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Having decided on the next step for their future, the Doctor and Rose blissfully exit the tent and are so lost in both thought and each other that they barely notice where they're going until they nearly collide with Jackie. "Oops," apologizes Rose, "sorry about that Mum! Is everything ready for the first dance?"

"Yeah," nods Jackie in relief. "Jake assures me that everything is set to go on his end and then you can toss your garter and bouquet right after."

The Doctor nervously tugs on his ear while he casually scans the area in an attempt to avoid Jackie's gaze. "Um, you might have to forget about the garter toss, Jackie; we had a bit of trouble with it in the tent when we went to remove it."

"Remove it?" questions Jackie irritably. "What did you go and do that for? You're not supposed to do that until everyone's gathered round!" She stares at the couple accusingly while she points her finger at them. "I told you two to behave!"

"We did, Mum, I swear! Nothing funny happened!" insists Rose with one hand over her heart and the other in the air as if she was testifying in court.

"Yeah, right," scoffs Jackie as she crosses her arms over her chest and eyes them shrewdly. "And that's why your garter is nowhere to be seen."

"Actually," notes the Doctor while gesturing towards the ground behind Jackie, "that's why Rose's garter is nowhere to be seen."

Jackie looks over her shoulder to find Chewbacca walking around swinging Rose's garter around as if in triumphant victory. She spins back around and hisses, "What's wrong with you two? What on Earth possessed you to give him that garter?"

"We didn't give it to him, Mum!" protests Rose heatedly. "The little bugger took it!"

"Yes," agrees the Doctor fervently, "the moment that I had that garter off Rose's leg, that little carpet swatch snatched it up and did a runner with it!"

"Well, why did you remove it in the first place?" asks Jackie while swatting the Doctor hard in the arm. "You're supposed to wait until all of the guests are gathered together; it's part of the tradition!"

The Doctor delivers his mother-in-law a cold stare as he draws himself to his full height and tugs Rose protectively to his side. "I was protecting Rose's privacy!" He casts a quick glance around at the various merrymakers of the Torchwood staff enjoying themselves with food and drink and growls, "I'm not having my wife giving everybody a free show!"

"Oh, please," declares Jackie with an exasperated roll of her eyes, "Rose has shown plenty more than just a bit of leg during her wild days back on the Estate." While the Doctor's irritated gaze seeks to catch his wife's averted one, Jackie chuckles darkly as she recalls with a smirk, "And the show wasn't free then either! Believe me, it cost those chufters more than a pretty penny and all by the time I was done with them!"

She eyes the couple hopefully as Chewbacca strides past them and quizzes, "Are you sure that we can't get it back from him?"

Upon hearing this threat of plunder, the tiny figure spins around waving his prize in the air before placing it over his head and tucking it under his shoulder to wear as a new sash and then releases a loud howl of defiance. The Doctor runs a hand through his air in frustration and sensibly inquires, "Do you honestly want to even try?"

Finishing off the final adjustments to the cake, Liane stands back wearing a look of satisfaction until she hears Chewbacca's howl from across the clearing. She immediately stiffens in fear and swivels around to face Jake and David. "Did you two hear that? Do you think there's a wild animal out here?"

"Just me, Sweetheart," answers Jack's slurring drawl from behind them. The trio turn to see Donna helping him to keep upright as he waggles his eyebrows at Liane. "Hey, I see that you're finally wearing the birthday gift that I gave you."

Liane quickly realizes Jack's inebriated state and promptly tightens the belt on her robe as she turns away from the others. "His mother picked out the camisole set for me, thank you!" she explains when several curious glances make their way over to her.

"Either way," praises Jack with a lecherous smile, "you look fantastic! Although now having the chance to see how you do look in it makes me feel that it's more of a gift for me than for you."

David steps forward and takes on a threatening stance as he attempts to block Liane from Jack's view. "You seem to be loaded with alcohol, Harkness." Jake's gaze widens in alarm as he notices a small flicker of flame glowing in David's palm. "Isn't alcohol supposed to be flammable?"

