Author's Note: A HUGE shout out to Kelkat9 and to her story, "Do Not Sonic The Action Figures". It is because of her generosity that I am able to use her idea regarding the plastic of Pete's World being a cousin to the Nestene Conscious.

For those of you who are new or don't regularly follow the series, the meanings behind the D & D charities and the D & D Bistro are revealed in Blast to the Past Chapter 6. That chapter will also have several references which will make the next story in this series make a lot more sense.

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The Doctor has just finished sonicing his trainers clean when he hears the unmistakable sound of the TARDIS engines. He reaches out for the TARDIS in his mind but receives no response. Knowing that despite the metacrisis, it wasn't a problem for him before they were dropped off here, he runs out of the tent and into the clearing to look for the ship.

He hurriedly scans the area and immediately understands the reason for his plight when his gaze lands on Jake. "Jake Simmonds, what in Rassilon's name are you doing with my baby TARDIS?"

Jake doesn't even glance at him as he diligently continues in his attempt to wedge a screwdriver under the lid of the miniature TARDIS mailbox. "I'm trying to open this blasted thing so I can pull your tickets to Barcelona out of here! You do still want to go on your honeymoon don't you?" He spares the Doctor a scathing glance when the tip of the screwdriver breaks off and informs him, "Luckily for you, the travel agency called the mansion by mistake to let you know that your tickets had been dropped off in your mailbox. Pete asked me to bring them with me once they realized that you two had done a runner."

When Jake begins to stab at the coral lid with his broken screwdriver, the Doctor swiftly relieves him of the mailbox with a glower that could only have come from the Donna Noble in him. "Watch it, Dimbo!" he reprimands before he turns his attention to the baby TARDIS and murmurs and coos at it while gently stroking its exterior. "You'll hurt it."

Jake merely rolls his eyes at the Doctor before wondering if he happened to remember to bring any of the MiDonnal that Rose gave him for any of the Doctor's mood swing emergencies. A quick patting down of his pockets instantly dashes that hope and he turns to the Doctor with a sigh. "Doctor, don't you think that there are other things that you should be attending to, such as your guests?" he asks while gesturing at the two oddly dressed figures leaning against a tree.

His eyes widen in surprise at the new arrivals as he was so intent on his search for the TARDIS that he didn't even notice them. He's not quite able to make out their faces due to their attire and although his focus seems to remain solely on the newcomers, he is still alert enough to bat Jake's hands away when he tries to retrieve the mailbox from his arms. "Get off!"

As he slowly approaches the couple, he is able to make out bits and pieces of their conversation before he is able to identify them. But once he hears them speaking clearly, a huge smile blooms on his face as their identities are immediately known to him.

"Wow," groans Jack as the nausea begins to subside, "Mr. Tyler was sure right about these new jumpers. They pack quite a punch to them."

"Yeah," notes Donna as she tries to settle down her own stomach, "and I would love to get my hands on the inbred idiot who thought that the new modifications were worth all of these naff side effects!"

"Oh, I don't know, Donna, I thought they were quite worthwhile when I thought them up!" Ignoring her heated stare, he turns to Jack and grabs him for a hug. "Jack, what are the two of you doing here? I thought you were still on holiday!"

"We were, Doc," he affirms as he straightens his wizard's hat. "We still are, actually, but when Mr. Tyler called to tell me that my best friends were getting married right away, we dropped everything to be here!"

"Won't that affect your scoring at the tournament, Jack?" inquires the Doctor worriedly. He knows how much Jack loves playing in the D & D charity tournaments.

"No worries there, Doc," he assures with a wave of his hand looking every bit the Wizard in his robes borrowed from the D & D Bistro's cloakroom. "The timing couldn't have been better! They're taking a break right now so Donna and I hurried over once we received the call. Besides, I'm way ahead of everyone else and I couldn't possibly lose, what with my good luck charm right beside me!"

Jack's loving gaze swivels to Donna as an equally amused one from the Doctor is also shot in her direction. "That's a lovely dress you're wearing, Donna," remarks the Doctor, "but I do believe that it's the floral wreath around your head and fairy wings that really enforce the haute couture. Or perhaps it's the harp that you're carrying, do you play?"

"Shut it, Spaceman!" grits Donna between clenched teeth. "It's for charity alright?" She steps closer to him in a threatening manner. "And not a word of this leaks out to anybody, got it?"

