former enemy had said about his master. Every single time they were either about respect, worshiped or enraged when his important person was insulted.

"He. . ." Gaara began to say as his eyes turned to looked at the awaken blond. "Reminded me of Naruto. . ." He declared.

"!?" Both of his companions were once again speechless at hearing that, more so the boy in question as he couldn't believe it.

"Only. . .his important person wasn't a good person. . .leading him down a dark path. . ." Gaara soon declared.

Whoever Lee frown at that and looked away. "I can't see how anyone would think someone bad being their important person." He stated with complete disapproval in his voice.

". . ." Naruto remained silent as he too couldn't imagine anyone think that way as well

"No. . ." Gaara then started, getting the others attention. "When your truly alone, you would take anyone as you important person, even knowing their a bad person. . ." He declared with a tone that he understood those feelings as he looked at the blond straight in the eyes with full of sadness in them.

It was at that moment that Naruto finally understood everything. Why he felt so enraged with the Oto shinobi, why every time Kimimaro fought so hard to defend someone like Orochimaru and why he almost felt desperate in wanting to defeat him with everything he had, event if it meant going out of control.

Then the image of both himself and Kimimaro appeared in the blond's mind. The two had expression of pure sadness and loneliness as they weren't anyone looking at them. And then behind the two were Iruka and Orochimaru's silhouettes appeared and they each placed a hand on their respective shoulders, as both boys turned around and smiled with an expression of complete happiness.

"He. . .was me. . ." Naruto thought with disbelief and slightly narrowed his eyes in frustration. "It's the same feeling when I first meet Gaara. . .I saw him as me when I didn't had friends. He thought as a small tear fell from his eye. "And he was me having Orochimaru be the same as what Iruka-sensei was to me. . ." He continued as he clench his fist and pounded the ground. "Why!? Why didn't I see it!?" He berated himself in his head for not seeing that as his eyes then widen as he realized something. "Or did I. . .did I not want to see it?" He then thought as he held his head in pain.

However before anyone else could say anything. . .

"Naruto-sensei!" A familiar female voice called out.

"Naruto-niichi!" Another, more childish voice called out soon followed by three small animal cries.

This in turn caused the three to motion their heads to see a group of familiar faces.

The blond then weakly tried to stand but he was too weak to do so, so he just settle with a crouch. "Kakashi-sensei, Haku!" Naruto called out as a small grin came across his face. "Shizune-neechan, Anko-sensei, Yami-chan and Nina-chan too!" He then added

"GAI-SENSEI!" Lee meanwhile cried out in happiness before wincing in pain once more.

"LEE!" Gai called back in his own amount of excitement.

Yami then landed near the injured shinobis and stood besides the blond and quickly examined him. "Are you alright Naruto-sensei?" She soon asked in concern.

"Naruto-niichi!? Are you alright!?" Nina asked in a alarmed manner at seeing all the wounds on his friends body while the O Trio gently pressed the mammals placed their paws on the boy's legs while having concerned expressions while the bird chick landed on the boy's head.

The blond could only give the members of Viper Squad a weak grin. "Haha. . .yeah I'm alright, I been through worst. . ." Naruto tried to joked but he could barely say those words from the chakra exhaustions he was feeling.

However the blond's words didn't have the impact he desired as the girl's could only look on with worrisome expressions.

Meanwhile Kakashi looked towards the sand and bone covered battlefield before turning back to him. "Naruto. . .What in the world happened here?" He with both authority and concern in his tone.

"That's. . ." Naruto hesitantly started while letting out a tired sigh. "A long story. . ." He then admitted as he looked over towards the deceased shinobi's body and gained a sad expression.

"Indeed." Gaara responded in agreement.

At that moment, Shizune went to the blond's side as she placed her hands over his wound as a light green chakra started to cover it. She quickly began to both diagnosed and applying first aid. "Well whatever you did, you need to be brought back to Konoha. All of your injuries are internal, while there may not be bleeding, but all of your main muscles have serious tears and we need to make a full evaluation to know the extent of the damages. . ." She however declared in a serious manner.

"Gaki. . .What the hell did you do to get this banged up?" Anko asked with concern while hiding the fear that was creeping down the back of her neck.

