I stand beneath the clock tower, my body shaking with each chime of the bell. My eyes shoot quickly around the room, checking for any unexpected visitors, and then I smile.

The clock chimed eleven times, only one hour remains until my demise. What a wonderful thought. My demise will not happen today, nor tomorrow. The hero of time will play the Song of Time which echoes every third night from above. The boy enters from behind me, and I greet him the same every time. His light blue eyes shimmer with pain and excitement as he rushes past me and back out into the doomed Termina.

Footsteps sound from outside the door, and I clasp my hands. A small smile creeps onto my face as I hear them climb the stairs above me, and into the tower.

The ground trembles beneath me, and I begin to rethink my previous belief. Death is possible for the young boy. He seems no older than ten.

The ground shakes again, and I shudder. My mind instantly knows that I must escape this apocalypse-bound land.

I quickly grab my things, and rush down the stairs behind me, my footsteps hardly audible over the fireworks outside. My foot slips, and I fall to the bottom of the steps. The ground shakes again. I look around, and my masks are scattered everywhere. Fear, pain, and a sense of dread shoot through me. I either leave them behind and survive, or collect them and face my doom.

My time is almost up, and a decision must be made now. The masks lay dirt covered and wet, taunting me. My eyes shoot to the door in front of me, and I remember the key. The door won't open without a key.

I scramble to my feet, and begin to scan the ground for the piece of metal responsible for my survival. I begin pushing the masks out of the way with my foot, a great bit of dust flying into the air. The ground shakes once more, the trembling feels stronger than before. And then the bell begins to chime. Once. I shuffle the masks about quicker, hoping that the key will show it's face. Twice. I fall to my hands and knees, throwing masks everywhere. Three times. The dust picked up by the mask is suffocating me. The bell chimes a fourth time. As I throw a final mask out of the way, I spot the key only several feet away. The bell rings a fifth time. I dive for it, and my hand falls short. A sixth time. I scoot over the ground, a relived, yet terrified smile on my face. Seven times. I reach my hand out as far as possible. Eight. My hand has the key. Nine. I quickly stand. Ten. I turn, and rush to the door. Eleven. I repeatedly push the key into the lock. Twelve. The key won't go in. The ground shakes furiously beneath me. I desperately shove the key into the lock, praying silently in my head to the goddess of time. The sound of the impact from the moon reverberates through me. Tears are pouring down my face as I attempt to push the key into the lock. The sound of bricks being crushed sounds from above me. I allow the key to fall from my hand, and I collapse to my knees in tears. The dim blue light of night has seeped it's way into the room, the stars invisible. As I allow myself to sob uncontrollably, I fall to my back, a smile fighting it's way to my face. Laughter bubbles out of my mouth as the moon inches it's way closer to me. My screams of joy and terror are the last noise I hear.


Haha, I got sudden inspiration for this. I hope you like it. It could have been better written, but whatever. Lol thanks for reading and have a great day!

-Twilit Lady of Majesty