Chapter 66: Feral Clashes

The sounds of vile and sadistic chuckling filled the air as the Konoha shinobis looked at the now muscular traitor, who stared back at them with a smirk of confidence and madness while powerful waves of a chakra began exiting his body, spreading all around him until they reached the pursuers.

All of the Konoha shinobis couldn't help but shudder slightly the moment they felt the disgusting and vile chakra touching their skin.

"What incredible chakra. . ." Iruka breathed out with sweat running down his head. "It's making my skin crawl with how much there is." He then confessed with uneasiness.

Pakkun meanwhile was in a similar state as sweat ran down his head. "Yeah, I feel the same thing in my nose too." He soon had to admit.

"This will be a first, fighting an enemy like this." Yami confessed with her katana at the ready.

"Grrrrrr!" Nina growled out in a feral manner, her hair standing on end along with the Os Trio.

Meanwhile for the Team Seven trio, couldn't help but look at one another and nodded. While the feeling they felt was bad, they still could deal with it. After all, it wasn't any way near to the feeling they had felt in any of their previous dealing with the former Snake Sanin, much to their immense relief.

"At least it's not another mutant. . ." Naruto couldn't help but quietly comment as he was kind of glad it wasn't another abomination to mankind.

"Yet you mean. . ." Satsuki mentally corrected with great annoyance.

"With our luck. . .I wouldn't be surprised if he does. . ." Hinata however had to confess.

A distance away from the trees, Tsubaki leaned against a tree as she processed what happened. "Mizuki. . ." She muttered, looking on at the sight and despairing at the thought of the man she used to love was gone forever.

The standoff between both sides soon became more tense as the traitor's narrowed his eyes, but kept the smirk on his face. "What's the matter? Too afraid to make a move?" He taunted in a confident yet animalistic manner.

Hinata meanwhile looked at two members of Viper Squad. "Yami-chan, Nina-chan, stand back for the moment and guard Tsubaki-san." She soon ordered, getting nods from the two as she then looked at her fiancées. "Naruto-kun, Satsuki-chan, send in some clones to attack! We need to see what he can do!" She mentally ordered and explained while preparing the familiar hand sign.

"Right!" The Uzumaki and Uchiha responded with nods as they also made the same hand sign.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" The Team Seven trio declared at the same time.


Soon, three sets of clones from the trio rushed forward. The blond's taking point, the ravenette's taking mid position and the bluenette's on the rear.

However this action didn't cause any concern to the rogue shinobi in the slightest as he grinned, which emphasized his large fangs even more. "They really are idiots." Mizuki remarked before rushing forward, seemingly vanishing in a single second.

Hinata meanwhile narrowed her eyes as she noticed this, as did her Shadow Clone. "Fast!" She thought just before. . .


Suddenly, Mizuki appeared in front of the Naruto clones and smacked him away with ease, dispelling two of the blond's clones that were in the front, before moving towards the remaining blond clone.

"!?" The sole remaining blond clone didn't even have time to react as he was held by the throat and struggled to free himself. However, with the rogue's new body mass, it meant that he had much more muscle strength than ever.


To which soon followed by a sickening crack of the clone's neck, causing it to dispel instantaneously and making the rogue shinobi grin with vile delight.

"Why you!" Clone Satsuki growled out, tanto at the ready as she charged in.

"Looks like the idiots take after one another." Mizuki soon remarked in a cocky manner before vanishing once more.


And instantly reappeared behind the clone of the Uchiha and before she could even react, the rogue shinobi had pierced her stomach, instantaneously dispelling it.

However the other two Uchiha clones had quickly gotten in position to the traitor's sides the moment the first clone had been attacked. They readied their blades and both slashed, each aiming for either his neck and legs. And just as they were about to reach their mark. . .


Only to vanish the next moment, causing the blades to pass harmlessly through the air, causing their eyes to widen in shock.


And before the Uchiha clones could properly regain their foothold, Mizuki reappeared behind them, grabbed their heads and smashed them into one another with enough force to dispel them. All the while smirking smugly. "One more set of morons to go." He soon remarked in a confident manner, glancing towards the Hyuga's clones.

The Hyuga clones in response, narrowed their eyes as they quickly activated their bloodline, ready to react against the beastly rogue shinobi's speeds.

However suddenly, the traitor began dashing at the clones, zig-zagging back and forth at unbelievable speeds to most, but even then, something appeared that confused and concerned the Hyuga clones. . .

The rushing Mizuki's entire body was covered in a small coat of chakra, making them wonder if this was something to do with the rogue's newfound speed. However the clone's didn't have time to ponder this because the enemy shinobi was rushing towards the clone on the left.

At the sight of this, the clone on the left instantly got into her stance and got ready to deliver a Juken strike, however just as her palm was about to reach him. . .

Whoosh. . .

The clone's palm seemingly passed through Mizuki's body. "Huh!?" She got out in confusion.


Suddenly the sound of a shout and a clone being dispelled quickly followed after. What the!?" The two remaining Hyuga clones called out as the right Clone was the one that was attacked and dispelled. "How!? I never saw him move!" The two thought in unison and in shock.

Mizuki merely turned and grinned at the clones' shocking faces.

But at that moment. . .


They were immediately dispersed as well.

However the Team Seven members were able to follow what the traitor did while gaining the memories from their clones. "This speed is nothing compared to Busy Brows!" Naruto mentally declared, only for the other Team Seven members to hear.

"Yes, however he's still accelerating into your blindspots." Hinata however is reminded via their mental link. "He must've remembered my Byakugan and decided to avoid me for now." She then mentally deducted. "It also appears as though he's creating chakra afterimages to deceive me." She soon added via their mental link.

"Great. . .like he wasn't already a pain to deal with." Satsuki mentally remarked as she took her stance. "Even so, we'll still take him down!" She then declared.

This caused the other Team Seven members to nod in response as they prepared themselves once more.

Then as a group, the trio charged forward, they each took a reasonable distance between each other, this way if the traitor would target one, the others would instantly be ready to attack the moment of the attack.

However as two of them went in on the attack, Mizuki used his speed to easily dodge and counterattack them with ease.


"Dammit. . ." Naruto mentally cursed as shock of the pain, growing frustrated at constantly failing at striking at the enemy.


Then the ravenette landed a few feet away from the blond while silently cursing in pain. "This is getting us nowhere. . ." Satsuki grumbled in annoyance.

Then the two quickly located the laughing blur of the traitor's form dashing around them. It was then the blond shinobi had an idea as he turned to look at the female Uchiha. There was a glint between their eyes and if a conversation had occurred between them, the two nodded to each other.

Then as the two were about to reach their opponent, Mizuki merely grinned "Really!? Think that's going to work!?" He rhetorically asked before vanishing again.

The blond shinobi was the first to stop his charge, followed by the ravenette and then the two looked around, trying to locate the traitor. The two could only see the blurs dashing from one place to another, only the Uchiha could more or less follow the traitor's movement thanks to her bloodline.

As Mizuki continued to dashed around then, he began to slowly dashed more closely towards the Uchiha. Which causes the kunoichi to use her eyes and reflexes to block and counter only for the traitor to dodge at the last second.

This exchange was only for a few moments before the traitor suddenly appeared right in front of the blond, who still couldn't keep track of his moments, with his huge arm cocked back before swinging it and then. . .


Naruto almost felt the air in his lungs leave him, but he bared through the pain and managed to grab the arm that had struck him. "Gotcha ya!" He playfully shouted with a painfilled grin as he channeled chakra in both his arms and the sole of his feet to hold him in place.

However this only served to mildly annoy Mizuki as he quickly began to cocked back his other arm, ready to smash the annoying blond's skull. "!?" Only to stop when he felt his other harm being held.

"No you don't!" Satsuki declared, a smirk on her face as she held down the other arm while also channeling chakra in her feet.

It was at this point that the traitor was now fully annoyed by the two bugs causing the veins in his face to visually bulge. "Annoying little pest!" Mizuki shouted as the muscles from his arms bulged and with a mighty push, he sent both the blond and ravenette off him.


"Hinata/Nata-chan! Now!" The Uzumaki and Uchiha mentally called out at the same time.

Before the traitor could even lower his arms down, the Hyuga had shushin right in front of him while taking her clan's stance. "Juken!" Hinata mentally declared as she delivered a chakra enhanced strike to the traitor's dominant arm and exposed chest.


"AGH!" Mizuki shouted in pain as he held his right arm and shoulder with his remaining arm, forcing him to lean slightly forward. "Fuckin' Hyugas. . ." He grunted out.

At the sight of that the bluenette quickly prepared herself to block a vital set of chakra points of the monstrous traitor, only for her eyes widened in shock making her pause.

"W-What!?" Hinata muttered in shock as she looked at the traitor's system, which looked completely fine despite being struck by her Juken. "H-How!?" She mentally exclaimed in a panic.

It was at that moment that the traitor's mouth formed a grin and jerked his head towards the bluenette. "Surprise!" Mizuki declared in a deranged manner as he then delivered a vicious kick to the Hyuga's stomach.


The next moment, the bluennette's eyes widened as she was sent flying backwards and rolled against the ground. Acting quickly, she used her chakra-covered hand to stop herself. Then the moment she stopped she began coughing harshly in an attempt to regain her breathing.

"Nata-chan!" Satsuki exclaimed before a furious expression came across her face. "Why you!" She roared, Sharingan active as she rushed in.

"Hmph. So predictable." Mizuki remarked in a confident manner before vanishing in a speedy blur once more.


Satsuki was however ready as she had her blade out and was able to block the oncoming strikes from the enemy as he was using a kunai.

Then suddenly, the Uchiha's eyes widen in shock as she watches the traitors' chakra paths with her Sharingan. Although they were much larger since the traitors transformation were still normal a few moments ago, now they began shifting and turning, causing even more chakra to pass through unevenly, making it in her eyes look like a massive blob of chakra.

"What the!?" Satsuki mentally exclaimed.


Mizuki however took this moment of shock, smirking as he kicked the Uchiha Heiress away, sending towards the Hyuga Heiress.

At the sight of both dojutsu users down on the ground, Mizuki couldn't stop an insane laughter from bursting out of his mouth. "Is that it!? Is this the mighty power of those eyes that Konoha praised all these years!?" He soon remarked before smirking in an overconfident manner. "They're nothing but overrated in the face of true power!" He added as he was already drunk in his new power and could only stand there laughing uncontrollably, already thinking that he had won.

"Girls!" Naruto called out in concern as he slid to a halt beside them. "What's going on!?" He then growled.

After finally stabilizing her breathing, the bluenette narrowed her eyes as she quickly made a hypothesis. "His inner body's constantly mutating and causing his chakra network to constantly change in an unstable manner. . ." Hinata mentally informed the other Team Seven members while wincing a bit.

Since the blond Chunin had been with the two bloodline limit users for many months, he was more familiarized with how their eyes work, so upon hearing this he instantly felt dread as he realized what it meant. "Your eyes can't work on him anymore!?" Naruto stated more than asked in shock at this revelation.

The ravenette grinded her teeth, but nodded in response. "Dammit, he is mutating like all the rest!" Satsuki mentally complained in annoyance.

The two bloodline users felt a sense of dread wash over them. While this wasn't anywhere near the same danger as their initial encounter with the mutated shinobis, at least in terms of supernatural power, they felt helpless now that their once signature abilities were now essentially useless.

However the blond shinobi took a deep breath as he stood up straight. "Well, we'd dealt with worse mutants before." Naruto reminded as he slapped his cheeks to wash away any uneasiness. "So we'll still find a way to beat him too!" He declared with determination.

Upon hearing that, the Heiresses uneasiness finally subsided and nodded in agreement. Now was not the time to get cold feet just because their main sources of combat were out of the equation for this fight. After all, shinobis have to adapt to any situation and use any means to survive.

Meanwhile, the two members of Viper Squad had felt equally uneasy as they continued watching the fight between their friends and the traitor.

All the while she was watching, the younger looking kunoichi felt her hair stand on end as she looked on at the battle going on. After it was the first time she had been this close to a mutated shinobi and although it wasn't anywhere near as bad as during the failed retrieval mission, she could still feel that an ominous feeling as before, she still felt very uneasy.

On the other hand, the small animal companions were also feeling the same as their older sister. That evil feeling was making the two hot headed and cool headed four legged animals growled defensively, while the even the normally airheaded and easy going bird began chirping very aggressively.

"Grrrrr. . ." Okki growled out while baring her small fangs. "He's a dead man when I'm through with him. . ." Was what she said.

"Rrrrreow. . ." Ora hissed out. "You and me both. . ." Was what she said.

"Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!" Ori tweeted out, her feathers surprisingly glowing red a bit. "Dead! Dead! Dead!" Was what she said.

Although she did not know what the small animals had said, the young swordswoman also felt the same. "This is getting intense. . ." Yami soon noted as she narrowed her eyes, resisting the urge to jump into the battle as well.

The Academy teacher meanwhile noticed the uneasiness of the two Viper Squad members as he let out the breath. "You two go and help Naruto and the others, I'll watch over Tsubaki." Iruka soon ordered and started all of a sudden.

This in turn got the Viper Squad's attention and concern, as they were tasked to help protect the older kunoichi. "Are you sure?" Yami questioned in concern.

"Yeah." Iruka responded with a nod. "And besides, as much as it shames it to admit it, this battle is already way past my ability and I would only get in the way." He soon got out and admitted with a regretful tone. "So please, help Naruto and the girls on my behalf." He then requested.

This caused a large smile to appear on the young animal lover's face. "Yeah! We'll help Naruto-niichii, Hinata-neechii and Satsuki-neechii!" Nina soon declared while pumping a fist into the air.

Meanwhile the swordswoman smiled amusingly at that. "Very well, stay safe." Yami replied with a polite tone.

The young kunoichi then gave the two older shinobis a bow and dashed towards her comrades, while the younger looking kunoichi merely waved her hands and followed behind with the Os Trio.

It was now Viper Squad's turn to be on the attack now.

At the clearing and the man made a crater. . .


A powerful crashing sound echoed throughout the area, leaving violent winds blowing everywhere that even uprooted multiple trees from their roots as the same trees would fall all over the area.

Once the deathly winds had called down, in the epicenter of the what caused it created a large creator with the now oni-like Stupid Brothers were emitting an ominous red and blue aura, causing the unlikely Konoha trio to look on in awe, horror, disbelief and dread.

"KILL! CRUSH! DESTROOOOOOOY!" The two extremely angry brothers roared with unbridled fury as they jumped into the air.


What then followed was the two jumping up and down like crazy, creating multiple craters as a result while continuously shaking the ground as well.

Eventually, the last jump from the Oni lookalikes completely shattered the ground below them. Then with a single flap from their arms, caused them to be sent flying downwards like meteors.

"RUN!" Shikamaru ordered in a frenzy as he quickly used his shadow to grab both himself and his best friend to throw themselves away while the Ice Style user conjured a mirror and entered it.


The next instant, the Oni brothers crashed into the area they had just been and completely obliterated it. Then the ground violently shook before a massive fissure was created across the area as some of the uprooted trees fell on the newly formed hole. Which causes the two brothers to fall on said hole once more.

Meanwhile the two best friends managed to get out of the strike range, they were still caught in the blast area, causing them to be sent back with triple the force than before. Fortunately since most of the trees were already blown away they didn't hit anything that could have caused any more damage and merely slid to a halt.

Soon afterwards an ice mirror appeared next to the two and the ice user came out as he began panting heavily. After all, he had been using too much chakra and his body was reaching his limits.

The usually lazy chunin was the first to recover as he got back to his feet and shook the dizziness away. It was then that he saw the massive damage caused by the Brothers. "Troublesome. . .could these guys be mutant shinobis like before?" Shikamaru groaned.

"No. . ." Haku however answered as he finally regained control of his breath. "During my travels with Zabuza-sama, I heard and read reports about the Stupid Brothers." He began to say with a concerned tone as he watched the pure destructive force of the Legendary Stupid Brothers. "This is why they are considered to be Sanin level threats. . ." He concluded.