Naruto however shook his head to that. "I. . .don't really remember everything. I remember that we fought a very powerful Oto shinobi that had an insane Kekkei Genkai, but. . ." He simply got out as he was trying to recall the fight. "Everything when fuzzy near the end and I can't even remember how we won." He then admitted.

"!?" To hearing that, everyone was shocked as they knew that most bloodline users were strong, but if one did this much damage to two jinchūrikis then they knew that it was a powerful and deadly shinobi.

"I'll explain in further detail what had happened when we return to your village. . ." Gaara stated as he wanted to calmed everyone present

"In any case, I'm just relieved that your alright Naruto-sensei." Yami then admitted while placing a hand on his shoulder while the youngest appearing member and her tiny friends frantically shock their heads in agreement.

Then the girls team leader narrowed her eyes. "And. . .what's Satsuki?" Anko then questioned.

"Satsuki-chan went after Sakura!" Lee meanwhile declared. "Sakura came out of what appeared to be a coffin of sorts and then ran off and we told Satsuki-chan to go after her!" He then revealed before wincing in pain again.

"Alright! Kakashi, you and Anko's team should go and retrieve your youthful student while me and the rest assist our injured students and youthful Gaara." Gai soon decided while still looking over his injured student.

While Naruto wanted to complain about wanting to go as well, he knew that he wasn't in any condition to do so.

"Don't worry sensei, Satsuki will be alright." Yami told the blond with a determine tone while having one hand on the handle of her katana and narrowed her eyes. "I'll cut down anyone that hurts my friends. . ." She declared with an ice cold tone.

At hearing that, Naruto let out a sigh but smile as he knew he could count on them. "Alright, I'll leave it up to you then." He soon replied in a solemn tone.

Nina's ear then wagged frantically with determination. "Yeah! Leave it to us Naruto-nichi! We'll get Satsuki-neechi safe and sound!" She soon declared while pumping both her fists with a attempted serious but adorable expression while the Os trio jumped and flew around with equal motivation.

Kakashi then looked at the medic and fellow male jonin. "Alright, I'll leave them in your hands Gai." He then stated as he turned to the purple haired jonin. "Anko, your and your team are with me."

Anko in response nodded in agreement. "Right." She replied in a serious tone as she looked at the Viper Squad members. "Yami, Nina and the Os trio, you'll provide back up while me and Kakashi take head." She then instructed with strict and authority in her voice.

Both girls instantly nodded in response to this, but the youngest was slightly startled by the changed in the woman's personality.

"Mmm. . .Anko-neechi's being really really serious. . ." Nina meekly got out in a nervous manner while her animal companions looked more docile as they too think the same.

Yami in turn placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Nina. . .whenever something involves Satsuki, she takes it seriously because she cares about her, but. . .when it's about the Snake Sannin Orochimaru, it's. . .personal for her. . ." She simply and slowly answered as she thought now wasn't the time for saying anything about that subject.

Nina in response just gulped in a nervous manner. However unknown to everyone and even herself, a shiver went down her back when she heard that rouge-nin's name.

And with that, the Viper Squad left the area each filled with worry about their friends/sister's safety.

As the rest of the medical team left with the injured trio, Gai turned to looked at his rival. "Be careful my eternal rival. . .this retrieval mission has given me nothing but bad feelings. . ." He warned his rival with an unusually serious tone for the usually loud jonin.

Though Kakashi didn't verbally reply, he nodded all the same as he too felt the same way as he dashed into the direction the Viper Squad went towards.

Back at the Final Valley. . .

Satsuki took in a deep and heavy breath as she looked at her rock and water coated opponent as she decided not to attack and readied herself, getting into a low stance with her blade ready to attack.

"What's wrong Uchiha?" Sakura's distorted voice questioned from within her helmet in a taunting tone while slightly extending her arms as if she was showing off her armor. "Shocked at this form that I created out of my desires to become stronger!?" She then asked with dilated glowing eyes.

The Uchiha in response to this taunt said nothing as the lightning like chakra covered her body while crackling lightning started to coat her feet. Then she lean slightly forwards and sprinted forwards, leaving a large burst of water in her wake.