The Doctor mimes zipping his lips, more in an attempt to hide the giant smile that's growing and the laughter that's just begging to be released. Before Donna can add any more threats, the sounds of several clicks are heard behind them. They all spin around to discover a few dozen Torchwood agents holding up their camera phones, every single one of them aimed at Donna in her costume.

"What the hell do you lot think that you're doing?" screeches Donna as more clicks are heard around the clearing.

Grinning maniacally at the potential blackmail that could be reaped for years to come, the Doctor rapidly steps between Jack and Donna and tugs them to his side in one sided hugs. "Oh, come on, Donna, don't be like that! This is for posterity after all. Now look into the camera and offer a great big smile!"


Donna's face becomes as red as her hair when she growls at the group of photographers. "The moment that this ceremony is finished, I am collecting every single one of those phones and removing all traces of those photographs!" As Jake opens his mouth to make a witty retort, Donna quickly causes him to shut it tight when she warns, "And if I so much as see that one of those pictures has been saved, downloaded or sent somewhere, I promise you that I will knock everyone down so hard that it will take the hand of God to bring you back up again!"

"Killjoy," mutters Jake. "Perfect costume choice though, a harp for a harpy." When Donna glances at him suspiciously, he hastily takes his seat but bravely pops back up again at Jack's request.

"Hey, Jake!" he calls out as he steps away from the Doctor and draws Donna to his side. "How about taking our picture?" Completely oblivious to that fact that Donna is aghast, Jack places his arm tightly around her waist as he croons, "It will be our first picture as a couple."

"I know that I'd like one," pipes up the Doctor as the clicking resumes. "And I bet it would make a fantastic cover shot for the Torchwood newsletter!"

"And why, exactly, aren't you shaking in terror like these other idiots?" hisses Donna as the clicking dies down after a harsh glare and a rather rude hand gesture.

"It's my wedding day, Donna! Which means that I am fully protected by both Rose and Jackie today of all days! After all, we wouldn't want anything to happen to the groom now, would we?" he questions smugly.

"Alright, that's enough;" cautions Jackie sternly from behind him, "leave her alone."

"Bloody hell, Jackie, I nearly jumped out of my skin! Wear a bell why don't you if you plan on sneaking up on people like that!" grouses the Doctor while he places a hand over his thundering heart. "Besides, I was only teasing her."

"Right," asserts Jackie with a shove in the Doctor's chest to move him out of her way. "Well, the only teasing that will be done here today is on hair." She reaches out to take Donna's arm and kindly states, "Come on, love, let's give you a touch up before the ceremony starts. It won't do to have the maid of honor looking like she'd been swept away in a windstorm."

With a smug look tossed over her shoulder at the Doctor, Donna follows Jackie into the tent and greets the other two Tylers. "Pete," she begins in a rumbling tone.

Pete throws his hands up in a defensive gesture and avows, "I'm already on it. I heard everything and I can assure you that all the photos will be taken care of." He's stepping out of the tent when he unexpectedly pops his head back in and offers with a wink, "Except for the photos of you and Jack together as your first time as a couple. I'll be sure to send those to you to handle at your own discretion, shall I?"

He's gone before Donna can even think to form a reply and Rose's snickering behind her has finally caught her attention. She turns around to face her best mate and queries, "Something funny, Rose? Do you perhaps find something particularly amusing that you might want to share with the rest of us?"

"Not at all, Donna," replies Rose with a straight face. "I was simply standing here and thinking how great it is for you and Jack to have come all that way just to be at our wedding. We must mean a great deal to you two."

Donna's still not convinced and it shows when her eyes narrow with doubt and suspicion. "So tell me, Donna," asks Rose with a trace of laughter tingeing her tone, "does this special effort mean that I'm the wind beneath your wings?"

"Belt up, Tyler! Unlike your man out there, I'm not afraid of your mum and will feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever doing harm to you on your wedding day." Donna turns her head with a wry glance at an amused Jackie and divulges, "I think it was actually the not being scared of you thing that won me the job."

With a more sullen countenance, she faces Rose and grouses, "Besides, I've already faced my fair share of mortification even before we got here. Do you have any idea of what it's been like to be paraded around Paradise Towers on the arm of someone who's considered a renowned player of D & D?"