The young Nara could only place a hand on his face in dismay. "Great. . .just great. . ." Shikamaru soon grumbled out in growing annoyance before glancing towards his best friend.

Meanwhile, the plump Akamichi was breathing heavily as he looked at the monstrous looking brothers as flashes of another monstrous shinobi keeped appearing in his mind.

"And Chōji's still traumatized. . ." Shikamaru soon thought to himself. Then he tapped his fingers together and crouched down as he used his genius intelligence to rapidly think of a plan to handle this grim situation.

Given that the brothers were now on the same level as a Sanin, at least in terms of physical strength, attacking head on is akin to suicide. Their physical bodies were already durable to handle most attacks to begin with, but now they were nearly impenetrable, be it to elemental or chakra base, making most jutsus rendered useless. So it was sufficient to say, the young Nara wasn't able to form a plan with their state nor with their current abilities that would allow them to restrain them in any shape or form.

Then after a moment of intense deep thinking, the young Nara finally lowered his hands. "Guess that only leaves one option left. . ." Shikamaru sighed out.

This caught the attention of the Ice user's as he waited for his team leader's plan.

Then Shikamaru opened his eyes and looked at them. "Retreat. . ." He soon stated, however he didn't say it with a defeated tone. "They already are locked on us, so running away will force them to chase after us. In other words, keep them as far away from the others as possible." He then quickly explained.

". . ." Haku remained quiet for a few moments before he closed his eyes and nodded. "This is too much for us and is the only way we can help them." He admitted.

"Chōji!" Shikamaru called out his best friend.

Though his mind was still unfocused, Chōji managed to recover at the call. "G-Guys. . ." He replied as he shook his head. "W-What are-" He began, however. . .

Shikamaru let out a sigh at that, but he knew that they didn't have any more time to waste anymore. "We're retreading! Come on!" He quickly ordered.

Though still startled by the sudden turn of events, the young Akamichi still trusts his best friend's decision. "R-Right!" Chōji responded with a nod as he made his way towards his comrades.


No sooner that the young Akamichi turned around did the two brothers jump out of the fissure once more as they landed a few meters away from the chunins leaving two large cratered upon landing. Then with eyes full of murderous intent, they instantly rushed towards the young shinobis, roaring in a feral manner that would inflict horror onto lesser men.

"MOVE!" Both Shikamaru and Haku ordered with the resolve to survive clearly in their eyes.


For the three Konoha shinobis, the greenery of the forest passed them like a blur as they rushed through it as fast as they could, desperate to move closer to Konoha so that they could both get closer to the reinforcements and to draw the enemy far away from the other group's location.

The unlikely trio continuously and desperately zigzagged through the trees, jumped over tree branches, all in an attempt to create distance between them and the Stupid Brothers.

Chōiji being the slowest of the group, needed to use his Human Boulder jutsu though in a smaller scale than he normally would to increase his speed. This improved use of his jutsu allowed him to stay just out of the Brother's reach and moved around any obstacles in his path.

Then when the human ball had enough space, he would dashed forward, undo his jutsu and change his arm's size, he did this so that he could desperately try to grab anything around him and used them as improvised projectiles. However it did less than nothing to the near impenetrable skin the Brother's possessed which either bounced off or shattered.

The young Akamichi would only look in horror as he quickly reused his improved jutsu to once again turn into a ball and dash away.

Meanwhile both Shikamaru and Haku couldn't afford to waste too much chakra as their current supply was already below half from their battles with the Stupid Brother's, prior to their transformation. So they laid out shurikens, kunais and needles, all of which had explosive tags on them, on the Brother's path.


No sooner had multiple explosions occurred one after another, engulfing the brothers in a large plume of smokescreen all over the point of explosion. The smoke only lasted but a moment before it was dispersed by the two Brother's rushing once more, and yet again showing little to no damage at all, promptly causing the two shinobis to tisked in annoyance.

Shikamaru then quickly looked around them and tried to scope everything around him in hopes to use anything from the terrain to help them.

At first he didn't see anything that could be anything useful that his best friend hadn't already tried using. And then his eyes caught the sight of a nearby mountain, which had one of its peaks leaning to its side. It was then that his eyes widened when he saw a large cliff just a few tens of meters away.

Upon seeing that his eyes widened as he's mind quickly formulated a plan. "Yosh, time to get started." Shikamaru mentally decided with a serious expression. "Chōji! Haku! Head towards that mountain!" He soon ordered and he dashed towards the mountain.

Although their team leader couldn't explain his plan to them, both of the Chunin didn't even hesitate to follow as they trusted their leader/friend's judgment.

As the trio continued desperately acrossing the forest, they would once again zigzag through any possible thing that could be used as an obstacle. Then as they were about to reach the mountain's walls, the squad leader carefully threw all of his remaining kunais with tags towards the ice user.

"Use them on the cliff!" Shikamaru shouted at the ice user while pointing at the cliff.

Haku quickly turned towards where his leader was pointing at as his eyes widened at realizing what was the plan and also took out his own senpons with tags. "Understood!" He replied as he channeled his chakra onto his legs and burst at twice his regular speed.

In a matter of seconds, the ice user reached the mountain edge and rapidly ran upwards. As he was doing so it wasn't long before the rest of his team were a few moments from reaching the mountain as well.

Once the ice user was on the top of the cliff he threw every single kunai/senpon with explosive tags onto the edge of the cliffs in a circle pattern. Just as he threw the last one, he vanished via shushin.


Then the next second after the ice user had left, the tags on all of the kunais/senbons ignited while producing a never ending hissing sound, before. . .


A sequence of explosions occurred one after another which destroyed large chunks of the cliff, however even with all of these explosions it still didn't completely destroy the edge of the cliff.

As Shikamaru was just below the cliff, he couldn't help but tisk at the results. "Damn! I was afraid that there wouldn't be enough explosives!" He thought in dismay.

"I'll handle it!" Chōji shouted as his rolling form abunce a few times before he jumped even higher than before. Then the spinning Chunin momentarily floated before he returned to normal and cocked back his fist. "Partial Expansion! Arm!" He roared as his arm expanded into gigantic size and slammed it onto the damaged cliff.


Then the next instant the entire side of the cliff shattered into large debri, which quickly fell or rolled down the mountain. The young Nara had enough time to evade the falling debri, however the Brothers couldn't as they were buried alive by the mountain's remains.

Both Chōji and Haku landed several feet away from the collapsed debri as they let out a sigh of debri that their plan had worked. However before they could voice any such thoughts, their team leader didn't stop running as he passed through them.

"Don't stop! Keep moving! That won't stop them for long!" Shikamaru shouted as he knew that those two monsters' bodies wouldn't be hurt by that and at best give them a few precious seconds to gain more distance between them.

The sudden shout made the two recall who they were dealing with as their faces returned to shock and quickly resumed their retreat.

Back at the large pile of rubble that used to be part of the mountain, the large debri began to slowly move and then. . .


As the Nara had predicted it, it was only a few seconds before all of the large debri of the cliff was blown away by the Stupid Brother's which let them roar in furry. "WE SMASH BUGS!" The two oni like brothers shouted in primal fury as their bodies were now emitting a dangerous aura.

Once the two brothers were fully freed from all of the debri, their gaze zoomed in towards the backs of the retreading trio as they suddenly vanished and only reappeared right in front of the shocked trio.

While this stunt had succeeded in giving them a few precious meters of distance between them, what the young Nara didn't consider. . .The angrier the two brothers got, the more power they gained, which made them even more dangerous than before.


In the distance, a huge bloom of dust cloud exploded as many trees were not just uprooted, but also sent flying upwards and then fell all over the area.

At the mountain cave opening. . .

Whoosh! Clank! Whoosh! Clank!

The disfigured traitor continuously rushed in a zigzag manner, going from tree to tree, boulder to boulder, while rushing around the Team Seven members, which forced them to go back to back to cover each other.

The heiresses used their eyes to predict and countered any attacks, however the enemy shinobi only attacked them every odd number of times just to keep them on their toes, after all the traitor knew that attacking them or getting too close wouldn't be the best tactic against the dōjutsu users. So he focused more so on attacking the only one, none Kekkei Genkai user of the group. Which forced the blond to use his kunais to block any attack that came his way.

"Ugh!" Naruto groaned as he slightly recoiled from the latest attack, but he quickly recovered as his eyes narrowed when they finally started to get used to the enemy's speed. "Ok, I think I'm getting the hang of his speed." He quickly informed the kunoichi.

It was at those words that the two heiresses smiled with joy. "Great! I was getting tired of being on the defense." Satsuki replied with a nod of agreement.

Meanwhile the overly muscular traitor continued rushing in the same zigzag pattern as he was enjoying his new found power to take the fight too seriously. Then he briefly stopped on top of a tree, he grinned at the trio who had to huddled to defend against him, which only made his joy soar to the skies, making him feel near euphoria.

"Alright, I had my fun, let's get rid of these pets once and for all." Mizuki soon decided with a feral grin.

With that, the traitor rushed once more, but only this time he completely stopped his earlier zigzagging pattern and simply charged straight towards the trio.

The members of Team Seven narrowed their eyes and ready their weapons and got ready for the confrontation, when. . .

Suddenly the cool mannered swordswoman appeared in front of the charging traitor, her hand on her sword that was still in her sheath. "Mirage Blade Kenjutsu: Hidari Ichimonji Giri." She calmly whispered as she threw her beloved katana in a vertical slash with lighting velocity from her Iaido stance.


A large vertical slash came to life and headed towards the traitor's head, however Mizuki merely smirked as he saw that and was about to tilt to the side to dodge, however. . . "!?" His eyes widened when his new sharpened instincts were screaming at him, forcing him to jump that slash instead.


This decision had saved his neck, literally as the vertical slash faded and was replaced with a horizontal one, which passed where his neck had just been. Thus barely dodging the vicious slash that would have either given him a massive gash on his throat at best or decapitated him at worst.

Once Mizuki landed back on the ground, he narrowed his eyes at the newcomer. "You little. . ." He got out with a snarl of nearly dying, only to look puzzled at the small smirk on the swordswoman's mouth.

Before the traitor could even think of anything else about this, he saw another shadow right on top of him.

It was then that the smallest member of Team Viper and wolf cub were dive bombing at the traitor. "Shiny! Shiny Okki-chii!" Nina playfully shouted in a taunting manner as she then blew a raspberry at him.


When the traitor turned to look back he was shocked by the sudden flash of black light. "What!?" Mizuki exclaimed, shielding his eyes from the light before. . .


The now tiny wolf girl bit on the shoulder of the traitor with her canine sharp teeth, resulting in said traitor letting out a loud scream of pain before being released. Then Nina began circling around the traitor, trying to gain even more velocity, then once she gained enough she charged in and headbutted him in the stomach.

"Gah!" Mizuk gasped in pain as he was lifted off his feet and towards a tree from the forest area, nearly breaking it in half by the impact and finally slammed onto the ground.


However, at the exact moment that the traitor had tried to stand back up, the half broken tree finally snapped completely and slammed right on top of him.

The wolf girl straightened her back as she passed her thumb below her nose. "This guy is all bark and no bite!" Nina declared with a confident smirk on her face, before cringing as a horrible smell came to her nose. "And smells bad too!" She then added.

"Guys!" Team Seven shouted in relief at the intervention from the two members of Viper Squad.

At the shout, the wolf girl turned and grinded happily at the trio as she ran towards her teammate. "Scarface is guarding the big sister. So. . ." Nina began to say.

"So we're here to provide assistance." Yami stated as she readied her blade once more just in case.

The trio turned towards their former sensei and saw him nodded at them, making them smile and nodded back.

Then the female Uchiha turned towards their reinforcement/friends. "Well glad to have it!" Satsuki replied with a smirk.


Any further interaction was stopped when an explosion from the nearby forest. The Konoha shinobi's gaze instantly focused on the source and then saw a pillar of smoke.

Up in the sky was the traitor, with some minor visible injuries around his body and his face showing full annoyance. "RAAAAAAAAH!" Mizuki roared as he dive bombed the two Viper Squad members.

The small tiger cub was the first to look up and bare her tiny fangs. "RWOR!" Ora howled. "Move!" Was what she said.

Despite not understanding what the tiger cub said, Yami instinctively dashed out of the way with the youngest looking member following right behind as the traitor crashed, creating a small crater as a result. "Too close. . ." She muttered in a serious tone with narrowed eyes.

The traitor slowly walked out of the crater, then the Konoha shinobis could see the veins on his deformed arms were clearly visible and were pulsing. The moment his gaze locked onto them his face distorted in rage as he let out a loud roar and made a charge at them.

Then the two members of Viper Squad slid to a halt next to Team Seven, as both teams took their battle stances with their preferred fighting styles and weapons.

"We need to pair up!" Hinata soon ordered while looking at the . "Satsuki-chan and Yami-chan take the front." She began. "Naruto-kun and Nina-chan take the center." She continued, as she activated her dōjutsu, although her eyes remained the same shape as normal. "I'll take the back." She then concluded.

As one, they all nodded in unison and got into their respective positions and once they were, the two swordswomen charged at the enemy first. With Yami being slightly in the front, she channeled chakra through her arms and into her blade. "Mirage Style: Blade Beam!" Yami calmly declared as a slash made of chakra was sent forward.

Mizuki's eyes widened as he saw the energy slash, he already knew that he couldn't trust his eyes to detect or predict the actual angle of the light blue-silver hair swordswoman's attacks, so he was forced to stop his charge and dodge to the side. Which caused the attack to completely miss its target.

However Mizuki couldn't even have time to praise himself as the ravenette appeared right in front of him while she was gathering fire chakra into her own blade. This caused it to glow orange from the heat. "Fire Style Kenjutsu! Burn Blade!" Satsuki soon declared.


Mizuki just narrowly managed to dodge the flaming slash by backdashing, but before his feet could land back to the ground his eyes widened even more when he saw the blond and wolf girl at the corner of both his eyes.

"Let go Nina-chan! Okki! Ora! Ori!" Naruto declared as he rushed in from the traitor's right side.

"You got it Naruto-niichi!" Nina declared as she followed from the traitor's left side, the tiger cub and bird chick doing so as well.


Then both the Jinchuriki and wolf girl began to deliver a barrage of strong punches all over the traitor's body. Which forced Mizuki to cross his arms to block and protect his face and upper body. However. . .


The moment Mizuki had completely focused on his upper body, the two Konoha shinobis did a long spin motion and delivered a vicious kick to his exposed stomach. "GAH!" He gasped out in pain as he was sent flying backwards.

As the traitor skidded across the ground to a stop, the bluenette appeared right in front of him while standing in her family's signature stance. "Mine turn now. . ." Hinata calmly whispered as she imagined a large yin-yang symbol below her feet. "Gentle Fist. . .Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. . ." She soon declared.

"!?" With complete and total horror, Mizuki was once again forced to use his bulkier arms to cover himself.

"Two Palms! Four Palms! Eight Palms!" Hinata declared as she thrusted her fingers forward.

The next thing Mizuki knew, he felt a slow barrage of stabs from the Hyuga's fingers, starting from two and continuously being struck by double the amount he was striked last. All the while he was desperately trying to protect his vital areas.

"Sixteen Palms! Thirty-Two Palms!" Hinata then continued to count and continuously delivered more and more thrusts.

The traitor was so busy protecting his vital chakra points and he was rendered helpless, all he could do was bare and grind his teeth from the intense pain. After all, he was willing to let his exposed chakra points be hit and closed, then be at the full mercy of the deadly signature Hyuga Clan jutsu.

Finally the bluenette readjusted her position and prepared herself. "Eight Trigrams. . .SIXTY-FOUR PALMS!" Hinata soon declared before her strikes were going even faster than before, finishing with one powerful thrust.

Then once the Hyuga delivered the final thrust of her jutsu, Mizuki skidded slightly backwards as many visible burn marks appeared all over his exposed body. However the traitor used this exact moment to shushin back to give some distance from the Hyuga.