Behind the earth and water helmet, Sakura didn't even looked concern as her smirk remained as arrogant as ever. Then when the Uchiha appeared right in front of her with her blade ready, she merely adjusted her left arm to block the incoming attack.


The ravenette then delivered a flurry of quick slashes at each were incredibly fast and precise that would make deep gashes. However to her surprised, the armor on the traitor's left arm took all the slashed without causing barely any damage. Satsuki frown as she channeled more lighting chakra to increase her speed and vanished right in front of the traitors and appeared right behind her.

Even though Sakura knew she was right behind her, she only slightly turned her head to look at the Uchiha and smirked as she actually decided not to move or even defend herself.

Then with even more speed then before, the Uchiha delivered an even more vicious barrage of slashes, each one could easily cut through solid bone like butter and they kept attacking without a single shred of hesitation. However. . .


Just like before, each attack only made loud clanking sounds as the armor held strong and the girls attack only left small gashes and cracks all over the back of the armor.

Startled by this, Satsuki quickly backed away as she slide to a stop a few feet away. Her Sharingan focusing on the area she just attacked and saw that she barely left any damage, other than some small cracks and gashes.

The armored clad kunoichi's Curse Mark meanwhile glowed briefly and all of the damage her arm armor that had received began to meld back together until it looked completely new. She then slowly turned around to faced her as the Uchiha could feel her giving her a vile and derange smirk.

"What's the matter? Didn't you say you were going to beat me~? I'd say that was a poor performance, if you could even call it that~" Sakura taunted with a sadistic tone, loving the power her armor made her feel invincible as she flexed her limbs.

". . ." Satsuki however said nothing as she frowedn that her assault did nothing. "That armor is much harder than I thought. . .and she can just repair the damage just that easily. . ." She began to think to herself as she resheathed her blade and thrusted her arms forward. "If my blade can't cut it, then I go with Ninjutsu." She mentally decided as she began making hand signs. "Fire Style!" She then began to think while sucking in some air and condense the flames from within her lungs.

The armored clad kunoichi's smirk widened at seeing this. "Well isn't that precious~!" Sakura then taunted in a distorted manner, knowing exactly what her opponent was planning and was actually waiting for it.

"FLARE BULLETS!" Satsuki mentally declared as the massive and condensed fireballs came out of her mouth. Heading straight towards the traitor.


Just as the mighty fireballs were about to hit the traitor the water like armor pieces began to glow. Just before the flames were but a few inches from hit their target, the water expanded until it became a large water dome that completely covered the kunoichi.


The condensed fireballs instantly crashed into the water dome causing a powerful steam explosion. However the dome did its purpose and took all of the damage from the jutsu leaving a loud hissing sounds until there were nothing but steam. Then when the steam was clear, there standing was the traitor with only the earth part of the armor completely intact.

The Uchiha's eyes widen in shocked, the fire jutsu was one of her strongest and it didn't do any damage. "What the!?" She thought in annoyance to this result but quickly shook it off as she readied herself once more.

While smirking, Sakura then simply made a single hand seal and on command more water began to rise from the lake's surface. The water then took the same sick green color and began to formed into is snake shape. The snake then hissed menacingly at the Uchiha before it coiled around her until it reformed the water armor she just lost.

"I bet you confused and surprised by my little water snake~" Sakura soon remarked in a confident manner while caressing the water snake as its eyes glowed eerily as a mask of earth then covered her mouth. "This darling loves me so much that it won't let fire hurt me~!" She then declared.

The Uchiha only narrowed her eyes and frown, she didn't need further explanation from the traitor, she now knew that the water part of her armor acted as a shield for any of her fire jutsu. "And what's worse is that that's why she made sure we fought here. . .to replenish the water. . ." She thought with annoyance as she knew she fell for her trap.

"What's wrong Uchiha~? Scared that I'll beat you again~?" Sakura then started as she started to casually walk towards the other girl while waving her arms in an exaggerated and over flaunting manner. "I didn't even move from my spot~ And you still couldn't make a scratch on me~? Wow~! I guess you've gotten weaker or is it that I'm just that strong now~?" She soon added to her list of taunts.