"Aye, and so is Liane's temper when anything bad happens to Jack!" retorts Jake as he shoots David a cautionary glare and shoves him back a step while counseling, "Back off, David!"

"Yeah," notes Donna knowingly, fully aware of both David's current affliction of Rapture and his alien powers. "We don't need anybody to be hot-headed or hot-handed!" She steps up into David's personal space and warns him, "I'm watching you!"

"You'd be better off watching me, Gorgeous," proposes Jack as he leans heavily against Donna. "Or perhaps listening to my plans for later would be a better suggestion," he adds as he proceeds to whisper into her ear.

Donna's face instantly begins to flame as red as her hair at his rather bawdy proposition. "Where did you learn about that?" she squeaks with surprise. She darts an inquiring gaze at Jake and orders, "I don't know where you found that stuff that you poured into the punch but I want a case of it delivered to my office by this afternoon!"

"We came over here to let all of you know that Jackie is ready for the first dance," Donna points at Jake, "and since you have the music, take my advice and don't keep her waiting!"

She shifts Jack in her arms to a more comfortable position and begins to move him towards the direction of the festivities. "Come with me, Jack." When he gives her a saucy grin and starts to reply, she rapidly informs him, "That wasn't an offer, Boy Scout, just get a move on!"

The remaining three are left shaking their heads in bemusement at the sight of Donna guiding Jack back over to the main party while he continues to pelt her with one blatant suggestion after another. Jake releases a soft laugh as he muses, "It's good to know that Jack's no longer confused about his sexuality."

Both Liane and David aim a quizzical gaze at Jake as Liane queries, "What are you talking about, Jake? You know as well as I do that Jack has never shown any indication of batting for the other team."

His grin is full of cheek as he replies with a laugh, "Aye, I know that, love! I was referring more to his confusion about what to do with it!"

Liane swats his arm in mild chastisement and urges, "Well come on then, you two, let's shift it, shall we? We don't want to keep the happy couple waiting on their first dance," she glances uneasily at Jackie in the distance eyeing them impatiently, "nor her mother."

They hurriedly make their way over to the mother of the bride, Jake waving his MP3 player in the air as proof of his preparedness. "No worries, Jackie, I can have the song keyed up and ready to play at a moment's notice!"

"That's it?" cries Jackie in disbelief. "You're going to use that tiny little thing? How do you expect everyone to hear the music?"

"Relax, Jackie!" soothes Jake in long-suffering tones. "David here's a technological genius," he pats his best mate on the shoulder, "and thanks to his many talents, it now plays as loudly as a stereo system whenever I have the need for it!" He gives a reminiscent sigh as he remembers, "Bless him, he tarted it up for me because he felt a bit bad about me missing out on The Archers every time that I lost a signal on a mission."

"Yeah, that's really sweet," remarks Jackie drily, "but that alien," she catches Liane's confused expression, "I mean, foreign minister is on us to move ahead with the reception before those Dishrags arrive and I don't fancy meeting any of them, thank you very much!"

David shifts uncomfortably at what he knows was intended to be a comment about an 'alien invasion' and murmurs, "Actually, they're called Sremag from what Jake tells me."

"Whatever they're called," dismisses Jackie, "they're coming!" She turns to Jake and stares at him pointedly while gesturing at the MP3 player. "Well go on, key it up and I'll announce the first dance!"

While Jackie does exactly that, Jake pulls up the track that he downloaded earlier and pushes play. The Doctor and Rose have just taken their places in the center of the clearing surrounded by all of their guests when the first strains of music float through the air.

The newlyweds turn to stare at each other and grinning broadly at the sentiment behind the song, they laugh aloud as the Doctor takes his wife into his arms and begins twirling her around the wood.

Jackie slowly turns around to face Jake, her furious gaze pinning him in place as she bears down on him. "Is that what I think it is? Is that Yakety Sax, the Benny Hill theme song?"

"Aye," blurts Jake in a panic. "It's a song about running, that's what you wanted isn't it?" His gaze swivels to David in an urgent plea for assistance. "This sounded perfect when we listened to it, didn't it, David? And it plays so beautifully on the set up you made me!"