She gazes at Rose with a face full of pity, all of it for herself. "Little kids and adults alike are all begging for his autograph and tips on how to play and of course, Gandolf, out there insists on introducing me to all of them every time we meet them while I'm wearing this."

Jackie clears her throat before murmuring, "Actually, Donna, Gandolf was from Lord of the Rings."

Jackie steps back a pace as any further tutelage is squashed by Donna's quelling glance of pure rage. She drops her flower wreathed head into her hands and moans, "I'm dying of embarrassment."

"Don't worry, Donna, it will all be over soon," soothes Rose. "The charity event doesn't last forever and Jack's only showing you off because he's so proud of you and loves you so much." Donna nods grudgingly and misses the wink that Rose tosses her mum. "And besides, if you do die of embarrassment, we'll just clap you back to life like they did with Tinkerbell in Peter Pan."

"Rose Tyler, you better…" trails off Donna as her eyes grow wide with horror. "Oh, no, Rose! What on Earth happened to your dress?"

"What? Where?" demand Jackie and Rose in unison.

"Right there," points Donna. Rose keeps shifting around and around trying to make out the spot that Donna's pointing to until she's practically spinning around in circles.

Donna crosses her arms over her chest and bears the same expression of satisfaction that she wears whenever she's handled a particularly tough board meeting, alien invasion, or both together on the same day. "Well, look at you; it's like watching a dog chasing its own tail." She hastily places her hand over her mouth and mock frets, "Oh, I'm so sorry. The Rose of this universe was a dog, wasn't she? That's not still a sore spot for you, is it?"

"Donna!" cries Rose laughingly with an accompanying swat to her arm. Donna exhibits the smile of the victor while Jackie nods approvingly and concedes, "Heh, nice one."

Jackie claps her hands together to call their attention and directs Donna to Rose's vacant chair. "Alright you two, they're about to start the music so let's tidy up Donna's hair and get this show on the road!"

Outside the tent, the Doctor and Jack have already taken their places at the altar and are waiting patiently for the women to appear. "So, Doc, are you ready to do this?" inquires Jack excitedly.

Boasting a wide grin and an enthusiastic gaze, the Doctor rocks back on his heels. "Jack, I can honestly tell you that at this moment, domestics aside, it feels like I've been ready my entire lives. Or at least waiting my entire lives…waiting for her, my Rose."

Jack claps the Doctor on the back in complete understanding and tries to hide a few sniffles. "Are you crying, Jack?" asks the Doctor dryly.

"No, no, I'm not," insists Jack with a swipe of the handkerchief that he pulled from the pocket of his robes. The Doctor was actually surprised that it wasn't a string of handkerchiefs that magician's pull out of their pockets, what with him being dressed as a wizard and all. Jack indicates the floodlights lighting up the clearing all around them. "It's just that all of these lights are burning my eyes."

The Doctor nods accordingly before turning away to roll his eyes. He starts to feel a light touch on top of his head which steadily increases to a firmer thumping as Jack attempts to pat down the Doctor's hair. "Jack! What are you doing? Leave me alone!"

"Stand still, Doc, you're ruining the effect!" warns Jack. "You don't want to look like a hedgehog on your wedding day, do you? I mean, it's fine to go around looking like that at work when you can blame an alien invasion or a mission on the state of your hair, but not today. Did you even use a comb or just run a towel through it like you usually do?"

The Doctor's tight lipped grimace is all the answer that Jack needs and as he reaches once more to flatten the Doctor's hair into some sort of seemingly unattainable style, he is taken aback by the groom's sudden exclamation. "Donna Noble, why on Earth are you naked?"

Ever the gentleman, Jack immediately shuts his eyes and then covers them with his hands for good measure while yet still managing to allow his head to spin in every direction at the same time. "Donna's naked? Where?"

Any further antics come to an abrupt halt when Jake yells, "Hey, Abbot and Costello, knock it off! The music's started!"

Their heads snap up as they take notice of the strains of the wedding march playing from Jake's iPod and the Doctor's gaze opens wide at the sight before him.

There she was with both of her parents escorting her down the aisle. His bride Rose Tyler, Bad Wolf, the Valiant Child, Defender of the Earth and self-appointed protector of the last of the Time Lords.