Taking a deep breath as Satsuki didn't wanted to fall from the taunts or risk being in the same spot as before, so the ravenette thrusted her arms forwards. "In that case. . .How about this!" She mentally demanded as she had lightning cover her body.


"Lightning Style!" The Uchiha soon declared as a wave of lightning surrounded her arms and focus around her, forming multiple yellow orbs of electricity floating in midair. "Lightning Ball!" She declared as she shoot the orbs forward.

Suddenly, Sakura's eyes widen at the sight of the orbs, she quickly dashed to the side and avoided a few of them. But when she saw more orbs still coming straight at her, so acting quickly formed a water whip on each hand.

The traitor the quickly yet precisely dodge and attack each orb coming at her. But what was apparent was that each time she cut an orb, Sakura would let go of the whip and formed a new ones. Since the electrical current that made contact with the orbs continued to flow through the water whips and threaten to shock her.

As this continued to happen, Satsuki's sharingan didn't stopped looking at the traitor for a moment as she then she finally saw a pattern. "So that's it, that armor does provide a massive amount of defence for taijutsu, kenjutsu and fire style, but its lacks speed and mobility. At the same time it can't stopped the feedback form my lighting style because of her water style. I got her now." The Uchiha soon deducted in her head in a serious manner while making a familiar hand sign.


Instantly four shadow clones appeared around the Uchiha, then without being told what to do, they all charged forward while making the same hand seals the original did before. Meanwhile the original stayed behind and began channeling a large amount of lighting chakra.

The earth and water armored kunoichi head jerked at the sight of the clones rushing towards her and easily deciphering what they were planning to do. Letting out a tisk of annoyance, she began dashing backwards as fast as her armor could allowed her while channeling both chakra and water onto her whips to extend their range.

"LIKE HELL I'LL LET YOU!" Sakura shouted as she gave a mighty swing of her enlarged whips towards the incoming clones.

Then suddenly, the extended whips caught the nearest clone by surprise and was hit before she could finished the jutsu. However the other three where at a good distance to easily saw the range of the whip and easily dodge its trajectory. Once they had dodge the last of the whips, they manage to complete their jutsu.

"Lightning Style: Lightning Ball!" The clones declared in unison as multiple yellow orbs of electricity sprout around them.


The orbs flew straight at the traitor with a decent speed, having no choice, Sakura lessen her whips size and began to slash each orb while conjuring more whips to replace the previous ones she used.

Sakura fast forced to dashed, jumped and slide through the surface of the lake to dodge the incoming orbs of lighting. However that was the least of her concerns as the clones took every advantage of her being forced to repelled their jutsus to attack her from her blind spots.

After a few moments of narrowly dodging all the attacks, she manage to just barely took out most of the orbs while taking out another clone in the process, but one or two manage to hit her, which caused her to scream in pain.

Then the last of the remaining clones took this chance to attack at the same time from behind the kunoichi.

This caused the armored traitor to growled in annoyance. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Sakura roared as she swag her whips and instantly took both clones out before they could reach her. This let her to finally have a moment to catch her breath, but as she did. . .

"Lightning Style!" Satsuki calmly declared with narrow eyes.

Sakura's eyes widen at the moment she heard that, she quickly turned around and saw the Uchiha's entire body emitting a lot of lighting chakra.

"Thunder Blitz!" Satsuki concluded while thrusting her arm forward towards the traitor.

Immediately, a powerful blast of lighting raced across the lake at ridiculous velocity and with enough force that cause part of the lake's surface to slightly split away of the jutsus' path.

Had her face would had been exposed however, the Uchiha would've seen Sakura's face looked terrified. However if she had she would also saw the expression turned to a demented expression. "Just kidding~" She commented with a vile sweet tone.

Once more the water snake armor began to glow as it detached itself from the rest of the armor and began to spin around the traitor at rapid velocity. Then when the lightning jutsu hit the spinning snake, it began flowling the circular motion it was doing. This continued for a few moments before the snake suddenly stopped while pointing its head at the Uchiha.

This action caused the lightning jutsu to flew out of the snake head and burst out of the snake mouth. Then the jutsus was sent heading back to its castor with double its original speed.

Suddenly the ravenette's expression turn to pure shock, had it not been for her Sharingan seeing the jutsu coming at her in slow motion, Satsuki wouldn't had manage to just barely dodge her own jutsu.