"Great job Hinata!" The other Team Seven members mentally cheered at the success as they and the two members of Viper Squad appeared beside her.

However the bluenette frowned at that as she saw that the traitor was still standing. "I still need more practice." Hinata however confessed with a sad tone.

The young Hyuga realized that, although she can finally use her clan's signature jutsu with her hands instead of her feet, she still needed more training to reach the same level of mastery and precision as her cousin.

Hinata's expression then turned serious as he looked at the traitor's injured arms. "However. . .why did it feel as if his chakra points were moving." She mentally added with a concerned tone.

The heavily panting traitor was forced to take a few deep breaths to calm himself, once he did his face had an expression of seriousness as well as slight annoyance can be seen on his face. "Fine. . .I guess I have to admit that you guys aren't that incompetent." Mizuki began to say with his usual condescending tone.

The group however said nothing as they glared at the mutating traitor, already knowing he was trying to bait them.

Mizuki then slowly began walking forward towards the group while holding his wounded arms. "Or maybe I was a little dumb for not giving you enough credit?" He asked himself with a chuckle.

The blond shinobi slightly narrowed his eyes. "So, you're finally going to stand down?" Naruto then asked, though he already knew what the answer would be.

However Mizuki's expression didn't change or was affected in the slightest by the taunt. "Not really." He calmly retorted before grinning sinisterly as his iris changed into slits. "It just means that I can now show my real power." He began to say as his body began to emit a dark aura.

Suddenly the hairs on the wolf girl's body began to lift as she felt the sinister aura. "Bad! Bad!" Nina warned the group as she then growled at the enemy.

Then all over Mizuki's exposed body, multiple crimson lines began to move and cover his body. "Hahaha! Looks like the little wolf freak can sense it! My growing power!" He laughed out and declared as his grin soon widened even further. "Then let's see if you can handle this!" He then loudly declared.

Suddenly, the traitor's body began to release some steam as some waves of heat began leaking out of him. All of his body began to morph and disturb even more as it expanded in mass that it appeared that he was about to explode.

"!?" The group's eyes widened as they all noticed this and readied themselves once more.

"Eh?" Nina got out in confusion.

"What is this?" Hinata and Yami whispered at the same time.

"Don't tell me. . ." Naruto and Satsuki growled as they readied themselves once more.

However the traitor's deformed body stopped expanding before his muscles began to be much more solid and toned like a large bodybuilder, all of his arms, shoulder blades and his forehead grew orange and black striped fur, while his chest, hands and part of his face grew white fur. After the curse marks all over his body had settled, they stopped glowing and turned black. With the exception of his normal light blue hair, Mizuki now looked like a massive buff humanoid tiger.

"So that's what Nina-chan meant by a tiger-like form. . ." Yami muttered while narrowing her eyes.

"Mmm!" Nina moaned out in annoyance with a pout on her face, as she felt that the traitor was stealing her style.

"Hissss!" Ora hissed in disgust. "Disgraceful!" Was what she hissed out, after all this transformation was like a mockery of how her big sister looks.

"Chirp! Chirp!" Ori tweeted with narrowed eyes. "Knock off! Knock off!" Was what she said.

"I won't let my guard down again." Mizuki explained while showing off his new sharp fangs. "I'll use all of my power to beat you all!" He then exclaimed while his eyes glowed with a sinister yellow color. "Now bring it!" He roared his demand with will ferocity.

It was at that moment that the tiger-like traitor rushed towards the group with twice the speeds than before and nearly instantaneously reached them. The group was so stunned by the new speeds that they could only guard as a reflection.


"!?" The ones that had been in the middle of the group, which were the blond shinobi and the wolf girl, were met with a vicious blow to their guts and sent flying.

Seeing an opportunity, the bluenette and the two swordswoman quickly rushed at the momentarily unbalanced tiger-like traitor.

The Hyuga knew that it would have been too dangerous to attack him head on, so she aimed for the man's legs in hopes of greatly reducing his mobility. While the swordswoman aims for the man's shoulder joints in hopes of rendering or at the very least reducing the usage of his arms.

Each of these strategies were simple but effective against a more powerful or resilient enemy, however that was only for normal shinobi. . .

Mizuki however tightened the muscles on both his legs and shoulders so that it looked like it doubled in size. The moment the Hyuga Junken hit them, she neatly felt her finger breaking and saw that her chakra didn't penetrate his skin.

"I-Impossible!" Hinata quietly breathed out in disbelief.


In reaction to the attack, Mizuki merely slightly turned his head and grinned at the two swordswoman.

"!?" Yami's eyes immediately widened as her attack literally did nothing.

"WHAT!?" Satsuki exclaimed in shock.


It was then that Mizuki first delivered a brutal knee kick at the Hyuga's stomach, causing her to momentarily hover in mid air.


He quickly spun around with a wide palm strike to hit both swordsmen on their chests with so much force they lost all the air in their lungs. Then span them until they hit the hovering Hyuga before sending them to the other two down shinobis.

Naruto finally got his wind back and shook his head. "What the hell!? His hits are like Bushy Brows!?" He got out in disbelief.

"Owie. . .~" Was all Nina could reply as she could see mini Ori's flying above her head.

Meanwhile the two swordswoman couldn't even reply as they were too busy gasping and trying to regain their ability to breathe again.

"Ugh. . .I think he hits harder than Lee. . ." Satsuki couldn't help but admit while rubbing the sore spot. She was starting to think she took the Bijū's power for granted now when it came to the healing factor it gave.

"Che. . .he is tough. . .despite the doping. . ." Yami grunted out.

"No. . ." Hinata however started as she shook her head. "I don't think it was just the potion that caused this." She then revealed in an uneasy tone.

"Hm?" Yami hummed out in a curious manner.


Suddenly, the tiger-like traitor began zig-zagging across the ground again before jumping up into the air and launching himself downward. "RAAAAAAAH!" Mizuki soon roared as he dove down towards the group.

"Incoming!" Naruto soon warned.

"Scatter!" Hinata meanwhile ordered as the group jumped out of the way.


The instant all of the Konoha shinobis had left the area, the tiger-shaped man completely and utterly shattered the area creating a massive crater upon impact.

"Dammit! His power is even greater than before!" Naruto exclaimed in disbelief.


Then before anyone could regain their bearings, the plume of smoke scattered as Mizuki rushed towards the startled blond. Thinking fast, he crossed arms and just barely blocked the kick that was aimed at his chest in time. While this allowed him to block most of the damage, it still caused him to cough and send skidding backwards.

The blond had to shake his hands as he felt them going numb from the blow. "Oh come on!" Naruto stated in frustration.


The next moment, the laughing Mizuki then rushed towards the two swordswomen while throwing fast punches. However, they weren't caught off guard and were at the ready as they immediately began attacking with their blades.


Swords soon clashed with the large fists at an incredible speed, however just like their last clash, their swords didn't even so much as clip the traitor's metal-like skin and only made sparks come out of each clash.

To which the bluenette saw that the Uchiha would need back up. "Naruto-kun! Nina-chan!" Hinata called out.

With a nod of confirmation, the two rushed towards the battle. The two then quickly took out shurikens from their pouches and threw them at the traitor in hopes of him blocking or at the very least distracting him with the projectiles.

However, said traitor didn't even bother to do anything as they bounced off his metal like skin causing the two shinobis to tisk in annoyance. Then both the blond and the wolf girl continued rushing towards their teammates.

As they reached the swordswomen, the two glanced at their respective teammates, which they responded with a nod in unison and backtracked from the traitor. Then the four shinobis broke into two teams, each having one sword fighter and one melee fighter.

The melee fighters, Naruto and Nina, went on the attack from the back and front. With the blond shinobi taking front as he was the most resilient of the two, was the best one to have the traitor to focus his attacks on. To which the traitor was more than glad to take on the blond shinobi head on while throwing slow but heavy punches.

Meanwhile, the young appearing wolf girl took as many chances as she could to attack the enemy from behind since he was more focused on the blond. However, thanks to the traitor's massive body mass, her attacks weren't delivering any damage at all, much to her annoyance.

The brawl was havoc as the melee fighters went in while giving heavy hits with fists. Meanwhile the sword fighters would then attack from the traitor's sides and attack any exposed areas. However as they did, only the sounds of metal clanking was once again heard as their swords didn't cut anything yet again.

However Mizuki merely laughed at the swordswoman's futile attacks as he only continued the bellowing with the blond shinobi in front of him and back handed or elbowed the wolf girl behind him. Fortunately the two melee fighters could see these attacks coming and dodged at the last second and continued attacking.

Meanwhile the small tiger cub, who hadn't joined in the battle yet and remained next to the Hyuga's side, was in a crouching position and staring at the traitor since he began the brawl. "Rrow!" Ora suddenly meowed out. "Hey, he's slower now!" Was what she said.

"Eh? Slower?" Nina responded in confusion before looking back, noticing what the tiger cub meant while this got the attention of the others in the group. However they quickly returned to the brawl as the traitor wasn't going to stop his assault for even a moment.

"Slower. . ." HInata repeated in a mutter to herself as she carefully absorbed the traitor's movements.

Then the small pug walked towards the tiger cub and Hyuga. "Mm, you noticed it too huh?" Pakkun got out as he narrowed his eyes. "Although that jerk's power has increased multifold, the sharpness of his movements has diminished. That means. . ." He began to say.

Back in the brawl, the traitor was laughing maniacally as he was having the time of his life, all the while ignoring any and all attacks that were being aimed at his body. However it was very apparent that it was taking him more and more effort to even land a single blow on the Konoha shinobis.

"He must've exchanged speed for power now." Pakkun then concluded.

"So we need to outspeed him now." Hinata concluded, getting a nod from the pug as a response, before frowning. "However. . ." She then started as she and the two small animal companions turned to watch the brawl once more.

The three could soon notice that since the traitor had changed, not a single attack from their teammates was even making a single scratch on the enemy's skin. Using her Kekkei Genkai, she could see his skin literally oozing with a large amount of chakra, strengthening it to the point of reflecting off most if not all physical attacks.

"Outspeeding him isn't the problem. This transformation seems to have an innate ability to have his skin be nearly impenetrable, that's the real problem. . ." Hinata soon stated.

It was at that moment that the wolf girl's eyes widened as her body began to glow. "Uh-oh. . ." Nina got out as the blinding light covered her being as she then returned to normal with the tired wolf cub at her side. "Ugh. . ." She groaned in a dizzy manner.

The traitor smirked as he saw that and was about to turn around. "Oh no you don't!" Naruto and Satsuki shouted as they bodyslam the traitor to push him and force him to pay attention to them.

At the moment, the light blue-silvered haired swordswoman appeared next to her dizzy teammate and the small wolf cub. Then she grabbed them both and shushin away distance away from the battle. "Stay here until you recover." Yami quickly and quietly ordered.

"O. . .k. . ." Nina replied as her eyes turned into swirls as the kunoichi-samurai rushed back to the fight.

Meanwhile, as both the blond and raventte were continuing fighting the traitor, the female Uchiha was quickly losing her patience. "Alright! I've had it! Naruto-kun can you keep him in place for a bit? I'm going to fry his furry ass!" Satsuki mentally told the blond as she backpedaled from the brawl.

"Got it!" Naruto replied as he began to intensify the brawl with the traitor even more.

Now that there were only two fighters, both opponents began to deliver fist after fist. However, the blond was forced to take more blows in order to keep that traitor's full attention.

Then the female Uchiha was going through hand signs while the blond distracted the traitor. Then once she finished channeling her chakra, she took a deep breath. "Now!" She called out via their mental link.

Just as Mizuki was about to land another heavy blow, his expression of pure elation suddenly turned to confusion as he saw the annoying smirk on the blond face. Before he could even ponder what it meant, he saw the blond Chunin instantly shushin before his fist could hit him.

"Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu!" Satsuki mentally roared as she released the ball of flames from her mouth.


The tiger-like man's head instantly turned towards the sound as his eyes widened at the sight. And for the first time since Mizuki had taken the potion, his expression turned to pure shock and fear as he saw the massive ball of fire.

"!" Mizuki's eyes widened in shock as he crossed his arms in front of him and began to channel a large amount of chakra through his entire body.

Just as the massive ball of fire was about to hit the traitor, his curse marks on his body began to glow with an eerie green color. Then all of the veins in his body were visible and all of his muscles began to bulge and expand, making him look like a large bodybuilder. It was at the next moment that the large fireball hit the traitor dead center as it burst in a plume of flames.

"Gotcha asshole!" Satsuki shouted in satisfaction.

As the flame continued to burn, both Naruto and Yami regrouped next to the Uchiha and gave her brief congratulations, before taking their stances, just in case. As they waited, nothing was happening inside the plume, so they looked at each other, hoping that the traitor had finally been taken down.

However that wishful thinking was thwarted as a silhouette began to walk inside the flames. "Got to admit. . ." Mizuki began to say as he exited the flames as everyone looked at him in shock at his large size muscles. "I kind of felt that one, not by much though. " He then remarked with his usual cocky tone before his body slowly returned to its original size.

"Oh come on!" Both Naruto and Satsuki complained in perfect unison. While Yami merely frowned in disappointment and ready her beloved blade once more.

Meanwhile, the female Hyuga had not once stopped observing the traitor, thanks to her Byakugan, she carefully observed the traitor's initial reaction from the fire jutsu. To his defensive stance which forced him to change his body. And finally seeing parts of his body that still have some burn marks.

It was at this that Hinata's eyes widened in realization at what this meant. "Naruto-kun! Satsuki-chan! Mizuki's skin, while extremely durable, it still isn't completely immune to elemental jutsu! We have to use a stronger elemental jutsu!" She instructed her friends via their mental link.

In response, the blond smirked and nodded. "Got it!" Naruto mentally replied before glancing towards the blue-silvered haired swordswoman. "Yami-chan, we have a plan, can you keep him in place for about a minute?" He soon informed and requested at the same time.

Yami in turn nodded. "Of course Sensei. I'll do what I can!" She responded as she hardened her stance before dashing in.

Mizuki meanwhile smirked at the approaching newcomer as he casually walked towards her. "Think that little toothpick of yours can do anything?" He taunted in a cocky manner while cracking his knuckles.

Yami dangerously narrowed her eyes to the traitor's words. The young woman was a very composed and level-headed woman in most situations, very few times she let words or actions affect or get the best of her.

However even someone like Yami had her buttons that should never be pressed, such as Dotō's despicable actions towards her home nation and a certain ice user's unfortunate accidents could do so. And as such, insulted her weapon. . .the blade that was both a gift and a memento from her master/brother figure, that was a line that shouldn't ever be crossed.

And now. . .the kunoichi-samurai that originated from the Land of Snow. . .was pissed with cold fury. . .

With a flash, Yami's speeds had increased twice fold and rushed at the traitor with righteous fury. As she rushed forward, her blade could be heard whining as it cut through the air it was passing through.

To which the traitor wasn't even concerned with this after all, what's the point of speed if nothing she did would harm him. However he wasn't about to let down his guard, so just as she was about to reach him, he quickly cocked back his fist and prepared to counter attack after her attack once again did little to no damage.


Then just as the two were about to clash, it would be Yami's blade was the first to reach her opponent and managed to deliver a small yet visible cut onto his body.

This caused Mizuki to make him slightly winced by the pain, but he still retaliated by straightening his large fist onto his opponent's exposed body. This caused his grin to widen in delight as he could imagine the pain and agony the young girl would receive.


However as his beast-like fist made contact, Yami's body suddenly vanished upon impact.

"!?" Mizuki's eyes widened as he looked around.


However the traitor was completely caught off guard when he felt another small cut on his left shoulder. "GAH!"! Mizuki got out in annoyance rather than in pain. "Why you-!" He growled out and was about to kick her in retaliation, only for her to have already vanished once again.