"You prat, don't drag me into this!" watching Jackie's angry visage turn in his direction, he hurriedly grabs Jake by the shoulders and thrusts him in front of him like a shield. "He was the mastermind!"

"What?" barks an outraged Jake. "You should be thanking me, Jackie," he informs her as he glares at David, "if it was up to him, we would've been using the Spider-Man theme song!"

Jackie ignores David's muttered, "It's a good song," and instead voices in a low growl, "Liane, why don't you and David go off and enjoy a dance or two while I have words with Jake."

"Brilliant idea, Mrs. Tyler, thanks for that!" exclaims David as he grabs Liane by the hand as he leans down and whispers, "When I say 'run', run!" He gives his most charming smile to Jackie while completely ignoring Jake's murderous gaze branding him a traitor. "Run!"

The young couple scurries off as fast as they can until they feel assured that they are safe and sound from the wrath of Jackie Tyler. "Phew, that was close," breathes David with a relieved sigh. "I feel bad about leaving Jake in the lurch like that, but I would've felt worse had we stayed."

He offers a hopeful glance to Liane as he holds his arms out to his sides. "May I be allowed the pleasure of this dance, Miss Piper?"

Liane glances at him a bit mistrustfully, but it is a wedding after all. "Alright, Mr. McDonald, I'd be delighted."

While David lightly places one hand at the small of her back, his other hand gently clasps her own in his as Rose and the Doctor happen to glide by and they watch as the Doctor literally begins to dance circles around the couple with his bride.

"Hello, you two! Are you enjoying the festivities?" he inquires grandly with a manic grin while he and Rose execute a fairly complicated move.

"It looks to be a lovely reception, Dr. Smith, thank you for having us," replies Liane sincerely as she and David begin swaying to the music. She watches the couple continue to dance and comments, "Your steps are so intricate, I've never seen that type of dance before. Where did you learn it?"

"On Gallifrey," answers the Doctor without thinking. "The trick is that the circles are concentric," he remarks as he proceeds to demonstrate that very fact to her.

"Gallifrey? I'm not familiar with that area and I've done a fair bit of traveling. Where exactly is that?" questions David interestedly.

"Oh, it's in Ireland," proclaims the Doctor casually, falling back on his old stand-by response. Then his gaze falls on a bewildered and native Irish Liane and he hastily adds with a sad smile, "You may not have heard of it, the county is extremely small, non-existent really."

Accepting the Doctor's words without question, Liane nods politely and requests, "If I may offer you both an Irish blessing to wish you well on your day?" At their eager nods, Liane recites, "Love, life and happiness. May your troubles be few and your blessings plenty."

"That was lovely, Liane, thank you for such lovely well wishes on our wedding day," expresses Rose joyfully while flashing a broad grin.

"Yes, thank you very much," adds the Doctor, "but nothing to worry about on the trouble part, Liane. Trouble is just the bits in-between!"

Rose laughs at that long ago memory while David clears his throat and darts an adoring glance at Liane before he turns to the married couple. "If I may be so bold, I would also like to offer a blessing in the tradition of Liane's people. May you both live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."

The Doctor and Rose both grin broadly and nod their heads in approval while Liane gazes up at her dancing partner obviously very impressed, that is until the sound of loud and deep heavy breathing is heard between them. An expression of disgust crosses her face and she immediately begins to push him away when he avows, "It's not me, I swear! Look, I'm not even breathing hard!" he claims ardently as he unzips his jacket to reveal a t-shirt proclaiming, 'Pastry Chefs Make Sweet, Sweet Love'.

While David struggles to assure Liane of his innocence, both the Doctor and Rose's gazes trail down to the direction of the sound's source and their eyes meet in a desperate glance of panic before Rose takes action.

"David's right, it's not him," she insists as she reaches down and picks up Darth Vader from between the couple. She gives him a tight squeeze in order to remind him to remain quiet. "My little brother must have left it lying around."

"That noise came out of that tiny little doll?" exclaims Liane in disbelief.