The just continued its path until it hit the side of the mountain creating a powerful explosion and leaving a massive crater as well as a huge burst of water splattering from the explosion.

"What the!?" Satsuki soon thought as she jerked her head at the traitor before gaining an annoyed expression on her face.

Sakura couldn't help but roared with an insane laughter at seeing the annoyed expression on the Uchiha's face. "I can't believe you actually fell for that~! Did you really thought I wouldn't be prepared for you lightning jutsus!?" She commented with a deranged tone as the water snake returned to her. "Water is a natural conductor for electricity, so it can be use to redirect lightning jutsus by using it in this way. I was the smartest kunoichi of our class after all~" She then added in a cutesy manner but her deranged laughter made the appealing looked more like an insane person.

Grinding her teeth, Satsuki's face began to turned to an furious one from having to heard the traitors arrogant and infuriating voice. "That. . .does it. . ." She declared in a low tone as she made a very familiar hand seal and two clones appeared to both sides, then she began to make very distinct hand seals and held her left hand near her face.

Suddenly the sound of birds chirping began to echo through out the area while lighting began be emitting from the servant's hand.

The armored kunoichi stopped her laughter as she turn to see that the Uchiha was forming her most powerful jutsu. While the traitor was arrogant with her new found powers, even she knew that this jutsu was powerful enough that it should be able to completely bypass her armor defences.

However instead of feeling concern or threaten, the traitorous kunoichi actually had an arrogant grin underneath her earth mask.

"Oh~ Is someone finally going to be serious now~?" Sakura soon taunted while she gave vile smirk filled with unholy delight as she formed two water whips on both hands, but they were glowing and making a strange humming sound. "Good! Because I was getting bored and I want to finish this by showing how weak you truly are compared to me." She declared with a wave of bloodlust coming out of her, showing that she was done playing and was going for the kill.

Once the Chidori was fully charged, the clones instantly charge first while Satsuki follow behind with her Chidori glided on the water's surface. The clones made a few hand seals and unleashed a few fireballs at the traitor in hopes of forcing her to use the water barrier and attack only the earth half.

Sakura merely smirked at the attack, she wasn't fooled as she saw the intention the Uchiha was planning and swug her glowing whips and effortlessly cut the fireballs in half. The clones didn't let up their assault as they drew their blades and when to attack, in hopes of stalling enough for their caster to land her jutsu.

Then the water snake's eyes glowed ominously as the head hissed and sent a burst of water with enough force to sent the two back, but not enough to dispelled them.

Not derailed of her course, Satsuki continued her charge and jumped into the air as the lightning in her hand crackled as the sound of birds chirping was heard. However when she saw the traitor merely widen her arms, completely leaving herself completely expose, she felt a sense of dread.


No sooner she was but a few meters away, from below the armored kunoichi, multiple humming whips of water erupted from the lake and attack from multiple directions around the Uchiha with the attempt to slice through her and her clones.

Once again it was thanks to her Sharingan that Satsuki manage to see the trajectories of the whips to change her course to avoid them while only receiving small cuts and gashes. However by doing so, her attack harmlessly passed the traitor.


The clones of the Uchiha on the other hand weren't fast enough to react an were cut clean through their stomach and their necks. They were so shocked by this that they only barely realized that even though they were cut in three parts they still remain for a few moments before they dispelled.

Satsuki then quickly deactivated her jutsu so that she could quickly regain her balance and slided across the lake. Then she turned her eyes and saw the water whips slicing her clones. While she was shocked by how easily the water whips had slice her clones, there was something more shocking came to mind. "Damn! She can control them without the need of her hands!?" She thought with startlement. "What the hell has the enemy been training her!?" She then added to her thought.

The Uchiha was in the right to be surprised, after all she had seen that shinobi need to use their hands to use them as they need a very delicate and precise chakra control to be able to use them properly. So it was unheard of that someone could use more than two, let alone this many without the need of their hands.

Sakura merely lean her head to the side as ravenette could practically see the vile smirk she was giving. With the exception of the ones in her hands, the whips return to their normal forms and splashed on the lake. "Really~? Is that all Uchiha~?" She once more taunted as she turned around and wiped her whips on the surface of the lake. "Well, then I guess it's my turn now~!" She then declared in vile excitement.