The Doctor and Rose's gazes never once leave each other as she slowly makes her way down the aisle. He drinks in the sight of her as she approaches him, noting that her dress is as perfect for the setting as it is for her. She is adorned in ivory silk with a draped bodice and chapel train with cascading florals and her headband is trimmed with lace and crystal and interbraided with a second headband of precious stones. Under the floodlights, they sparkle as brightly as the stars in the night but they are still no match for the love shining from her eyes. He is never more grateful than he is at this moment for the remaining Gallifreyan in him that allows him to commit every single detail to memory.

Followed by Rose is Donna, her dress equally fitting for the occasion in the middle of the night venue. Her attire may also have been borrowed from the

D & D Bistro's cloakroom, but is beautifully elegant just the same. It is a mix of vintage cameo-embroidered tulle laid over a layer of cotton leaving her shoulders bare but still sheathing her arms in ruffled sleeves.

The Doctor smiles warmly as he knows, even without looking at him, that Jack is envisioning the day that Donna will take those same steps towards him and the journey of their new life together.

Unlike human weddings, it was Evwon's custom that the bride and groom greet each other first to state their intent and then the chosen followers would stand beside them to show their support of their union in honor of their love and friendship.

When Rose finally stands before the Doctor, she instinctively reaches out for his hand at the same exact moment that he extends his arm and wriggles his fingers at her in blatant invitation.

Once they stand across from each other, Rose averts her gaze long enough to notice something in the Doctor's hands. "Doctor," she questions curiously, "why are you holding our mailbox?"

Having completely forgotten that he was still carrying it, the Doctor smoothly replies, "It's in honor of those silly human traditions that you lot go on about so. Something old and something new, that's me obviously, and something blue!"

"What about the something borrowed, Doc?" inquires Jack.

"Quit helping me," mutters the Doctor all the while beaming at Rose.

"I've got some dice that I was awarded with at the tournament, Rose, you can borrow them if you like," offers Jack.

"Thank you, Jack, that's very kind of you." She reaches for the dice but before she can grab them, Jack pulls them back.

"Of course they're just a loan, you know, they had them especially made to thank me for all of the charity work that I've done." He starts to hand them to her again but instead draws them back and holds them to his chest as if seeking to protect them from harm. "They mean a lot to me so you'd have to be really careful with them."

Before he can even make the attempt to hand them to her again, the Doctor rips them out of his hand and passes them to Rose. "Here, Rose, put them in one of your pockets before he changes his mind."

Rose merely sputters with laughter and drops the dice down inside the front of her dress while Donna stares at him in disbelief. "Pockets? Wedding dresses don't have pockets, you moron! What planet are you from anyway?"

"Well, actually…" begins the Doctor before Evwon cuts him off with a severe stare.

"I don't mean to intrude on such an entertaining conversation, but we do need to start the ceremony." Evwon releases a sigh of frustration as he explains, "I have another wedding in twelve hours for a couple of Sremag and I'll need to start setting up the unity symbols as soon as you leave. Unfortunately, the closest representation this planet has to Gnirevaw stones are dominoes and it take me quite awhile because if one falls down, I have to start all over."

"Have you considered using Weebles instead?" queries the Doctor. "They never fall down."

Evwon seems to mull this over until he notices an angry wraith rising up behind the couple with a furious gleam radiating from its eyes aimed directly at him. "What's the hold up?" demands Jackie in an irate tone. "Do I need to come up there?"

The foursome standing at the altar discreetly shake their heads in the negative while staring pointedly at Evwon and he is not all that surprised to find the other members of the wedding party doing the same. Of course, they all are seated behind the wraith. He finds it odd that her aura is so similar to that of the bride who seems to him like such a lovely young woman.

He smiles politely at the wraith and announces, "Let us begin. The Doctor and Rose have decided to recite their own vows as they declare their love and commitment to one another in sacred union." He offers a slight nod to the couple and steps back to allow them to commence."

The ceremony itself was strictly routine from Evwon's point of view, it isn't until the Doctor and Rose start declaring their vows that it became interesting to the guests. Rose had decided long ago that since this new, new, new Doctor had so readily and willingly accepted their life together on Earth that she would do anything that she could to honor his previous life on Gallifrey.

The physical touches in the wedding were minimal, the color of the Doctor's tie and the concentric circles embroidered on it reflected both the color and name of the House that he belonged to on his home planet. The Seal of Rassilon was woven throughout the wedding's motif in the form of tie pins and cufflinks for the Doctor and Rose's hair pieces and trailing down the ribbons on her bouquet.