"Well, you know how technology is these days," declares the Doctor while he rubs the back of his neck, "they've made amazing advances."

"Yes, very amazing," agrees Liane with a murmur as she studies Darth. "Does it look as if the doll is struggling to anyone else?"

"Actually the term is action figure, Liane," notes David to which explanation she promptly replies with a laugh and tongue in teeth grin at his boyishness.

"Oh, I am sorry, Mr. McDonald," she apologizes with a giggle and a bit of cheek. Having always wanted to be a chef, my childhood expertise tends to run more along the lines of mud pies and Easy Bake ovens, not action figures."

"Then perhaps I need to show you what you've been missing out on then," he suggests hopefully in a half teasing voice.

Liane responds to his teasing with a soft shy smile. "Perhaps," she offers before looking away bearing a slight blush on her cheeks as they start moving to the music once again.

"Ouch!" cries the Doctor as he removes Darth from Rose's grasp. All eyes turn on him as he apologizes, "Sorry about that," while sending a speedy glare containing a threat of sonicing to his small prisoner. "This little electronic light saber really burns hot."

Rose tentatively picks up Darth Vader by his cape as she tugs on the Doctor's arm with her free hand. "Love, why don't we go and return this to Tony? I'm sure he's been searching all over for it." Flashing one last smile, the newlyweds leave the young couple alone to continue their slow dance and possible burgeoning romance.

"Well, that went well," states the Doctor sarcastically as he watches Rose release Darth's cape from between her fingers to drop him amongst his family. He drags his hands over his face and releases a weary sigh. "Not that this won't always remain one of the most memorable and important days of my lives, Rose, but when exactly are we done here? I'm ready to go."

"Wow, don't sound too excited to start our honeymoon," remarks Rose matter-of-factly.

"Well, that depends on whether Jack helped you picked out any apparel like he did for Leia," he teases with a waggle of his eyebrows.

"No," denies Rose all too innocently. "Jack didn't help me pick out anything, no one did in fact." Her grin is shamelessly seductive as she asserts, "And it won't take you long to find out either, I'm already wearing my wedding night attire."

The Doctor takes a step back to evaluate her silhouette as he scrutinizes the gown. "Rose, from what I can see, the gown's so form fitting that I can't imagine that there's much of anything under there."

Rose's trademark grin makes an appearance as she leans in close to her husband and purrs, "I know."

The Time Lord gulps audibly as his mouth suddenly goes dry at the very vivid and explicit picture that he has conjured in his mind. "Well then…I think it's time that we should be getting off…," he clears his throat as he catches himself, "I mean to be leaving, don't you?"

At Rose's nod of assent, the Doctor calls everyone's attention by announcing the bouquet toss. "Alright everybody, listen up, time for the last event! I need all of the single ladies to gather round for the tossing of the bouquet!" He waves his hands in the air gesturing to all the available women to hurry themselves along.

"Come on ladies, I have someone to do!" urges the Doctor. Chuckling at the Doctor's unbridled enthusiasm and Rose's elbow to his ribs, the crowd rushes to obey as the Doctor sheepishly amends, "Um, I mean things to do…yes, some things like… starting our forever with my lovely bride!"

As he places a string of kisses along Rose's hand, she acknowledges amusedly, "Nice save."

David tilts his head in consideration as he listens to the Doctor's announcement and recalls the conversation that he had with Jake earlier regarding Earth traditions at weddings. His face lights up in excitement as he uses his shoulder to nudge Liane over to the group of anxious women who are waiting in anticipation. "Don't worry," he encourages her, "even if you don't catch the bouquet, I still have a proposal for you."

"Of course you do," she replies resignedly before offering him a tight smile and joining the other women. David watches with a pounding heart filled with exhilaration as Rose turns away from the eager gathering as she gets ready to throw her bouquet.

Never one caring to be thrust into the spotlight, even if she wasn't the current center of attention, Liane slowly begins to shift herself away as far off to the sidelines as she possibly can without being too noticeable. Unfortunately for her David does notice and what he especially takes note of is the direction of the bouquet and how it is definitely not going to land within Liane's grasp, at least not without some help.

