The first few hours of the start of our quest was pretty much dull. All we did was walk and talk about our lives the last few months. (Apparently, Grover found a potato chip shaped exactly like Johnny Depp's face!) I didn't know what else to talk about when we were on a quest to save Mount Olympus and prevent possible future war.

When we were out of Manhattan and the skyscrapers were nowhere to be seen, I realized that I had absolutely no idea how/where/what we were doing.

I asked, "How do we get to the Bermuda Triangle?"

Grover shrugged. Big help.

Fortunately, Annabeth answers, "Well, we can't just fly there or anything. We have to take different kinds of transportations."

"Ok, but, where?"

"We have to get across the Atlantic Ocean, then go south." She says.

"Go south?" Grover questioned, "That makes it easier."

Annabeth rolls her eyes, "What did I tell you before, goat boy? No one knows where the Bermuda Triangle is, exactly. It's somewhere between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. All we have to do, is go to Florida and find the island and the rest will be a breeze."

I gave a low whistle, "If you say so."

Annabeth shot me a glare, "Got another plan?"

I smiled quickly and saluted, "To the south we go!"

The rest of that day went by quickly. We did what Annabeth said, and took different transportations. We rode a bunch of cabs, rented bikes, and stow-away on a bus that was going to some meat factory. (Don't ask how the meat was- I don't think it was meat at all, actually.)

Somehow, at the end of day 1 of our quest, we ended up in Tennessee. That is thousands of miles from New York. It was amazing how much we accomplished in 12 hours.

So that's why we needed some shut eye.

At first, we didn't really know where to sleep. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay at 5 star hotel with comfy beds and full room service because we only had about $9.72 with us. Renting bikes costs surprisingly a lot in the twenty-first century.

Anyway, we found a small park with benches and that was where we settled in for the night. We all took out our sleeping bags and set up a mini tent. Since it was early summer in Tennessee, I doubted we would be cold.

I didn't have a watch or phone or anything but I guessed it was about 10 or 11 o'clock. It was pretty late.

I gazed at the setting we were at. It really was beautiful. The grass was a fresh green and mowed, the flowers were wild colors, and it was a starry night.

"One of us should keep watch." Decided Grover.

Annabeth nodded, "Good idea, There are monsters loose everywhere. And the closer we get to the Bermuda Triangle, the more there'll be."

"Ok," I said. "I'll do it."

"Are you sure, Percy?" Annabeth asked, her voice filled with concerned for me. For some reason, my heart did a little jump at the thought of that. "You look really tired. You should get some sleep."

I shook my head, "Nah, I'm fine." I insisted. "I'm really not that tired."

She raised her eyebrows, but let it go.

Soon, Annabeth fell asleep. I didn't realized I was studying her, but I was. She looked really peaceful. Her golden hair seemed almost silver in the moon light, she was taking slow, deep rhythmical breaths. She looked like an angel. And the way-

"Percy!" Grover half whispered, half yelled in my ear.

I shook my head, blushing and feeling embarrassment. I didn't notice that Grover hadn't fallen asleep yet. "What?" I asked annoyed.

Grover put his hands up, smirking, "Sorry if I was interrupting, Perce."

"Interrupting what?"

Goat boy chuckled, "Denial. Nice move."

"What are you talking about!" I exclaimed.

He had the nerve to roll his eyes, "Never mind."

I sighed at my stubborn friend, "Fine." I say, "Aren't you sleepy? We've had a long day, get some sleep."

Grover shrugged, "I guess so. I just wanted to make sure you're okay."

"Okay?" I asked surprised. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well," he started, "I thought you might've been a little… overwhelmed. I mean, this quest just got dumped on you. And it happened so suddenly."

I tilted my head. I never really thought about that. I guess I never really did had a choice for the quest. I just assumed. Chiron sent me because I'm the kid in the Great Prophecy. It had to me who would stop Luke.

"I don't know, but everything is moving too fast." I admitted.

Grover yawned and snuggled in his sleeping bag, "Everything'll be alright, Perce."

How can you be so sure? I wanted to ask, but didn't.

Grover closed his eyes, and just as I thought he fell asleep too, he mumbled, "And, Percy? Just tell her."

It took me a while to understand who he was talking about, but when I was about to ask him about that comment, I heard him snoring.

The next morning, when we were all awake, we ate some breakfast. And when I mean 'breakfast', I mean beef jerky and juice boxes we bought from that convientant store from New York.

As we were eating on a park bench, we discussed where we were going to travel that day.

