title: the drunk kiss
author: reviee
rating: T
prompt:drunk kiss
summary: SasuSaku. AU. Accidental kisses lead to other kisses that lead to many more kisses.
a/n: You guys have probably seen this but this is part of the SasuSaku Kissing Booth Challenge on LJ! After finishing puzzle pieceslast month, I wanted to start a new mini-series. So yeah, these chapters will be connected.

"Whoa!" Ino exclaims as Sakura downs another shot. She then leans in and whispers, "You sure you can take this?"

The pinkette waves her off, "Duh, pig!" She yells and laughs. "Let loose! Have some fun!"

This makes Ino grin from ear to ear. She hasn't seen Sakura this carefree since their high school grad. She whoops and downs her own shot before grabbing her best friend's hand. She drags her out into the midst of the dance floor.

"Okay!" She screams, "Now let's make out with the hottest guy we can find!"

Sakura screams in agreement and sets off in search of her hot guy. She finds a tall, dark and handsome guy standing in the corner. He seems shady. He seems not-so-friendly, but that's exactly what she needs. She's stepping out of boundaries tonight. She gives him a sexy smile and before he can say anything, she grabs his head then plants her lips right on his.

They kiss for a long time. Soon enough, his hands are resting on her waist and gripping her close. She doesn't think; she just does. She doesn't care that she doesn't know who this guy is or that he may have some kind of disease that could be transmitted through spit. All she concentrates on is his soft lips, his warm body and pulling him closer.

Suddenly, she is overcome with a wave of nausea. She pulls away quickly before heaving her stomach's contents all over his shoes. To her surprise, when she looks up, he is handing her a napkin. He is scowling and he definitely not looking happy about his shoes, but he is reaching out to her.

She takes the napkin and wipes her mouth before mustering a smile, "Thanks."

He nods solemnly and heads to the bathroom. She sighs and sits down on a nearby seat. Ino find her a few minutes later downing a glass of ice cold water. No doubt she looks dejected.

"What happened, girl?" Ino scoots in next to her.

"I puked all over the sexiest guy's shoes." Sakura turns and looks her in the eye, "He was really hot."

"Did you kiss him?" The blonde looks like she's going to scold her.

"Yes!" Sakura smiles and looks proud.

Ino shrugs, "That's all that matters."

a/n: daily drabbles maybe? it takes me about fifteen minutes to write and fifteen minutes to edit. if I keep my promise, this will be updated (almost) everyday! I'm excited!