In their hasty escape, they had forgotten these items but thankfully Jackie had remembered them as she knew how much that they had meant to the couple and knew that Rose would be heartbroken once she realized that they had left them behind.

Although Evwon had no knowledge of Gallifrey since it didn't exist in this universe, he did have the ability to pick up any language quite easily. From only a few sessions with the Doctor and Rose, all three were able to create a ceremony that would not only be legally binding and aesthetically pleasing, but also honor the love and respect that they felt for each other. The minister was of the opinion, which was concurrent with that of the Doctor and Rose, that anything after that simply didn't matter.

There was only one request that they had made that Evwon found so unusual. They had wanted to keep their vows private, even from him. Now he usually preferred to sanction unions where he was aware of the promises that the couple made before him but in this instance, he felt that with these two, it simply wasn't necessary. When it came to the abundance of love, trust and faith that radiated off of each of them for the other, it became unnecessary to hear it spoken aloud because he could see it and he could feel it. Nobody else needed to hear them either for it was obvious that when it came to the Doctor and Rose Tyler, it was better with two.

As the Doctor and Rose gazed lovingly into each other's eyes, they spoke of the love, trust and faith that Evwon had envisioned earlier, but they also spoke of the hope, possibilities and completion that they had for both themselves and each other in every part of their hearts and souls. In the end, their vows were tantamount to every touch, memory and adventure that the two of them had ever shared, ensuring that their vows like their memories belonged solely to them.

When they finish speaking, Evwon steps forward and while lifting his hands to rest on the back of the couple's heads, he binds their love, faith and trust, as well as their lifespans. For it is apparent to him, if not to everyone who meets them if even only once, that the Doctor and Rose Tyler would not live a fulfilling life without the other, nor would they want to.

As the last of the tingling fades from the Doctor and Rose, they laugh and grin maniacally at each other while Evwon has the final say. "Friends and family, the ceremony has been conducted according to the laws and traditions of Earth, Gallifrey and my own home world. It is now my duty and great honor to declare this sacred union complete and to introduce to you the Doctor and Rose Tyler, bondmates throughout the rest of time and space for eternity and beyond."

Evwon notices a slight tugging on his sleeve and looks down to find the hopeful face of Tony Tyler who hurriedly hands him a hand written note before he rushes back to his seat. A smile grows on Evwon's face as he clears his throat and adds, "Just as it should be."

A thunderous round of applause accompanies several congratulatory hugs, kisses and well wishes for the couple. When Rose notices the Doctor and Donna's confusion at Jack's prolonged hug, she hastens to assure Jack with a wide grin, "You can let go of me now, Jack, I promise you that your dice are completely safe and unharmed."

He pulls back abruptly, his countenance displaying his obvious relief. "Thanks, Rose." He gestures at the bodice of her gown and politely offers, "And if you need any help removing them later -"

"Then I'll be the one to do it!" proclaims the Doctor hotly while jerking Rose possessively to his side.

"What?" asks Jack in bewilderment when Donna glares at him. "I was just trying to help."

Another clearing of Evwon's throat calls everyone's attention back to him. "Excuse me everyone, but the message that I received earlier from this young man informed me that there is another ceremony to take place today. If everyone could please be seated, the requested minister will take his place and the wedding party will step forward.

Donna and Jack share a sly look with one another and the Doctor's eyes widen at the imminent realization that his best friends might actually be following in his and Rose's footsteps. He quickly realizes that it is not meant to be when the couple go off and find two seats alongside each other and his gaze darts down the aisle to find the true couple who are intending to marry.

A chorus of cheers float through the air as Yoda shuffles down the aisle immediately followed by Han and Leia in their wedding attire and their friends and family members trailing behind them to take seats on the rocks strewn around the clearing.

The Doctor laughs heartily and congratulates the couple. "Well this is a surprise and a momentous one at that! I would like to offer my own congratulations along with my missus and say that you two have picked the perfect place and the perfect day to host your wedding. This is most definitely a blessed day! What could possibly go wrong?"

The answer comes rather rapidly when the Doctor steps back, heedless that Han is behind him and a loud SNAP echoes throughout the surrounding area. All eyes turn on the Doctor in abject horror while Leia's vehement glare is teetering on the border of full out rage. Uh oh.

To Be Continued…