"Great. . ." Satsuki thought in a sarcastic manner to that declaration.

At that moment, Sakura rushed into the Uchiha, though not as fast as before because of her armor she still did a decent charge while weaving the whips on her hands making them look almost like a snake as she unleashed them in a wild manner. Then just as she was a few feet away. . .


The armored kunoichi's whips were swung backwards to gain as much momentum as possible, then with a mighty swing they sail across the air with a piercing high pitch sound left behind. The forced behind them created perfect arcs on the water every time they were swag.

On instinct, Satsuki used her Sharingan to watch the trajectory of the whips and side stepped out of the way as she started running to try and circle her enemy so that she could stay out of the whips range.


Each time the water whips missed, the forced behind them was powerful enough to make a ripple that split the lakes surface. However what was more disturbing was that it was a clean and narrow cut that was a few meters deep.

This caused the ravenette to slightly panic at the sight, even with lighting chakra, she couldn't do something like this with her own blade. "Damn! Just how sharp are those whips!?" Satsuki thought with a very concern as she made sure not to get cut by them.

"AHAHAHA~! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW BITCH~!" Sakura laughed out her taunt with insanity as she continued to wildly unleash her whips while they continued humming ominously. "Did you know that if you move water at a certain velocity, it can even cut through solid steel~? Thanks to my superior chakra control I can move the water in my whips at such velocity that they turn into the sharpest weapons~!" She lectured and taunted at the same time. "That means I have the sharpest sword in the world now~!" She then bragged with arrogance.

Satsuki however just narrowed her eyes to this bragging as she knew not to egg her on, but she just couldn't stop the bubbling anger that kept surging every time the traitor talked to her.

"And not only that~!" Sakura soon started before slamming both hands into the lake as they were then submerged into the water. "I can make anything into the sharpest sword~!" She then added with vile delight.

Suddenly, the Uchiha saw at the corner of her eye right behind her, a surge of chakra was being form. Then before she could react and water tendril suddenly burst out from the water and slashed her left shoulder.

Satsuki couldn't even stop and hold onto her injured shoulder as she keeped moving. "Damn! Gotta keep moving. . .gotta keep moving. . ." Satsuki mentally swore as she kept telling herself in her head as she kept circling around the enemy.

However the Uchiha couldn't even continued her thoughts as her eyes saw multiple surges of chakra concentrating all around her.

"Shit!" Satsuki cursed as she knew what was coming.

Then multiple water tendrils burst out from all around the Uchiha and attacked her from all directions.


Satsuki was forced to used even more chakra on both her eyes, legs and body as a whole to gain even more speed and eye sight just so that she could see all of the attacks coming. Thanks to this, she managed to see all of the attacks coming her way and dodge all attacks that could had proven fatal.


"AGH!" Satsuki screamed in pain while small burst of blood fell to the lake's surface.

However even then the Uchiha couldn't dodge everything as the tendrils still manage to land solid blows, leaving many cuts and gashes in multiple areas around her body and torn clothes.

Suddenly Sakura appeared right in front of the injured Uchiha, she had her fist cocked back as the Curse Marks covered it. The stone coveredfist glowed for a moment before it grew twice in size and gave a powerful straight punch.

Even through the pain, Satsuki snapred out of it just in time to see the attack and used her blade to block the attack.


The attempt had worked as the blade managed to hit, saving its user from what sure would had been a devastating blow. However it still couldn't stopped the force behind it and sent both the Uchiha and the blade flying away but at a different direction.

Satsuki could only give off a brief glance to see that her blade had embedded itself into the First Hokage's statue before her enemy prepared another punching heading for her face. She then found her balance and leaned back as the fist went right above her while her hair touched the water's surface.

The Uchiha began panting a bit heavily, her hair was disheveled and there were streams of blood dripping from her wounds as all of the constante dodging and moving were finally starting to tired her out. However red chakra began to come out from her injuries and began healing her injuries, while that did fix her injuries it didn't mean that her stamina would recover as well.