Every time she appeared in one area, she instantly vanished and reappeared in another, the pattern repeating as the enemy could do nothing about it because of her

As the large fist slowly began inching closer and closer to Yami's abdomen, she instinctively backpedaled while channeling chakra to her beloved blade. Then just as she narrowly dodged the large fist, she gave a vertical slash while retreading causing a chakra slash to erupt from the motion.

"!?" Mizuki was so shocked by the unexpected attack that he used both arms to shield his face and managed to block the attack just before it could land.


"ARGH!" Mizuki screamed in actual pain this time as he struggled to block the attack even if it was only for a moment. "THAT DOES IT!" He soon roared in a feral manner as he channeled chakra to both his arms and legs to increase their size and finally stopped the chakra slash.

Yami's eyes soon widened while letting a small gasp as she realized what she unintentionally did. "I did it!" The kunoichi-samurai thought with excitement, after so long of practicing her sensei's jutsu, she had succeeded in properly using the Blade Beam.

The chakra slash that the young swordswoman had released was completely different from the blond's. While the blond jinchūriki's was large, wild and destructive in its appearance, Yami's had a calm and tranquil that almost looked like water, making it appear as if it was made of water instead of chakra. However, both slashes still had its original properties as they were clearly just as sharp as the other and left gashes on the ground.

Meanwhile, the humanoid tiger lowered his arms and once again showed that he didn't receive any major damage. However this time, he did gain a large cut on both of his forearms as blood trickled down from said cut, making it the second time he received actual damage.

And suffice to say, this didn't make Mizuki feel any better as it was a sign that his power was waning. This was shown by his face beginning to distort and turn more feral-like. "THAT'S ALL YOU GOT, YOU SHITTY BRAT!?" He roared in a feral manner and rage filled tone, as he had enough playing around as he rushed at the kunoichi-swordswoman.

To which, caused the young swordswoman to regain her focus back to the battle. ". . ." Yami said nothing as she narrowed her eyes in a focused manner, ready to go once more.

Meanwhile both young chunins had been channeling a large amount of chakra, which they changed it to elemental chakra, then condensing it as much as possible in hopes to increase its power output. This was the reason they needed a bit of time, to increase the intensity of their chakra to supercharge their individual jutsus in hopes to finally bypass the traitor's extremely durable body.

Then at the moment their friend had dealt the last blow that both of them had finalized condensing their chakra. "Let's go Satsuki-chan!" Naruto excitedly shouted as he began going through hand signs.

"Hai!" Satsuki responded with a nod as the two readied themselves in their final hand seal.

The whole process had taken more or less a few seconds to condense their elemental jutsus to their best of their current abilities. And once they succeeded, they looked at each other and nodded. "Now!" They both shouted in unison at the swordswoman.

"!?" Yami's eyes immediately widened at the shout as she used her incredible reflexes and speed to dash away from the enemy's last attack and appeared right behind her friends.

In his still feral and raged filled state, Mizuki frantically looked for the young swordswoman as he was expecting her to reappear around him. However when he couldn't find her, he looked towards the other Konoha shinobis and regained some of his composure when he saw the two annoying Chunin where they were gathering large amounts of elemental chakra.

"Here we go! Fire Style! Flame Bullet!" Satsuki mentally declared as a humongous ball of fire came from her mouth and headed towards the traitor.

"Wind Style! Wind Breakthrough!" Naruto meanwhile thought at the same time as he released a larger and more powerful torrent of wind.

As the Uchiha's huge ball of fire slowly flew forwards, it was struck by the Uzumaki powerful torrent of wind. Their collision at first seemed to have dispersed the fireball, but in actual fact they were combining until it formed a massive flaming tornado that was twice as big and twice as hotter than the one they had used on the Land of Rice.

"CHŌ NEO FLARE TORNADO!" They mentally declared with passion.

The tiger-like traitor's eyes widened at this. "SHIT!" Mizuki shouted in pure horror at the sight of the massive fire tornado.

The humanoid tiger once again crossed his arms like last time, however this time he channeled an enormous amount of chakra that had had ever done before into his curse marks. Said marks then began to expand once more, but unlike last time, they continued spreading until it nearly covered all of his body and glowed with the same sinister green shine.


Soon, the tiger man was enveloped in the scorching hot flames, circling around him and trapping him in place. "GAH! IT BURNS!" Mizuki's voice roared from within, as the scent of burning skin was noticed.

"It's working!" The Uzumaki and Uchiha mentally declared in excitement while keeping up the pressure.

"Keep it up Satsuki-chan!" Naruto ordered via their mental link while increasing the power.

"GOT IT! NOW BURN YOU TRAITOR!" Satsuki mentally responded and roared as she increased the power of her jutsu.

Hinata meanwhile nodded in approval to the sight. "Yosh!" She quietly cheered.

Then between all of the young shinobi's excitement, from inside the massive violent torrent of flames there was a large dark silhouette that began to slowly move. Making it very clear that the traitor was very much still alive.

To which killed any and all excitement from all of the Konoha shinobis. "Oh, you have gotta be kidding me. . ." Naruto couldn't help but groan when he saw that.

Then a hulking and pulsating beast of a man that looked like a deformed bodybuilder with veins popping all over his body. While most of his clothes were more or less still intact, there were large sections that were burned, more specifically the areas of his body that had various degrees of burns, from second to third degree of burns. Which were more apparent on his shoulders, thighs and around his torso's sides.


It was then the flames from the jutsu had vanished by Mizuki's motioning his enlarged arms to blow them away. And despite all of his injuries, the monstrous traitor still looked ready to continue to fight by his enraged expression on his face while the feral growl came out of his lips.

"Oh for the love of-!" Satsuki growled in annoyance. The enemy was really lucky that they didn't have access to the Kyūbi's power.

"Copycat!" Nina called out in annoyance while raising and flailing her arms with a puffed up cheek.

"He just doesn't want to go down. . ." Hinata muttered as she readied herself once more.

"However, I don't think your attacks weren't for nothing." Yami however stated while giving the enemy an up-down. "His body is now covered with multiple burns." She then noted to which everyone also took note as well.

The enraged Mizuki then let out a loud roar and ran towards the Konoha shinobis with almost reckless abandonment. With each step that he took, he made small dents on the ground, showing that not only his size had changed, but in body mass as well.

This forced the five shinobis to quickly retake their battle stances, while the two ninjutsu specialists of the group took point. Both the blond and ravenette rapidly began going through the hand signs and ready their fastest conjuring jutsus.

"Fire Style! Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" The Uchiha mentally exclaimed, launching her attack that held shurikens within the small fireballs.

"Wind Style! Beast Wave Claw!" The Uzumaki meanwhile declared as he gave a wide horizontal claw slash.

However the moment the flames landed on the charging traitor, they merely slid off the moment it touched his body, as if his body was covered in a slippery substance while the shurikens didn't even do anything either.

Meanwhile, the chakra claw that was formed hit the traitor afterwards, but not even a scratch was left upon being hit.

"Scatter!" Hinata loudly ordered as she and the two members of Viper Squad quickly darted out of the way.

A large tick mark appeared on the blond's head as he and Satsuki narrowly dodged the heavy claw strike from the traitor. "Ok! I'm getting sick and tired of this guy!" Naruto remarked with annoyance as he landed at a safe distance away.

"You and me both Naru-kun!" Satsuki growled in agreement, almost in a feral manner as she had to use every fiber of her being, not the pull on her hair in frustration. After all, she wasn't going to be caught dead acting like another traitor she knew.

It was understandable that everyone was feeling frustrated, after all every single time they finally found a weakness they could exploit, the traitor would somehow overcome said weakness and make the fight back to square one.

"Calm down Naruto-kun, Satsuki-chan." Hinata however mentally instructed as she activated her Byakugan.

The Hyuga then carefully began to analyze the large tiger-like man. The moment the traitor had turned towards them once more, he began to pant heavily, no doubt from all the attacks and stamina he had used through the battle.

"I know it's frustrating, but our attacks are working." Hinata then informed her two teammates. "It's only a matter of time." She then reassured

The bluenette's teammates then finally calmed down enough to keep a level head as they realized that she was right. The traitor was accumulating more and more damage then compared to their initial confrontation. But at the same time the Konoha shinobis also realized that they couldn't afford to let this continue either or risk the traitor becoming immune to all of their attacks.

Mizuki let out a loud roar and once again rushed at the young shinobis with each step leaving more small dents onto the ground. As he did so, he extended both of his claw-like hands to his sides, making him look very intimidating.

Seeing this, the young shinobis quickly got into their previous attack positions, with the sole exception of the younger looking kunoichi being next to the bluenette as she was still recovering from her last transformation.

The blond shinobi was the first to rush forward while making his signature hand seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as ten clones came into existence next to him.

The clones nodded at the original as they knew the plan at the moment of their creation. They all rushed ahead of the original and began to channel wind chakra onto their right hands, taking the shape of a claw.

Then as one, all of the clones swung their hands. "Beast Wave Claw Barrage!" The clones all roar in unison as they create ten deathly chakra claw strikes, all aiming at the traitor.

However the feral traitor didn't show any worry or concern of the incoming attacks. "COMPLETELY USELESS!" Mizuki roared in a feral manner as he readied his own claws that were coated in chakra before lashing them out wildly.


The moment the two barrages of chakra claws clashed, the clone's were instantly overwhelmed and were destroyed. No sooner after afterward the traitor's continued until they reached the clones and cut them all in half.

The original blond instantly stopped his charge and narrowly dodged the two large chakra claw strikes. "Hey! That's my jutsu!" Naruto shouted in annoyance

"More like a knock off. . ." Satsuki growled as she narrowed her eyes.

"Agreed." Yami responded in agreement. "While it does have a lot of power, it's a completely unrefined and crude knock off." She then stated in a disgusted tone, narrowing her eyes as well.

Meanwhile, the burned traitor merely grinned as he continued to rush forward. "So then Kyūbi brat," Mizuki started with a feral smirk while channeling chakra into his claws again. "What's next?" He soon asked in an obviously sarcastic manner, readying himself to attack once more.

However Naruto's only reaction was showing his signature fox-like grin at the charging traitor as he cock back his fist and also ready himself.

This caused the traitor to only laugh loudly at the pitiful display, as he thought the blond had finally accepted his fate. However as he was about to finally reach the blond. . .


Suddenly two clones of the blond shinobi appeared right next to the charging traitor, each having their own Executioner Blade out of their scroll. Then with a massive heave, they swung their mighty blades at full force and aimed straight at the exposed traitor's neck.

"!?" Mizuki's eyes immediately widened at the sight of the clones swinging the oversize blades. So the traitor was forced to do a full stop and quickly sent chakra to his curse mark to increase his defense as he did not want to find out first hand why the sword was called The Executioner.


Mizuki's caution was rewarded as his arms managed to both block and stop the two swords from reaching his neck. To which restored his confidence once more and smirked at them, however that only lasted for a second as he saw the clones grinning at him. After all, by stopping their surprise attack, he completely neglected the original blond right in front of him.


Channeling a large amount of chakra into his clenching fist, the blond delivered a powerful punch straight to the left side of the traitor's stomach, more accurately, the side that had the most burns. Causing a powerful shockwave to rippled upon impact.

While Naruto knew that this attack wouldn't do any real damage, he just needed a momentary distraction to prepare for his next attack. The blond Chunin then quickly used his other hand to channel a large spinning ball of chakra in his other hand. However before he could compress it. . .

Step. . . Step. . .

The traitor let out a low groan of pain and began to take a few steps backwards, all the while holding the side where the blond had landed his fist.

The blond shinobi's eyes blinked a few times at this. "Eh?" Naruto got out as he consciously canceled his jutsu and decided to jump backwards to get some distance to analyze the situation.

However it wasn't just the blond shinobi that was left baffled by this, as the rest of his fellow teammates were also just as, if not more confused by this turn of events.

"W-What the?" Satsuki got out in confusion. "Now the asshole feels pain?" She then muttered, not understanding how that was even possible after everything they had tried before.

"What does this mean?" Yami questioned as she narrowed her eyes in a cautious manner. All the while her fellow squad member suddenly stood by her side, finally recovering from the side effects of her transformation.

Meanwhile, the bluenette quickly activated her Byakugan and used it to observe the traitor's body. It was then that she saw that specific parts of the escapee had less chakra than the rest of his body. Which caused the young Hyuga to widen her eyes with a flash of realization.

"That's it!" Hinata suddenly commented and gained everyone's attention. "There are sections of Mizuki's body that don't circulate much chakra than the others, thus making them weaker to blunt impacts than normal! If we strike at those points, we can deliver more physical damage to defeat him." She soon revealed.

The rest of the Konoha shinobis instantly smiled in excitement as they finally got a way to fight back against the annoying traitor's ridiculous defense.

"And where are those points, Hinata-san?" Yami soon asked, readying herself once more.

"One of them is the side of his torso where Naruto-kun just struck." Hinata answered as she focused on the traitor's body with her Byakugan. "Other points include. . .all the areas that have burns on his body. He can't increase his defense in those areas." She then revealed.

Satsuki in turn smirked as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. "So we just strike those and we'll take the asshole down!" She simply concluded.

Yami nodded in agreement. "Right, we need to form a plan now to time and strike each one to do as much damage as possible." She then responded.

The younger appearing member of the group however, her ears perked up as an idea popped inside her mind. "Then. . . how about we use power power." Nina suggested before nodding and feeling pumped.

"Huh?" The Team Seven trio got out in confusion.

Nina's eyes then sparkled with delight as she took a step forward. "Yosh! Ora-chii! Let's do it!" She then declared while raising a fist into the air. "Shiny shiny!" She soon announced.

"Rrow~!" Ora meowed out as she leapt onto the girl's shoulder. "Kurīchāmāji! Tiger!" Was what she said as the two were enveloped in a white light.


Being too close to the small kunoichi, the trio briefly averted their eyes from the intense light. With the young swordswoman already used to her teammate's transformations, she had long since braced for said light.

Then from the glaring light, a white tiger skin Nina rushed towards the traitor. She had leaned her body downwards to have her center of gravity as low as possible, she placed her hands as if she was preparing for a brawl, however instead of tightening her fists, she had her palms open.

Mizuki meanwhile, who had recovered from the previous blow, was unphased by this and raised his large fist and swung it down at the small kunoichi. Then with massive force behind his hand, it would uproot trees by the wind pressure alone.

One would normally try to avoid such attacks as even a small grace of such force would leave devastating damage on anyone, especially on someone as small as Nina. However, said kunoichi had no intention of dodging and continued straight at the traitor.

To which, left the trio in shock and horror at the younger looking kunoichi's reckless charge. "Nina-chan! Are you nuts!?" Satsuki called out in a panic and disbelief.

Then when both the blond and ravenette were about to go and help their friend and teammate, they were both stopped by the gente hand of a smiling Yami. Which is sufficient to say, confusing them greatly.

Nina meanwhile just smirked at this and leaned to the side and dodge the attack by the skin of her teeth. Then after the destructive force of the attack had also harmlessly passed her, she thrusted her left palm and struck the traitor's stomach with a powerful blow.


"GAH!" This caused Mizuki to nearly buckle over from the blow because it nearly left him breathless.


However this was only the beginning as the young appearing girl then began to systematically begin thrusting more and more palm strikes to his body. "TOH! TAH! TOH! TAH!" She grunted out.

Surprisingly despite her small size, each palm strike from the white and black striped tiger girl delivered pushed the mutated tiger man with great force. Showing that her arms were much more durable and tougher than what they appeared, as such delivering that much force would either harm or even break the arms of someone of her size.

"GAH!" Mizuki got out in pain as he held his hurting sizes. "WHAT THE HELL!?" He exclaimed in complete confusion and shock.

And it wasn't just the traitor that was shocked as Team Seven were just as if not more shocked by the younger looking teen's abilities. "Nina-chan pushed him back!?" Hinata breathed out in awe.

"Pushing!? She's beating him up like a ragdoll!" Naruto corrected with equal disbelief.

"How the hell!?" Satsuki got out in confusion.