"Okay," Annabeth said, sipping her juice. "Today is June 14th. That means we have exactly 1 week to find the Bermuda Triangle, fight for the Silver Sword Luke has, and return it to camp."

"We could've figure that out, Annabeth." I pointed out.

She raised her eyebrows, "Well, since you weren't able to stick that straw into your juice box by yourself, I wasn't so sure."

Grover chuckled and high-fived Annabeth.

I looked down and muttered, "Go on."

"Good." She says, "Anyway, I think we should get to at least Mississippi or Alabama. We have to pace ourselves."

"Got it." Grover said, "How do we get there?"

Annabeth shrugs, "Tennessee has the best train service in the country. Let's take a train close to Mississippi."

When we arrived at the Nashville Train Station, we bought out tickets which were actually very cheap.

As we took our seats in the train, I had to cover my nose. It smelled like a dumpster; and that's not an exaggeration. There were wrappers and cans and dog, umm, well, you know.

Now, by age 14, and living in New York City my whole life, I should've been used to the smell because I've been taking the subway as long as I could remember. But this train smelled like nothing I've ever smelled before. (NOT a good thing.)

Anyways, when we took our seats, I noticed that it was unusually empty. And by that, I mean that it was only Grover, Annabeth, and I, and this old homeless dude sitting across from us.

"Why is it so empty in here?" I asked Annabeth.

She looked around, "I don't know, maybe it just isn't a busy day."

"I guess…" I wasn't sure though. If this the only train station in Tennessee, then where was everyone?

I decided to let that go for now. For the first hours of that train trip, me and Grover were talking about the Knicks, while Annabeth was reading this gigantic architecture book. How does she read that? I'll never know.

Before I knew it, it was late afternoon. I found it strange that nothing happened; an attack or like that. For reason I had this weird nagging feeling in the back of my mind, telling me something is going to go really wrong.

That whole time, I never noticed that the homeless guy suddenly left.

Grover and I were still talking and Annabeth was still reading, when abruptly, the train came to a rough stop that made the 3 of us fall off our seats.

"Uhh." I groaned and rubbed my head, I could feel a bump on the top.

"What was that?" Annabeth moaned, getting on her feet.

I sighed, "I don't know, maybe-" but I was interrupted by a snake-like venomous voice.

"Hello, demigods and satyr." It said.

My eyes grew wide and I turned to my friends. 'What?' I mouthed.

They both shrugged and turned to the door where the voice spoke.

"Um, guys?" Annabeth gulped, "Where is that other guy who was sitting over there?"

Of course, I thought. The homeless guy is a big monster. Didn't see that coming.

"Uh-oh." Grover murmured.

Just as he said that, the door kicked open, and what came out of it almost made me wet my pants. I wasn't exactly sure what it was, but it was terrifying. He had scaly vomit-green colored skin, the face wasn't even a face, just 2 eyes and a big snout mouth. Kind of reminded me of Voldemort. He was big too, but it wasn't a normal human body. He had 3 hairy legs and a hump in his back.

I couldn't even let myself speak.

That thing smirked, "Son of Poseidon… tasty."

"Kryptonite." Annabeth breathed.

I found my voice, "Who?"

"Kryptonite, the underworld lord of evil. He's half snake, hellhound, centaur, and camel. " she whispered.

"Camel?" I wondered, "Well, that explains the hump."

Kryptonite growled. "All you Sea kids are the same."

I chose to ignore that, "What do you want?"

"What do you think? I am under Master Luke's control."

"Master Luke?" I repeat. "That might be the most scariest thing I've ever heard."

"Wait." Annabeth said, disregarding. "Luke sent you to stop us?"

Kryptonite snorted, "Who else? I'm not so sure you are a worthy daughter of Athena after all."


If it was possible, Annabeth's eyes blew up in fire. In one quick motion, she grabbed her dagger from her back pocket and charged at him.

I looked at Grover, he shrugged. I took the cap out of my pen and Riptide grew in my hands. Then, I charged.

All Kryptonite did was laugh; a scary, frightening laugh that startled me. He pick me and Annabeth up as if we were rag dolls and threw us down to floor.

Annabeth groaned, "You okay?"

I got up, "Yeah," I said and charged up to him again.

"You both are pathetic." Kryptonite said. He dodged me and I ended up face first, hitting the wall. Kryptonite picked me up again and punched me in the gut.

"Percy!" Grover yelled.

My vision was blurry, but I could just make out Annabeth's figure slicing up Kryptonite.

Then, I blacked out.