Once most of her injuries had fully recovered, Satsuki narrowed her eyes as knew because of that she couldn't keep it up forever. But she couldn't attack at a long range or risked being attack by those high pressured whips. And if she attacks in close range she would be completely over run by just as deadly water tendrils and her earth coated fists. Thus making her Sharingan useless attacking head on because she can't just focus on both the traitor and the tendrils at the same time.

"But what else can I do? She completely analysed everything from fighting and made perfect counters for everything I know as a result. . ." Satsuki soon concluded as she narrowed her eyes towards the earth and water armored traitor.

As much as the Uchiha hated to admit it, she was in a serious bind as the traitor had completely had the full advantage in this fight. Unless she could think of something completely new or use something that the traitor has never seen before, she was going to lose. . .

"Dammit. . ." Satsuki cursed at this.

The Uchiha refused to give up, she wouldn't allow someone as vile and evil as this traitor to get away, run free and get even stronger. She need to make her pay for what she did for her friend.

Suddenly, Satsuki's eyes widen when her mind blanked out as she was suddenly at the hospital where she saw the Yamanaka heiress's condition. She simply stared at her friends comatose body as she unconsciously began tighten her fist.

Then scenery slowly began to warped, all of the white color of the hospital room began to bleed out until it was black and red. The room then completely changed and turned into the image that had given her nightmares for all of her earlier childhood.

The scene was now that fateful day. . .

It was none other than the scene the Uchiha had watched all of her clan members laying on the ground. . .men and women, old or young alike laying down on the ground in a pool of their own blood. . .

Then as Satsuki felt another vicious slash from the traitor's whips on to her torso did her mind return to the battle. She then laid on the lake's surface as more of the dark crimson chakra began to heal the wound.

The Uchiha could vaguely recognized the traitor saying something to her, she would probably thought that she was just taunting her. However her mind could only recalled those memories and could only asked herself. . .Is that going to happen again? Will she lose more of her dear friends and love ones?


The Uchiha abruptly stood up while making a small splash, this momentarily stopped the traitor from continuing her taunting. Satsuki's wet hair was wet and cover most of her face as her teeth began to clench tightly.

No. . .That will never happen again. . .She was going to stop her from ever doing that ever again.

Suddenly from within the girl's mind, a dark and vile chuckling echoed ominously. "Power. . .I could lend you it. . .if you want it. . ." A vile and twisted voice suddenly offered. "Though I would have to intervene to help you. . .Is that alright with you?" It then asked with vile delight.

Then Satsuki's hair moved enough to see that she had an angered expression as her Sharingan was active once more. She nodded as she quickly avoided another strike from a water whip. "Yes! I don't care if you intervene! I need to take her down now!" She mentally declared.

To that declaration, a massive amount of bubbling dark crimson chakra slowly began coming out of the seal on the back of her neck in a nine tail like formation.

From underneath the rock and water helmet, Sakura's eyes widen startlement as she began to feel an enormous amount of chakra. She then was forced to cover herself as she could feel the intense heat the chakra was emanating, even from within her armor.

Suddenly, there was an intense heat began to emanate from the chakra as it began to quickly dry the water on the girl's body. Satsuki however wasn't even showing hints of being concerned of what was happening as her eyes were full of anger as they gained a fox like appearance.

Then all of the dark crimson chakra slowly moving downwards as it started to surround the girl's left arm and slowly began to take a more solid shape. "Hehehe. . .very well my Uchiha. . .let yourself be strengthened. . ." The vile voice began to say in a wicked excitement as the chakra finally completely its shaping, turning into a large five prong claw like shape. "BY MY POWER!" It then declared.

Sakura's eyes widen even further as she couldn't believe what she was seeing. The chakra was so potent that she could clearly see it and feel its intense power that she subconsciously took a step back and tighten her hold on her water whips.

Lowly growling, Satsuki slammed her new claw on the water as steam rose as a result. "I'LL CRUSH YOU DATTEBAKON!" She roared with fury as she dashed towards the traitor.

From within the seal, even more insane and twisted laughter could be heard. "Now. . .for this one to go wild and rampage. . ." The dark and vile voice started. "LET THE BLOODBATH BEGIN!" It then declared with a demented laughter.

The real battle. . .was about to begin. . .

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