Meanwhile the other member of Viper Squad looked on with a proud expression on her face. "When me, Anko-sensei and Kurama first met her, we discovered first hand that when Nina joins together with one of her friends, she gains more than just their physical characteristics." Yami revealed.

The traitor then tried once more to punch at the young appearing girl with all of his strength, but the white and black striped tiger girl caught it with a single hand with ease. "ORAH!" Nina roared as she picked him up and tossed him away.

"With Okki, Nina-chan has greater agility and reaction speeds, but at the same time gains a more feral and chaotic fighting style." Yami started.

"Arf arf!" Okki barked with a pleased grin on her face, showing how proud she was of that description. To which caused everyone to giggle and chuckle at that.

"Then with Ori, she gains speed as well, but also gliding and fire base abilities, with a more carefree and fighting at a distance base fighting style." Yami continued.

"Chirp chirp!" Ori merely chirped happily at that as she flapped her wings.

Yami nodded to this as she looked back at the fight. "And finally with Ora, it's strength and power, but at the same time she becomes a more intellectual and strategic person." She then stated. "Making her smarter and more clever than we ever thought possible." She soon concluded.

"And that's how she's on par with him?" Hinata assumed as she watched the young girl push the traitor back with ease. "Physically that is." She then corrected.

"Apparently so." Yami responded with a nod as she continued to watch her teammate.


"GAH!" Mizuki grunted out as he held the spot where he was struck. "This is. . .impossible!" He growled out. "Not. . .to a brat. . .LIKE THIS!" He then grunted before roaring out.

What followed was an exchange of wide and powerful blows from both fighters, each delivering heavy, slow and wide palm strikes that sent violent winds. However, Nina being smaller and more nimble, easily avoided them all, while Mizuki being bigger and heavier, could only stand his ground, though it was slowly wearing him down.

It was at that time that Hinata began analyzing the movements and patterns the monstrous traitor was now using. "It appears as though Mizuki's body must have changed in order to resist the intense flames, but in exchange he has lost most of its agility and balance that he had before." She soon deducted.


Soon, Nina was delivering heavy blow after heavy blow with her bare hands, forcing the traitor back to take a more defencive stance.

"By the way. . ." Naruto began to say as he was in the fight with a puzzled expression. "Is it just me. . .or does Nina-chan's fighting style look. . .weird?" He then noted as he couldn't for the life of him recall ever seeing anything like this one.

However it wasn't just the blond shinobi that noticed that something was off, as the tiger-like, traitorous shinobi was also feeling that strange feeling. And then after another short exchange, the traitor's eyes widened in realization. "This is. . .sumo!?" Mizuki got out in shock.

"Eh? Sumo?" Satsuki repeated in confusion.

The young swordswoman took a thinking pose and began to think about the term. "If I recall correctly, it's a very unique method of fighting. It's a wandering style that goes around attacking shinobis and samurais alike using specifically open-handed slaps while using a. . .larger body mass for defense." Yami stated carefully as she didn't want to sound insensitive to these types of warrior's physique.

However this explanation only serves to confuse the members of team Seven even further. "How in the world. . ." Hinata muttered in a curious manner. The young girl was only becoming more and more interesting now.


With a mean open palm uppercut, the animal lover succeeded in managing to off balance the traitor and force him to stumble back. Which caused Mizuki to briefly see stars as he placed his large hand on his head to help stop the dizziness.

Nina then grinned with satisfaction at this. "Nina macho macho!" The young appearing girl declared as she flexed her tiny arms up and tensed, which barely showed any visible muscles. "Nina strong strong!" She then added with confidence and pride clear in her voice while smacking her knuckles together.

"Grr. . ." Okki growled out, though it sounded more like a groan with annoyance. "Cocky as always. . ." Was what she said.

Ori meanwhile just chirped happily at the sight with a raised wing.

The annoyed tiger-like traitor then shook his head and recovered from his dizziness. "You little shit. . ." Mizuki growled before roaring and attempting to pounce the smaller tiger girl.

Though Nina was still innocently posing, she looked up and merely moved to the side to dodged out of the way as the traitor as he crashed to the ground. Then her expression turned serious as she clenched her fist and channeled chakra into delivering a vicious palm strike to the tiger-shaped man's stomach.


"GAH!" Mizuki let out a sharp gasp of pain and was forced to jump backwards while holding his stomach.

While taking a deep breath, Nina slowly put her hands to her sides while bending her elbows and tightening her fists, then finally lowering her stance. It was at that moment that the rest of her teammates appeared beside her.

"Good job Nina." Yami simply remarked, while smiling and feeling prideful at her teammate's growth.


It was at that moment that Nina's body shone and undid her fusion, then she picked up the tired Ora, placed her on her right shoulder and ran towards her teammate and showed a toothy smile in response.

Meanwhile the traitor was only heavily panting and trying to recover from all of the accumulating damage he had received from the start of the battle.

This caused all of the Konoha shinobi's to once again retake their fighting stances. While the Uchiha soon glared at the enemy with a dead serious look. "Just give up Mizuki!" Satsuki called out. "You can't win!" She then declared.

At first the traitor didn't reply, but then after taking one last deep breath Mizuki began to chuckle amusingly at the ravenette's words. "You think I'm mad that I'm losing?" He began to say before his chuckle then turned into full blown bellowing laughter. "I'm having the time of my life!" He suddenly declared in a deranged and insane manner.

". . ." The Konoha shinobi's eyes widened in shock and were left speechless at this, though the smallest member of the group was more confused.

"Don't you get it? I've been getting stronger and stronger the more I fight!" Mizuki soon revealed in a delirious manner with a feral smile on his face, his body's muscles meanwhile slowly began to compact and look a bit slimmer. "So go ahead and keep hitting me! Keep bombarding me with your strongest jutsu! I'll just get stronger!" He then declared in a frantic manner, his voice filled with insanity while his eyes dilated.

The Konoha group, minus the smallest member, narrowed their eyes in disgust. "He lost his mind." Naruto couldn't help but say out loud as he voiced the other exact thoughts of the traitors mindset.

Mizuki however continued to bellow in insane laughter as the curve marks on his body began to glow even and even more dark crimson color. "You will never know how it feels to always feel weak! That no matter how much I try and never get any stronger! With this power, I've finally become someone that the world won't ignore anymore!" He soon declared with a mad look in his eyes. . .which were now a blood red.

". . ." Naruto was left speechless at the rant. While he still thought that the traitor had lost their mind. However for the first time the blond could somewhat understand what the traitor was talking about.

It was true that with hard work, training and conviction could help you grow and get better. There are always people that just can't ever surpass their natural limits, causing them to feel despair, especially when others who are the same rank or age group, can just effortlessly pass them.

A distance away, Iruka and the traitor's fiancée looked on in shock and concern at the rant, though he said nothing as he looked at his former friend. He had long felt that his once good friend's desire to be stronger was a good thing, but after finding out the traitor's true feelings and intentions, he felt nothing but disgust and pity.

"Mizuki. . ." Tsubaki however muttered in a saddened tone. She had been heart broken by how the once sweet man she was her fiancée was now nothing but a power hungry monster.

"But still. . ." Naruto muttered to himself as even if he could understand those feelings, he also knew that the traitor's actions were still inexcusable. "We will stop you." He declared as he and the rest of his teammates were about to get ready to end the fight.

But at that moment however. . .

Gurgle. . .

"Hm?" Mizuki got out as he felt something strange. . .while his body started pulsating as he then looked as his hands started growing while his nails sharped more and more, causing him to smirk madly with delight. "Well, it looks as though I'm-" He then started, as he thought that he was about to gain another powerful transformation, however. . .

Gurgle. . . Gurgle. . .

Suddenly though. . .the traitor's entire body began expanding once more while his skin literally began to tear off his body with his muscles underneath starting to become visible, causing blood to spray as a result, dyeing the ground around him red as everyone looked on in shock with pale faces.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Mizuki soon began screaming in agony while falling to his hands and knees.

Suddenly the area around the traitor began to emit a sinister and dark miasma.

Deep in the Land of Fire forest. . .


The two Stupid Brother's smashed their large fists right in front of the trios with so much brute force that it not only utterly destroyed the ground, but created a powerful shock wave that hit the trio with enough concussion force that it caused them to float a few feet of the ground and rattled their very bone.

Then the next moment, the trio's bodies were launched backwards, rolling harshly on the ground and hitting anything that was in their way, causing even more damage upon them.

Both Haku and Shikamaru landed next to each other while Chōji was a few feet away from them, however the trio were groaning in pain as they couldn't even raise their fingers, let alone their bodies.

Chōji, who had a sturdier body, was the first to recover enough to try to push himself up. However his vision was still blurry that he couldn't properly see anything, he placed a hand on his face and slightly shook his head to offset the dizziness.

The young Akamichi quickly wished that he hadn't, as his eyes widened in horror as he saw the two monstrous brothers slowly walking towards his unmoving friends. Their eyes were blazing with rage and anger, wanting nothing more than to squash the irritating bugs that had been nothing but an extreme irritation.

Chōji desperately tried to move his legs, however he couldn't, not because he was injured or they were broken, but because they were trembling uncontrollably.

The very startled plump Chunin quickly turned to look at his shaking legs, but before he could even ask himself why though, flashes of the inhuman strength from the mutated shinobi he had faced appeared in his mind.

Out of desperation, Chōji shook his head to try and clear his mind of those images. "Come on! Come on!" He urged his trembling legs to move, however they still refused to do so.

It was now very clear to the kind hearted shinobi still had PTSD from his encounter with the mutated shinobi. While in the moment of his battle he had multiple factors that caused him to go toe to toe with it, in this moment facing a similar opponent he had none. Causing his body to refuse to move.

"Smash. . .BUGS!" The brothers soon bellowed with their fists raised above their heads.

Both Shikamaru and Haku tried to move, their bodies faltering from the pain of the earlier attack. This shocked the two and could only raise their arms in a futile last struggle to block what they knew would obliterate their bodies.

At the sight of this, something began to stir within the Akimichi as he was hearing his heart beating faster than ever before, as if it was like time was slowing down for him. It was at that moment that yet another flash of images of that dreadful mission appeared in his mind. This time however, it was when his companions from said mission were about to be harmed from the mutated shinobi and of how he went toe to toe with such a monstrosity.

The two brothers then began tightening their fist in order to channel their monstrous strength onto their large fist and motion them downwards.

Chōji's eyes widened as his legs finally stopped trembling as he took a crouching running stance and vanished.


As the two fists finally came full swing, the wind behind created harsh and sharp whirlwinds from both the size and intensity of their limbs.


However the brother's fists were suddenly stopped, but the kinesthetic force of said attacks still managed to hit the ground below as cracks formed under where their fists were about to be hammered.

Because the two Chunin had felt the ground give in, they thought they had been hit so hard that they couldn't feel anything anymore. However they quickly realized that they could still feel their limbs and weren't harmed in any way.

So when the two still down shinobi finally gained the courage, the two lowered their arms and opened their eyes and they were left speechless as they saw their chubby companion doing the impossible, he had somehow stopped the monstrous brother's fists and was still in one piece.

"No. . .more. . ." Chōji muttered as his face was covered in shadows, his arms and legs were covered in a thick layer of chakra.

The young Akamichi finally realized that it wasn't just his clan's pills that gave him strength to fight at that pivotal moment, no, it was his need, no. . .his desire to protect his friends/companions.


Then the sound of something cracking could be heard, it was the sound of the Akamichi's bones cracking from holding on to the massive fists. While it caused him to wince in pain, he still held firm in place.

"I've. . .had. . .enough. . ." Chōji grunted with a fierce expression on his face as he forced the idiot brothers back.

The will of protecting his friends, reignited the Akamichi's will to continue. As he finally released that now was not the time to be afraid.

"I WON'T! LET YOU! HURT MY FRIENDS!" Chōji roared with fury.

Now. . .it was time to fight!


Chōji's body began sliding back from the sheer power of the brothers mighty fists as he could feel the bones of his body begin to crack. "GACK!" He got out, some blood coughing out of his mouth.

"Chōji!" Both remaining Konoha shinobis shouted with pure horror as they literally heard their friend's bones breaking.

Despite the pain and the feeling of his bones cracking, Chōji's pure desire to protect his friends allowed him to continue holding back the fist. The chakra that was coating his limbs slowly began to flare wildly as he was beginning to lose control of his makeshift jutsu that was empowering said limbs.

Chōji felt great fear as he saw the oni-like glares from the two brothers and given they were twice as big of him, momentarily made him falter. However when he recalled that his friends were behind him, his eyes reignited with a blazing flare as he knew that if he failed to stop this attack, his friends would receive the full force of the attack.

The flaring chakra that had enveloped the chunin's limbs began to stabilize more and more until it finally couldn't be seen anymore, signifying that a jutsu had been successfully cast. It was then that the veins from all four limbs became visible as the density of said limbs slowly began to shrink, almost as if his fat began to melt away. Finally the sound of bones cracking had stopped entirely, which caused his eyes to ignite in a blaze.

With new found strength, the heavily injured Akamichi tilted the brother's fists so that the joints of said fist would force them to bend naturally. With the sheer force behind their fists combined with the unexpected shift of their bodies, it caused the brothers to lose their balance.

Then as if moving by instinct, the young Chunin slid forward while still holding the large hands and because of the off balance the force of their fists continued their momentum until. . .


The two brothers' fists collided into the other's face with so much force that everything around them blew away from the sheer force behind their powerful fists. The blow had caused so much massive damage that their normally near impenetrable bodies couldn't withstand it and blood spewed out of both their mouths and noses.

It was at that moment that their oni-like appearance began to disappear and returned to their normal appearance. Then moments later, their eyes rolled to the back of their heads and they fainted while standing in place.

Meanwhile the heavily injured Akimichi panted heavily as his arms flopped down and with great difficulty she looked back at his friends. The moment he saw that his friends were fine a weak yet content smile appeared on his face, before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he slowly began to fall. "I'll. . .leave the rest. . .to you guys. . ." Chōji barely managed to say that before. . .


Falling face first to the ground and completely losing consciousness.

"C-Chōji-san. . ." Haku breathed out in shock at what happened, still trying to process this turn of events.

However, Akamichi's best friend quickly got back up and ran towards him. "Damn!" Shikamaru exclaimed as he ran towards his best friend with the ice user right behind him.

Both of them grabbed their unconscious teammate and gently carried him at a somewhat safe distance from the unconscious brothers. And to their surprise they notice that said friend was much lighter than before.

"Did Chōji-san just lose weight?" Haku couldn't help but ask out loud.

". . ." Shikamaru didn't respond as he only narrowed his eyes, trying to figure out the ice user's question, before he quickly shook his head. "We can wonder about that later, we have more pressing matters to worry about right now." He then finally answered as his remaining conscious teammate nodded in agreement. "Jeez, being reckless again. . .how troublesome. . ." He thought to him.

"You're right." Haku responded as the two got their teammate, placing his arms over their shoulders.

"Urk. . ." However, any and all conversation ceased when the two remaining conscious chunins heard a low groaning sound.

When the two young shinobi turned around they saw the still unconscious brothers tilting from side to side as their eyes were still behind their skull. "Hey big bro. . .why does my face hurt so much. . ." Raijin asked, his head turning in a small circle.

The older brother in response merely raised his right index finger. "It's because you sleep funny. . ." Fūjin simply responded with his usual know it all attitude while his head was tilting back and forth with swirls in his eyes.

"Ooooh. . .I see. . ." Raijin got out with his usual impressed tone, before he saw the chunins, but in his still delirious state, their forms changed into pillows. "Hey bro, I'm still a bit sleepy, want to grab those pillows to sleep?" He then informed and asked.

"Oooooh! That sounds like a great idea. . ." Fūjin replied with his usual grin.

The two chunins meanwhile paled as they heard that. ". . .Shit. . ." They muttered as they quickly leaned their friend against a nearby tree.