Well that won't do, he concludes as the bouquet flies through the air and descends a few feet in front of Liane, I'll just give her a bit of help. Giving his unwilling beloved a rather firm telekinetic shove, Liane suddenly finds herself careening through a wall of screaming and over enthusiastic women, all of them vying for a chance to be the next Torchwood bride.

"Ow," grumbles Liane as she tries to push herself up and off the pile of shouting women who are still scrambling for the bouquet. What happened there?

Narrowing his eyes at the female Torchwood agents' fierce determination, David sends the bouquet sailing off the ground and into the air straight into Liane's hand. Then without further delay, he rushes over to her before anyone can wrench the bouquet from her precarious hold and hauls her up by her left arm which he immediately proceeds to raise in the air and wave around in a public pronouncement of victory.

"She did it, she wins, she's going to be the next bride!" he proclaims in a voice loud enough for the neighboring county to hear. "Did everybody see that? My Liane is the next to be wed!" He reaches down and smacks the hand of an agent who makes one last attempt to snatch the bouquet. "Stop it, lass, the winner has been decreed!"

Donna and Jake stand off to the side in mute horror as everyone continues to watch David shake the petals off the bouquet with each wave of his hand as Liane desperately tries to pull free of his grip. As the other women begin to clamor to their feet, Donna turns to Jake and asks, "Do you happen to have anything left in that flask of yours?"

Jake flashes a knowing grin and ribs, "Why Miss Noble, I'm shocked! Are you looking to make a night of it with our Jack?"

"No," she denies as she observes Liane finally wrestle herself from David as he promptly follows behind her urging her to take what was left of the bouquet. "I do, however, believe that Liane's going to need a shot or two to make it through the rest of this reception."

"She's not the only one," remarks Pete from behind them while he cradles an exhausted Tony and smirks at his wife. "I am so glad that the paparazzo's not here to records all of this. As if those two," he indicates the Doctor and Rose with a nod of his head, "don't give them enough fodder as it is."

"Oh, I don't know, love," muses Jackie as she scans all of the goings on in the clearing, "it's not so bad."

"Have you been drinking more of Jake's special added ingredient?" he inquires suspiciously. "This cannot possibly be the wedding that you envisioned for our daughter."

Jackie takes a moment to view her surroundings. She spies the little figure of Luke brandishing Leia's outfit from Tony in Han's face while he mimes laughter, she snorts quietly at a passed out Jack lying alongside one of the tents and rolls her eyes at David trailing after Liane like a lovesick puppy while the Doctor sneaks another bit of cake from his bigger on the inside pockets. "No it's not, it's better."

In answer to his unspoken question of utter befuddlement, she explains, "Look at our little girl, Pete, have you ever seen her so happy? This is everything that I've ever wanted for Rose. Love with a good man, good friends and a good job that she enjoys and hopefully a wonderful marriage."

Pete smiles softly at his wife before leaning down to kiss her. "That's a lovely sentiment, Jacks."

"Yeah," she considers while unconsciously running her fingers through Tony's hair. And grandkids would be nice too.

As Tony stirs more awake, Jackie reminds him, "Your big sister's married now, Tony. What do you think about that?"

"Big deal," he murmurs sleepily as he seeks a more comfortable position in Pete's arms. "I'm hungry. Do we have any fish fingers and custard?" he inquires before falling right back to sleep.

Jackie shakes her head in disgust and offers Pete a wry glance. "That's his doing and all!" she opines with a hopeless sigh at the Doctor standing unknowingly across the way.

Even without their shared link, the Doctor and Rose have no need of words to communicate with each other as with matching grins, they silently entwine their fingers and turn in the direction that they first arrived in. Upon viewing Jackie's eagle eye trained on them, they instantly freeze in place and await further instruction.

Remembering all too well the keen desire to have your new husband all to yourself once the vows have taken place and then still being forced to sit through a reception, Jackie relents and releases them from their duty with a small nod and wishes them on their way with a mouthed, 'Go!'