And with that, the semi unconscious brothers began rushing, though it was more so tumbling forward, towards the pillows.

Soon, the two conscious Konoha shinobis snapped back and quickly got in front of their unconscious friend as they looked at the charging and semi conscious brothers while doing their hand seals.

"Shadow Strangle Jutsu!" Shikamaru declared.

"Ice Tomb Jutsu!" Haku also declared.

Since the brothers were still semi conscious they didn't even realize or comprehend the danger of the incoming jutsus, so they didn't even try to defend or dodge them. First the shadows coiled around their limb and joins, completely faltering any further moments, before they were covered in a large pillar of ice. And thus completely immobilizing them.

However both Chunins were panting heavily from exhaustion as they struggled to keep hold of the two semi conscious brothers. "Great. . .we're back to where we started." Haku remarked as he held his ground.

"Wrong. . .we're in a worse situation than how we were before. . ." Shikamaru unfortunately corrected. "Chōji's completely out of commission while both of us are running on fumes." He listed off before looking at the struggling brothers. "And the moment those two fully regain their consciousness, they will be comin for our blood. . ." He then concluded.

Creeeeeack. . .

As if to confirm the young Nara's statement, the two trapped brother's were beginning to struggle from their ice imprisonment, even the shadows that held their arms and necks were also slowly moving, causing small cracks to appear in the ice tomb.

"I stand corrected. . ." Shikamaru muttered as he struggled to keep his jutsu.

It was no wonder the Nara calls situations like this troublesome as the two held their enemies down, struggling all the while to do so.

Elsewhere in the forest. . .

Tap! Tap!

Two silhouettes appeared in the forest area by the cave's entrance. The two people were hidden by the tree's shadows, making it difficult to see who they were. Their eyes darted from side to side and when they saw that no one was here they came out of the shadows of the trees and into the clearing.

Once fully lit by the sunlight, it was revealed to be Anko and Kurama as the humanoid Bij quickly examined the area. "I think we just missed them." He commented as he turned towards the trail of destruction left by the battle. "We should catch up in a few minutes if we move now." He added as he began walking towards the forest.

". . ." However, Anko was about to follow, but only stopped mid step as her eyes slightly widened. "Wait." She finally responded.

To which caused Kurama to stop his march and turn his head to look at the kunoichi. "What's wrong babe?" He asked with a puzzled tone.

It was then that the elite interrogator turned her head towards the nearby cave and narrowed her eyes. "The gakis should be fine, but I think we should check that cave." Anko stated as she began walking towards the cave's entrance.

Kurama couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at this, though was also concerned by the sudden decision. "Why?" He simply asked as he didn't quite understand the importance of the cave.

It was then that Anko merely shook her head. "Don't know. . .called it a gut feeling is all." She vaguely responded in an uneasy tone.

The human disguised Bijū merely looked at his mate calmly walking inside the cave, then he turned to look at the explosion and the many trees being demolished in the distance, before shrugging and also entered the cave. "Hmm, what's got my wondrous mate so concerned about this place. . .?" He mentally questioned as he narrowed his eyes.

Back at the crater created clearing. . .


The large ice prison was violently shaking as the blurry forms of the Stupid Brother from inside were moving, showing that they were regaining their consciousness and were using their insane strength to break free.

"This is bad. . ." Shikamaru thought to himself with dread. "I don't think our jutsus can last much longer. . ." He then added as he was rapidly thinking of what should be their next move after the brothers free themselves.

The Ice-user meanwhile narrowed his eyes in a serious manner. "Shikamaru, you take Chōji and run away. . .I'll stay to hold them off as long as I can." Haku soon ordered.

The Nara's eyes immediately widened upon hearing that. "What!? Are you out of your mind?" Shikamaru responded in disbelief.

"I can just use my mirrors to get them to follow me." Haku simply replied as a sweatdrop fell from his face.

Shikamaru however narrowed his eyes to that. "Don't even think I'm dumb enough to believe that." He countered. "You're about to pass out and you expect me to believe that you can still use your jutsu?" He then assumed.

Haku couldn't help but chuckle awkwardly at that. "Saw right through me, huh?" He remarked.

Then with a deep breath, Shikamaru narrowed his eyes. "Ugh, troublesome. . .just be calm. . .and think. . .there's always a way, just find it. . ." He thought to himself.

Crack. . .Crack. . . Crack. . .

However time was not on the Chunin's side as more and more cracks were either forming or expanding all over the ice prison at rapid phase. Until. . .


With mighty roars, the Stupid Brothers broke free from their imprisonment with raised arms. And the force behind this was so strong that it caused all three Chunin to be sent flying and crashing on the ground helplessly.

Haku soon groaned as he then winced in pain. "Well. . .better take a page out of Naruto's page and just improvise as we go." He soon suggested as he stood back up, struggling to do so while taking out the last remaining senbon needles.

It was at that moment that both brothers frantically looked around and finally located the source of their annoyance and growled loudly at them.

While laying on the ground Shikamaru let out a loud sigh of annoyance, slowly got back up. "That's not my style, but. . .not much of a choice." He remarked as he and the ice user got ready for their last stance.

With another loud roar, the brothers body expelled more chakra. However before the brothers could make a mad charge at the young shinobis, their bodies stop in mid step.

"E-Eh!?" Rajin got out as he struggled to move. "My body is all frozen!" He then revealed in confusion.

"What the hell is this!?" Fūjin meanwhile exclaimed. "I can't move my legs!" He then declared.

The two still conscious Chunin were left baffled by this turn of events, before the young shadow user felt something. "What? Paralysis Genjutsu?" Shikamaru got out in disbelief as he realized what just happened.

Haku meanwhile groaned as he looked on at the sight. "Ugh. . .note to self, learn some genjutsu. . ." He muttered as he used this chance to relax his sore body.

"N-Ngh. . .ugh. . ." Chōji groaned out in a strained manner with a wince as the plump shinobi finally woke up. Then he looked around and got his bearings. "Guys? What happened?" He soon asked.

"Looks like I made it just in time." A gentle yet firm voice called out.

This causes the Konoha shinobis to look up into the trees and were surprised upon seeing that it was none other than the Hokage herself.

"You three held them long enough. Good work, Shikamaru, Haku, Chōji." Tsunade soon stated praised as the trio's eyes widened at the sight of her.

"T-The Fifth Hokage?" Shikramaru got out in disbelief.

"Lady Tsunade?" Chōji breathed out in awe and relief.

"Hokage-sama. . ." A very relieved Haku commented as he and the other two knew that they're fight was thankfully over.

Tsunade passed through the tired young Chunin after glancing and checking that none of them had any serious injuries. "Now you three just leave the rest to me." She stated as she looked at the immobilized brothers. "Still, I'd never thought I would ever see you two again, I suggest you stand down before things get ugly." She then ordered the two as she knew that they normally wouldn't even dare cross her.

The brothers however just struggled to break free from their mental bindings while ignoring the blonde Hokage's words. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" They roared like wild beasts as they seemingly didn't even know or cared that the Hokage was right in front of them..

A large tick mark appeared on the Hokage's face while her eye twitched as a result of being ignored. "Alright then. . ." Tsunade ominously began as her bangs cast a shadow on her eyes, then she raised her right leg as high as her flexibility would allow her. "I guess you two need a reminder of the last time you two made me angry. . ." She finished with a vengeful expression on her face.

The younger shinobi's entire bodies shook with horror as they Shushin as far away as possible. No sooner did they do so. . .


Two massive shock waves of pure raw strength soon followed as the voices of the brothers could be heard and then total silence followed afterwards.

"No wonder she was made the Fifth Hokage. . ." Haku breathed out in awe before he Shushin back to their leader.

"I'm surprised that those guys are still in one piece after getting hit like that." Chōji admitted while gently rubbing his cheek with his finger.

However the shadow user merely looked on with a deadpan expression. "I'm more surprised that Naruto and Satsuki are still in one piece after all the times they pissed her off." Shikamaru remarked with a deadpan tone before he also followed the ice user.

To which the chubby Chunin would merely chuckled awkwardly as he calmly walked towards his friends due to his injuries, though still winced in pain a bit all the while.

Then the moment the three Chunin returned to the previous location, the young shinobis were left awed as they saw both of Stupid Brothers laying in two massive craters that made the brother's ones look tiny in comparison. Their leader merely looked annoyingly at the brothers with her arms crossed below her bosom.

"Alright, I'll give Chōji some emergency treatment before we head out after Naruto and the others." Tsunade stated with a nod, getting right to work.

Then as the brothers slowly sat on the ground, their eyes were spinning with dizziness as their rage had completely vanished. "Ah. . .what hit us big brother?" Raijin asked his older brother as his head twirled with dizziness.

"I don't know Raijin. . .but that felt very familiar. . ." Fūijin replied as he held his sore head.


However the brothers soon froze a paralyzing fear and then when they turned to face the source their face turned pale at the sight of the blonde Hokage looking down at them.

"So, you two finally came to your senses?" Tsunade questioned in cold fury with a wicked grin on her face.

"IT'S TSUNADE!" The two Stupid Brothers shouted in pure terror as they instantly went to their knees and bowed until their foreheads touched the ground, bodies shivering all the while.

"Now then, explain what you two were doing, now." Tsunade soon ordered, cracking her knuckles loudly, causing the brothers to wince in fear as a result. "Or do you two want to be punished like last time?" She then offered.

At the words last time, the two brother's spines jolted with terror as they had subconciously and began babbling about what they were doing before meeting the blue haired traitor.

After said explanation. . .

"REALLY!? A FEAST AT OROCHIMARU'S PLACE!? YOU MORONS GOT TRICKED BY MIZUKI TELLING YOU THAT OF ALL THINGS!?" Tsunade roared with a booming voice that practically shook the land itself.

With expressions of pure terror, the Stupid Brother then bowed down repeatedly while saying they were sorry to the blonde Hokage, all the while crying and snot falling from their noses.

The blonde Hokage took a deep breath and finally managed to calm down and turned towards the three Konoha Chunins. "Alright already, that's enough. Anyways, we need to find Mizuki and put an end to this if that idiot of a godson of mine hasn't already done it by now." Tsunade then ordered the younger Chunin.

"But what about these two?" Haku questioned as they looked at the kneeling Idiot Brothers. "I mean we can't just leave them." He then pointed out the other two exact thoughts.

"Oh don't worry about them." Tsunade assured as she leaned down and glared at the two idiots. "Fujin, Raijin, I expect that you two better head back to prison by nightfall and. . .think. . .about what you have done or both of you will not get any dinner!" She soon demanded.


At that moment, the Hokage then loudly cracked her knuckles once more with a glowing and menacing gleam in her eyes while the brothers paled instantly. "NOW GET GOING THIS INSTANT!" Tsunade soon roared.

"Y-YES MA'AM!" The two idiots exclaimed in fear as they began rushing back towards the prison, whether they already knew the way or just their instincts, they ran in the right direction.

"Well. . .those two can hustle when they need to." Shikamaru bluntly pointed out with a sweatdrop.

"Such powerful shinobis. . .and they both fear Tsunade-sama. . ." Haku meanwhile stated as their leader then rushed towards the blond friend's last location. "How Naruto-kun and Satsuki-chan don't fear her is beyond me. . ." He then added.

"Well, she probably has a soft spot for them." Chōji on the other hand muttered to the two while smiling amusingly.

However, none of the group noticed two figures passing them, one with orange-reddish hair and the other with purple hair.

Back to clearing. . .

Meanwhile, the Konoha Shinobis went wide-eyed as they saw the traitor's body was changing in an even more grotesque manner while even more black and dark miasma leaked from his body.

Said traitor fell on all four of his limbs and screamed in pain while more and more of his skin began to tear as he expanded, most of his burnt clothes remained mostly stretched but all the areas that exposed his skin showed only his blackening muscles.

Even when tiger-like fur began to grow on it as well, however the said fur and even his own hair then started to flatten as it began to fuse with his skin, his nose changed to a more snout like form, the sclera of his eyes became black while his irises became a blood red.

Finally, all of his teeth sharpened that made them look more like fangs than teeth, making it impossible to close his mouth, leaving his tongue hanging out between said teeth and drool to fall. . .while said drool caused sizzling and melting as it touched the ground.


Finally on both of his hands and feet, the nails began to grow at an alarming rate that now look massive and thick that would make an apex predator seem tiny in comparison as he began scratching the ground, leaving large gashes upon it.

"He's mutating again!?" Satsuki exclaimed in disgust to the grotesque sounds that were heard.

"Eeeeeeew!" Nina got out, green at the face to the sight, cat ears folding down instinctively to try and block out the grotesque sounds.

The black wolf cub soon growled in anger as she readied herself while the red exotic bird kept her distance in the air.

"Good kami. . ." Yami breathed out in disbelief and shock at the sight.

"ROOOOOOOOOAR!" The mutant formerly known as Mizuki roared in an animalistic manner and ran on all four at the Konoha shinobis with the ferocity of a wild animal.

Meanwhile the traitor's former friend was left speechless at this. ". . .Mizuki. . ." Iruka breathed out, wide eyed at the sight.

The ninja hound meanwhile narrowed his eyes at the sight. "Things just keep getting crazier by the minute. . ." Pakkun remarked in a serious tone.

The young woman fell to her knees. "He. . .He lost his humanity. . ." Tsubaki got out in despair at her former fiancée's state. Even she knew there was no way he could recover from this. . .

Hinata narrowed her eyes and quickly took the helm. "Keep formation and long range attacks!" She soon ordered as she began channeling water chakra while going through the hand signs. "Water Style! Liquid Bullet!" She mentally declared.

"Right!" The rest of the Konoha Shinobis replied as they each channel their own respective long range attacks.

As the multiple elemental jutsu and chakra slashes were sent to the charging mutated shinobi. However, because of the rapid speeds and short distance between the traitor and the Konoha shinobis, they were forced to use speed casts on their attacks to give them less power, but more speed. And although they did have less power, because of their quantity if they all landed on the creature they would most definitely cause major damage.

However, whether the former human still had his rational mind, a sense of self preservation or simply out of instinct, he dodge all of the smaller and faster attacks, while jumping to the side to dodge the large fireball and landing on a nearby tree. Then he looked down and growled at the shinobis before he jumped off the tree and began running in circles at even faster speeds than before, watching and waiting for his chance to attack.

The sudden change of pattern forced the young Chunins to go back to back to cover each other's flanks. "Dammit! He's even faster now!" Satsuki swore as they all tried searching for the enemy in a frantic manner.

The blond shinobi looked annoyed as he constantly looked at the mutated shinobi. "And smarter too. He's not making any more head on attacks now." Naruto added as he realized that now the mutated shinobi isn't letting any attack get near him.

Hinata however shook her head in a negative manner. "No, it is more like he did it on instinct now. Prowling and stalking around its prey. It is as though he has become nothing but a feral beast." She soon stated as she narrowed her eyes.


Suddenly out of the trees, the mutated traitor leapt out with its extended claws, roaring like mad towards the group as they quickly got out of the way.


Soon, heavy and distorted chuckling like breathing was heard from within the dust cloud where the traitor landed, causing an intense atmosphere to fill the air.

The group however narrowed their eyes upon hearing that. There was no cockiness nor amusement in the chuckling. . .

Only madness and a single twisted desire to destroy life. . .

With an eerie glow in the mutated shinobi's eye, the creature suddenly landed on a sturdy tree, it used its massive limbs to leap off it with a powerful jump right at the Uchiha Heiress.

"Nope!" Satsuki mentally exclaimed as she quickly got out of the way thanks to her Sharingan she easily saw it coming and dodge in time, delivering a small slash to his arm.

Then when the Uchiha was about to slash it, the mutated creature turned his face towards her, opened his mouth. The next thing the kunoichi saw was his large tongue coming out straight as her face.

Satsuki's eyes widened in shock as she used her right feet to readjust her body and just barely managed to dodge the tongue. Then just as she ready her sword to attack again, the mutated shinobi had already leaped out of her range. "Oh come on!" She growled out in frustration.

The mutant then raised his claw as the group saw a black miasma forming around it, the maddening chuckle still leaking out of his mouth, which was also leaking black miasma.

The girls meanwhile were tense at the action as they readied themselves for whatever was to come.

However the hair on the blond's back stood as he felt something. "Scatter!" Naruto shouted as he and the rest of the kunoichi's instantly followed afterwards.


The group then realized why the blond had shouted as a few moments later the mutated shinobi had swung his arm, a powerful chakra slashes manifested and slashed the ground they once stood.

Once the Konoha shinobis had regrouped, the blond shinobi made more hand seals. "Don't stand in one place! Keep moving!" Naruto then shouted as he channeled more elemental chakra. "Wind Style! Air Bullet!" He thought to himself as he sucked in some air and spat multiple air condense air bullets.

The Uchiha Heiress soon started going through the many hand signs once more."Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" She mentally declared as she spat out multiple small fireballs.

Then Nina jumped to the side of the two Team Seven members while the small red bird landed on her head. "I can help too too! Ori-cii! Shiny Shiny!" She declared as she did her usual pose while Ori flapped her wings in unison.


Now in her fused state, the red skinned and feathered Nina took a deep breath. "Birdy Fire Fire!" Nina declared as she spat out multiple small fireballs.

As all of the jutsu soon soared towards the mutated Shinobi they all combined together, and although they remained the same size, the intensity of each individual flame and their speed had doubled.

Then when their attacks were about to reach the creature, its ear's and fur hair stood on end. This caused it to actually hop and jump towards its size to dodge, before changing direction entirely and rushing towards the side.

"!?" The group were momentarily stunned by the creature halting its charge.

However they quickly recovered and once again cast the same combination jutsu in the other direction, only for the same thing to happen yet again. Then just as he was about reaching them, he began running around them again.

This caused a large tick mark to appear on all three shinobi's forehead. "Ok, this is getting annoying! He just won't hold still!" Satsuki remarked in annoyance.

It was then that the bluenette saw that everyone was showing signs of exhaustion. "Even mutated, it appears that he won't take any more chances and would rather exhaust his chakra and stamina like a hunter would toward its prey." Hinata soon stated and instructed.

Panting a bit, the blue-silvered haired swordswoman nodded in agreement. "If only we could find a way to halt his movements." Yami soon stated as she grinded her teeth.

As the blond shinobi continued looking at the running mutated shinobi, he tried to think of a good plan. As he did, Naruto saw that the creature was jumping over some crates that were made from their constant battles.

It was at that moment the young Chunin's eyes widened as an idea came to his brain. "I got it!" Naruto shouted and got everyone's attention. "Girls! Keep him distracted for a minute! I'll end this!" He then declared with a large grin on his face

At the sight of that all too familiar grin, all of the kunoichi smiled or grinded as they knew that their favorite blond had another crazy idea that they knew would work. "Right!" The girls all responded at the same time as they all charged after the mutated creature..

Once they were all gone, Naruto took a deep breath and did his signature hand seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He declared.


Then four clones appeared beside the original. The clones then looked at the original and nodded to him as they knew what they had to do. They quickly went to work by quickly doing a Shushin and disappeared.

Once they were gone, the blond shinobi pulled out his scroll from his pouch and summoned his Executioner Blade. "Now. . .Let's end this. . ." Naruto soon declared while reading both his blade and himself.

Meanwhile the kunoichi's were frantically attacking from all directions, the two heiresses had summoned some Shadow Clones to help out distracting the mutated shinobi while the creature merely dodge or sent more and more chakra slashes at them.

Satsuki and Yami soon rushed in side by side with their swords and when they reached the creature, they each attempted to slash its front limbs. The creature quickly responded by jumping backwards just in time, causing their weapons to hit nothing.

Then just as the mutated shinobi was about to land, Hinata appeared and took her family stance. The bluenette then unleashed her mental yin-yang diagram and thrusted her fingers in the exact position the creature was going to land.


However before the female Hyuga was about to strike, the creature lashed out its long tongue and grabbed a nearby tree, while it couldn't use it to pull itself because of his enlarged body mass, it did allow him enough air time to safely go over the kunoichi's attack. Then while still overhead, it positioned its front claws to slash the helpless Chunin's head.

Hinata's eyes widened when she saw the claws narrowing on her face, but she leaned her head to the side just enough to avoid any lethal damage to her neck, it still managed to cut a few strands of her blue hair.

As the creature landed on the ground it began to slide backwards, then it quickly used its large claws to claw onto the ground to stop itself. The moment it did, the bright red skin Nina hovered right over it and unleashed a barrage of burning feathers, implanting some of them on the creature's back.

It was at the moment that the creature made a mad dash to the side and managed to dodge most of the feathers. However a few still manage to hit on its hindlegs causing it to roar loudly in pain.

The animal loving wild child briefly tightens her fist and lowers her arms in a frustrated manner before continuing hovering, her feathers glowing all the while. "Moh~!" Nina complained while puffing her cheeks in an adorable manner.

"He's slippier than an eel!" Satsuki meanwhile remarked in annoyance.

Meanwhile, the bluenette carefully observed the areas the wild child's attack had managed to land and saw that the small feathers effortlessly dodge deep into its skin. Which forces the creature to use its long tongue to pull the feathers out and spat out.

"But now I know why." Hinata began to explain as she saw the wounds on the creature slowly begin to heal. "While it does have some regeneration factors all mutated shinobis usually have. His body doesn't have that unusual solid defense anymore." She soon revealed in a no nonsense tone.

It was then that the swordswoman's eyes from Viper Squad widened. "So it's forced to dodge any and all attacks." Yami finished as she realized what her comrade and friend was getting at. "Good job Nina." She told her teammate.

This quickly made Nina's pout vanish and happily flap her arms as if they were wings. "Hurray! Hurray!" Nina happily commented as she was happy to have help.

"So now we know that we just need a good hit to put it down for good." Satsuki commented as she turned to watch the blond shinobi still concentrating. "So let's give Naru-kun more time to prepare!" She concluded.

"Right!" The rest of the kunoichi replied as they all once again charged at the creature, doing anything and everything to stall the monster of a traitor.

Meanwhile, Naruto was still slowly channeling more and more chakra throughout his body, trying to recreate the same chakra-like cloak that he did in the previous mission. It took a few minutes, but he succeeded to yet again cloak himself in an azure blue fox-like chakra cloak.

The blond shinobi then took a deep breath and continued channeling his chakra towards his blade, which had begun to glow from the intensity of his chakra. He continued to do so until the utmost limit he could transfer. It was then that the Executioner Blade took the same deep azure hue as his current cloak.

Upon feeling this, Naruto's expression brightened with joy and turned towards the others. "Girls! I'm ready!" He shouted while taking an O Gasumi stance, where he grabbed the hilt with both hands and the blade was positioned straight forward.

Upon hearing that, all the girls nodded as they back dashed away from the enemy into the shadows of the remaining trees, though holding back their awe at the sight of the blond's new look.

The mutated shinobi was first surprised by the prey suddenly retreating, however upon zooming in on the seemingly defenseless blond he let out a roar and made a mad dash towards him. As the creature continued running, its entire front limbs began emanating sickly green and black chakra.

Once the mutated tiger was finished, it was only one meter away from its prey, so the moment its limbs reached the ground, it prepared to pounce and rip all of the blond's limbs. . .


However the ground near the blond shinobi suddenly collapsed and a large plume of smoke erupted. From inside the smoke, the Mutated shinobi let out an infuriating roar but made no movement to escape.

Once the smoke cleared, all of the kunoichi saw that the mutated shinobi's entire body had somehow sunken onto the ground, more specifically all of its limbs. It was so angry and confused that it didn't even register that below the ground the blond clones were holding his limbs.

"Earth Style: Earth Mole Jutsu!" The clones all declared with a smirk while using all of their strength to keep the creature in place. "NOW! BOSS!" They then shouted at their creator.

The blond's eyes widened at this. "Neo Triple Slash!" Naruto meanwhile roared with all his might, spun around and delivered three heavy, yet powerful slashes.


The first slash made a nasty cut from his right shoulder down its hip, lacerating the limb completely and leaving only a stub of a limb.


The second was he aimed for his left shoulder, but just before he could go all the way down he turned the blade and slashed its stomach.


Finally the third slash he aimed for its head, but he swung so fast that the chakra that was left behind actually cut in the opposite direction from the sword, making an X slash. And because of the intensity of the chakra, it left after traces and form the kanji for 凶.

Just like the fiery feathers that had easily pierced its body, the blond's attack also effortlessly slices through the mutated shinobi's body like it was a hot knife on butter. "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!" The mutated Mizuki let out a loud and agonizing feral roar, while flaring its decapitated stub flail around, however it still couldn't move from its spot because of the clones holding its remaining limbs.


At that moment, thick, black goo-like blood leaked out from both the stub limb and gashes of his left shoulder and head. Then the black blood hit the ground's surface and began to bubble as if it was boiling.

Naruto began panting heavily as he couldn't maintain his azure cloak anymore and dispelled it. However he couldn't help but grinned happily as he saw the damage he caused wasn't healing like the last mutated shinobi.

It was then that the rest of the kunoichi landed next to the tired blond. "Naruto-kun/Naru-kun/Sensei! You did it!" The kunoichi called out while they cheered that the blond's plan had worked.

The blond just chuckled at them and gave them a peace sign. "I'm glad it did. . ." Naruto replied with a tired voice.

Meanwhile the smallest of the group was jumping up and down near the blond. "What was that cool blue foxy foxy!?" Nina soon asked with stars in her eyes while the tiger/wolf cubs merely join in the excitement.

"Huh?" Was Naruto's only response as he was confused by the question and turned towards the others. "Blue Foxy Foxy?" He soon repeated.

"It was the appearance of your chakra cloak." Yami answered. "Your entire body was enveloped in a deep blue cloak of chakra that took the appearance and shape of a fox." She soon explained, describing in it great detail

However the blond only cocked his head to the side as if didn't understand what they were talking about.

"You didn't know?" Yami soon assumed in a curious manner.

Naruto in turn shook his head. "Not really, I just wanted to power myself up as much as possible to give a stronger attack like in the last mission." He replied and explained.

The Team Seven kunoichis immediately perked as they recalled something. "Oh! Right! I completely forgot about that!" Satsuki realized. "You had that same blue fox-shape cloak when you beat the living shit out of the copy of that bastard Kabuto." She then informed the blond.

"Well I'm not surprised that we didn't remember it after all we had another fight after that." Hinata replied as she recalled the other mutated shinobi they fought afterwards.

Naruto thought back and recalled the event. "I remember doing it, but I didn't know that I made a Chakra Cloak, or that it took a fox shape." as he then let out a small chuckle."I guess, it's because of Kurama's influence." He added with a fox-like smirk and his fiance smiled happily at the hidden significance of that.

"That foxy needs a cool name name!" Nina suddenly declares, while her eyes are still stars.

"Hmm. . ." Yami hummed out as she thought about it. "Sensei, I believe Aoi Kitsune Mode would be a fine name for it." She soon suggested.

The two kunoichis from Team Seven giggled amusingly at that as they knew who would like to hear what they decided named the new jutsu. While Nina merely cheered for the new cool name.

Meanwhile the blond only chuckled and grinned widely. "I like it! That's what I'll call it! Aoi Kitsune Mode!" Naruto loudly declared with excitement and couldn't wait to start practicing his new Jutsu. "Thanks for the name Yami-chan." He then added with a thumbs up.

The kunoichi-samurai meanwhile blushed in response. "T-Thank you, sensei." Yami meekly replied, happy to hear those words.

Hinata in response giggled at the sight.

Satsuki meanwhile gave a cat-like grin as she looked at her future husband with a hungry look in her eyes. "When we get back after this, the three of us will be in the bedroom right away for a couple of days." She mentally stated for only the Team Seven trio to hear.

That immediately caused the other two Team Seven members to realize what the Uchiha Heiress was referring to and blush. "Yes ma'am!" They mentally replied almost immediately.

However at that moment. . .


The sound of the mutated creature roaring interrupted the conversation as the blond felt the slight headache that came from his clones being destroyed, meaning that it finally managed to free its limbs. It took a few steps out of the small crater, however it had difficulty as it was missing a limb.

The blond let out a low groan at that and used his blade to help himself to get back on his feet. "Should've figured it was too soon to celebrate. . ." Naruto remarked as he readied himself once more, however it was apparent that the young Chunin was reaching his limits.

"Naruto-kun, you have done enough, let us handle the rest." Hinata soon requested as she prepared her bow while getting an arrow ready.

"Yeah, we can deal with him now that he can't run anymore." Satsuki replied in agreement.

The mutated creature then began howling in what could only be described in absolute agony as more and more of its flesh continued to either expand or bloat in certain areas of its body.

"Wha-what's happening to him?" Iruka breathed out in repulsion while the traitor's former fiance looked on in shock and disgust. Meanwhile the two members of Viper Squad had similar reactions to the Konoha sensei.

The members of Team Seven on the other hand narrowed their eyes as they already saw this type of reaction. "It appears that what happened to Arashi-san from the Land of Rice Fields, is happening to Mizuki too. . ." Hinata soon assumed. "His over mutating that his body can't keep a human form anymore. . ." She then added.

"Can. . .Can we do anything?" Iruka hesitantly asked as Tsubaki looked at them in hopes that they could do something.

It was then that the three Team Seven members looked at each other. "We don't know. . ." Satsuki responded as she shook her head, causing the two adults to gain even more concerned looks of worry.

Gugle. . .Thump. . .Gurgle. . .Thump. . .

It was at that moment that the large mass of flesh began to move and pulse in a grotesque manner until what looked like a face appeared on its surface. The face then struggled to look towards the Konoha shinobis. "KiLl Me. . ." The mutating mess that was once Mizuki struggled out of what appeared to be a mouth.

Everyone was left stunned and horrified by what they heard. It barely looked and sounded human, but they all could just feel the inhumane agony it was probably feeling from turning into this monstrosity.

This caused the traitor's former fiance to break into tears, despite everything he had done, she still had feelings for him, so seeing him in this state broke her heart. Tsubaki looked at the group with tears falling from her eyes. "Please. . ." She soon quietly begged in sadness before turning her head away.

The scared sensei placed a hand on the grieving kunoichi as he looked at his once best friend with sad and pitiful eyes. "End his suffering. . ." Iruka finished.

In response, the group nodded as they gained hardened expressions on their face. In an instant, they each got into their respective battle stances.

There was only one way now to end this. . .

The bluenette activated her Byakugan and scanned the massive blob of flesh, where she located the areas that its chakra was concentrating. "Nina-chan! Attack the upper left side, just below the face!" Hinata soon instructed.

"Right right Hinata-neechii!" Nina replied as she pumped a fist into the air before jumping up and started gliding towards the mutant monster. Then swinging both of her arms, many feathers were launched at the ball of flesh.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The flaming feather hit dead on the exact point the Hyuga had instructed and a large amount of flesh was burned upon impact. This revealed a large glowing green sack that looked like a pulsing heart.

Upon seeing this, the blond Chunin turned towards his fellow swordsmen. "Yami-chan, Satsuki-chan, mean helping me out?" Naruto soon requested, to which they all replied with a simple nod.

Then with the last of their chakra, they pump it towards their feet and make a dash towards the Mutated Shinobi.


Being the fastest, Yami was the first to arrive and delivered a slash from its upper left to its lower right side of the exposed area.


Charging lightning through her blade, Satsuki jumped into the air and then delivered an upper right to its lower left side slash.


Finally, Naruto raised his huge blade, pointing it forward to deliver a single powerful thrust straight at the green and black heart. Then for what seemed like a moment the world had stopped and even the mutated ball of flesh of a body also stopped moving before. . .