Knowing that a 'before I change my mind' is left unspoken in the air, Rose hurriedly mouths, 'I love you,' to her mother and father while the Doctor sends them a quick wave and grateful smile before dragging Rose back into the density of the woods.

Farther and farther into the forest they run until the need for air becomes too much and they stop for a moment in order to catch their breath. "We're really close," mentions Rose as they take a deep breath and examine their surroundings. "I'd say about five more minutes and we'll be back on the road where we parked the Citroen."

"Good," breathes the Doctor roughly. "I have no problem with spending life on the slow path, Rose, but I'd prefer to be able to take it at my own pace." He takes her by surprise as he dazzles her with a huge grin while he picks her up and whirls her around in a circle. "Or should I say, at our own pace, my lovely bride?"

Rose laughs heartily and chides, "You idiot, put me down before we fall back into the mud." When he refuses to relinquish her, she playfully thumps his chest and insists, "Come on, Doctor, let me go."

In the simple light from the sonic, Rose can still see that his gaze darkens to match his tone as he holds her tighter to him and he becomes serious. "Never, Rose Tyler, never again will I let you go, willingly or otherwise. We've promised each other forever, Rose, I mean to see that we keep it this time."

"They keep trying to break us up, Doctor," she recites those imminent words of doom from long, long ago, "but they never, ever will." His gaze remains steady on her, not fearful or at all hesitant to believe that her words might ring false once again. Instead his gaze hardens to reveal the strength and determination that lies behind her words, the vow that they make to both the universe and each other, that they will never be parted again. "And I can assure you, my Doctor, that I intend to make sure that promise comes true as well."

She's pressing her forehead against his, gently nuzzling his nose in affection when out of the blue he releases a laugh as he amends, "I mean Rose Tyler-Smith! We're married now, Rose, you're finally my wife in name and bond! Can you believe it?"

He whoops in delight and spins her around again a few times before she calls a halt to his antics. "Doctor, not that I don't love spending an evening under the stars with you, but the stars are slowly fading and dawn is approaching," she tilts her head to the side to give him better access to her neck as he begins to lay a trail of kisses down it, "and so are the guests, or at least they will be very soon if I know my team."

"Oh," he mutters dejectedly as he drops her to the ground. "I forgot about them." He claps his hands together to bring them both back into focus. "Alright then, traipse through a muck filled wilderness now and," he offers her his filthiest grin, "playful seduction later."

Rose smiles seductively back at him and for once she is the one to take the lead to safety as she grabs his hand and urges, "Run!"

And run they do, all the way back to the car just as the first phase of daylight is beginning to crest over the tops of the mountains. Hands clutching each other, they stand alongside the car as they catch their breath again until the Doctor suddenly releases her hand so that he can jump up and punch his fist in the air.

"Yes, we did it!" he cries before he leans back against the car crossing his arms across his chest in satisfaction. "Quite the day, Mrs. Smith," he notes with a cheeky wink at her, "all that's missing is the Olympic torch." He shifts to interlock his hands behind the back of his head while he breathes in the crisp morning air. "I feel a bit like David McDonald now actually. Well, you know, him after the bouquet toss but without all of that painful humiliation that he caused Liane. However, as long as he's busy chasing after her instead of you, that's all that really matters."

Rose rolls her eyes at his longstanding and completely unfounded jealous streak regarding David. "Doctor," she chastises with infinite patience, "you know full well that David has never made an inappropriate move on me. Even if he wasn't head over heels in love with Liane, he would never do something so ungentlemanly."

"Oh, of course not," sneers the Doctor while staring pointedly at her, "because finding the two of you pressed together in our TARDIS phone booth only exhibited the most honorable of intentions."

"I don't know," teases Rose, "I thought that his intentions felt honorable."

"What was that?" growls the Doctor in a deadly serious tone.

Rose takes a small step back and gestures towards the car in an effort to distract the Doctor. ", nothing, love. So did you notice my wedding gift to you? I've been waiting for you to say something about it."

"No, I haven't noticed anything; recently," as he eyes her mistrustfully before teasing, "What did you get me? I hope it's a vow of fidelity."

Receiving a smack in the arm for his jest, he moves away from her to stand at the rear of the car and stare down at the license plate in sheer awe and disbelief. "It's the reason that the DMV wouldn't issue a new one, because they already had."

"Rose Tyler…uh, Tyler-Smith…Smith…whatever, how in Rassilon's name did you manage this? The year that the DMV requires in this universe isn't even up yet and when I threw around the Tyler name and promised a lifetime supply of free Vitex, I still received nothing but refusals from the clerk at the front desk all the way up to the head of the DMV!"

He mimics in a haughty tone, "I'm sorry, Mr. Smith, but we at the DMV have certain standards and regulations that we must adhere to. As you have stated repeatedly, you are a Scientific Advisor for Torchwood and therefore you must understand why we have certain protocols in place. Meh, balderdash I say! Balderdash and a load of bureaucratic bullshi-"

"Anyway," interrupts Rose before he can carry on with his rant, "it turns out that Wilf knows someone who knows someone who knows somebody else that works at the DMV and after several stacks of paperwork and cash exchanging hands, we finally had your plate! So," she questions anxiously, "how do you like it?"

He stares down again at the pristine license plate, the rays from the sun rising over the hills giving it a golden glow as he gleefully reads 'BADWOLF' firmly bolted in place alongside his 'HONK IF YOU LOVE CHRONOS' bumper sticker, instead of the usual rust riddled plate bearing '1PESACRP'. "I love it," he enthuses wholeheartedly as he reaches for her and tucks her into his side. "And I love you."

"I love you too," she whispers before tugging him closer for a kiss that reflects all the love, faith and devotion that she has for him.

In time, they both finally draw back emitting soft sighs and rest their foreheads against the other's as they keep their eyes closed simply basking in the moment and being together. "First we have a wedding, then Liane's cake and now a new license plate. Could this day get any better?"

"Seriously, Doctor?" deadpans Rose. "I do realize that officially it is morning but technically, it is still our wedding night and I would like to think that I could at least compete with a celebration and its trimmings even if we throw in a new license plate."

"What? Oh, no, no, no, no, no!" denies the Doctor in a frenzy. "No, you're much better than a license plate, you're fantastic, molto bene, in fact! I'm sure that you'll have no trouble competing with all of those things, even the cake!"

Rose arches her eyebrow inquiringly, mostly in regards to his sanity, and mutters, "Well, thanks for that."

Totally oblivious to his verbal faux paus, he bears an enormous grin before giving her a quick peck on the lips. "You're welcome."

A cold blast of wind and loud whooshing noise catch their attention as they turn their heads to see the Millenium Falcon fly past with a banner trailing behind it in the wind reading 'Just Married'.

Seeing their friends start off on their honeymoon, the Doctor promptly takes the hint and sweeps up Rose into a bridal style hold and proceeds to carry her over to his side in the car. Once she's safely ensconced in her seat, he rushes over to his side of the car and upon settling in, revs up the engine. "Shall we, Mrs. Smith?"

"We shall, Mr. Smith," she concurs excitedly. "Geronimo!"

He watches her with an expression that clearly states utter distaste at her remark. "Don't, Rose," he begs as he looks over his shoulder before changing gears and moving the car onto the road, "just…don't."

"So where are we going, then? Is it to be Barcelona, the city not the planet, or somewhere else that you chose for your wedding present to me?" she demands inquisitively.

"No ordinary, mundane, boring places such as those for you my lovely Rose, I have much more spell-binding or should I say story binding plans for you!" At his wife's quizzical glance, he expounds, "We are currently booked into the honeymoon suite of The Beauty and Beast Spa for Ladies and Gentleman in that newly opened Fairy Tale Village in Yorkshire." He shoots her a sly glance. "No better place for the Stuff of Legend, eh?"

"I guess not," responds Rose with a laugh. "Well, let's go then! Time to start our latest adventure!" she instructs with a royal wave of her hand.

"Your wish is my command," he confirms unreservedly as he speeds down the road. "Allons-y!"

To Be Concluded in the Epilogue