The massive ball of flesh instantly burst in an eruption of black blood, though even then, the distorted chuckling filled the air. Once the eruption had stopped, the blond Chunin pulled out his massive blade and jumped backwards to avoid the blood. Finally because of the lack of blood it lost its center of gravity, so the disinflated ball fell backwards with a crash.

Then all of the Konoha shinobis saw that all the excessive flesh began to slowly dissolve and only what barely looked like a human shape was left.

The group slowly walked towards it and saw where what looked like a mouth began to produce something akin to a weak chuckle, though it did not come from its mouth, but from its entire body. "I haVe. . .No rEgrEtS. . ." The remains of Mizuki faintly mumbled out with a somewhat content voice. . .before fully dissolving into a puddle of red and black bubbling goo.

"M-Mizuki. . ." Tsubaki got out, falling to her knees at what she saw in shock and widened eyes. All the while being held by the scared face sensei, as he too felt saddened by his once best friend.

"Damn. . ." Satsuki muttered, looking away from the sight.

"There. . .was nothing that could be done. . ." Hinata confessed.

Yami soon sheathed her blade after slashing the air to get the remaining blood off of it. "It had to be done in the end. . ." She soon quietly stated.

The smallest member of the group and her animal companions looked on with sad expressions as they always felt sad when seeing someone else sad.

Naruto meanwhile was silent as his eyes never looked away from the traitor's remains, feeling a tinge of irony out of what happened to him. He always went on and on that he was a monster because he was the jinchūriki to the Kyūbi no Kitsune. But here he was, the same traitor dying as something even worse than the monster he always saw him as.

Though said jinchūriki can already imagine Kurama remarking that the now mutating monster of a traitor was nothing compared to a Bijū like himself. Regardless, he couldn't help but feel pity for him, after all he was yet another victim of false promise for power.

In the end, they had won. . .but the group still felt as though they lost in the end. . .While most of them had no love for the traitor, it was still saddening to watch yet another person die in such a horrendous manner was heartbreaking. And above all else. . .the one responsible for this is still out there. . .

A few hours later. . .

The team of Medical shinobis had arrived on scene to help out treating all of the heavily wounded Chunin. While some had broken bones as well as minor and mid high levels of Chakra exhaustion, they all didn't have any life threatening injuries.

"All of you have a lot of explaining to do." Tsunade sighed out. "To begin with, where is Mizuki?" She then questioned in a serious tone as she looked around.

To that, both Team Seven, the Viper Squad and Iruka winced while Tsubaki's expression became one of pure sadness, looking at the ground with uneasiness.

"Well?" Tsunade responded, though narrowed her eyes to the reactions.

"There. . ." Satsuki and Naruto responded at the same time.

Tsunade turned to the area the two were pointing at and raised an eyebrow. "What?" She then asked with a confused tone.

"That's what's left of him. . ." Hinata hesitantly answered.

It only took a moment before the blond Hokage recalled what happens when someone takes the mutation pill. "I see. . ." Tsunade simply replied with a calmer tone as she could more or less guess what had happened. "Still, I'll need a full report-" She was about to ask.


Tsunade quickly turned and gained a puzzled expression when she saw the ones that suddenly arrived. "Anko? Ku- Kazuma? What are you doing here?" She asked the two lovers, remembering to use the Bijū's cover name she was told about when others were around.

"Well we originally came to watch and if necessary provide backup for the gakis. But we got a little distracted on the way." Anko responded.

The humanoid Bijū pointed his right thumb at the direction they came from. "Yeah it was the cave that the blue haired traitor had hid himself in, over in that direction." Kurama soon infomed before putting his hands in his pockets.

"Alright, what did you find?" Tsunade

"Well. . ." Anko began to explain as she turned towards her lover.

". . ." Kurama remained silent while his eyes closed.

"What's wrong?" Tsunade asked with a confused tone, but he could tell that they were hesitating to say more.

"I think it would be better to first send an investigation team to check out the cave, before we can give our thoughts." Anko suggested as she then leaned near her leader's ear. "And besides it would be better to inform you in a more private place." She whispered in a serious, no nonsense tone.

Being a Sannin, she could easily see that the two had found out something that they were wary of saying. "Alright. . .We'll discuss it later." Tsunade merely replied before summoning three familiar ANBUs. "Taka, Tora, Batta, investigate the cave and report everything you find directly to me." She ordered the trio.

"HAI!" The trio instantly replied and vanished without a trace.

With that both Kurama and Anko walked towards the younger Chunins. It didn't take a look at both their charges and the black puddle for the humanoid Biju to get the gist of it. "He mutated?" He stated more than asking in a serious tone while letting out a sigh and rubbing his head.

"Hai. . ." Hinata responded with a nod of sadness as the other two members of team Seven merely remained silent.

"There was. . .nothing that could be done for him in the end. . ." Yami commented with a saddened tone as she gently rubbed the head of her saddened teammate. After all, the young swordswoman was used to death, but this was something entirely different from anything she had ever experienced before.

It was then the both older lovers narrowed their eyes as they looked at each other. A silent agreement was shared between them as they decided not to comment on anything. . .yet. However. . .

"OWIE! THAT STINGS STINGS!" Nina yelped out as she shot up into the air in a comedic manner, a result of rubbing a thin rag that had alcohol used on her wounds courtesy of their team leader, before landing in said kunoichi's arms.

Then a kind and gentle smile appeared on the purple hair kunoichi's face. "You all did a good job." Anko praised the younger shinobis. "You stopped the bad guy and saved the day." She then added.

The comment helped turn the frown on Nina's face upside down and looked at the group with a huge smile. "We did good good!" She happily shouted while raising both of her arms.

In an instant the older kunoichi ear ringed in pain. "Ow! Right in the ear Nina-chan!" Anko winced.

This caused the rest of the younger Chunin to burst out in a fit of laughter and finally managed to cheer up with the two kunoichi and caused the Bijū to chuckle amusingly.

". . ." Tsubaki meanwhile remained silent as she looked at the spot where the remains of former love had literally melted away in a saddened manner.

The academy teacher meanwhile approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I know what it's like to lose someone you love. And nothing I say can make you feel better." Iruka began to say as looked up towards the sky. "Even for all of his mistakes and crimes, I still saw him as a friend. And I had hoped that he could have changed for the better, but now I'm just sad that he's gone." He declared in a sincere manner.

Upon hearing the sincerity in the scared Chunin's voice, Tsubaki's eyes gain some of their life back. "I can't help but feel like maybe I could have somehow stopped this. But I know I would just be lying to myself. . ." Tsubaki muttered while smiling sadly.

Iruka then lowered his gaze and nodded in agreement. "I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel the same way." Iruka commented and also smiled sadly. "But Mizuki chose this and even at the very end, he didn't regret any of it." He added.

As much as the Chunin sensei disapproved of the traitor's choices and that he had followed a misguided path, Iruka would, at the very least, acknowledge that his former friend was content in how it all ended and that he got what he always wanted.

It was then that the blond Hokage walked towards the two grieving shinobi and looked straight at the young woman with a serious expression.

At the sight of his leader, the Chunin sensei took a step forward. "Tsunade-sama, about Tsubaki-san. . ." Iruka began as he looked at the Hokage in concern.

"I-Iruka-kun. . ." Tsubaki muttered as she looked at the man in awe. She was preparing herself to be branded as a traitor for helping her, now deceased, fiancee that she didn't expect that the older Chunin would come to her aid.

However before Iruka could say anything else, the blond Hokage stopped him by raising her hand. "Don't worry, the gakis briefly explained her situation." Tsunade interrupted with a calm and composed tone. "We just need her to answer some questions and if she fully cooperates with us, she'll only be on a small probation period." She then explained.

At this, both the academy sensei and older kunoichi were left shocked, then when they turned towards the younger Chunin, they saw them smiling, waving and grinning at them, much to their relief. "Thank you Hokage-sama." Iruka replied in a grateful manner.

"And during the probation period, Iruka will be the one watching over her in his apartment." Tsunade soon revealed.

". . .Wait what?" The two in mention got out in shock while processing what was just said, not sure if they heard it right.

Tsunade merely looked at the two interactions with a deadpan expression. "And do be professional. . .at least for the duration of the probation." The Hokage then ordered in a serious tone before she headed towards the shinobi examining the traitor's remains for sample collecting.

"!?" The two red faced Shinobis could do nothing but be left baffled by their leader's insinuating words and refused to look at each other.

Kurama meanwhile raised an eyebrow at how the two were interacting. . .before smirking. "Looks like he might get some action in the future." He quietly remarked to his lover.

"Good for him. Maybe he'll learn to relax more." Anko responded with a smirk of her own.

After finishing talking with the head of the investigation, Tsunade let out a disappointing sigh before walking towards the young Chunin. "Well all of the medical team had gathered everything they could from the area. Which would surprise no one, resulted in the same as last time." She soon informed the group.

"Well that's troublesome like always." Shikamaru sighed out while rubbing the back of his neck. "We didn't fight it this time, but these mutated shinobi incidents are going to be a pain in the future." He then stated.

"No kidding. . ." Chōji commented as he knew how stressful and dangerous fighting them can be.

"We'll need to be even more prepared for anything like this. Especially any missions in the future that possibly involve Orochimaru." Haku soon stated. "I suggest some intensive training." He then added with a cheerful tone.

To which gain some nervous expression from both Nara and Akimichi and muttered something about slave drivers.

The blond immediately nodded in agreement to that. "I could use the training. Especially to practice my new jutsu." Naruto soon decided with a grin.

"And me and Nata-chan are gonna help!" Satsuki declared while pumping a fist into the air.

Hinata meanwhile nodded in agreement as she smiled at the idea.

Meanwhile the humanoid Bijū only looked on with half open eyes. "I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you invented a new jutsu to beat Mizuki, didn't you?" Kurama deadpanned.

However the blond Chunin merely grinded wider at that. "Not telling until I can show it off!" Naruto replied with a mischievous tone.

"In any case, let's head back, all of you need to go to the hospital right away." Tsunade soon stated.

"WHAT!?" Naruto and Satsuki exclaimed in disappointed unison.

"GET MOVING!" Tsunade barked angrily and caused the younger shinobis to quietly comply, much to the amusement of the older kunoichis and Bijū.

Later that night in Konoha. . .

After everyone had returned to the village, the entire group was brought to the hospital to get checked out for the injuries that had gotten from the mission. It was very annoying for the two hyperactive young Chunins while the calmer ones merely enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Afterwards the Hokage was in her office with both Anko and Kurama, all three were listening to the report of what they found in the cave. And they began to explain what the potion was and what it does.

Where components were assimilation of animal DNA and when it combines with the human body that serves to draw out its power in an explosive manner, but only for a short amount of time before deterioration occurred.

However the most disturbing thing was at the very end of the report. . .

"That's all for our report, Hokage-sama." Taka concluded his report.

"Good work, dismissed." Tsunade stated and the ANBU trio vanished.

After the trio was gone, the room fell into an intense silence between the remaining people.

"So we were right. . ." Anko commented with narrowed eyes as she began to recall what they discovered at the cave.

Flashback no jutsu!

Inside the Cave. . .

The two older lovers were carefully walking inside the cave, they carefully looked and tried to detect any possible traps that it may have. But surprisingly there weren't any and was simply an abandoned cave.

Then once they reached the very end of the cave, the two entered the same room that the traitor had used to create the potion. There in the very center was the same stone desk that had the remaining portion on the bottom. However the two lovers wisely decided not to touch it and wait for the investigation team to both collect it and analyze it.

After that, the two continued to investigate the room and could find little to nothing noteworthy that could be used to locate the former Snake Sannin.

After a few minutes of looking around Anko let out a sigh. "Well there goes my gut feeling. . ." She commented with a disappointing tone.

Meanwhile the red haired Biju's eye caught something strange. "Wait. Look at the thing." Kurama called her lover over to the desk. "Aside from the "I will definitely die if I drink this" liquid at the bottom. Doesn't this stone desk look strange to you?" He then stated and asked.

"Now that you mention it. . ." Anko commented as she began to analyze for a brief moment and her eyes widened when she realized what her lover meant. "Oh no. . ." She breathed out with a pale face.


"That place has been constantly used for a longtime. . .way before Mizuki had escaped." Anko revealed with an ominous tone.

The female Hokage placed her hand on her head and narrowed her eyes. "Which means. . .Orochimaru's group has more or similar potions as the one Mizuki had drank." Tsunade finished what the purple haired kunoichi was implying.

"And what the kit told us about Mizuki how he was after drinking the potion and mutating made him a pain to deal with. . ." Kurama then continued on about what his thoughts were.

"This Mutated Shinobi crisis isn't over. . .not by a long shot." Tsunade eventually assumed as she narrowed her eyes.

"Things are just going to get more intense from now on. . ." Anko concluded in a serious tone.

Within the darkness. . .

The former Snake Sannin was very delighted to see that many things had been going splendidly. From the amount of test subjects that had shown wonderful results to lower than average casualties. And finally, there was Sakura Haruno, who was currently resting in her chemical pod, waiting for her injections and infusions.

"She's improving at an impressive rate, Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto recalled while looking at the clipboard. "Soon her body will be in a good state to test more advanced testing and if our research is perfected, mutation experiments."

"And the status of her mental state?" Orochimaru questioned.

"Pretty well, all things considered." Kabuto responded as he grabbed a clipboard and read it. "Although her body has shown some minor rejections at first." He soon congested.

Although the white haired rogue shinobi had said minor, the clipboard showed images of Sakura screaming in what was no doubt an ungodly amount of pain and agony. Even showing images of blood bursting out of many areas of her body, which ended with her going into a berserk like state, killing everyone in sight in the experimental room and bathing in their blood/insides before losing consciousness.

"Her will is allowing her to force even her body to accept more of the body improvements I had given her so far." Kabuto continued after finishing reading the reports. "At this rate, she'll gain a regeneration factor comparable to my own in a few years." He then concluded, recalling how fast the girl's wounds had healed.

"Hm?" Orochimaru hummed out in a curious manner with an amused expression on his face. "Well continued on then. She is to become your assistant in the end when she is not serving Danzō. Teach her everything you know to where she would be your equal." He then reminded and ordered.

In response, the glasses wear rogue nodded. "Very well." Kabuto responded before something came to mind. "Oh! By the way, Orochimaru-sama." He suddenly called out his master. "What ever happened with that experiment you wanted to try a few months ago? The one with the animal DNA components, you never did tell me how it went." He politely asked.

The former snake Sannin hummed at the question before chuckling. "At first I wasn't able to start it because my guinea pig was unfortunately caught and imprisoned." "But I still managed to make wonderful advances with the help of our good friend, the Doctor."

From the corner of the room, a person completely covered in the shadows, with only the bottom parts of what looked like a doctor's coat could be seen. "I am oh so thankful that you let me finish the potion. It has helped me greatly with the prototype pills~" The person cheerfully thanked the rogue shinobi, their voice confirming it was a female. "Who would have thought that the prototype would gain animal features and ability when they mutated!" She added with a gleeful tone.

"So was the experiment a success then?" Kabuto asked with a curious tone.

"Unfortunately it didn't. . ." The Doctor replied with a sad tone. . .despite a demented smile appearing on her face. "It would work for a few minutes after mutation, but all the test subject's bodies just kept over mutating before turning into a ball of flesh and then a puddle of goo, all the while suffering in complete and utter agony~" She added with delight.

"Oh, that's a shame, and here I thought we finally found the breakthrough we need for our prototypes." Kabuto lamented as he was completely indifferent to what the woman had said.

"Oh~ But that's just the initial phase." Orochimaru reminded the two. "We still need more. . .volunteers, to further its development." He then added with a snake-like smile on his face.

"True." The Doctor responded. "Now where could we find some better quality. . .volunteers." She then wondered.

"You would be surprised how many people would gladly take the chance to gain more power and how much they're willing to pay for power." Orochimaru remarked as he looked at the list of buyers. "Now. . .I do believe we need to send it to a client very soon. The future is looking very. . .promising." He concluded, the amused expression never leaving his face as dark chuckling echoed throughout the caverns.

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